Sunday, March 23, 2014

Open challenge to critics of Arvind Kejriwal

This is specially to all those who start frothing in the mouth with their hate for this guy : You have heard, read and watched what the corporate-controlled media has to say about him; but have you actually read or seen what the man himself has to say?

This same sort of thing has happened with Gandhi too... all my life I only knew what everyone else had to say about him; in 2012 when I finally read what the man himself had to say, specially in Hind Swaraj... it blew my mind. 

This book: Swaraj, written by Arvind Kejriwal, too blew me away. Whoever likened this with Hitler's Mein Kampf, has either not read Mein Kampf or has not read Swaraj and is definitely a liar. Why any need to bring in a corporate-sponsored dictator's analogy... this book is to Arvind Kejriwal as Hind Swaraj was to MK Gandhi. Simple, dude.

I hereby challenge all Kejriwal haters to read half of this (very small) book, and from that, say clearly, no hysterics, no he-said-this-she-said-that, simply lay down what parts you completely disagree with. What about partial disagreement? Well, for partial agree/disagree, you would not be such a virulent Kejriwal-hater. You either have to be in total disagreement, or abandon your stance.

To read more of what the AAP have written, go to

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Shivakumar D said...

While I'm neither one of those virulent haters of AK nor affiliated with any party, I do have questions about AK's claims. Do check out and

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