Thursday, March 20, 2014

Localization, democracy of energy production in Germany


German Energy Freedom: Moving beyond energy independence to energy democracy

Germany is known for its rapid transition to renewable energy technologies. But it is often overseen that it is not traditional utilities that drive the energy transition. Much of these investments in solar panels, wind turbines, and biogas plants come from ordinary people, from farmers and cooperatives.

Americans, on the other hand, love customer choice and the free market. But when do they pick a utility firm to buy electricity from? Or make their own energy profitably on a level playing field with the big guys? The American journalist Craig Morris argues that Germans have freedoms Americans don't even know they lack. The renewables sector is an excellent example.

Click here to read the publication. (10 pages, PDF)

Craig Morris is an American writer and translator in the energy sector who has been based in Germany since 1992. He directs Petite Plan├Ęte, is the lead author of and writes regularly for Renewables International. 

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