Sunday, April 6, 2014

AAP Press Release: Mr Rahul Gandhi, please reveal the Congress stand on Delhi elections

Date: Sunday, April 6

The Aam Aadmi Party challenges the Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi to reveal his party's stand on whether fresh assembly elections should be held in Delhi.

Mr Gandhi, whose party entered into an open alliance with the BJP in the Delhi assembly on February 14 to vote against the AAP government's Janlokpal bill, is now making an unsuccessful attempt to mislead the public.

If Mr Gandhi is so concerned about the people of Delhi, then why is the UPA's central government keeping the national capital under President's rule and why is Mr Gandhi's Congress party running away from making its stand public even before the Supreme Court on whether fresh assembly elections should be held ?

Mr Gandhi talks about eradication of corruption and has openly stated that he wanted to push some anti-corruption bills in the last session of parliament, but chooses to remain silent about his party's role in the Delhi assembly, which sided with the BJP to defeat the most important legislation to curb corruption in public life.

Mr Gandhi's comments are a desperate bid to deflect attention from the growing public anger against a series of corruption scams of the Congress-led UPA's central government and its wrong policies.

The Aam Aadmi Party makes it clear that it will not compromise on its core principle of eradicating corruption from the country. It was on this promise that the people of Delhi had given 28 seats to the AAP in the assembly elections and the party's minority government was working towards bringing a strong Janlokpal bill.

The AAP government could not continue in office beyond February 14 since it did not have the numbers to get the Janlokpal bill passed and the cabinet in its last meeting had recommended dissolution of the assembly.

It is for Mr Gandhi's Congress party to tell the people of Delhi why it is hiding behind the shield of President's rule and denying the voters their right to elect a new government ?

In case the Congress party is so confident of its mature skills of running governments then why does not it direct the Lieutenant Governor to recommend dissolution of the state assembly and why is it running away from facing the elections ?  

The AAP is taking its message to the people that it was the open alliance between the Congress and the BJP, which did not let the AAP government implement its agenda and it is for the people to now decide what they want.    

AAP Media Cell

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