Monday, April 7, 2014

The Ungli Song

Message from the makers of "The Ungli Campaign" : an effort to bring out the where-whats of refusing to vote Vs. voting for alternatives in the upcoming elections.

This is Amreen here. With the elections coming up, I have been working on an initiative called 'The Ungli Campaign'. I'm connecting with you to have your support in our initiative to make young people go vote in the upcoming elections.
We have launched a portal to help people easily register online, and aim to bring about 200 campuses into voting booths this year. The campaign has just kick started & to promote it, we have launched a promo song called 'The Ungli Song'. This song aims to highlight the power of the common man's Ungli. Shibani Kashyap and The Band of Boys have sung the song, along with support from celebrities such as Arbaaz Khan, Prachi Desai, Sonu Sood, Esha Deol, to name a few, showing their support by being part of the video.
Here is a link to the song:

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