Friday, April 18, 2014

Inviting facitilators and interns at Swaraj University, Udaipur Rajasthan

As we step into the 5th year of living experiments to create a self-led learning space for youth, we are gathering our learning to take us deeper into these explorations. Our dream is to create a space dedicated to the full blossoming of each individual in a way that nurtures the whole community. We are nowhere close to it but we are walking steadily. We are inviting new team members as facilitators and interns to imbue this vision with new energy and dreams; make this path by walking alongside.

We request you to share this invitation with people you can visualize being facilitators and interns at Swaraj University. Here is a brief of what it entails.

Facilitating at Swaraj University ( ) means many things. Most prominently being a co-traveler with Khojis (seekers as the students at Swaraj University are called). Khojis are a diverse band of explorers from all over the country, with varied interests, temperaments, issues and talents. Engaging with a batch of 20 such differently minded Khojis with equal involvement calls for a high degree of compassion, self awareness and creativity. Deep listening, embracing different ideas and identities and the ability to democratically resolve conflicts are called upon every day of being with the Khojis.

Another key element of journeys at Swaraj University is the attempt to understand how our actions/ choices are interconnected and impacting all our communities and nature. Our quest for sustainable healthy lives that nurture socially just environments has pulled us together to Swaraj University. If this quest calls to you too and you seek support and seek to support others in this journey, Swaraj University is a good place to do that.

You can support this journey well for others when you do the same for yourself. Thus Swaraj University supports and expects a constant self exploration, openness to learn & unlearn, willingness and ability to question and change your own narratives, engaging with the idea, meaning and living of Swaraj*. Towards this we try and create a space for pursuing and developing your interests and bringing them as gifts to the community. This is in the form of personal time for explorations, space for experimenting with your ideas with the khojis, access to a global learning network and supporting personal learning journeys when possible. Needless to say, making the best of these depends on each individual.

Being a facilitator at Swaraj University is a paid full time position. It involves living at Tapovan Ashram near Udaipur (our current campus at the foot of the Aravallis: ) for at least 5-7 months spread over a year.

Interning at Swaraj University means

  • close interaction with diverse people involved in work that is pushing the boundaries in varied fields,

  • working on real & challenging projects which are an integral part of Swaraj University

  • living in Tapovan , Udaipur ( ), for the internship period.

Apart from this, we could offer a small stipend if needed with boarding and lodging at Tapovan.

Please write to us or refer people who you think can be facilitators or interns at Swaraj University. Applicants write to expressing their interest based on which we will take the process forward. Please mark the subject as 'Exploring team roles'.

Spread the word!

Thank you for your support.

Warm regards,

Team Swaraj University

*Swaraj – it is a call to reclaim the unique and interdependent 'self' – our self-respect, self-mastery and self-reliance – and to co-create healthy and resilient communities.

About Swaraj University

Swaraj University offers youngsters a space to initiate the process of being self designed learners who identify their heart's vision. The two year program engages them in developing the skills and practices they need to manifest their vision while understanding how their actions/ choices are interconnected and impacting all our communities and nature. This naturally takes them on a journey of inner and outer transformation.

We are not offering a ready-made framework but a space and methodology for actively removing impediments to self-designed learning. Our commitment is to create an environment in which learners explore genuine self-inquiry grounded in their local reality; their learning proposals are linked to long-term, continuous, stable and sustainable livelihood choices; and, perhaps most importantly, the entire process is about self-learning, intrinsic motivation and friendship. Touching the inner universe is essential for creating choices that have long-term impact and vitality.

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