Friday, April 4, 2014

Proxy candidates in Indian elections

NaMo isn't contesting from 2 Lok Sabha seats. He is contesting from 415 (+allies), with the rest filling in proxy attendance for him... both in elections and in Parliament if elected. Those candidates are going to represent and act for NaMo and his funders; not the people of their constituencies.
Same with Congress : RaGa is contesting from 414 seats (+allies).

This is why the Indian Parliament has so far: fought with SC and kept criminals eligible for elections; kept their parties out of RTI; given themselves fat salaries and perks; opposed or totally diluted Jan Lokpal; sanctioned forced land acquisition; and many more things.

AAP, on the other hand, has candidates representing and loyal to the people of their constituencies : these candidates will act independently and will vote & act against anything that hurts their people, even if it's an AAP legislation.

So whom should we vote for : candidates representing their bosses, or candidates representing their people? Should our Lok Sabha be filled with real people, or proxies?

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