Sunday, April 6, 2014

Typical pattern of #NaMoFans

A typical ‪#‎NamoFans‬ pattern : 
1. State an enormous, impossible-to-solve problem.
2. Explain how frustrating it all is; explain why everyone else will be unable to solve it and what a huge disaster is looming ahead.
3. In the very last line, declare that our magical God-like NaMo will solve everything.

There is absolutely NO effort on their part to explain HOW Modi is going to solve it. It's just blind faith built up by years of spoon-feeding and being out of touch with reality. Sorry boss, there is no such thing as a magical pill. Our problems are all solvable when we the people put our heads and hands together, when we stop depending on "magic" pills and take steps to take back power over our lives into our own hands. AAP is not a party but a vehicle for people to take back their power and help themselves. Why do #NamoFans religiously avoid talking about Jan Lokpal and Swaraj bills? Because they cannot risk exposing the fact that a well-laid out vyavastha parivartan is any day better than a fake God.

Also a typical tactic : Absolutely omit the extensive solutions laid out and also implemented by AAP and mention only and only controversies. As if Modi never had Gujarat genocide and mass gangrapes, child malnutrition, snoopgate, massive land scams and mordor-level pollution happening under his charge. 
AAP's controversies are nothing in comparison (absolutely no one harmed!), plus they're media-created : there's nothing wrong in protesting against a brutal, murderous Congress-controlled police force that is blatantly shielding rapists, bride burners, drug peddlers and pimps from justice. AAP's intention was always to help the people : they risked their reputations to do what was right. Compare that to Modi who has risked (and ruined) thousands of lives just to establish his reputation. Intention matters. Wake up, #NaMoFans, your NaMo-God is a fake.

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