Saturday, April 19, 2014

Why media is accusing AAP of being serial complainers

The media is the 4th pillar of democracy. It is their job to be complaining about all the wrong stuff that is happening in the country. They are supposed to be complaining all the time.

So when our media starts accusing AAP to be complaining all the time, that too without bothering to tell their reader/viewer whether they have done any real investigation into said complaints...

Then what the media is basically doing, is they're accusing AAP of doing their job. By complaining about Vadra, CWG ghotala, Coal scams, criminals in Parliament, Modi propaganda, scams in Gujarat, artificial hiking of gas prices being silently supported by BJP & Congress, govt's largesse to big corporates, etc etc etc...

AAP is doing what the media is supposed to have been doing. And so our mainstream media establishments are taking offense to the AAP doing their job; and doing it much better I might add.

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