Sunday, April 13, 2014

Widespread booth capturing reported in Gurgaon

Saw this shared on FB,
Over 110 booths in Gurgaonn elections on 10th April 2014 were compromised.
Detailed list of complaint made to Election officers by Aam Aadmi Party is available here -

These are the initial complaints filed so Duh! of course they haven't gotten any Supreme Court stamp of authencity on them yet; no point in questioning. Our media reports the craziest of things without checking for any facts.. wonder how they're treating this? Please share this with mediapersons whom you know.

If each of all the extensive little details in there, including promises to testify and video footage taken by volunteers (not yet available) turn out to be false, no problem. But if even a few of them are true, then one needs to ask some questions:

1. What made the capturing parties so desperate? AAP's Yogendra Yadav was contesting this seat.
2. If this isn't a one-off incident, can we expect this happening elsewhere too? Earlier we got a screenshot of a guy from Muzaffarnagar, UP gloating on FB about how he voted for BJP over 20 times. It was live on that night, I saw the status and comments myself, but was deleted by the morning by which time he may have gotten sober.
3. Is this BJP/Congress's model of governance that we should consider as "stable" and worthy of running a country?
4. Do the pro-Modi / other main parties people in your friend circles, social circles normally approve of such acts? After crossing what limit would it become a deal-breaker for them?
5. Wouldn't a party having practically unlimited budget for spending on elections, find it possible to pay off large numbers of poorly paid staff, officers working on manning election booths? Do we need more reasons for taking big, black money out of politics?

Edit: Here's a related article saying the same things; it's published in Outlook so heck you might treat it as more credible. But even this one is by an AAP member... WHERE ARE THE JOURNALISTS OF INDIA GONE OFF TO? Where are the media's own reports from the field? Don't tell me there wasn't any journo covering the area on voting day?

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