Wednesday, April 2, 2014

On Rakhi Sawant contesting elections

My comment for a link shared on FB:
..coming among a sea of male chauvinistic comments, taunts, insults...

Think wholistically, guys. 

Instead of keeping on taking it from the abusive males of society, she gamed the assholes and brought herself and a huge number of people permanently out of destitution. 

By "selling" herself, as people keep chastising her about, she's saved all further generations of her relatives from the brutalities of poverty, prostitution etc. She deserves respect for screwing the male-dominated abusive society right back. 

Having lived the desperate life herself, she's capable of understanding how the system affects the poor and delivering a better life to them. And she's not become anybody's stooge, she's not contesting as any party's item girl but as a leader in her own right. A way better candidate than Shiv Sena, BJP, Congress by a mile.

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