Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Why is AAP only complaining about everyone?

Umm.. No. AAP has a galaxy of positives and strengths of its own that are always given the deaf ear by those who then label them as only hitting out. Rather than actually showing any positives, that label is then trumpeted. Please look before judging.

AAP is the only party to announce as well as practice in many cases, Fulll committment to:
- RTI applied to political parties
- Fully transparent funding : zero black money
- Jan Lokpal
- Administrative Decentralization, direct citizens participation in local decision making : Nagar Swaraj Bill
- Womanifesto 2014
- Zero tolerance for candidates with criminal/rape cases
- Focus on health, education and empowering rural parts of the country to prosper so that the people do not have to migrate to slums in cities.

There's a lot more... so don't say AAP has nothing positive. Of course, when glaring, dangerous lies get widely publicized as truth, when the emperor is parading around wearing no clothes, it's the duty of any responsible person to point it out. 

Challenge : Can you enlist even one major country-level controversial thing (example : about both BJP and Congress taking massive amounts of funding from big businesses, or about them spending vast amounts of black money to purchase attendance at their rallies or about the paid media scam or the fake opinion polls scam) that the AAP as pointed out that isn't true

Are you going to just sit and complain about people who dare to tell you the truth about the powers that want to rule over your country? Will you keep shooting the messenger only?

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