Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Difference Screensavers, Same OS

Joke: Bill Gates dies and meets St. Peter.
St. Peter says, "Now Bill, you have done some good things, and you have done some bad things. So I am going to let you decide where you want to go". First, St. Peter shows Bill an image of Hell with beautiful women running on beaches. Then, St Peter shows Bill an image of Heaven with robed angels playing harps on clouds.
Bill chooses Hell.

About a week later, St. Peter checks in on Bill in Hell and finds him being whipped by demons. Bill says to St. Peter, "What happened to all the beautiful women and the beaches?"
St. Peter replies, "That was just the screen saver."

The inference? This same thing is slated to happen to India! 10 yrs back it was Congress screensaver, and now, in the same fashion, BJP screensaver. Already the papers are writing, the news anchors are talking about BJP-Modi in the exact same way they were writing about Congress-Sonia-MMS 10 years ago. Screensaver tum kaunsa bhi lagao, Operating System toh same hi hai bhai!

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