Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Indian independence movement would be branded as British Agents by the Mughals

For decades even the Indian independence struggle may have been branded as something that was a "distraction" which was cutting the opportunities of the Mughals coming back to power. You could call them "British Agents". It took time, but ultimately the Indian people decided that they didn't want British rule but neither did they want Mughal rule. It was time for something new; something that had no recent precedent in this part of the world.

Today, the Congress and the BJP are two corrupt monsters and we keep jumping out of one's mouth only to fall into the other's. And recently it's been found that both these monsters are actually being controlled by the same puppet masters. If, like our freedom fighters from half a century ago, you started an initiative to stop this never-ending cycle, what would your initiative look like? Would the media that's also owned by these masters, spare you, or would it do its best to sully your image and brand you as the "agents" of the current rulers, for the crime of trying to prevent the people from falling into the second monster's jaws?

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