Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Proposition for a Revolution : Documentary film project on Aam Aadmi Party

A documentary film made around the rise and journey of AAP up till Delhi elections, in the context of worldwide peoples' movements emerging, and cutting through the second-hand media interptretations. By film makers Vinay Shukla and Khushboo Ranka, and produced by 'Ship of Theseus' director Anand Gandhi.

The website has a video giving a sneak peek into the film.
See hindi version of the video here:

This project needs financial support to go forward.. they are doing a crowdfunding drive, with 96.8% of the target amount collected, and 5 days to go.. so please chip in, and share this with friends! I've chipped in with Rs.500. Do watch the trailer.. this is going to be awesome.

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