Sunday, May 11, 2014

proponents and opponents : what if they're both right?

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I'm finding myself agreeing with all the sides, and by extension disagreeing with their disagreements.

Conspicuous by absence are the writer's views on ETs, UFOs, free energy and the questions of who carried out the 9/11 attacks : were they really done by terrorists or were they a meticulously planned, inside job to garner justification for the terrible wars that have followed, which, I'll add is inextricably linked with the topics that the author does cover: the world's financial state, dependence on fossil fuels, agribusiness etc. We need to know the truth about 9/11 to really see how such huge amounts of wealth were diverted from doing good for the world to doing immense harm.

I too concur that global warming / climate change is really happening and is being caused by human fossil fuel usage. But I also agree that this issue is being taken disadvantage of by the world elite to justify global taxation, policing, new world order. By doing so, they are not really doing anything to solve the climate crisis, and on top of it, blocking of the very things that can solve the climate crisis. This is manifesting in many ways already : indigenous communities are being stopped from gathering firewood, to stop pollution and preserve forests, while their government lets industries clear-cut several times more forests. People are being prevented from having off-the-grid homes, from collecting their own rainwater or treating their own waste, citing interpretations of UN health/sanitation standards. Big government is actively working around the world to prevent people from solving climate change problems, taking the mantle on itself and then doing nothing or worse.

On the issue of governments, I think there is a mistake in imagining that there can be either full government or zero government. In fact, I see this black-or-white absolutist mentality causing a lot of the problems. There were times in most parts of the world when the state mostly kept its nose out of day-to-day affairs and when the people formed their own direct governments at village scale. Gandhi's concepts of Swaraj call for those kinds of governance, rather than the abusive, divisive Westminster models that are being assumed as the only model of democracy.

So it's kind of confusing. I agree that the us/them divide cannot solve the problems. But I also agree that there are forces at work doing bad things on this planet with an agenda of enriching themselves at the expense of everyone else. You can say that these people may be thoroughly infected with the us/them divisions, and while we should work to heal them, we better not keep allowing them to kill us all while we're trying to heal them. It might be a good idea to restrain them during treatment.

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