Saturday, May 17, 2014

Tools to help translate movie subtitles to your language

Just found some tools that can help in translating subtitles of a
movie to your language:
Subtitles translator software:

While it works pretty nice, it can take only .sub files.

In case the subtitle file you're having is in another format like
.srt, then you can convert it to .sub using this site:
You'll have to find out the framerate of the movie in question.. you
can find out in VLC by Tools > Codec Information.

Note: The converted .sub file had unix line-endings, meaning if you
open the file in notepad in windows, there won't be any separation
between the lines, no line breaks. In the software, that created a
problem : it didn't read the other lines.

So, I converted the file to a dos/windows style text file using a
tool/program called "unix2dos",
Mind, I had to add a .txt extension to the file so this program could
load it (it only opens .txt files) After the conversion, now the
Subtitles translator software loads it nicely.

Note: the assumptions here are:
1. Your movie is saved on the computer, not a youtube video.
2. The movie already has english subtitles or something; and the subs
are in a separate file like an .srt or something.

Also, another subtitle translator software I just found when searching
for something else:

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