Monday, May 19, 2014

Crony Capitalism explained

India's forests are getting wiped out, people dislocated, ecologies ruptured, for mining out steel and other minerals, so they can all be sold to private companies at throwaway prices, processed and end up... here!

Plus, THIS is why car sales are being pushed in India with mega discounts, "cheap" car loans, to sell the excess here.
With that, our tax money is being diverted to build more and wider roads, highways, flyovers.. even loans are being taken from world bank etc that will be serviced by our children's tax money.
So we lose our lands, our food and oxygen producers, our limited mineral resources, our freshwater acquifers (in 2 ways : forests percolate rainwater into the ground; with trees cut, water runs off. Second, these industries use huge amounts of drinking water in their processing. Even auto industries use v.high amounts of drinking water) our treasury money that could have been spent on more important things, our public spaces, and even our internal security (do you expect all those displaced, deprived people to just roll over and die for you?) just so some companies can keep their occupation going and growing.
This, in short, is crony capitalism.

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