Tuesday, May 13, 2014

It may be India that pushes the world into nuclear holocaust

Yesterday evening, my Dad had kept Zee News running on the TV.

They had gotten into the nationalism-through-enemy mode. In one shot, this channel was painting the Pakistani media, its leaders, its people and "its terrorists" all with the same brush. As if they're all in cahoots and that all 5-year-old children in Pakistan are just as evil as any terrorist organization.

And with that the anchor was stoking a mad pride in Modi. Repeating again and again that the Pakistanis were afraid of Modi. Again, on what basis was he saying all this? Simple. The Pakistani media has been reporting on the truth about Modi. The same things that India's independent media - what's left of it, in online websites and social media - has been reporting. The same things that the media around the world have been reporting. A media organization in the neighbouring country reporting that Modi has evil agendas : translates to the entire country being afraid of Modi. Wow, what brilliant deduction powers! And for some reason we're supposed to be proud of that. Why is that being pushed on to us without any real explanation?

Well, if this kind of crap is permitted to proceed unhindered, then what's in store? A Nazi-like regime in a nuclear-armed country, with a belligerent leader who's going to end up provoking conflict. Given the conventional disparities between the military mights of Pakistan and India, Modi will leave Pakistan with no choice but to resort to the nuclear option to defend themselves. And that will spark off a full-blown nuclear war. Plenty of experts have already declared that a nuclear war between India and Pakistan will end the world as we know it, with the radiation and the smoke spreading around the world, polluting water sources, blocking out the sun enough to  destroying all food crops.

It's shocking to come to the realization that after all these years of treating Pakistan as the nuclear rogue state and a threat to the world, it might very well turn out that it was India that pushed the world into destruction and chaos.

I'm angry at these bloody channels for giving a full push to the death of us all; and I'm just as angry at people like my Dad to keep such crap running on their TV, who are not having the tendency to think, analyse and foresee where this will take us.

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