Monday, April 9, 2007

Picasa Web Album

Man, this thing practically answered my prayers..
for months now i've been looking for the ideal photo-storage-and-sharing site. Several hits, even more misses.
There was one which made almost every expectation:
this baby has tagging, easy-to-edit title & description, a software-app-like album manager, comments, searchability, community, what not?
that's what i thought. but, after uploading the 200th pic, my beautiful dream came to an abrupt end.. flickr would not let me put more than that number, it simply hid my earliest-posted pics from all view. Turns out all free accounts are restricted like that.. damn ppl don't even mention that little fact when we sign up..
i was lost. i've got a new (my first) digital camera only a half-year ago. and already i'm desperately wanting to share over 400 good pics.. i made a new free yahoo account, so i could have a second flickr account. nice. now i just had to tell ALL my pals to go to one address for latest pics, another for earlier 1s.. bad situation.

And then google's picasa caught my eye. i had used version 1 and stopped using it a long time ago.. but now i stumbled upon it's picasa-web-album feature. Eh? didn't see that before, let's check it out..
BAM! in true google style, Picasa Web Albums gives 1GB+ of free storage, all features free, unlimited number of pics, plus u got an amazing photo-manager -- picasa, to manage your pics.. into Albums! no more linear sequence of disparate pics.. i could now split them into different albums.
The picasa web uploader (in-built with the software) is sooo cool... queue up all your albums, see a *nice* window line'em'up like firefox's download window.. best feature: PAUSE! The next time u open picasa, it automatically resumes uploading.. no lost images, no re-queuing or anything.
the part of the online world i live in, i've got a broadband connection with a data-limit per month, but night-time surfing (strictly 2 to 8 am) is free. so, i could schedule picasa to start up after 2am. that's how i got 200mb+ of pics uploaded in just 1 night! that's over 500 pics... surpassed picasa's undeclared limit in 1 night!

More features.. u can sort the pics in an album chronologically or whichever way u want to (BIG thing that flickr doesn't have), then choose album cover, download entire albums if u're browsin some1 else's gallery, easily choose thumbnail size..

But the best feature: u can choose to preserve the pics in their original size! let it be as big as a wall, picasa web album won't force-downsize it, ever! (flickr was ruthless in this regard..)

Why r u still reading this post?? go check it out, see my album for yourself!

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