Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Help a cause-Let's invest socially!

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach him how to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime"

Charity.... doesn't work. Why? Because, you make the receivers of charity dependent on it. That's the reverse of independence. Noble as the intentions are, it's a one-time event where you lose money and the receiver doesn't get sustained support. To truly empower the lower sections of society, we have to do something to make them independent. And charity isn't the answer here.
Instead, it would be better to make a small investment for social cause... we get the money back as this is not charity, but social investment in small-time entrepreneurs. Little as rs.500 also makes a huge difference. You can register yourself, and put in some amt using ur debit card. (I used hdfc netsafe.. it makes a virtual prepaid debit card with limited amt that's one-time use only... safety first)

We get the money back after about 1 yr . So what the heck, put in rs.500 at least, you're going to get it back anyways and you'll have made a big difference in someone's life as well!
So far they've had 100% rate of return, which is far better than most stocks today. It's based on a micro-credit system that was pioneered Bangladesh and won a Nobel prize for the enormous scale of upliftment it brought about in that country. These guys are trying to replicate that success here in india, over an online platform that instantly connects people with spare cash to hundreds of small time entrepreneurs who need the capital and will return that money once their business gets started. It circumvents the high interest rate borrowing system that is based in greed and is responsible for the present worldwide recession. Instead this platform promotes a nobler way of doing business by making maximum use of the wealth already available in society and generating more, without anybody's loss.

Ps:- pls "support" Harsh Thakkar from TCS Gurgaon who introduced us to this initiative and is running a 10K marathon for it this May 31st in Bangalore. See his blog, for details.
When you're making the investment on rangde, you'll see a Support button; click that and select Harsh from the dropdown and then proceed with your investment.

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