Saturday, November 22, 2008

HOW TO use torrents

Hi ppl,
This post is dedicated to my sis who now has to utilise our broadband connection at home without my expertise (ahem!)....
If you already know all about torrents, then kindly move on ;)


About bit torrent: It's a new way to share files over the net anonymously.
What's it used for: Movies, Softwares, entire seasons of your favourite TV series, etc. Basically anything that's popular with over 100 ppl & above 50MB in size.

HOW TO Download Youtube Videos - a dummy's guide

Edit : See this article, it's got a better way:

Hi ppl!
This one's dedicated to everyone who has wished they could somehow save those great videos they saw in youtube, dailymotion, metacafe, etc to their comp so they could watch it again & again without wasting bandwidth or having to wait so long for it to load the next time. Too many people have told me that it's impossible to save youtube videos. Really? let's find out...


There's 2 ways to do this: 1)Copy-paste , 2)Use a firefox extension

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mass Face tagging on Picasa web albums!

Having trouble with docx, xlsx files?

So many people are having this problem in office nowadays: the latest Office 2007 saves in their new formats by default; we mail it without seeing the extension. Then where we need it the most, voila! The file's not recognised by the older version of Office!

Following websites can help you out... upload the office-2007 file and get it converted to the regular old one immediately. But caution for confidential info

Excel sheets: convert .xlsx to .xls:
Word docs: convert .docx to .doc:
Powerpoint: Sorry, didn't find anything online for that!

But in case you can install this on the target machine, there's a 27.5MB compatibility pack released by Microsoft:
There is another way to recover at least the textual content from .pptx files... mail the file as an attachment to your Gmail account, then view as HTML. You won't get any of the images or animations or sounds, though. But in an extreme case this should be enough to rebuild your presentation.
Source of this idea:
Convert docx and other Office 2007 files to HTML with Gmail from Digital Inspiration

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