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Fwd: AHA Foundation files Amucis Curiae in first ever prosecuted FGM case, Bipartisan coalition urges Congress to add anti-FGM language to VAWA, McGill University professor sheds light on child marriage in the U.S., and more

Hi, Sharing work by someone whose courage under immense fire from all sides I greatly respect. 

She is working on serious women's issues that are given a wide berth by the mainstream feminists, because these issues, like Sati, are endemic to certain non-western communities that have been designated as "protectorate" status by the wider social justice community. 

I have no problems with the wish to protect oppressed peoples. But where I see a proof of brainlessness combined with narcissistic self-righteousness coming in is : Because you think so and so community is under racist attack and they need your protection, you start attacking all the minorities WITHIN that community that are objecting to bad practices within that community. Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a Somalian and a victim of FGM: Female Genital Mutilation. For the "crime" of speaking out against harmful cultural practices in her community that she witnessed and suffered through herself, and linking them back to the source ideologies that she saw her elders using to justify these evil practices, she has been viciously attacked by privileged Western people who have never been in her position, and she has been hanged in the mainstream media's kangaroo courts of public opinion and labeled with pejorative terms so that regular people see those bad labels and don't bother to check out the actual details. 

The people who claim otherwise to stand up for human rights, have had no objections whatsoever to the violence committed on this lady and anyone who supports her. Her filmmaker was murdered in broad daylight in Netherlands and a paper was pinned to his body saying that she is next. Imagine how that man's family must have felt : to know that their loved one was killed by people who didn't even know him, just as a "message" to give to someone else, just because he took up work on a documentary film, while living in the Netherlands of all places. Imagine what would you feel if people who disagreed with you, KILLED YOUR COWORKERS just to send you a "message". Since over a decade now Ayaan has been forced to live under 24x7 armed security since that incident and keep her whereabouts secret, because of the serious death threats and rape threats against her and large bounties placed on her head by well-funded terrorist organizations. You won't see the SPLC or The Guardian mentioning any of these details when they are taking great pains to portray her up as a hate figure. They twist their words to subtly make you think that if anything bad happens to her then she "deserves it". She and her work and anyone who dares to interview her are being actively demonetized, shadow-banned, blocked, deleted, de-platformed by Youtube, Facebook and Twitter because the SJW moderators in those companies fell for the labels and think they know everything and never bother to thoroughly examine what they just censored. The SJWs join in with the terrorists and openly call for violence to be done to her, and nobody takes them to task for it.

It would be ok to just ignore someone who's trying to do a good thing, but you have to be self-righteously delusional to actually go out of your way to attack and sabotage someone who wants to ensure that other girls do not have to undergo genital mutilation as she did. And that is what I see the mainstream media, the "progressive" institutions and tech giants doing today. However "noble" their declared intentions may be, I for one am going to judge them by what they are actually doing.

In India we should consider ourselves lucky that our British occupiers outlawed and got our society to rethink things like Sati and child marriage (we've still got work to do in this part, but thankfully our mainstream accepts that it is bad and should end) long before today's bleeding-heart SJW's came along. A famous exchange of words that is said to have taken place back then between religious leaders and British administrators : "But this is part of our culture." "Well, in our culture we hang men who burn women alive. So let's both follow our cultures, shall we?"

Compare that attitude, that clear moral stand free from cultural relativity, with the post-modernist, moral-relativist Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) of today. If these issues had come up today, the BBC and The Guardian and CNN and MSNBC and Huffington Post and SPLC and all the "progressive" people taking cues from them would be attacking anyone who spoke out against Sati or child marriage by alleging Hindu-phobia. We'd see them justifying their hypocrisy by proclaiming that "all cultures are equal" and since child marriage and Sati are "integral and inseparable parts of Hindu culture" therefore you shouldn't speak out against it, and if you do then you're a racist. We'd see Sati and child marriage being practiced in Hindu households in the West and the police officers in charge would turn a blind eye or at best react only long after the crime has happened and never take to task the religious leaders who recommended it, for fear of being fired due to protests by angry SJW Twitter mobs.

To hell with these SJWs and their collectivist mob mentality which is SO God damn easy to weaponize. Ayaan Hirsi Ali is one of the real feminists of our times that we should be supporting, not the charlatans slandering and censoring her. Look up her interviews, check out her books and articles before the SJWs wipe them out forever.

AHA Foundation - Newsletter, September 2018

Ayaan Hirsi Ali,  Founder

Founder's Corner


Dear Nikhil,

After defense lawyers challenged the federal law's constitutionality in the first ever prosecuted female genital mutilation (FGM) case in the U.S., the AHA Foundation filed an Amicus Curiae Brief in support of the federal anti-FGM law. This motion is in support of the U.S. government's position affirming the constitutionality of the federal law, 18 USC § 116, that criminalized FGM in 1996. Read an update on the case and our work here.

This month we interviewed Dr. Alissa Koski, an Assistant Professor at McGill University who spent time researching child marriage in the U.S. while working at UCLA. Read about her alarming findings in our blog "Child Marriage in the United States: How Common Is the Practice, And Which Children Are at Greatest Risk?"

Despite our efforts, California Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 273, the harmful child marriage law, into effect. We appreciate all our supporters writing in opposition of it and we will continue working to protect children in California through advocacy and events this fall. Yesterday our Senior Director, Amanda Parker, spoke at a press conference in Pennsylvania to educate state legislators on the harms of child marriage and urge them to pass HB 2542/SB 1219 which would end this abusive practice.

Thanks to supporters like you, AHA Foundation has made important strides against female genital mutilation (FGM) in just the past few weeks. After months of galvanizing support, a bipartisan coalition formed by the AHA Foundation sent an urgent appeal to Congress, asking them to add provisions to the Violence Against Women Act that would protect women and girls from FGM. This federal bill has given zero attention to protecting girls from FGM in the U.S. since its inception 24 years ago. Find how you can help here.

With my deepest gratitude for your loyal support,

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 7.58.50 PM
Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Founder
Ayaan Hirsi Ali

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Gandhi vs SJWs

Gandhi : "When the people will lead, the leaders will follow".

SJWs : "When the people will lead, then they are actually being brainwashed by the alt-right and so it's our duty to take away their rights and censor everything, because people are all dumb sheep and we're the only wise ones around."

Sunday, September 23, 2018

The Guardian goes full 1984

A commentary on a publication that's branding practically every alternative voice out there as scheming terrorists and calling on universal censorship based on implied connections rather than actual content, which is being seconded and promoted by the mainstream media and major progressive institutions like the Guardian. I'm going to single out Guardian in this post because I see the most loyalty to them amongst my friends in the alternatives and they still see them as an "unbiased" source of news. Well, they're not, and they have used their influence to make bad things happen while you kept glorifying them.

Question: What "high level of influence" is this report's author talking about? More people still watch and believe everything BBC, CNN, MSNBC, Guardian et al say today than all the anti-SJW voices put together. One anchor of one of these channels probably makes more money than all the meager viewer-donations being earned by these independent voices put together. Why is this elephant so scared of the ant in the room? The only thing I know that can provoke this much crazed negative reaction is.. the truth.

This report demonstrates the warped mindset of the SJW cult that dominates western mainstream media and the social media giants Google (which owns Youtube and its search engine which is also heavily interfering with web search results), Apple, Twitter, Facebook, and it reveals the actual logic and belief systems used by them when they censored Infowars, NaturalNews and scores of other voices that have been silenced on all the mainstream platforms without, till date, any explicit body of evidence given to justify the censorship (no, merely saying he's a racist does not count as evidence). Guilt by association rather than own actions. When I see the actual content that is being branded as evil, I see how much the mainstream and progressive left (more regressive now) has been lying through their teeth to push their narratives. The fact that the Guardian and other prominent mainstream media voices are simply running with this and taking this published report as Gospel Truth without bothering to do even the most basic fact-checking or critiquing, reveals that there IS an SJW cult. 

I saw this exact same absence of fact checking with the James Damore episode. It was SO easy to simply read the small paper he had written and see how clearly the Guardian and others had lied about him when they falsely labelled it as an anti-diversity screed. They took full liberty to paint him as evil on their platforms, never allowed him any chance to come and defend himself on their platforms despite his repeated appeals, and they slandered everyone else who did. This video by a female engineer brings out the lying by the mainstream beautifully.

I also see evidence of the SJWs being a cult from how they have treated the people who were in their ranks, developed second thoughts on seeing the excesses being committed and chose to walk out. People like Candance Owens, Dave Rubin, Laci Green. The tell-tale sign of a cult is how they treat the people who choose to drop out.

The authoritarian cult that dominates the levers of modern day discourse and are committing actual crimes of censorship, are pointing at the small independent voices speaking out against them and accusing them of being.. rebels? Calling for full-on China-style punishment of people through vague connections? While they ARE getting scores of independent voices censored out day by day, why are they making such a big show of being helpless against "evil" and calling for even more censorship by removing the most basic of ethical safeguards? Is the near-total domination not enough that they want to wipe out even the smallest pockets of resistance? The language in that report would have one believe that as of today Youtube, Twitter, Facebook don't arbitrarily shut down, censor, demonetise, suspend, shadow ban anyone. Nothing could be farther from the truth. We are living in the most censored period of the internet right now.

Well, I'll gladly count myself as a rebel against any authoritarian cult, thank you very much. And those youtubers that have been branded as evil by that report : They are my heroes. I'll take a bullet for Milo and Dave Rubin and Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson and Roaming Millenial and SomeBlackGuy and Count Dankula and Lauren Southern and Brittany Pettibone and all of them. They are wonderful people. They are saying the politically incorrect things that need to be said. They are the little boys stepping out of line and telling the people that the Emperor is not wearing any clothes. I recommend you actually find their videos yourself and check out what they have to say rather than blindly believing what the Guardian is saying about them, before they get deleted off youtube and other platforms forever like they did to Alex Jones and Mike Adams and several others.

And to the people who see themselves as left-leaning and inclined towards social justice (which I have been for most of my adult life) : You need to wisen up about the authoritarians in your ranks. You need to start asking why the Left has such an affinity for censorship, and whether core concepts like oppressor-victim narratives, identity politics, anti-competition ("I don't believe in competition or free markets, hence I'll censor anyone who disagrees with me rather than competing with them in the free market of ideas" - classic!), prioritisation of feelings over facts ("I'll censor it because it hurts my feelings, I don't care if it's objectively true or not, because hey truth is completely relative!"), self-righteousness ("we are noble and they are evil so it's perfectly ok if we do terrible things to them, and rules, ethics don't apply" - same logic used by the Nazis methinks) etc have anything to do with it.

Another video commentary on that Guardian hit piece and the report:
The Guardian Hit Piece on Political YouTubers (Alternative Influence Network) -SomeBlackGuy, 2018-09-20

The Desperate Left | Data & Society Study -Blonde in the Belly of the Beast, 2018-09-21

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Fwd: The Inedible Omelette Made by Scrambling Three Public Sector Banks

In the commentary regarding Indian economy and government, usually I find the tussle between the typical left and right wings, but they both tend to favor big government. One wants big government to take care of all the welfare and take up charge of protecting the environment, and the other wants big government to give free resources to capitalists, suppress rebellions against land grabs, chop down the forests to do development, etc. At the end of the day both these sides want government to do this or that and in the process get bigger and more intrusive.

Examples of big government from both left and right:
1. MNREGA, jobs guarantee schemes
2. Using taxpayer money to bail out big loan defaulters or keep failing banks afloat

I've found one writer that come from economist background and brings in libertarian principles, arguing for smaller government, lesser interventions and prudent actions rather than overbearing measures. He's Vivek Kaul from Equitymaster.

Here's one article from him. Note that there are ads along with the article (which I don't have a problem with because I longer subscribe to anti-money ideology. I used to at some point, but not anymore).

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Rahul Shah's :: Profit Hunter

The Inedible Omelette Made by Scrambling Three Public Sector Banks

Thu, 20 Sep 2018

Editor's Note: Many have been commenting about the merger of the three public sector banks, but none comment quite so entertainingly as Vivek Kaul. He always adds a pinch of masala to his opinions that make them much more palatable. Read on for one of the most laugh-out-loud entertaining pieces I have ever read about public sector banks...oh, and don't forget to sign up for Vivek's own free newsletter by clicking here.

Vivek Kaul, Editor - Vivek Kaul Publishing

When the news of the merger of Bank of Baroda, Vijaya Bank and Dena Bank, first broke, a few people asked me on Twitter, what my opinion on it was.

A message on Twitter cannot be more than 280 characters and given that my short response was: "The gains of any merger of public sector banks, will accrue to writers like me. Keeps us in business..."

Why did I say that?

Here is the recipe of what the government is trying to do with this merger.

Take one totally rotten egg. Take a second egg which is slightly rotten. Take a third egg which is in a good state and can be eaten. The idea is to put to use the rotten egg.

Break all the three eggs. Pour them into a bowl. Pull out a fork.

Whip...whip...whip... Till the mixture is slightly frothy.

Now pour a little oil on to a pan. Pour the whipped eggs on top of that.

Add some freshly cut green chilies. Some freshly cut onion.

Salt, followed by freshly ground black pepper.

What else do you like in your masala omelette? Tomatoes? Okay, add that in as well.

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And yet…these three stocks are trading at very lucrative valuations right now.

Yes! Richa believes that early investors stand a chance to potentially win BIG as these companies are still hidden from the public eyes.

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Mushrooms? Cheese? Nah. Remember we are making an Indian masala omelette not a foreign one.

Now wait till the omelette cooks.

What do you get out of all this? An omelette which is not edible at all, despite the right ingredients being added to it.

Anyone eating an omelette made out the three eggs is bound to feel queasy after eating it. If the problem is with the eggs, the omelette is bound to turn out inedible.

Remember one egg was rotten and one slightly rotten. So what has happened? The mixture basically spoiled the one egg which was edible.

Dear Reader, if you are the kind who is busy and on the move, I think you should stop reading the piece right here. This is all you need to know about the merger of the three public sector banks. (Oh and please do sign up for my own newsletter by clicking here).

For the rest, I have a little more to say.

Take a look at the table below. It lists out the total advances, bad loans (gross non-performing assets) and bad loans rate of the three public sector banks which are to be merged. A bad loan is a loan on which repayment has stopped for 90 days or more.

Bad Loans Comparison of the Merged Banks

Name of the bank
(as on June 30, 2018)
Total advances
(in Rs crore)
Bad loans
(in Rs crore)
Bad loans rate (in %)
Bank of Baroda 4,48,327 55,875 12.5%
Vijaya Bank 1,22,348 7,579 6.2%
Dena Bank 69,917 15,866 22.7%
Total Bank 6,40,592 79,320 12.4%

Source: Analyst/Investor presentations of the banks.

What does Table 1 tell us? Dena Bank is the worst bank of the lot. It has a bad loans rate of 22.7%. This basically means that for every Rs 100 of loans given by the bank Rs 22.7 are not being repaid.

Bank of Baroda is in a slightly better state with a bad loans rate of 12.5%.

Vijaya Bank is by far the best of the lot with a bad loans rate of 6.2%. In fact, among all public-sector banks, this bank has the lowest bad loans rate. The bad loans rate of Vijaya Bank is even better than that of large private sector banks like ICICI Bank and Axis Bank. This is very credible indeed.

As per the latest data, the merged bank, would have a bad loans rate of 12.4%, which is not very different from the bad loans rate of Bank of Baroda, which as per advances made, will form 70% of the new bank.

The PSU Merged Banks are Not all Good Eggs

No wonder the stock market is not impressed. As I write this, the share price of Bank of Baroda is down by 11.5%, with the market capitalisation having fallen by more than Rs 4,000 crore, from yesterday's close.

Not surprisingly, the share price of Dena Bank, is up 19.8%, given that the bank has got a new lease of life. It's market capitalisation is a little over Rs 4,300 crore. The Bank of Baroda has nearly lost the market capitalisation of Dena Bank. The Vijaya Bank stock price is down 1.6%.

Dena Bank is a very small bank with a large amount of bad loans. As of March 2018, its advances amounted to 1.15% of the total advances made by public sector banks. Once we take advances made by private banks and foreign banks operating in India, the advances amount to less than 1% of the total advances made by banks in India.

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  India's Rs 24 Lakh Crore Problem
  India's Rs 24 Lakh Crore ProblemThere's a hidden hole in India's balance sheet...

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In this scenario, a better option would have been to simply ring fence the bank and shut it down, instead of continuing to throw taxpayer money after it. In fact, to a certain extent the prompt correction action framework under which the Reserve Bank of India had put Dena Bank, hoped to achieve this, by limiting the lending activities of the bank.

On the other hand Vijaya Bank, as mentioned earlier, is the bank with the lowest bad loans rate among public sector bank. This bank should have been awarded with more capital and encouraged to grow.

The aim with Bank of Baroda should have been to bring down the bad loans rate to mid single digit levels. Now instead it has been burdened with a bank with an even higher bad loans rate. Also, the banks come up with different cultures and that as always will be a major challenge during the merger.

The government has been talking about Indian public sector banks achieving scale at an international level. Of course, the merged entity will be the biggest Indian public sector bank after the State Bank of India.

Nevertheless, the thing is, that one of the lessons not learnt from the financial crisis of 2008, is that big banks are a systemic risk. The world should have moved towards smaller banks since September 2008, in the aftermath of the financial crisis.. It clearly hasn't and the Indian government has decided to overlook this.

The trouble is the governments always want to be seen doing something in order to resolve a problem. And in this zeal, they end up doing things which do not mean much, instead of taking the steps which are difficult and involve taking on some amount of pain.

Working along similar lines, the Modi government, has used this merger of the three public sector banks, as an excuse to brush the bad loans of Dena Bank under the carpet. There is nothing more to the merger.

Of course, as I said at the very beginning, I shouldn't be complaining. Events like these make my writing easier. I don't need to break my head on what to write and the money keeps coming.

What else does one need in life?


Vivek Kaul
Vivek Kaul
Editor, Vivek Kaul's Publishing

PS: Dear reader, did you know that India's balance sheet has a huge hidden hole of Rs 24 lakh crore? That's right! It's a mindboggling amount. You don't hear about this in the mainstream media, do you? Well, Vivek Kaul has put together the details of this monumental Rs 24 lakh crore problem facing our country in a confidential report which you can claim FREE right now! Just click here...

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Recommended Link
  India's Rs 24 Lakh Crore Problem
  India's Rs 24 Lakh Crore ProblemThere's a hidden hole in India's balance sheet...

A huge Rs 24 lakh crore hole... which could affect everything you need to live and prosper - from food to housing, healthcare to cars, and even education.

You'll find all details about this Rs 24 Lakh Crore Problem in a confidential report which you can claim FREE right now.

So, don't delay…

Grab Your Special Report Now. It's FREE!
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