Friday, December 6, 2019

Russian frankness mentioned in Subtle Art of Not Giving..

I read The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k by Mark Manson in early 2018, and loved it. Never have I laughed out loud with so much relief (because it's SO true, right?!) since.. since John Taylor Gatto's "Dumbing us Down".

A few pages on Mark's experience in Russia were so revealing about more than one thing. I'd taken snaps of them.. just came across them again in an old folder. I didn't want to post them online at the time as the book was new and still in stands and I didn't want to "spoiler" it. Well, by now it's canon and he has another book out. Let's share those pages.

What this hit up for me : For the longest time I've had a major mis-match with the world around me : Their propensity of getting offended by simple but blunt truths. (Actually, the getting offended part is ok - it's the not moving ahead from there that confounds me. Like, when the hell are you going to take the next step and check out whether it's actually true or not? Does that not even matter to you??)

And while during the time I was being given this whole bucket load of "ways" to speak "nonviolently" and it was just not working out for me, this was a freaking relief! I wasn't a horrible person - I was merely... Russian! Not just that, there's a clear case here of liberty and freedom needing frankness.

I had already been admiring Inessa's videos (subtitlings) of conversations in Russia on politics and all, precisely for their refreshing frankness. And this bolstered all of that.

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