Sunday, February 15, 2009

Recent news events: what if we connect the dots?

Have you seen the movie, "The Day After Tomorrow" (2004)?

It includes a part where some choppers flying in the UK suddenly get caught up in an extreme drop in temperatures, get iced, and drop out of the sky.
The film was a total work of fiction which drew heavily upon prevailing scientific opinion, but was criticized for over-the-top predictions. The main criticisms from scientists was the time-scale. They said all these things were not possible in the short span of hours the movie shows, and that the extent wouldn't be so exaggerated.

Nature may be a little more imaginative.

'Ice build-up' on crashed plane

"The crew of a plane that crashed in New York state killing 50 people noticed "significant ice build-up" on its wings before it crashed, investigators say.

Analysis of data recorders recovered from the scene shows the plane made a series of severe pitches and rolls seconds before plunging into a house. "

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