Saturday, August 29, 2015

the Lost Tribes of Palestine

Just thinking aloud:

Declaring themselves as the Lost Tribes of Palestine, and starting the quest for looking for a Promised Land...

... would really kick the zionists right in the balls, would demonstrate how they have repeated history rather than learning from it. Not about how they "are in danger of repeating" it or "are repeating it"... but how they HAVE repeated it. Case closed, verdict delivered, end of debate.

And it would do more.

The act of giving up on the claims to land, and rather just expressing simply and honestly that we just want to live a happy life, would bring everybody's attention right back to the humanitarian angle. Take the claims on land out of the equation, and suddenly the people on all sides who were looking for excuses for causing further conflict and misery, won't have anything to bank on. The humanitarian disaster that is being caused will suddenly have no cover to justify itself.

You did wrong, and now I'm gone. Goodbye abuser, I'm walking out of this abusive relationship. Keep your stinking house and property if that's what you're obsessed with.. I will start my life anew and be much happier off it. Even if things don't do well, better for me to die out in the cold than to suffer the death from a thousand cuts inflicted by you.

And it's when people do this symbolic act of giving up and moving on, of giving their abuser the shallow, empty victory that they were so malevolently fighting for, that, ironically, everybody gets the slap in the face they needed, is shaken out of their illusions and confusions, and starts doing what needs to be done.

Besides, there are regions all over the world right now that are experiencing a fatal collapse of population, and would be greatly helped if people came over with the desire to start life anew.

Grabbing of people's lands is a serious issue across the world. But I think the better way to address that is to go counter-intuitive and give up on the claims to land, and bring the focus back to what really matters : the life you live on it.

Friday, August 28, 2015

starting stint

I wrote this in 2012 as a PS at the end of another email. It was in response to one family member's rubbishing of an amazing life-changing experience of mine based on the metric of whether I made any money off it or not.

...yes I was offered to get paid for my 1.5 month stint at Sadhana school outside Pune, but I declined. I did get to eat and live in a naturally air-conditioned mountain valley resort for free over the summer, eat several fresh mangoes and berries plucked from local trees, make family-like relations with several people around the area, had absolute autonomy in my work, had plenty of intellectual conversation, spawned some projects and laid the groundwork for some cool future business opportunities, radically improved my marathi, laughed heartily and lived joyfully and tension-free, and had almost zero expenses over the period, so that might square it. check out our pics here.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

We judge the government by its work

"We really don't care about the politics of the government," .. "We judge it by its work."

This I completely agree with. We really need to focus on the actual work being done, people.

Quoting a person's statement on:

Sunday, August 23, 2015

[Solutions] Mohalla Health Clinics

Aam Aadmi Party government's pilot mohalla clinic, in JJ colony in northwest Delhi, clocked some 3,500 patients in its maiden month of July, it's first monthly report said. By all accounts, the government's pet project is a resounding success.

Though Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal inaugurated the clinic only in late July, the two room structure has been running since the beginning of the month. Staffed by a doctor, transferred from a government dispensary, and a helper, it has been providing free medicines, check-ups, and basic tests to the residents of the nearby relief camp, bringing them much relief. The prefabricated structure is the first primary health centre they have had in their midst, they say, since the previous dispensary was demolished a decade ago, forcing them to go the centres outside of the camp.

"How will someone like me cross two three roads and go the government dispensary?" asks Vidya Rani, who is well into her 70s and has trouble walking. "To hire autos go to the MCD or the government dispensary, we have to spend Rs. 50 - Rs 100," adds Asha Suren, "it is too much for us." The camp's residents are all refugees who fled Punjab during the militancy, and have been struggling with various state governments to set up their home in Delhi. They are the mohalla clinic's target group, those who fall through the cracks in Delhi's public health systems. Access to existing primary health centres, be they MCD clinics or government dispensaries is difficult, often so discouragingly so that some resign themselves to whatever ails their body.

The camp, with almost 15,000 residents, is located in Peeragarhi, part of Delhi's Shakurbasti constituency, which has some 4 MCD dispensaries. One is a one-station metro ride away from the camp; the government dispensary is a little over a two-kilometre walk away. However, these sjort distances, easily handles by Delhi's middle class, are not easy for residents of slum clusters and JJ colonies. Many are too old and ill to walk. The transport cost for a patient and an attendant is too much for them to keep paying. Many of the residents are daily wagers, who cannot afford to miss a day of work to undertake these excursions and then stand in line.

What has given them much peace of mind is having a doctor in their midst, who has come to know them personally, their community and all its problems.

"One woman in her 60s kept having vaginal bleeding. She didn't know what to do or where to go. Nor was she comfortable talking about it," says the Dr Alka Choudhary, who mans the clinic, as an example. "Because I was here, she could speak to me, we could do preliminary tests and use our ambulance to send her to a hospital for the care she needed."

This is one case. Residents of the colony are full of other such. There are those who have started getting regular health check ups done; the very basics such as blood pressure, sugar levels, which are still essential.

There is a certain pride they take in having the clinic amongst them, and making sure the area is regularly cleaned and hygienic. The government built a pucca road for the colony,and got drains in order, when it opened the clinic.

"There are very high expectations," says Dr. Choudhary, "they want all tests and medical facilities available here. We don't have heavy machinery yet, but we're working towards these goals."

It seems with the mohalla clinics, the AAP-led government has tapped into a large gap in Delhi's health problems and how to potentially fill it.

Sunday, 23 August 2015 - 6:35am IST | Place: New Delhi | Agency: dna | From the print edition

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Killing healers in Syria

Murdering people who are only trying to heal and help : this is about as far away as you can get from humanity. No power on this planet (ahem, Obamaji) should be allowed to fund even a single dollar into ANY side of a conflict in which all sides have lost all sense of humanity.

Of the 468 medical personnel killed, at least 157 were doctors, followed by 94 nurses, 84 medics, and 45 pharmacists. At least 186 medical workers were specifically targeted for killing through execution, torture, or death in the line of duty.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

How new technology suppression is built into the conventional business paradigm

Appreciating the laying out of common patterns here. I'm seeing bits
and pieces of this happening across sectors : even in something like
public service apps!

How can you be sure that the QEG will not be suppressed?

While we know there will be attempts to suppress the QEG by the
controlling corporations and governments. We have implemented a
strategy different than those that have been tried before us to help
this break through the suppression. All other legitimate free energy
devices that have been developed in the last few decades have been
stopped from getting out to the public through traps such as:

1) Patents: the US Patent office confiscates them and forbids the
inventor to invent.

2) Secrecy: non disclosure agreements ensure that only a handful of
people know about a technology, and therefore it is easier to suppress

3) Greed: promises of great financial wealth are made (and usually
never fulfilled) to manipulate the inventors, keep a device secret and
under ownership, and therefore easy to control and suppress.

4) Governmental laws in "police state" countries. In some countries,
the governments are attempting to make it illegal for individuals to
create their own power. Laws, codes, fines and regulations around this
subject are found predominantly in the "Five Eyes Countries": USA, UK,
Canada, Australia, New Zealand.

The strategy that FTW is implementing is an attempt to thwart these
common traps of suppression in an effort to get this device (and
others like it) directly into the hands of the people so that it can
become a new common standard of energy use. Our strategy is being
implemented in the following ways:

1) Open source: No patents, as this device is based on a patent that
is in the public domain. Therefore there is no ownership and anyone
with the skills can build one without copyright infringement or patent

2) Public promotion and full transparency: we do not operate under
secrecy or non-disclosure agreements and all information about the
device and our research is publically reported on the internet. We
have used the viral nature of the internet and social media to ensure
that millions of people know about the QEG and are following the
progress of the project.

3) Crowdfunding: 1,212 people have contributed to help pay for the
expenses of the QEG project. This eliminates the risk, and ability to
control by any single funding entity.

4) Grassroots: We have implemented the QEG on a grassroots level with
individuals around the world. Social media and the internet works
fast, governments do not. This way people have direct access to this
technology and this project which minimizes governmental interference.

The open sourcing of the QEG project done through the internet by a
small family with pure intentions was an unexpected move according to
the controlling powers of this world. FTW has endured a lot to protect
the integrity of this project and to continue to provide information
publically. To date, the QEG project has experienced suppression
attempts in the following ways:

- The QEG is a targeted project for government paid trolls and "free
energy de-bunkers" that protect the corporate energy industry. Please
read our full report here. We have witnessed many online paid troll
activities that specifically target the QEG and our family. -We have
received many online empty threats by anonymous psychopathic

- During the various QEG builds we attended, we were approached by
many individuals representing various groups with ulterior motives and
dark agendas. These mostly involved promises of wealth, fame and power
in exchange for control of the project. Most of these individuals
dissolved their relationship with the QEG (or were re-assigned to
other projects) when they realized that our strategy of open sourcing,
crowdfunding and co-development makes it almost impossible to buy, own
or control the project.

See more here:

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Interesting links for July 2015
6 short animated narrated videos, and linked articles detailing the science behind each video
A golden value of commerce : don't cause scarcity by sticking to artificially high prices. Follow the demand-supply mechanism and LOWER your prices if you're not getting enough customers. Especially when the only alternative (as in case of flights) is absolute loss.

7 Ways to Create a More Democratic Nonprofit

Repairing Our Broken Economy Through Community Wealth Building

Buoyancy Energy Technology:

Jane McGonigal on Getting More Done with Less Stress and The Health Benefits of Gaming

Dr. Leonard Horowitz: Emerging Viruses AIDS & Ebola - Nature, Accident or Intentional?

Rupert Sheldrake and related:
Some details of USA taxing its poor, it would be well worth to get similar statistics for India or an Indian state:

According to government officials, 68 million American adults plus their children - one in four US homes - can't open a bank account for one reason or another. The most common barrier is simply being too poor. So instead of sending a simple free check to pay each monthly bill, they must purchase a money order at a cost of up to $5.00 per payment. Instead of obtaining a small, short-term loan at an interest rate of say 5% like other Americans; the poor, working poor, and working class must pay 200% interest for the same loan using a payday loan, title lender or pawn shop. That's currently costing the people who can least afford it $89 billion annually in fees that their more affluent counterparts in American society never have to pay.

90% of all the banks closed since the 2008 economic collapse were in low-income communities. It also reveals that the average working class individual pays an average of $2,412 in yearly unnecessary financial fees just to participate in society from day to day. The report indicates that is 10% of a poor person's income. But in reality, that amounts to roughly 15% of a minimum wage earners gross income, or as much as 30% of a person's net income after taxes. That's one large 'poor tax'.

Delhi BRT:
Early crude methods of vaccine manufacturing might have provided the means for AIDS and cancer-causing virus SV40 among others to jump from primates to humans, when the first polio vaccines were rolled out by Merck.

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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Does QEG violate the laws of physics?

From FixTheWorld project newsletter. QEG stands for Quantum Energy Generator Read more on

We've been asked many times: "Does the QEG violate the laws of physics and why does my university instructor tell me this technology is impossible?" Here's our answer:
The QEG is an asymmetrical open system that operates according the laws of nature. It does not violate the laws of thermodynamics (physics) as these only apply to a closed symmetrical system. Asymmetrical open systems have been traditionally omitted from higher educational learning programs, so your university instructor does not know about them and assumes they don't exist.


James Clerk Maxwell FRS FRSE (1831–1879) was a Scottish mathematical physicist. His most prominent achievement was to formulate a set of equations that describe electricity, magnetism, and optics as manifestations of the same phenomenon, namely the electromagnetic field. His discoveries helped usher in the era of modern physics, laying the foundation for such fields as special relativity and quantum mechanics. In his ORIGINAL work: The Dynamical Theory of the Electromagnetic Field, Maxwell identified two separate systems, both of which were completely different from each other:

1)Asymmetrical system - an 'open' system that allows the creation of a series of exchange of energy reaction to our inputs, based on electromagnetic resonance or electromagnetic feedback in every spin (on a motor), or in every pulse of input in a static coil. One of the first asymmetrical motors was Faraday's 'Unipolar Motor,' later modified by Nikola Tesla. These systems generate their own energy and do not require fossil fuels.

2) Symmetrical system – a 'closed' system that cancels the electromagnetic resonance with every spin, which creates wasted energy in excessive heat and requires an additional energy source to run such as fossil fuels. These are the "symmetrical obsolete systems" we use every day in all of our electrical appliances.

One year after Maxwell's death in 1879, scientists Hendrick Lorentz financed by J.P. Morgan and Thomas Edison, mutilated Maxwell's original work and spent the next two decades deleting all knowledge of asymmetrical systems that would not require the profitable oil industry to operate. They 'symmetrized' all of Maxwell's equations, and labeled these incomplete theories as the "Laws of Physics". While the laws of physics do indeed apply to symmetrical closed systems of energy, there is another set of laws: The Laws of Nature, which apply to the asymmetrical systems that have been suppressed by the financial interests of the banking families for the last 130 years.

This knowledge was banned from our educational system, and no physics or electrical engineering school on our planet would ever teach about asymmetrical systems. Instead, the first and second laws of thermodynamics, which depend on the consumption of profitable fossil fuels, would conveniently prevail in our public knowledge base.


The laws of physics tell us that perpetual motion is not possible, yet how does the earth rotate? The laws of aerodynamics tell us that bumblebees are incapable of flight, yet how do they fly?
Conventional scientists from all over the world will make statements such as: "The claim that this is going to run permanently or indefinitely doesn't seem to hold because the second law of thermodynamics tells us that this is not possible"

Around the turn-of-the-century eminent British scientist Lord Kelvin said "Radio has no future, heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible, and x-rays are a hoax" - so much for conventional science.
The laws of nature contain concepts that focus on frequency, resonance, vibration, magnetics and energy. A perfect example of this can be found in the aerodynamics-law-breaking flight of the bumblebee.
Ralph Ring is an innovative technician who worked with Otis T. Carr, a direct apprentice of Nikola Tesla. In his presentation at the Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference, Mr. Ring gives an amazing explanation of the flight of the bumblebee:

 "Next to the larynx in the bumblebees throat, there is a tiny hollow tube that acts as a resonance cavity that accumulates frequency. When the bee starts beating its wings, it does this to accumulate frequency which bounces back and forth in the resonator cavity until it reaches the same frequency of the earth, known as the Schumann frequency. Once the bee reaches the same frequency as its surroundings it evens out into what is known as zero point. When anything reaches zero point you can then change the energy. The bee is now free from the gravitational influence around it, creates its own little magnetic bubble and hovers around. There are some lizards and hummingbirds that do the same thing."

This is how the laws of nature work. When you can tune something to vibrate at the same frequency as the earth and reach zero point, you are freed from the frequency influence of your environment and can then change the energy into anything you want including levitation or electrical energy.

This is how the QEG works: Teslas design causes it to resonate so that it matches the frequency of the earth, and in zero point it changes the energy into self-renewing electrical energy.

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If only internship certificates had these lines in them...

[Rethinking] Symptoms of the wrongness of the exam system

I believe this is just another symptom of a system simply operating ass-backwards wrong : Reality hates grossly unrealistic things and nothing is as grossly unrealistic as pinning the next generation's entire life paths on exams. Especially when the task before them is to undo the wrongs committed by their preceding generation, it is simply stupid to allow the preceding generation to evaluate them.. they will obviously reward those who will propagate the same wrongs and punish those who might actually solve things.


Speaking with The Telegraph, chief executive of the Oxford Cambridge and RSA (OCR) board – the UK's leading awarding body for providing A-level, GCSE, and vocational qualifications at over 13,000 centres – admitted how the board is forced to estimate grades after papers either get lost in the post or are put into wrong envelopes.

The confession has come following a crisis in confidence over exam-marking after appeals against A-level and GCSE results reached a record 450,000 last year alone.

This figure was an increase of almost 50 per cent in 12 months and the number of grades-changed was around 45,500.

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