Thursday, February 13, 2020

Who in India is working towards SMALLER government?

Who in India is working towards SMALLER government?

Towards limiting the powers of government?

I've participated in budget analysis at a small level in the past. One big takeaway was that the majority of all the money is spent on salaries, and that long after several jobs have gone redundant, it stays impossible to formally end those positions. 

Today you will occasionally see headlines like "X thousand vacancies in so and so government department remain unfilled". What they won't tell you is that a whole lot of those jobs (like carrying files between desks, reconfirming and recertifying something for a 10th time, operating an elevator, etc) don't actually exist in reality anymore. We seem to love demanding they be filled, but we'll be protesting next thing about another hike in our taxes to fund what we just demanded.

The more welfare and "sarkar ko yeh karna chahiye woh karna chahiye" that I see our thought leaders keeping on demanding from our government : it comes with a terrible price that is physically impossible to avoid but they all want to avoid mentioning : We have to give more and more power to our government over our lives, and of course, more and more taxation to fund our "noble intention" that we all know is just waiting to be hijacked so that we can get a chance to complain yet again. 

And in the process we keep destroying out own ability to come together and help ourselves. We keep breeding a culture of expecting the government to do everything, and after that we complain about not being people not being democratic enough and wanting autocratic leaderships and whatnot. Has anyone ever heard a proverb "you reap what you sow" or its Hindi equivalent: "Jaisi karni waisi bharni" ?

Who in India is saying the government should keep its suspicious slimy stinking hands OUT of a particular sector?

Who should be?

And if someone IS doing something towards this in whichever way, then have we not seen the rest of our "civil society" suddenly become super negative towards them?

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