Monday, August 3, 2009

Down Times

Why do we have down-times?
I'm not talking about sleep... Rather it's the regular periodic despair and inactivity we tend to slip into sometimes.
Like I did. That too on a Sunday. That too when I'd had a very fun and eventful Saturday, and in the morning I'd gone for 2 nice events, the second one of which i was brimming with energy and was voted best table topics speaker for the day.

After getting back, though, I just slipped into freefall. It was friendship day. Strangely I didn't miss anybody. I got some sms's from distant and near friends, to whom i replied back with a courteous "thanks, same to you". I didn't even call anybody. There were people on mind to call up and wish, but I didn't. I just lay there. Doing nothing. Weather may have played a role here.. it was a hot, troubling Sunday. The type where it's not even that hot that you escape to an air conditioned place; but not comfortable either.
I had a ton of things to do. Still do. It's a hectic week ahead. I even watched some movies. But I was depressed the whole day, having absolutely no reason to be.

Is this down time the natural negative part of the sine wave? All the positive words that have spurred me.. all just failed. Is it because even my roomies were sort of in the same boat; was it because of a shared consciousness prevailing in the house? Or is it that we inevitably will come across down times? Even now I'm having to struggle, just to will myself to get up and start doing things.

Maybe it's too many movies. Or too much activity that's taking a toll. Conversely, I haven't had any intense physical activity in quite some time. Could that be it? Would a few push-ups shake me out of stupor?
Anyways, still so many things to do.. have to arrange something at the office for Tuesday (tomorrow!). Haven't even booked a conf room yet. I just know that If I don't do anything about it, it's gonna flop. But still can't feel the drive. Maybe this blog might help...
Comments please!!

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