Saturday, July 31, 2010

Choose your destiny

This might turn out to be the Biggest foreign relations disaster in our independent history. It may sound difficult, but it is our moral and ethical obligation to suspend/postpone the 2010 CommonWealth Games (CWG) and open full investigations, preferably call in someone from outside Delhi, as they did for the Metro, seeing the fact that practically every govt agency in Delhi is in on it. What we need here is a leadership that chooses to be accountable rather than convenient. Choosing to keep going ahead with the CWG in the name of pride, keeping the fraudsters in the driving seat, will only cause more disaster. After all, you should never put a criminal in charge of the crime scene.

Appeal to Delhi Government:

Here is a different take on the issue and a solution for you that will ensure your long term success.
You are worried about what is happening. That's understandable. The Commonwealth Games were supposed to be the hallmark of your tenure. The jewel in the crown. The showcase to the world. But step off the clouds and look at the ground for a moment. It's covered in ...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fools rush in...

Fools rush in, where Angels fear to tread
 ...And so the Fool can go ahead and live his life, whereas the Angel stays above, away, proud, haughty, untouchable, yet scared and lonely.

I believe the "fool" and the "angel" referred  to here aren't how we see them from the outside, but rather how we see ourselves, from the inside. Let's analyze the two, shall we?

1. The Fool
If we accept that we are but fools, then we will not fear to do the things in life that can change it for the better. We will be open to change, rather anxiously awaiting it. Another popular book's title comes to mind : "Stay hungry, Stay foolish".
A person who considers himself/herself as a fool, recognizes that there are things to be learned, wisdom to be gained, from all the people around them.
So we venture forth.
We make new friends.
We build bridges.
We learn.
We grow.
By treating ourselves as but fools, we make it possible to do the things that were once considered impossible.

Look around you. Could our entire world of today have been possible without some fool somewhere rushing into hitherto unexplored territory? At some point, while others saw things as they were and wondered why, our fool saw things that never were and wondered, why not?

2. The Angel
If we consider ourselves to be the Angel, then we think too...

News that makes me think

With the onset of televised news coverage, I feel that we have stopped perceiving. We start seeing all events and happenings as disparate dots. But wouldn't intelligence require from us to connect the dots?

Their implications extend beyond the disparate events themselves; I advise you to read them with insight of what happens before and after - maybe then we can begin to see a pattern emerge and possibly predict a future trend?

Russia scientist fears arrest over Olympic warnings -
Decisions made by the top order sitting in Moscow, and implemented with an...

Monday, July 26, 2010

You judge too soon...

When others commit a blunder, it's a mistake. When I commit one, it's a crime.
When others think for themselves, it's being independent. When I do so, I'm being selfish.
When others act irrationally, they must have their reasons. When I do so, I must be insane.
When others follow their feelings, they're being romantic. When I try to, I'm called a pervert.

People, please start treating others as you would treat yourself.
Please try to understand more than you judge.
Please learn to discern the mountain from the molehill.
And, most important of all, Please grow up.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Facebook posts on the blog

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New page: Facebook links

I usually share the nice webpages / articles / videos I see on facebook .. here I've embedded an RSS reader into the page that will bring all my posted facebook links out for all the world to see!
So now I only have to share stuff on facebook, and the same will be shared on my blog too ;)

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