Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Of Hijabs and anti-manspreading chairs

Middle East: Man finds himself getting sexually aroused just by looking at women's normal hair while they're going about their everyday business. Decides that's immoral, blames it on the women and decrees they must all fully cover their heads in hijab from now on.

West: Woman finds herself getting sexually aroused just by looking at men sitting while going about their everyday business. Decides that's immoral, blames it on the men and decrees they must all squish their legs together from now on.

The anti-manspreading chair is the Hijab for men. Take that, bigots.

Meanwhile the obvious solution escapes both sides : It's part of life to get randomly sexually aroused. Growing up means learning how to control it, being responsible and not blaming your problems on others.

Inspired from:

Man Tries Sitting In Anti-Manspreading Chair, Immediately Crushes His Balls -Timcast, 2019-07-26

Addendum : 
Year 2120 : Men squishing their legs together is a religious thing; it's a symbol of their devotion to God; there's nothing oppressive about it, you hateful racist bigot!
Men not squishing their legs together : well, they're asking for it! #sarcasm

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Marxism is the opium of the intellectuals

Marxism is the opium of the intellectuals.

Sooo much more than religion being the opium of the masses.

The genocides of the 20th century - the worst in recorded history - all committed by people who said "oh look, no religion hence we're all so much more rational now!".

The fact that everywhere they rejected God at a country level they've ended up propping a fallible human it its place.

The fact that religious people have figured out the problems with big government, forced welfare, censorship etc etc so much earlier than these intellectuals did.

It's a paradox, like chasing the butterfly. The difference between wisdom and intelligence - and how wisdom evades those who pursue it. 

The faithful can achieve independence because they've met their dependence quota virtually. The "rational" end up being slaves because they didn't count on having that quota at all and it snuck up on them from behind.

They were projecting their own shit onto others this entire time. Damn.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Tommy Robinson meets Julian Assange

From Tommy Robinson channel on Telegram:

Tommy wants to thank everyone for his letters and those campaigning for him outside.  23 hours in his cell and zero human contact can really affect your mental health but the thought of Free Tommy stickers and banners across the country triggering the elites is making him smile.  In the first 1.5 weeks he had no contact with any other person.  Last night another prisoner was moved to the cell above his.  That was Julian Assange.  They had a long talk out of the Window.  I would imagine they could swap quite unbelievable stories of state persecution.  #FreeTommy #CorruptBritain #politicalprisoner

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