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Fwd: [rethink-aadhaar] Update Vol. I : latest from courts, parliament and the grassroots

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Subject: [rethink-aadhaar] Update Vol. I : latest from courts, parliament and the grassroots

Rethink Aadhaar July-August Update: latest from courts, parliament and the grassroots

We are almost at the end of August, and the wait for the Supreme Court Constitution Bench's judgment in the final Aadhaar hearings continues. All we know for now is that the judgment will be out, and soon...

Most recently the Delhi High Court issued notice to the UIDAI and the Union government on a petition filed by academic Shamnad Basheer, seeking allowing people to opt out and request deletion of existing Aadhaar data, and asking for payment of exemplary damages for all Aadhaar data breaches.

The Income Tax department finally allowed online filing of tax returns without quoting the Aadhaar number, as stipulated by the Supreme Court last year in Binoy Viswam for those without Aadhaar. Multiple petitions were filed all over the country, with courts granting relief for petitioners alone, until finally on 24th July 2018, a two judge bench of the Delhi High Court in Shreya Sen v. Union of India directed the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) to rework their software so that people can file their tax returns online without having to furnish their UID number or any proof of having enrolled.They said it: "This court is of the opinion that at least till 31.3.2019, the CBDT shall issue an appropriate direction, and also create a platform by amending the digital form of (sic or) substituting them properly to enable 'opt-out' from the mandatory requirement of having to furnish Aadhaar registration or Aadhaar linkage, for the duration, the exemption subsists, that is, till 31.3.2019."

While the CBDT seemed in no hurry to follow the order of the court, one of us tried to file returns online, and to our pleasant surprise, Aadhaar was not required!

We strongly recommend that those still waiting to file their tax returns make their accountants and/or tax consultants aware of the latest court order and aim to file their returns without quoting Aadhaar.

I. Updates from Parliament

From misinterpreting the Supreme Court's judgments and misleading citizens to link Aadhaar with mobile phones to the open challenge issued by the TRAI Chairman Ram Sewak Sharma, many issues around Aadhaar were raised and discussed in Parliament in the recently concluded Monsoon Session. Some highlights:

II. Protests against ICDS-Aadhaar linking in Gujarat

A group of concerned citizens from Gujarat had begun investigating the Aadhaar scheme in 2017. On 17th April 2018, the Gujarat State ICDS Department released a circular mandating production of Aadhaar for disbursement of salary. The department wanted Anganwadi workers to open new accounts that were Aadhaar linked into which they could transfer salaries through DBT, and demanded that Anganwadi workers submit photocopies of Aadhaar cards to the ICDS department. Four Anganwadi workers reached out to the group of concerned citizens asking for help in resisting the order making Aadhaar mandatory because they believed Aadhaar was a breach of their privacy.

Integrated Child Development Service (ICDS) is a government programme in India which provides food, preschool education and primary education to children under 6 years of age and their mothers. The ICDS department governs and manages various sub-schemes including Anganwadi services. The salaries of Anganwadi workers had been stopped for the past 3 months due to non-linking of Aadhaar. After forcefully imposing this scheme, some of workers were given the choice of either submitting their Aadhaar or quitting the job. Such coercion was not limited to salaries alone - they were also mentally tortured to submit their Aadhaar card and collect Aadhaar cards of their students by any means necessary.

Activists from the area report that they had met the Department's Director at the Gandhinagar office several times and were initially given assurances that salaries would not be stopped. In their latest meeting, however, officials stated that salaries would not be disbursed until and unless Aadhaar cards were linked. The Anganwadi workers have tried to submit other government IDs such as Voter ID, Ration card, etc. but have been refused their salaries until submission of their Aadhaar cards.

A petition challenging this mandatory linking has been filed by one of the Anganwadi workers in the Gujarat High Court.

The team of concerned citizens has been reaching out to those affected when Aadhaar is made mandatory. Adil Patel in Gujarat can be reached on 09638177097.

III. Aadhaar Fraud in PDS

Earlier today on 26.08.2018, the Times Of India reported:

Vol. II of this update on how to delink your bank account and aadhaar number, data protection, and more will follow soon.


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Kant's moral philosophy of universal principles that apply equally to everybody

Something I liked in a recent Mark Manson article.
[Begin quote]

Kant's moral philosophy is unique and counterintuitive. Kant believed that for something to be good, it had to be universal—that is, it can't be "right" to do something in one situation and "wrong" to do it in another. If lying is wrong, it has to be wrong all the time. It has to be wrong when everyone does it. Period. If it isn't always right or always wrong, then that cannot be a valid ethical principle.

Kant called these universalized ethical principles "categorical imperatives"—rules to live by that are valid in all contexts, in every situation, to every human being.

[End quote]

For me this ties into the current battles raging about "hate speech" and "fake news" and about mainstream TV, news and internet publications, "liberal / progressive" government structures like the EU and Canada, tech giants and the western Left attacking and censoring everything they don't agree with using the above two terms, while at the same time being completely encouraging of hateful opinions towards men and white people.

I have see the liberals / leftists / NGOs / social media giants (what a nexus!) abusing the concepts of social justice, and using identity politics to completely violate the above quoted moral philosophy. The exact same statements made against men or white people are ok, but if you replace "white" with "black" or "men" with "women" and re-share the same quote, you can get fired, jailed, banned, beaten, killed, excommunicated, forever labelled as "racist", "misogynist", "nazi" etc etc by these same folks. It's a hyper-judgemental state of mind accompanied by rank hypocrisy.

They have twisted social justice into all-out injustice towards all the identities that they hate. And their hatred for whom they perceive to be oppressors far surpasses their love for whom they perceive to be oppressed

As Jordan Peterson has pointed out so well, this behaviour matches what George Orwell had observed about the socialists/communists/marxists : they hated the rich more than they loved the poor. This character trait manifested itself terribly in the communist purges of the 20th century where tens of millions of people died. They were OK with killing many of the poor as collateral damage as long as they could get the rich. This resulted in the communists ending up hurting the very people they claimed to be standing up for, all their ideological behaviour didn't result in making things better for anybody but rather settled on making things equally bad for everybody, and today the inheritors of those ideologies : the Social Justice Warrors : are doing the same.

Have some principles in your life that apply UNIVERSALLY, where no matter which class of people you switch to, it still applies. It is as wrong to wish for a genocide upon white people as it is to wish for genocide upon anybody. Justifying rape of white women and girls across Europe as a "compensation for centuries of colonial oppression" is as bad (and sick, too) as justifying rape of any other person. Don't shape your principles such that you need to provide a thousand justifications like "oh but it's ok because they colonized us for centuries" > NO. That was their elite masters, not them. Those bad people have long since departed from this earth (and the elites who ARE still doing bad things, are the ones who FUNDED all this social justice / identity politics distraction so you stop critiquing them and get distracted into blaming your fellow brothers and sisters for all your problems, in case you didn't notice. It's a classical Divide-and-Rule policy in action, and the SJWs are the pawns in their game.). The white person you meet today is as much a descendant of slaves as you are. You have no right to be attacking them, period.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

On Generation Identity's persecution and the refugee industry

Something that emerges in the content of the video: The leftists of Austria are on the same side as the accused group here, as what has happened : the state using its vast resources, structural and outright physical violence, imprisonment, slandering, intimidation and bureaucracy to crack down on nonviolent citizen activists who have a different point of view than the ruling government : will tomorrow be used against the left once it has been institutionalised while deploying against the right.

VERDICT: Generation Identity Trial -Brittany Pettibone, 2018-07-27

I have been following the Generation Identity group's activities, and my inference as of today is this:

Human trafficking gangs are the most vile, evil, vicious people on the planet, and they have been profiting massively by delivering refugees across the Mediterranean. They've basically turned a disorganized activity into an assembly line business that aims at higher and higher volumes come what may. It's not a free humanitarian service : They charge high amounts of money from the refugees they transport, AND from the "NGOs" they deliver the refugees to. They are also the same people who bought and sold all those thousands of women and girls as sex slaves under ISIS rule, and who took money from ISIS to mix beheading-habituated terrorists in with the refugees they were transporting. At some point when they run out of Africans wanting to cross over, they'll go and start off wars and bloodshed just to force people to cross over to keep the "gravy train" flowing. When you create the incentive for crisis, you guarantee the crisis. They're basically the modern day equivalents of colonial era slave traders. All the "refugees welcome" activists, NGOs and governments have been knowingly or unknowingly (oh yes I know how innocent y'all are, I was born just yesterday! #sarcasm ) financing, supporting, giving carte blanche to these extremely evil criminal cartels, all while telling us through the pliant no-questions-asked mainstream media that they're oh so humanitarian.

It would have been the easiest and most obvious thing in the world to have European countries' Navy patrolling the seas and manning the ports of Libya (whose government was incinerated by Obama-Clinton administration btw without UN mandate and now Libya is a failed state while under Gaddafi it had Africa's highest living standards) to screen and pass refugees and make sure they don't get attacked or raped or die on the way, but the EU governments have deliberately forced their navies to stand down and have given free license to these murderous criminals who have no problem killing people while transporting them, raping the women as side payment, putting refugees through extreme risks, and sinking a boat or two every now and then to jerk some tears out and get more donations out of bleeding-heart liberals - donations that the NGOs then funnel to these criminal cartels. So the money you donate (and what European taxpayers are paying massively) to help refugees, is used to loot and rape them. The governments could have taken over this operation to ensure dignified passage for refugees, but then it wouldn't be enticing so much sympathy, so on with the torture!

The reason why there is such a smaller proportion of women and children among the refugees arriving in Europe since this crisis began (back when everyone still thought it's only Syrians and Iraqis fleeing the war but now it's clear the majority are people not fleeing any war, but it's ok, the Left loves to suddenly shift their goalposts from war to poverty without even a hint of apology for past arguments proved wrong), is because if you're a female and you take this human trafficking route then you're highly likely to get gang-raped by these criminals en route or at one of the temporary shelters on either side. So a "women and children first" ethic of saving people has, with the creation of the refugee industry, now been flipped over into "military age men first", and that is what shows up in the demographics of the refugees coming to Europe. The women and children can be left behind to rot and die, our mainstream media, academia, bleeding-heart liberals, SJWs, lefitsts, feminists, "peace activists", twiteratti intellectuals are not giving a damn about them. "Out of sight is out of mind", as the saying goes. Conditions at home are so terrible for the men that they have no choice but to flee, but apparently the women and children are just fine, if the official narrative is to be believed.

One amazing thing that the young men and women of Generation Identity did was to start tracking these vile criminal human trafficking gangs, without any weapons or violence, and reporting their locations and activities to the governments of Europe. They basically did the job that the NAVYs of Europe were supposed to be doing. They saved several refugees' lives in the process. And they also uncovered criminal collusion between reputed NGOs and human traffickers, especially in the tactic of deliberately damaging a boatload of people and abandoning them out in the middle of the sea to die, and the NGO's ship "conveniently" happens to be passing by and "rescues" them. A few catches were missed in this risky enterprise and those tragedies got more funds pouring in. Of course, this group (Generation Identity) believes (and I share that opinion) that the refugees - especially the ones not fleeing any war - are best helped in their own lands and it is harmful for all sides to move them in such vast numbers to Europe on the promise of taxpayer-funded welfare that can never be kept and assimilation/integration that can never be achieved when the volume gets so high. 

And it is for this and not the other protests, posters etc that the governments of Europe and the mainstream media branded them as criminal mafia gangs and slammed the full force of the state down on them. Had they stayed at home and spouted hatred like other right-wing groups, the state wouldn't be so harsh on them. But to venture out to sea and expose the criminality of the NGOs and the anti-human true nature of the refugee industry, to actually stop refugees from being used as pawns in someone else's game - well, that was unforgivable from the establisment's perspective. 

Conducting state violence towards non-violent people sends only one clear message to everyone who is dissenting. So to all SJWs: use the heavy hammer of the State and stifling bureaucracy to further your pet cause at your own perilas has been done here and in the cases of Count Dankula and Tommy Robinson, Lauren Southern and many others. You have no idea how many people you're pissing off with your grand-standing, condescension, reckless labelling (Nazi Nazi Nazi mujhe log boley.. ), fake empathies, short-sighted support for arbitrary censorship regimes and glaring ignorance of what the other side is concerned about. You have no idea how invisible your facade is getting with every passing day.


Where the real racism lies
I personally feel it is extremely racist of the SJWs to think of all of Africa (and the rest of the planet actually) as a shithole and therefore justify moving any and all the Africans out of Africa (why else would you want such a thing??). That's got to be the absolute worst way to be using your empathy (and the blatant narcissism of it, OMG!). The biggest beneficiaries of this mass migration are the crony capitalists that are grabbing land of migrating peoples at dirt-cheap rates at continental levels. Africa has immense potential for reform and greatness. The people of Africa do not deserve to have all their human potential, dignity, lands and wealth taken away from them and put on welfare drip just so you can show off your inclusiveness points. Go there and fix their problems if you want to show you care so much about them, rather than putting them through hell to import them so you don't have to move your butt anywhere! But maybe that's the issue here: The SJWs of our generation are so addicted to the home delivery way of life that they think that's the best way to solve any problem.

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Specific example of FB's collusion with US's Democrat party to scuttle dissent

What Facebook did to two black female middle-aged video bloggers, Diamond and Silk, in April 2018, 

Diamond & Silk accuse Facebook of censorship -Fox News, 2018-04-09

Facebook declared that these two middle-aged African-American women were "a danger to the community" and banned them from reaching out to their million+ subscribers.
There is NOTHING in their work that comes even remotely close to that.

And that's the kind of things Google, Facebook and Twitter have been alleging about completely ordinary people this entire time. Their victims run into the thousands that go unreported. Whenever they boast statistics about removing so many bots, well, guess what, just like what UIDAI does, those statistics contain false positives, and those censored people have NO way of appealing. In this case, Diamond and Silk were fortunate enough to get covered by one mainstream news channel (which all the Democrats and liberals fervently hate and desperately want destroyed, I wonder why?). Then, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a false claim about directly contacting them at a senate hearing, under oath, when no such thing had happened. And it starts with him saying that his company only censors TERRORISTS (which LOL they do not.. ISIS recruited majority of their convenient idiots through social media, not the dark web)

Diamond and Silk react to the Zuckerberg hearing -Fox News, 2018-04-12

and then when they came in for senate testimony a couple of weeks later,

Diamond and Silk Go Off On Rep Sheila Jackson Lee: Don't Try To Mix My Words  4/26/18 -LIVE ON-AIR NEWS, 2018-04-26

See clear as day how a Democrat party senator committed fraud and blatantly accused them of being liars. The 12th of April comes AFTER the 11th of April in the real world, and this elected people's representative accused the two middle aged women of lying for not saying on the 11th about what happened with them on the 12th, as if they are expected to be time travellers. It looks like this lady is 100% confident that her obvious shuffle of facts is going to go completely unreported in the mainstream media.

So please don't tell me that the tech giants and the Democratic party in the US aren't colluding with each other. Mark Zuckerberg gets to say blatant lies while people telling the truth get branded as liars.

And this illegal, fraudulent censorship campaign and the lies surrounding it is not something brand-new that happened just this month with the banning of Infowars -- it's been happening continuously since well before Trump got elected. Many people decided to vote for Trump precisely because they saw how insidious and reckless this Silicon Valley culture censorship was becoming and how happily Obama and Hillary Clinton were supporting it.

Whether Diamond or Silk or PragerU or Ron Paul or Dave Rubin ANY non-controversial but libertarian / conservative voice of which there are thousands now, these tech giants are repeatedly doing the same thing over and over again without even mentioning how many times they've done it : they censor the channel/page for weeks to months. Pages with over a million followers see only a handful people got to read their posts. They deprive them of their earnings so they can't do their work, giving completely nonsensical reasons. (Why did Dave Rubin's "Socialism isn't cool" talk get demonetized? What was there in it that violated community standards?). They accuse everybody who disagrees with their narrative to be Russian bots. Then when the word gets out and the heat turns on, they throw their hands up and say "Oh? We're sorry, that was just a technical glitch!".

Note about the dark-web excuse: people who are on the dark web find out about how ISIS is a creation of the American Deep State, which is also behind all this censorship btw with leftists and socialists blindly cheering on the takeover by the military industrial complex. No Muslim who reads that is going to join ISIS. Anyways the dark web is practically completely blocked in Muslim countries. Instead, several people of all faiths travelled to Syria at this time to FIGHT AGAINST ISIS after finding out what the mainstream was keeping from them. Britain arrested one such woman who joined the world's only all-women army in the fight against ISIS, while ISIS fighters have come back to get free welfare and are roaming freely all over UK and Europe and have since committed so many terrorist acts. So please stop using the "dark web" excuse, you will only reveal how clueless you are about things. ISIS recruited the vast majority of their convenient idiots through mainstream social media platforms with their complete co-operation, not the dark web, sorry.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Internet censorship: No due process, no evidence, no defense

Hi, this is an email about the ongoing purges happening across social media right now under the garb of stopping hate speech (and guess who gets to define what is hate speech.. a really tiny number of questionable people with zero accountability! What could possibly go wrong??). There's a LOT happening, and I suggest you skip ahead to the video links to get intro's about the ongoing culture wars.

Referring to the forwarded email below this one that I got from PragerU,

PragerU doesn't peddle hate speech. They don't incite violence. You may disagree with their viewpoints but they're not criminals. But what's the point of deleting them?

Several conservative youtube channels like LibertyHound that merely shared clips of news are getting de-platformed, being starved out of existence through demonetization despite having more viewers than legacy media like CNN does. Where's the criminal content? Youtube gives the official reason that it's a copy of a news show. Those news shows have NO PROBLEMS with their clips being shared, so why does Youtube have a problem?

Why doesn't the Western Left fight fair? Why can't they give a valid counter-argument? Why do they only want to destroy and not create? They have ALL the dominant monopolies on their side: Google, Facebook, Twitter, ALL the mainstream media. They dominate the universities (which is how they got to dominate the former mentioned companies btw.. ideological homogeneity based recruitment!) They're not being censored or under attack. They're the ones attacking. Why do they want to ban EVERYONE from hearing whatever ideas challenge their narrative? Why is this cutting-off-all-voices behaviour reflected in the historic track record of all the countries they've held power in? Why do they keep saying they're for people's emancipation but then start wiping out all dissent as soon they get any kind of real power in their hands? What's with this Gulag obsession? Why do they keep wanting to send everybody to the Gulag, whether real or digital?

If this isn't the Leftists shedding all decency, and going overboard, what is? If this isn't the Left being in bed with powerful billionaire capitalists and the Deep State, what is it?

To everyone who describes themselves as being left-leaning or standing for social justice : if the exact same thing was happening to your side, if your voice and sources of critical information got systematically cut off from the internet, would you still say you have no right to complain and "it's a private company" like the poster-boys of the Left are saying right now (yay the Left loves monopoly capitalism.. glad we got that out of the way!)? 

Would you be OK with entire libraries getting burnt down because one of the books was offensive or false? 

I think not. I think you'd want these platforms to honour the original promise they had made of political neutrality. I think you'd be pissed off for these platforms spending all these years proclaiming to be neutral and being the public square and thus taking massive government subsidies and help to become the monopolies they are, and suddenly shedding all forms of decency and stabbing you in the back and then saying "oh, but we're a private company!". I think you'd feel OPPRESSED by the extreme upper-handed behaviour being exercised here. You would call this behaviour totalitarianism. But when you see the exact same thing being done to people you've been trained by the corrupt MSM to think of as haters, then it's all OK, huh? Can't prove anything in court but hey let's screw them all over anyways because we've dehumanized them by now, isn't it?

What amuses me the most is the sheer naivete of the people supporting all this. Do you seriously believe this won't be used against you? Do you think the de-platforming of Infowars and others wasn't a subtle advertisement to all the highest bidders in the world, saying "Look! We can erase all your political opposition in a flash. Sale, Sale, Sale!". Why do you think all those super-rich investors have invested in these platforms? Why do you think world leaders like India's PM go visit these tech giants at their offices? It's never just for the selfie, my dear.

Newsflash: Everyone in the West who opposes GMOs is automatically branded as far-right extremist. Even TED says so. That far-right-extremist label is going to be applied to ALL the Indian activists opposing GMOs too. Vandana Shiva, Kavitha Kuruganthi, Claude Alvares etc are all going to be branded as far-right extremists. Heck, looking at the way India's twiterrati are behaving, I'm pretty sure if the UPA govt had continued in 2014, this would be the case already. All the processes were already in place. (by the way I voted for AAP and have supported Kejriwal parting ways with YY and the other leftists precisely because of all this) Manish Jain too is an unschooler and also speaks ill of vaccines, so he is, according to the status quo, a far-right extremist too. See, for these authoritarians, anyone who doesn't obey their narrative, is a far right extremist, including moderate leftists. They are the mirror image of the authoritarian right wing (look up the Political Horseshoe theory), and IMHO more dangerous than Bhakts, because the left hates freedom of speech much more than the right does. Anything they disagree with, is hate speech. Anyways, this labeling culture is quickly coming to India too, they will be played by our Deep State like they got played in the US, and when they cut all the alternative voices off, there won't be anyone left to stand up for you.

Alex Jones gets branded as a conspiracy theorist, and then ALL THE COMPANIES COLLUDE to ban him at the exact same time, give ZERO proper evidence to prove their stated reason, zero paths to appeal, and they've expanded and are blocking more and more voices by the day, all of whom happen to be on one side of the political spectrum. All of this coming in the heat of a crucial mid-term elections in the US : how is this not Election Meddling? Google, Facebook, Twitter are the original "Russians" meddling in elections everywhere. It is these search and social media giants who control what people see and have complete surveillance on everybody. They are the real meddlers that the mainstream has been tasked to distract you from by giving you red herrings like Cambridge Analytica (again, SOMEBODY please lay it out for me: How exactly did a tiny company with no monopoly presence swing that Election? By sending personal messages to half the population? Please show me the evidence to prove it!). The dominant tech giants are the ones who have the capability to influence elections, and they're the ones doing it as we speak. 

Extra: On the Russia hysteria: In India it's the super-charged nationalists who we see hell-bent on blaming Pakistan this, Pakistan that.. Jingoism is the word, right? Well, in the US circa now, it's the "no borders" "love trumps hate" etc side that's chanting Russia this Russia that, accusing the Russians for ALL their problems, and ratcheting up a global nuclear holocaust, while it's the people they accuse of being "white nationalists" or some permutation of that who are saying: Hold on, stop blaming Russia for everything, let's not get everybody killed for a faked dossier. I never thought I'd live to see a day when the "jingoists" want peace and the "love" people want war. Unless the mainstream media who have branded these two sides have been completely lying to us about everything this entire time, that is. Hmmmm.

A few simple questions unravel the walled garden of the status quo. 
1. How come none of these super-sophisticated censorship mechanisms, AI etc being deployed by the tech giants to kill all non-Clinton-conforming opinions, has ever been used on ISIS and other terrorist groups that actually kill people and violate ALL the terms of use by a mile? 
2. When Google had the option to crack down on ISIS or to crack down on conservatives, why did they give ISIS a free reign and only went after conservatives? ISIS recruited their useful idiots from SOCIAL MEDIA. Those idiots weren't on the dark web. I've expanded more on this here
3. Why did the internet giants collude to actually take down a right-wing website (Daily Stormer) when just months before they had flat-out refused to do that exact same action on ISIS-controlled websites by citing freedom of speech principles? How was Daily Stormer much more dangerous than ISIS, which beheaded entire villages and sold thousands of girls into sex slavery? Why did the tech giants defend ISIS's right to recruit terrorists and spread its death cult propaganda, and then get so enraged over some article that they felt a "moral duty" to take an annoying right-wing blog manned by some old retirees down?
4. How was the most well-funded terrorist organisation in world history winging it without using ANY of the world's major banks to store or transfer the hefty monthly paychecks they were paying their fighters, or wire transfer services like Paypal, Visa or MasterCard? And why do PayPal, MasterCard etc only NOW want to deny services to conservative citizen journalists when they were perfectly happy with serving terrorists?
5. When SJW after SJW keeps posting absolute hate speech against all white people, dehumanizing everybody including children, and explicitly calling for harming or killing or raping all people of a certain color, why is that always given a free pass? Why do prominent journalists and editors in the mainstream press get to do that repeatedly and never be held accountable, while the citizen journalists merely pointing this anomaly out get banned or suspended off the platforms?
6. Why is being a white person today being treated with the exact same attitude as being a Jew was treated in Hitler's Germany in the run-up to the Holocaust? And when a non-white person objects to this, why are they accused of abandoning their race?
7. Why is it that Alex Jones is the one who has consistently opposed all US wars of aggression, whereas CNN, BBC, NYTimes etc who keep claiming to stand for "peace" (can't prove it with actions so you have to keep repeating it, can you?), are the ones who actually LIED TO US ALL, peddled all those wars, and are complicit in millions of deaths worldwide? Why then do we consider the anti-war guys as fake news and warmongers as real news?

It is the people who are asking these difficult questions, that are being banned from the internet today. Infowars has served a crucial role in the last decade: it is the platform that whistleblowers go to because they need to get crucial messages out to the public and don't have the irrefutable evidence or police protection with them yet. It's where warnings about the 9/11 attacks came before they happened. It's where the eyewitnesses who disagreed with the official 9/11 conspiracy theory (you know.. the Bush govt sanctioned one which violates all the laws of Physics) could go to to tell what they'd seen before they got killed off. Infowars lets everyone say their thing, and lets the free market of ideas decide later who was being credible and who wasn't. They're like an internet tabloid and everything-goes zone. That's the place we first heard about the population-wide NSA surveillance program long before Snowden gave proof of it. And all those kinds of people, all the whistleblower platforms, are getting censored off the internet today. 

Do you seriously think it's a good idea to just ban everyone who challenges the status quo? Have we learned absolutely nothing from history? What will you do when the status quo turns against you?

I see the most extreme hypocrisy amongst the Left / liberals / socialists today in blindly forgiving CNN for causing millions of deaths and then justifying widespread digital book-burning on the grounds that someone once said something off and then IMMEDIATELY RETRACTED IT. Yes, Alex Jones has apologized over and over again for making wrong calls. They're playing the role of TABLOIDS for God's sake, you know what the operating framework is for tabloids : quickest to publish and so may well be wrong. The most oft-used excuse for justifying Infowars' takedown is the Sandy Hook episode, but the fact remains that that's not the official reason given by any of the platforms. I've written a bit about that here, not gotten any links in yet. I'd show you the actual videos but hey the whole channel's gone now.

You wanted to prove Alex Jones and all those people wrong for pointing out conspiracies and collusion amongst various power centres? Well, with these massive co-ordinated censorship attacks you have only proved that they were right all along! With the way the media is celebrating it, the Left is left standing exposed as a bunch of jealous little power-grabbers who want to get rid of whoever challenges their dominant narrative, without actually doing the work to convince people about their narratives. It's almost as if they expect that as an entitlement.

So, folks, I for one am going to make sure I watch, read and archive EVERYTHING that the leftists, the SJWs do not want me to see. I invite you to join me. Beyond the walled gardens of the status quo, there is a wide open field with really interesting things. And the global political dialogue, is moving on from these abuser platforms. ,,, diaspora, bitchute and other platforms are coming up, but there have been several under-handed attacks there too. Already in the week that Infowars got banned from all the social networks, their website also was being systematically attacked and was down for days. Leftists never like to play fair, of course.

Are you a freedom of speech supporter? Really? Do you know what it takes to be one? It involves upholding the rights to free expression of the people that you DISAGREE with, so check yourself closely on this one! Or are you merely a charlatan, supporting only those that you agree with and not giving a damn about those you don't agree with?

New to all this? Watch these videos. And if you want the left / mainstream take on it, simply google the subject! I'm only going to share with you what the status quo doesn't want you to see, don't expect more!

The censorship racket EXPLAINED: No due process, no evidence, no defense

Lester Holt comedy word salad reveals deceptive edit techniques used against Alex Jones
>> What's happened in most of the cases where mainstream media "quotes" Alex Jones. Latest being a cut-pasted clip that jumbled words together from several different clips to claim that he's calling on everyone to grab their guns and start shooting people. (Yes, the American mainstream media ACTUALLY DOES THIS nowadays, now you get why they're called "Fake News"? Pretty much all the "but Alex Jones said XYZ" quotes reference these jumbled-up clips, so when you get told, demand to see the original.). Which leads to...

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If you want to archive any youtube channel's full metadata before it gets banned, try using this script:
(you'll need to use an API key)

Also, to download any channel in full, use youtube-dl and put the channel's url, the playlist url, or the video url in.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: PragerU
Date: Sat, Aug 18, 2018 at 7:54 PM
Subject: BREAKING: Facebook completely censors our videos

Worse than Shadow Banning, Facebook Completely Censors PragerU Posts from Public View

We recently discovered that Facebook deleted two video posts from the PragerU page for "hate speech," and subsequently censored 15 more posts from public view - meaning zero of our 3 million followers could see these posts.   

Screenshot from one of the two removed videos for "hate speech"  - a video about why we need more masculine men.  

While we've experienced blatant discrimination from Google/YouTube, which is why we've filed legal action against them, this represents a whole new level of censorship by Facebook.

Not only are they obviously ratcheting up their algorithms to target mainstream, conservative content and labeling it as hate speech, but they are now completely blocking our posts from public view. This is shocking and it should deeply concern every single American.

We reached out to Facebook and their initial response provided little clarity saying they would get back to us in another two to three business days, which in the world of social media might as well be an eternity.
However, after media attention on the issue started to gain traction - Facebook finally responded after 24 hours saying that removing the videos was simply a "mistake."  
Does anyone really believe that removing two videos as "hate speech" and subsequently censoring 15 more entirely from the public was simply a mistake?
It's not a mistake.  It's deliberate censorship of conservative ideas - especially effective platforms like PragerU as we continue to reach millions of young people with our videos.

It's imperative that we continue to fight back, stronger than ever before.  



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