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Story about a father on mothers day

This story was shared on whatsapp by a frequent forwarder friend, and it moved me. So sharing it here to put it out there in case it hasn't made it to the open web yet. I also noticed from this the sheer stubborn-ness of the man's folks - and the absolute wastedness of it all. Worth thinking: what can you do so that your children never treat their kids like this when they become grandparents; never get coercive like this? What can you do to ensure YOU don't become like this in your last years?

He was pruning  the plants..sitting in the posh arbour of ******international school,heat and dust didn't seem to affect him.
"Ganga das,principal ma'am wants to see you right now"
The last two words of peon had lots of emphasis on them,trying to make it sound like an urgency  .
He quickly got up,washed and wiped his hands and headed towards principal's room.
The walk from the garden to the office seemed never ending,his heart was almost jumping out of his chest..he was trying all the permutation n combination ,figuring out as to what has gone wrong that she wants to see him urgently...he was a sincere worker and never shirked away from his duties...
*knock knock*..." Madam,you called me?"
"Come inside..."an authoritative voice laced with crispness made him further nervous,
Salt n pepper hair,tied neatly in a french knot,a designer sari-sober and very classic,glasses resting on the bridge of her nose...
She pointed out towards a paper kept on the table...
"Read this"
B..but ma'am I am an illiterate person,I can not read English.
Ma'am please forgive me if I have done anything wrong...give me another chance ...I am forever indebted to you for allowing my daughter to study in this school ,free of cost...I could have never ever dreamt of such a life for my child.......   And he broke down almost trembling,,
"Hold on,you assume a lot...we allowed your daughter because she is very bright and you have been our sincere worker..let me call a teacher in,she will read it out and translate it to you...this is written by your daughter and I want you to read this"
Soon enough the teacher was called and she started reading it,,,translating each line in Hindi...
It read-

"Today we are asked to write about Mother's Day ...
I belong to a village in Bihar ,a village where medical and education still seem like a far fetched dream.many women die every now and then while giving birth.My mother was one of the too,she could not even hold me in her arms.My father was the first person to hold me..or perhaps the only person.every one was I was a girl and I had "eaten up" my own mother.
My dad was instantly asked to remarry but he grandparents forced him by giving all logical,illogical and emotional reasons but he didn't grand parents wanted a grandson,they threatened him to remarry else he will be disowned...
He didn't think twice...he left everything,his acres of land..a good living,comfortable house,cattles and everything that counts for a good lifestyle in a village.
He came to this city with absolutely nothing but me in his was tough,he worked hard day and night..raised me with tender love and utmost care .
Now I understand why suddenly he developed a dislike for things that I would love to eat but there was only one left in the platter....he would say that he hates eating it and I would finish it considering that he does not like it....but as I grew older I realised the reason and what sacrifice is all about.
He gave me the best possible comforts  beyond his capacity.
This school gave him a shelter,respect and the biggest gift-an admission to his daughter...
If love and care  defines a mother...then my father fits in there ,
If compassion defines a mother,my father fits in well in that category too,,,
If sacrifice defines a mother,my father dominates that category .
So in nut shell..if a mother is made of love,care sacrifice and compassion...MY FATHER IS THE BEST MOTHER ON EARTH THEN.
On Mother's Day,I would like to wish my father for being the best parent on earth...I salute him and say it with pride that the hardworking gardener working in this school is my father.
I know I will fail this test after my teacher reads this but this would be a very small price one would pay towards an ode to the selfless love of my father.
This was a silence in the could only hear soft sobbing of Ganga das....harsh sun could not wet his clothes with sweat but soft words of his daughter had soaked his chest with tears....he was standing there with hands folded..
He took the paper from teacher's hands...held it close to his heart and broke down.

Principal got up..offered him a chair,glass of water and said something.....strangely the crispness of her voice was taken over by warmth n sweetness....
"Ganga das..your daughter is given 10/10 marks for this essay...this is the best essay ever written about Mother's Day  in the history of this school.we are having the Mother's Day gala event day after tomorrow and the school authority has decided to invite you as the chief guest...for the event...this is to honour all the love and sacrifice a man can do to raise his show that you do not have to be a woman to be the perfect parent...n most importantly this is to reinforce/appreciate/acknowledge the strong  belief of your daughter in you,,,to make her feel make the entire school feel proud that we have the best parent on earth as stated by your daughter..,,you are a true Gardner,,,who is not only looking after  the garden but also nurturing the most precious flower of your life in such a beautiful way....

So Ganga das will you be our chief guest for the event?"

(Well, I know not many schools or people in today's scenario will show such a beautiful gesture....but this is my minuscule   attempt in bringing out a difference/change ...and I will feel worth if this narrative could motivate even a single soul who is reading  this.

"Khabar hai hamein bhi..
Samaj ki mitti main
Iss  nayi soch ko ugne main
Waqt toh lagega abhi...
Par hum bhi ummed ka
Beej bone ki himmat rakhte hain" )

Need for scrutiny into env min's sudden demise after #gmo meeting

I am curious to know the time between the anti-gmo delegates meeting him (reported on 17 may) and anil dave's demise (reported on 18 may). Seems to be very close. This is the second sudden demise of a serving member of cabinet in the present administration. It would be a conspiracy to not scrutinize.

First: Natural causes. I want the reader to first and foremost eschew the idea that sudden deaths happen naturally and are normal. No, people do not die suddenly when dying naturally. There are articles crediting his demise to cancer. I'm sorry, but people dying of cancer die slowly, with the body weakening over hours and days and the patient being admitted in hospital the last days of his/her life. A patient dying of cancer is extremely unlikely to be leading any kind of professional life. But Anil Dave was a serving Environment minister, and was active : he met a delegation of anti-GMO activists and spent a long time interacting with them. It would be worth checking if anyone he met thought he's very ill? I don't think so. Still, let it be a possiblity. Fine. Now let's check out the other possibility.

If there was foul play, then it follows that he received some information in his meeting with the delegates that may have changed or solidified a stance in contravention to what higher powers wanted. If that is so, the delegates who provided that info are next.

The end goal being tight control over food and health of a billion people, i wouldn't say there's no motive. People have killed for far less. It can also be that the person found himself trapped between what he'd been ordered and the gravity of what he would be enabling, and it took its toll. All those petitions and calls to action are testimony that the situation was dire indeed.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Ransomware : DON'T PANIC, you're fine!

Hi friends, the "ransomware" virus threat is NOT something to panic
over, pls stop spreading scary messages.

You are at risk only if you use an un-updated Windows OS or winXP, and
are receiving emails in a desktop mail client on your own company's
mail (ie, not in gmail, yahoomail etc : Those have their own antivirus
systems) and if you're stupid enough to open and run executable
attachments that are visibly suspicious.

Images : the usual stuff you share on email : are NOT dangerous. If an
excel/ppt has some executing code then MS-Office asks you upon opening
and you can easily click NO. MP3s and videos will either play or error
out; not take over your system. Whatsapp and your android/iphone are
FINE. Net-banking, other web services continue to work fine. This
ransomware is not a spying thing : the "don't type your passwords"
advice is for other keylogging spywares that most anti-virus apps can
already protect you from.

Links for info:

If you want to live a digital life that is free from constant virus
scares, start using the free and open source Ubuntu OS or one of its
many flavours. I use Lubunutu, and it lets me use my older laptop

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Article on wheat

Got this in a whatsapp group. Ties a lot of loose end together. Confirmation is awaited, but for now just for consideration i think its worth sharing:

<quoting an anonymous author here on>

*Wheat article:*
The Wheat being grown now is not the same grown a 100 years back.
A new take on wheat.
Read this article *it will change ur life* if you remove all the (wheat) bread; roti, cakes, biscuits, pizzas, Samosa etc from your diet.

*Do You Have A "Wheat Belly"?*

A renowned cardiologist explains how eliminating wheat can shrink your belly . . . and save your health.

*Cardiologist William Davis, MD, started his career repairing damaged hearts through surgical angioplasty and stents.

*"That's what I was trained to do, and at first, that's what I wanted to do," he explains. But when his own mother died of a heart attack in 1995, despite receiving the best cardiac care, he was forced to face nagging concerns about his profession.*

"I realized how silly it was," he says. "I'd fix a patient's heart, only to see her come back, and back and back with the same problems. It was just a band-aid, with no effort to identify the cause of the disease."

So he sailed his practice toward highly uncharted medical territory–prevention–and spent the next 15 years examining the causes of heart disease in his own patients.

The resulting discoveries are revealed in Wheat Belly, his New York Times best-selling book, which attributes many of our nation's physical problems, including heart disease, diabetes and obesity, to our consumption of wheat.

He spoke to us this week about how exactly *eliminating wheat can "transform our lives."*

*First of all, what is a "wheat belly"?*
I make a lot of arguments about the dangers of wheat, one of which is that it raises your blood sugar dramatically. In fact, *two slices of wheat bread raise your blood sugar more than a Snickers bar.*

When my patients give up wheat, I see that weight loss is substantial, especially from the abdomen. People can lose several inches in the first month.You make connections in the book between wheat and a host of other health problems.

How did you come up with this theory?
Eighty percent of my patients had diabetes or pre-diabetes.

I knew that wheat spiked blood sugar more than almost anything else, so I started to say, "Let's remove wheat from your diet and see what happens to your blood sugar." They'd come back 3 to 6 months later, and their blood sugar would be dramatically reduced.

But they also had all these other reactions:
"I removed wheat and I lost 38 pounds." Or, "my asthma got so much better, I threw away two of my inhalers."

Or "the migraine headaches I've had every day for 20 years stopped within three days." "My acid reflux is now gone."

"My IBS is better, my ulcerative colitis, my rheumatoid arthritis, my mood, my sleep . . ." and so on, and so on.
So what is it about wheat that you think causes all these problems?

When you look at the makeup of wheat, it's almost like a group of evil scientists got together and said, how can we create this god-awful destructive food that will ruin health?   

First, amylopectin A, a chemical unique to wheat, is an incredible trigger of small LDL particles in the blood–the number one cause of heart disease on the United States.

When wheat is removed from the diet, these small LDL levels plummet by 80 and 90 percent.

We've had a situation where the national advice–to cut fat and eat more whole grains–is advocating a diet that causes heart disease.
You also talk about the "addictive" properties of wheat.

Wheat contains high levels of gliadin, a protein that actually stimulates appetite. Eating wheat increases the average person's calorie intake by 400 calories a day.    

Gliadin also has opiate-like properties in the brain, so it's not surprising that when some people remove wheat from their diets, they literally go through a period of withdrawal where they feel terrible.

Food scientists have known this for 20 years, and they've used it to their advantage. If you go up and down the supermarket shelves, you're going to see wheat flour in the most improbable places—everywhere from Campbell's soup to granola bars.

Is eating a wheat-free diet the same as a gluten-free diet? I know that's a major trend right now.
Gluten has negative, inflammatory properties, but it is just one component of wheat.

In other words, if I took the gluten out of it, wheat will still be terrible for you since it will still have the Gliadin and the amylopectin A, as well as several other undesirable components.

They've come out with all these foods that are gluten free: gluten-free multi-grain bread, gluten-free bagels, etc.
Those are made with 4 basic ingredients: corn starch, rice starch, tapioca starch or potato starch.
And those 4 dried, powdered starches are some of the very few foods that raise blood sugar even higher than wheat does!Sounds like all the "fat free" foods that came out 10-15 years ago. People thought "these cookies are good for me because they don't have fat."Perfect analogy. Yes, it's the same kind of blunder.

What about the the health breads and the sprouted breads?
No. They still retain too much of the adverse wheat compounds–leptins, amylopectin A, gluten and gliadin. You might reduce the amount of some of the compounds, but they're still there.

I encourage people to return to real food: vegetables and nuts, unpasteurized cheese and eggs and meats in all forms, avocados and olives.

People have been eating it for thousands of years, why is it suddenly such a problem?

Wheat really changed in the 70s and 80s due to a series of techniques used to increase yield, including hybridization and back crossings. It was bred to be shorter and sturdier and also to have more gliadin, a potent appetite stimulate.

The wheat we eat today is not the wheat that was eaten 100 years ago. Wheat has also become a much more central part of the American diet.

What if I remove the wheat, but I'm still eating carbohydrates?

So, for example, I stop eating my sandwich every day, and I start eating rice with chicken and vegetables. Will I still have the health benefits? Will I still lose weight?Most do, yes. Because rice doesn't raise blood sugar as high as wheat, and it also doesn't have the amylopectin A or the gliadin that stimulates appetite. You won't have the same increase in calorie intake that wheat causes.

That's part of the reason why foreign cultures that don't consume wheat tend to be slenderer and healthier.Does everyone need to stop eating wheat, or are some people more at risk for these problems than others?

If you ask me, everyone should stop eating wheat. This is the closest I know of to something that will transform your life.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

A prediction on GM Mustard issue

Making a prediction to test out a theory; need witnesses; later if it works i don't want to be told it was made in hindsight. So APOLOGIES.

Prediction: the GM mustard issue is an orchestrated emergency. the great leader will step in at last minute and pass an executive order (like has been done earlier) to save the day and we will all rejoice that we have such an astute leadership looking after our wellbeing.

If the prediction turns out false then that's good news. If it turns true then it means there is a manipulation game afoot and well-intentioned activism is being made part of the con.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Fwd: Letter to Chtsgrh Gov, and why we need an alt-right movement in India

personal note: This is one example of why we need an alt-right movement in India.. because the conventional right is filled with hypocrites who would gladly condone the actions reported here. The very idea of a government dismissing officers by getting offended by fb posts, as well as the idea of a government going overboard with taxpayer-funded security for corporate interests rather than letting them pay for and handle their own security, stinks to high heaven of big-brother government / communism, which any self-respecting conservative ought to be opposed to right from the get-go. But instead today we have a rightist fold in India which seems totally glad with being full-on communist when the gun is pointing at those they disagree with. The alt-right will need to get back to basic principles of conservatism and reject this hypocrisy.

Letter from NAPM to Chattisgarh govt: (and we need to depend on the left for raising this awareness thanks to the vacuum on the right)


Sub:    Revocation of suspension orders of upright, Dalit woman officer, Ms. Varsha Dongre, Asst. Jail Superintendent, Raipur Central Jail and restoration of peace and good government in the V Schedule adivasis areas of Bastar – Reg.

Respected Balram Das Tandon ji and Shri Raman Singh ji,

We the undersigned, representing a large number of people's movements and organizations, across India, as the National Alliance People's Movements (NAPM), are writing to you with a deep sense of anguish regarding the arbitrary suspension of a young and dynamic dalit woman officer of your state, since she publicly expressed concerns over the serious human rights abuses of young adivasis girls in the jails of Chhattisgarh.

You are already, we believe, aware of the facts of the matter, which are in public domain. The officer in question, Ms. Varsha Dongre, Assistant Superintendent of Raipur Central Jail, published a post on her personal Facebook account last week (which she later deleted), wherein she expressed pain over the avoidable loss of lives (jawans, adivasis and Maoists) and stated that after all it is Indian citizens who are being killed in this mayhem. She wrote about the general displacement in the V Schedule adivasis areas and alienation of adivasis from land, forests and rivers, in violation of constitutional safeguards, for corporate interests.  She also shared her horrifying first-hand experience of witnessing the stripping, electric shock, sexual and other forms of torture of minor adivasis girls in the police stations and jails, including how the breasts of some of them were squeezed to check if they are lactating (and, therefore, not Maoists!).  

While we do re-iterate our condemnation of the recent killings of 25 CRPF Jawans by the Maoists and express our heart-felt sympathies for the families of the deceased, we would also like to state that the military counter-offensive to an essentially political problem is only jeopardizing the possibilities of peace in the region, for the ordinary adivasis. The state government cannot ignore or be a party to the gross violations of people's rights in the name of 'combing operations' and combating Naxalism. Varsha's post reinforces the worst face of this combat i.e. inhuman torture of young adivasis girls, which by no stretch of argument can be justified.

We are of the considered opinion that akin to any other equal citizen of India, Varsha is entitled to her views, as long as they are within the framework of the Constitution of India. Having seen her posts, we are convinced that not only the views she put forth, but the manner in which she conveyed them were also well-within the constitutional limits. Varsha has also raised very pertinent questions about the 'developmental approach' of the State which would never lead to resolution of the conflict, as long as the adivasis are not respected as the primary stake holders and decision-makers in their 'development'.

You good selves are well-aware that the Hon'ble Supreme Court, CBI, NHRC, National ST Commission have in the past expressed serious concerns about the human rights violations in the Bastar region. Infact the NHRC recently confirmed many of the grave allegations against the police and para-military in the state, including the rape of 16 adivasi women and also directed payment of interim compensation, pending further penal action.

We are pains to understand as to how Varsha's post, which infact speaks of safeguarding the Constitution in the interests of the adivasis, has violated the service and disciplinary rules. Her post does not in any way reveal any departmental secrets or confidential state information. All that she has stated is information available in public domain and also in reports of various authorities. Instead of going into a defensive mode and suspending an upright officer who speaks from experience and concern for the law of the land, we think it would be appropriate and necessary for the state government to initiate necessary course-correction and to begin with, undertake a rapid inquiry into the serious allegations of torture of adivasis girls and ensure that such instances are not repeated whether in jails or police stations and wherever such instances have taken place, stringent action, as per law is guaranteed.

It has come to our notice that the preliminary investigative officer Mr K.K. Rai who was required to probe the matter in seven days, gave Varsha only 2 days to file a reply, which she did, in the form of a detailed 376-page counter, annexing directions of the Supreme Court, CBI, NHRC, Planning Commission's Expert Group etc. We find it intriguing as to how the senior jail authorities issued a suspension order, holding her face book post irresponsible, wrong, misleading and in violation of the service rules and posted her at the Ambikapur Central Jail, before assessing her reply and giving her a full hearing. Clearly, basic principles of natural justice seem to have been taken lightly by the state government here. 

We would infact like to know from you as to why senior officers like Mr. SRP Kalluri had a free hand in using social media posts to vilify adivasis, human rights and peace activists and lawyers working in the area and as to why till date the state government has not considered any effective disciplinary action including suspension or charge-sheeting him (except transfer, that too after NHRC's multiple interventions) ? Why no action on Mr. Indira Kalyan Elesela, SP of Sukma who stated, in the presence of Mr. Kalluri that human rights activists should be "crushed on the highway using advanced motor vehicles". These differential approaches in dealing with officers give an impression that the state government is primarily motivated by the questionable political policies and not by any service rules or violations, thereof.

As an officer from a marginalized (SC) community, who has a proven record of high integrity, starting with her very entry into the State service when she approached the Bilaspur High Court against irregularities in the Chhattisgarh Public Service Commission examination and selection process, Ms. Varsha has demonstrated her concern for upholding the law. We find it necessary to quote the relevant observations and directions by Hon'ble Chief Justice Mr. Deepak Gupta of the Chhattisgarh High Court while delivering an 88-page judgement on 26th Aug, 2016 in Writ Petition No. 4028/2006, filed by Ms. Varsha on the CPSC irregularities:

"The Petitioners have fought a long drawn out battle. It is only because of the persistence and tenacity of the Petitioners, especially Ku. Varsha Dongre that these irregularities, acts of corruption, nepotism, favouritism etc. have been brought out. Therefore, Chhattisgarh Public Service Commission is burdened with costs of Rs.5,00,000/- in the writ petition of Petitioner Ku. Varsha Dongre, which shall be paid to her and Rs. 2,00,000/- in the other writ petition where both the Writ Petitioners will get Rs.1,00,000/- each. Exemplary costs have been awarded because of the totally false stand taken by the Chhattisgarh Public Service Commission earlier and its obstinacy in not correcting the mistakes for which permission was granted to it on its own application by this Court vide order dated 26.10.2007. The costs be paid on or before 31st October, 2016".

Notably, even in her latest face book post, Varsha has only repeated her request to the state government to ensure implementation of constitutional safeguards in the V Schedule adivasis areas. Such officers, we earnestly feel, must be valued and their concerns, which are in the interest of the people and rule of law must be addressed; rather than being harassed in this manner.  In the light of the above, we urge you to consider this matter in utmost seriousness and immediately ensure:

a)     Revocation of the suspension orders of Ms. Varsha Dongre and her re-instation at the Raipur Central Jail.


b)     An independent inquiry by a Retired High Court Judge into the allegations levelled by Ms. Varsha, especially torture of adivasis girls at the police stations and in jails.


c)      Peace and good government in the adivasi areas of Bastar, as mandated by the Constitution of India and scaling down of military offensive with a parallel initiative to build peace in the region with the involvement of local adivasis, human rights and social organizations.

We look forward to a response to this letter and immediate action as


​ ​
Thanking You and with regards,

Signed by the National Team of Advisors, Convenors and Special Invitees of NAPM

<list of signatories>

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Interesting Links for April 2017

Interesting Links for April 2017
At Re 1 for 17km, cheapest bus in India fuelled by cow dung biogas
launched in Kolkata
... The first bus will be flagged off on Friday and will run between
Ultadanga in the north and Garia in the south in Kolkata.
... At just Re 1 for the 17.5 km stretch, the bus will be the cheapest
mode of transport for a passenger in the country.
... Phoenix India Research and Development Group, which has produced
the biogas from cow dung, has tied up with heavy vehicle major Ashok
Leyland to manufacture the 54-seater bus at a cost of Rs 13 lakh
... Explaining the economics, he said, "The biogas we produce costs Rs
20 a kg. The bus can run 5 km on one kg now."
... they are planning to source a technology from Germany that "will
enable the vehicle to run 20 km on the same amount of fuel. The tank
can hold 80 kg gas, and therefore, the vehicle can run 1,600 km on a
full tank. That's why the fare is so cheap."
... Phoenix has set up a biogas plant in Dubrajpur of Birbhum
district, about 204 km north of Kolkata. Right now it can produce
1,000 kg of gas.
>> this article is dated 1 april 2017. found an earlier article from jan 2017:

>> since 2015, they're doing work in biogas for home cooking too.. biogas cylinders
Bengal gears up for cheaper biogas option, may drop LPG usage
... Phoenix India Research & Development Group has set up a plant at
Gunduba village under Birbhum's Dubrajpur police station and will be
supplying biogas cylinders to distributors in the state. So, residents
will be able to get their cooking gas for just Rs 300.
... the cow dung and other bio-degradable substances are dumped in a
big tank with equal amount of water and kept for three days. When it
starts to take a thick liquid form, it will be kept in 10 big tanks —
15 feet each — from where the gasses are produced. These gases will be
scanned through machines and only methane will be stocked in six huge
balloons. Then, the methane will be filled in cylinders for domestic
... With the help of local villagers from nearby villages, Phoenix
India Research & Development Group has created a cow dung bank. "We
have decided to pay Rs 2 for 1kg of cow dung," a senior official of
the group said.
... As the cylinders are made with FRB material, they are light in
weight than the conventional LPG cylinder.
750 biogas plants installed in Jalandhar during past 5 years
'Recall heritage of love, tolerance': As new India rises, a father
pens open letter to daughter
>> powerful future-past narrative.

Aadhaar marks a fundamental shift in citizen-state relations: From 'We
the People' to 'We the Government'
... It is also clear that the government opposes any privacy-related
improvements to the law. After debating the Aadhaar Bill in March
2016, the Rajya Sabha passed an amendment by MP Jairam Ramesh that
allowed people to opt out of Aadhaar, and withdraw their consent to
UIDAI storing their data, if they had other means of proving their
identity (thus allowing Aadhaar to remain an enabler). But that
amendment, as with all amendments passed in the Rajya Sabha, was
rejected by the Lok Sabha, allowing the government to make Aadhaar
mandatory, and depriving citizens of consent. While the Aadhaar Act
requires a person's consent before collecting or using
Aadhaar-provided details, it doesn't allow for the revocation of that
Criminals will be able to crack UID system easily: Jacob Appelbaum
Interview with WikiLeaks activist
... In Germany, for example, a group of hackers were able to duplicate
the fingerprint of Schauble (Germany's finance minister, a proponent
of collecting biometric data). And, it now costs less than a dollar to
get a transferable fingerprint. About the question of containing
terrorism, imagine a situation where a terrorist gets access to the
central UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) database — he
will be able to get all the details of every individual he wishes to
... Considering that the programme has already been rolled out, what
can the government now do to safeguard individual privacy?
First of all, there should be no centralised database. The information
should be just on the cards. This can easily be done with smartcards.
If you link all the information, that amounts to surveillance. There
should also be legislation to prevent discrimination against people
who have not registered with UIDAI.
Death of Odisha boy: British-Iranian aid worker reflects on life after
... "I am getting more involved with The Courage foundation who helps
to defend whistleblowers …like Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and
Julian Assange," she wrote on Thursday. "My relationship with Julian –
It's no secret, He is one of my favourite people- and he might be the
most famous, most politicized refugee of our time. Famous for being
persecuted. Famous for being persecuted is not a position of power but
a position of vulnerability. I am concerned."
'Unfair To Majority Of Infosys Employees': Narayana Murthy Slams COO
Pravin Rao's Pay Hike
Infosys chief operating officer Pravin Rao, who was recruited by
co-founder Narayana Murthy in 1985, will also be eligible for Rs. 4
crore in performance-based stock compensation.
... I have always felt that every senior management person of an
Indian corporation has to show self restraint in his or her
compensation and perquisites. He or she has to fight for maintaining a
reasonable ratio between the lowest salary and the highest salary in a
corporation in a poor country like India. The board has to create a
climate of opinion for such a fairness by their actions.
... This is necessary if we have to make compassionate capitalism
acceptable to a majority of Indians who are poor. Without
compassionate capitalism, this country cannot create jobs and solve
the problem of poverty. Experts tell me that capitalism may come to an
end in the not-so-distant future if the current corporate leaders do
not heed this advice in India.
How R Damani's D-Mart Stores Made Him Richer Billionaire Than Anil Ambani
For 61-year-old Damani, a former stockbroker who was raised in a
one-room apartment in a Mumbai tenement block, the listing catapulted
Damani's wealth beyond that of Ajay Piramal, Anil Ambani and Kapil
Bhatia, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.
... Inc., the global giant that's investing $5 billion in
the Indian market, and Flipkart Online Services Pvt., the biggest
domestic e-commerce company, are yet to make money in India, whereas
Avenue Supermarts said it had net profit after tax of 3.2 billion
rupees ($49.3 million) in the year ended March 2016.
>> can you believe it? Flipkart hasn't turned a profit yet! Why the hell are these guys enjoying a high mental value when they aren't able to function as a business should?
... It centers largely on everyday low prices -- a concept reminiscent
of Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the Bentonville, Arkansas-based company
started by Sam Walton in 1962. Avenue's approach is also to procure
merchandise at low prices and to avoid relying on sporadic promotions
on specific products, the Mumbai-based company said in a regulatory
filing in September.
... "D-Mart has unfancy stores," said Technopak's Singhal. "If other
retailers became counter-intuitive and chased retail glamour by
opening stores in malls, launching multiple formats and going
national, D-Mart has been intuitive by sticking to the very basics."
... It doesn't hire high-profile executives, pay "stratospheric"
salaries or overspend on marketing and advertising -- all of which are
hallmarks of Indian retailers, Singhal said. "It's not like Damani has
stumbled on some magic formula -- he hasn't," Singhal said. "These
should have been the basic rules for every retail business in India."
explaining in clear graphics and short lines the filter bubble and the
threat of search engines doing mass surveillance
Darwin Was a Slacker and You Should Be Too
Many famous scientists have something in common—they didn't work long hours.
Stop hating Kejriwal for his good work, Delhi
Odd or even, the CM has been leading by example and quietly delivering
... Riyaaz Amlani is not a political animal; he's a young entrepreneur
who's delighted that there's one city in the country where you can
open a restaurant without spending all your time in government
... Kejriwal has done away with management quota in private schools.
No chief minister was able to act against this single source of
corruption in our education system. Social media responds with near
silence. Kejriwal got a flyover completed 10 months before schedule
for Rs 100 crore, way below its budgetary allocation of Rs 250 crore.
Newspapers carried the news in their inside pages as if it happens all
the time.
... Thanks to the system of water billing introduced by Kejriwal, my
mother, who's a pensioner, hasn't had to pay for water for the past
one year. And our maid is delighted that her daughter, like every
other girl child in her school, entered the new school year with a new
uniform and books given by the government. Now, mohalla clinics are
being opened all over the city in poor neighbourhoods like the one
from where she comes. There's a widespread feeling among the unheard
majority that the government is finally working for them.
Why is Modi government hell-bent on diluting the Right to Information Act?
Opacity in terms of the functioning of State versus the people seems skewed.
... But the biggest issue with the new set of possible rules is the
intention to close an RTI application file in case of the death of the
appellant. This move, not yet fully legislated but being considered at
present, has been widely panned by RTI and political transparency
activists, saying it would hugely aggravate the threat to life of an
RTI applicant, since death in any circumstance, whether natural or
unnatural, would be tantamount to effect the closure of the pending
RTI application
... 7. Compulsory to file identity proof with every RTI petition filed
with a public authority to "avoid mischievous petitions filed in names
of others or non-existing persons". Anonymous RTI petitions can be
filed through post box numbers.
Russia terror attack: What we know so far
Twin blasts rock St Petersburg amid hyped Putin meeting. At least 10
people have died so far.
Here's How Modi Government Dismantled Your Right To Transparent
Political Financing
Amendments to the Finance Bill 2017 have removed all protections in this regard.
... The Finance Bill amendments do three things: one, they amend
Section 182 of the Companies Act to remove all caps on the amount
companies can donate to political parties (prior to the amendment,
this stood at 7.5% of the average net profits of the company for the
last three years, to prevent companies being set up as fronts to
channel money into political parties--that protection is also now
gone). Two, they free the company from mandatory disclosure of
donations made by it to political parties in its profit and loss
books--the company no longer needs to say whom it donated to.
... One by one, the government systematically closed every possible
loophole that might allow us to access information about big donors to
political parties, without once feeling the need to even make the
argument to the public that there was any public interest behind what
it was doing.
... So from April 1 this year, we could potentially have absolutely no
information about who is donating to our political parties--surely not
the direction citizens expected political financing to go in after
Jaitley's budget speech declaration promising to "clean the country
from the evils of corruption, black money and non-transparent
political funding".
RBI Governor: Please Stop Banks Fleecing us Depositors!
Tehran Plasco building collapse : bearing similar hallmarks as WTC7,
is being called Iran's 9/11
>> worth checking out the AOL database search link!
Do u like green, refreshing & creative walls ? Here are 12 creeper
plants to help
State Department Staffer Caught Spying for China
Staffer served under Clinton, Bush and Obama
>> question that should be asked : how come something so easily detectable couldn't be caught in the 8 years of the Obama Administration? Was there someone covering for her?
Crowdfunding Site Bans Investigations of Child Sex Slavery
Donation page to save children taken down
... Craig is now revealing to the world the intel he has received from
high-level sources inside the Navy SEALs, Delta Force, Army Rangers,
CIA, MI6, ASIS, German intelligence and more detailing the fact that
there's a war ongoing – not just in the US but in Europe as well –
against the pedophile networks inside government and that Trump has
massively accelerated these operations since he's been in office the
last 70 days.
... This should be the top news story in the United States, but
instead it's totally being ignored.
... The crowd-funding site YouCaring shut down former Navy Seal Craig
Sawyer's donation page following his appearance on the Alex Jones Show
on Friday to talk about his national non-profit organization which
aims to expose child trafficking across the nation and save children
from torture.
Flash From Faraway Galaxy Leaves Astronomers Puzzled
Another civilization? Or a peek outside the matrix?
... The X-ray source, located in a region of the sky known as the
Chandra Deep Field-South (CDF-S), was unremarkable before October 2014
– but then it erupted and became at least 1000 times brighter in a few
hours. After about a day, the source had faded to the point that it
couldn't be detected by Chandra.
>> to have cosmic events happen in the time span of hours where we ordinarily expect things to happen over centuries or millenia.. is unsettling indeed.
The Ticking Time Bomb That Will Wipe Out Virtually Every Pension Fund In America
On a day to day basis, Americans generally don't think very much about pensions
>> links to this: "Pension Crisis Too Big for Markets to Ignore"
... Are millions of Americans about to see the big, juicy pensions
that they were counting on to fund their golden years go up in flames
in the biggest financial disaster in U.S. history?
... Pension funds all over America are woefully underfunded, and they
have been pouring mind boggling amounts of money into very risky
investments such as Internet stocks and commercial mortgages.
>> also this happened for real in one US city:
... According to Dave Kranzler, if the stock market were to fall by 10
percent or more and stay there for a number of months, that "would
cause every single public pension fund to blow up".
... It is being projected that somewhere around 3,500 stores will
close in the months ahead, and this is going to absolutely devastate
mall owners. In turn, it is inevitable that a lot of their debts will
start to go bad, and pension funds will be hit extremely hard by this.
... Stocks are ridiculously overvalued right now, and if they simply
return to "normal valuations", pension funds are going to lose
trillions of dollars.
... The latest data from the New York Stock Exchange show margin debt,
or cash borrowed to buy shares, hit a record $528.2 billion in
February, up from its prior high of $513.3 billion in January.
The Worst Retail Cataclysm Ever: Sears Warns It Is On The Verge Of
Collapse As Payless Prepares To File For Bankruptcy
... I have repeatedly warned my readers that "Sears is going to zero",
and now Sears is officially saying that it might actually happen.
When you file official paperwork with the government that says there
is "substantial doubt" that the company will survive, that means that
the end is very near…
... Once thriving shopping malls are rapidly being transformed into
ghost towns. As I wrote about just recently, "you might be tempted to
think that 'Space Available' was the hottest new retail chain in the
entire country."
>> it seems the x22 report guy has been dot on the money since the past year.
... When an anchor store like Sears or Macy's closes, it often
triggers a downward spiral in performance for shopping malls.
... Not only do the malls lose the income and shopper traffic from
that store's business, but the closure often triggers "co-tenancy
clauses" that allow the other mall tenants to terminate their leases
or renegotiate the terms, typically with a period of lower rents,
until another retailer moves into the anchor space.
... The last time so many Americans got behind on subprime auto loans
was during the last financial crisis.
... The last recession probably should have started back in late 2015,
but thanks to manipulation by the Fed and an unprecedented debt binge
by the Obama administration, official U.S. GDP growth has been able to
stay barely above zero for the last year and a half. But just because
something is delayed does not mean that it is canceled.
>> a comment below, on Radioshack's bankruptcy filing:
... RadioShack could survive if they went back to their roots, aka
become a shop where people can quickly snatch that missing cable or
adapter or electronic component for their DIY projects without having
to wait for delivery. If they started hiring knowledgeable people
again, it could happen. But at their current modus operandi of selling
cellphones, they are doomed
>> another comment:
... Thanks for posting everything at once. The media reports on one
company at a time once a week so its not really noticed. This really
show how bad it is. Also funny how this comes about a few months after
the election as if it was all put on hold.
Modi's Alarming Power Grab
... It will allow Indian companies to donate as much money as they
like to political parties, by removing a cap linked to net profits
that's been in force for years. Voters won't have a chance to examine
which company is giving money to which politician; all donations will
henceforth be anonymous. An earlier requirement that a company
officially declare its political contributions has been erased.
... Another amendment merges various "tribunals," or quasi-judicial
bodies that examine appeals of regulatory decisions and which are,
essentially, ways to get around the widespread rot in India's regular
courts. This might seem like straightforward rationalization, but it's
not. In fact, the government will now "make rules to provide for the
(i) qualifications, (ii) appointments, (iii) term of office, (iv)
salaries and allowances, (v) resignation, (vi) removal, and (vii)
other conditions of service" for the tribunals' members. In other
words, the executive has been given arbitrary power over the
tribunals. It's trying to subvert and control a slew of hitherto
independent institutions.
... Soon, an income-tax officer will be able to waltz into anyone's
house or office to conduct a search or a seizure -- and not even have
to explain why. Not to you if you're being investigated, and not even
to the tax tribunal you would appeal to for help. With almost comical
villainy, the government has even made this apply retrospectively --
the tax guys can, without explanation, investigate you or your company
all the way back to 1962. This after Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has
insisted several times that he doesn't believe in retrospective tax
The Bolbachan of Cleaning Up Electoral Finance in India
Cashless ATMs, problematic netbanking and PoS leave customers fuming at banks
Monsanto Is Scrambling To Bury This Breaking Story – Don't Let This Go Unshared!

>>Evidence of business-friendly, startup-friendly climate by government.. HELLO, isn't it simple? More criminalization of day-to-day life due to criminals running the show = BAD environment for business. You want a business-friendly India? Then stop voting for parties that harbor criminals. Simple.
With Farmer Loans Waived Off, UP Govt Has Its Oh Darling Ye Hai India Moment
>> Here's an idea : Why not waive off just the INTEREST on the loan? Or, cap it off at a certain rate of simple (not compound) interest like, say, 5% and bail out the remaining? Let the farmer stay liable with fairness restored; take care of the unfair component only. In the long run this would create an incentive for govt to CRACK DOWN on unfair lenders. Actually it could start doing so immediately, what with the established precedent of enacting laws retrospectively going as far back as the 60s. Or, even if not denying them the bailout, a government can throw bureaucratic spanners in to ensure that the lenders recovering this unfair component take ages to get it, same way as is happening in subsidy schemes. All this would give more power to RESPONSIBLE lending and recovering and severly discourage the high-interest lenders.
Farage Flames EU Parliament: 'You're Behaving Like Mafia Gangsters'
Architect of Brexit rips globalist bullies
... Nigel Farage left EU parliamentarians whinging and clutching their
pearls after flaming them in a hearing on Wednesday, charging that
they are "behaving like the mafia" in his response to threats and
unjust pressure being applied during Brexit negotiations.
... "I do understand, Mr. President, I do understand national
sensitivies," Farage replied, likely alluding to the fact that Tajani
is Italian.
>> OMG that is SO witty! The fact that this guy can think on his feet tells me he's not a controlled zombie.
Black Money-The More Things Change, the More They Remain the Same
>> I'll attempt an interpretation:
Govt: If you do transaction of more that 2 lakh AND if you report it
then you're in trouble!
Citizen: OK, what if I do the transaction but I don't report in
anywhere.. don't mention it any records?
Govt: Oh, then no worries, carry on as you were.
Citizen: But that's what I was always do...
Govt: If you do transaction of more that 2 lakh AND if you report it
then you're in trouble!
Another one of perhaps 100s : A BJP campaign poster caught faking
achievements. This one claims a picture of a well-lit street from
Canada is a street in Delhi and credits BJP-led MCD with the lighting.
Facebook leads consortium to counter fake news
>> and on whose backing is FB deciding about what is right and what is wrong? With a censorship mechanism firmly in place on the internet of all places, even if it supposedly works for good purposes today (yeah right!), how in the world can anyone guarantee that it won't be used for evil purposes later on?
Suu Kyi denies ethnic cleansing of Myanmar's Rohingya minority
>> while the issue itself is quite unfortunate, I'll hold up the value of the principle of non-intervention here and invite concerned persons to find out what the other external interventions are for Myanmar that is causing this and how they can be mitigated.
White supremacist asks Muslim lawyer why there is no 'Christian ISIS,'
gets schooled.
>> Good dose of history! BUT.. perhaps a more important idea to be debating about is: how do we stop this madness, and for that, can we please find out who are the ones funding, arming and making this madness happen?
Just because 'goras' say it's wrong to defecate in open: MP IAS
officer questions ODF clamour
>> points to this op-ed piece:
Some washroom wisdom
>> questions the declared verdict that defecating in the fields is harmful. Also points out the sexism in advocating toilets for the sake of womens' safety while not demanding the men to behave like real men should (ie, one that lives as a civilized being and doesn't commit criminal offences like sexual assault on defecating women)
People without surnames face problems in linking Aadhaar with PAN
>> and that includes a large swathe of south india, plus several people who have consciously given up their surnames.
fake ₹500 notes seized
>> the argument that it was against fake currency stands weakened; and the response that demonetization should happen again and again defeats all obvious-expected semblances of stability and security. Reminds me of the argument that instead of trying to get road contractors to follow proper practices we are better off building the same roads all over again every year because it will give us more employment.
In a first, atmosphere found around Earth-like planet
>> haven't we been seeing a whole lot of space related stories coming up lately?
Graphene sieve turns seawater into drinking water
U.S. missiles strike Syrian airfield used for toxic gas attack
>> shit, waaiit, confirm first! Last time a chemical gas attack was done in Syria it later turned out the US-backed rebels were doing it and they got their stash from the loot of Libya after NATO overthrew the govt there.
Now That Trump's 'Red Line' Has Been Crossed, Will He Turn Damascus
Into A 'Ruinous Heap'?
Let us pray for peace, and let us hope that cooler heads will prevail
Forget Russiagate – Susan Rice Scandal a Constitutional Crisis
Is any American safe from political espionage thuggery?
Ron Paul: Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria Likely a False Flag
"Zero chance" Assad behind attack, says former Congressman
Rand Paul Urges Trump Not To Take Military Action In Syria
"I don't want to support people who hate our country"
Proof Susan Rice Was Spying On Trump #DirtyRice
Compilation video exposes Rice for lying to the American people
Just Say No; Trump Being Pressured By Neo-Cons to Attack Syria
President repeatedly warned Obama not to attempt regime change in 2013
Scott Adams: Syria Gas Attack a False Flag
I'm going to call bullshit on the gas attack, he says
Report: Evidence Mounts That Syrian Gas Attack Is False Flag
Establishment pushes war with Syria over Sarin incident
Marine Veteran Warns Trump: "You're Being Duped" on Syria
"You're falling for the dumbest thing I've ever seen"
Hillary: U.S. Should 'take out' Assad's Air Fields
'I still believe we should have done a no-fly zone'
>> the fact that his neocon rep is calling for it ought to be indication enough that something is amiss.
Trump Attacks Syria / Will Russia Respond?
50 cruise missiles launched at Syrian air base
A response to Nandan Nilekani on Aadhaar (Updated)
... it is a very rigid system that only functions perfectly under
known ideal conditions, but has worsening performance characteristics
under known variable conditions and should be avoided

>>EVM fraud cases popping up and being talked about..
Alleging EVM Tampering, Congress, AAP Demand Return of Ballot Paper
The Hubble Deep Field: The Most Important Image Ever Taken
... Probably more than any other image I've ever seen, the Hubble Deep
Field has profoundly changed my perspective on the universe and our
place in it. When I first saw the image, and then learned how it was
taken, I was forever changed by it.
>> this was brought up by US President in his speech about NASA reauthorization.

Ultra Deep Field, the Hubble Space Telescope
WCleaner for WA
>> app using which we can (in a fully controlled manner) clean out whatsapp db backup and media files which are occupying too much space in our phone memory.
... The bus is being tested in Qinhuangdao.
A website on gardening tips and products. Amazing infographics. And NICE design!
Electronic Voting Machine doubts
>> shared by me in 2014. And now there are several news coming from all around the place about alleged EVM rigging, with some major opposition parties now openly alleging that rigging is happening.
US scientists launch world's biggest solar geoengineering study
... "But solar geoengineering is not the answer," he said. "Cutting
incoming solar radiation affects the weather and hydrological cycle.
It promotes drought. It destabilizes things and could cause wars. The
side effects are many and our models are just not good enough to
predict the outcomes"
>> while the article downplays these risks, at least it gave this a mention. Interruption of world's RAINS is a major fallout of geo-engineering. Honestly why don't these people use planes to do just plain and simple SEEDING of seeds rather than trying to do cloud-seeding etc. Growing more green matter is SO much better than depriving the planet of drinking water.

>> India's "legendary flawless" EVM shown hacked in a minute.

>> this came out as a reply to a FB post on WTF is happening in Europe:
because Europeans don't know the difference between practiced Islam
and petrodollar-funded preacher-Islam and have ended up shielding and
appeasing the latter out of political correctness.
Sarokar: Irom Sharmila: Relationship of Civil Society Struggle &
Political Success
A discussion lead by Rajagopal P.V. ji, Medha Patkar ji &Harsh Mander ji
Trump Pushes Back Against Neo-Con Plan to Invade Syria
Troops massing as deep state plots regime change
Roger Stone: Goldman Sachs Has No Power In Trump White House, Donald
Delivers On Glass Steagall
Trump follows through with bringing back Glass Steagall
Deep State Military Hijacks White House To Launch War In Syria
Globalists holding high positions in the intelligence communities
influence Trump
Red Bull Boss Slams Mass Migration, Forced Multiculturalism in Europe
"If a company were to make mistakes on the same scale, it would have gone broke"
... Highlighting the "hypocrisies" of what he called the "refugees
welcome brigade" with regards to migration, Mateschitz said: "I am
talking about the fact that none of the people shouting 'refugees
welcome' or [Chancellor Angela Merkel's famous phrase] 'we can do it'
were preparing their own guest rooms or tents in their gardens to
accommodate half a dozen migrants.
... "Even then it was clear to everyone that most of the people
[arriving in the continent] did not correspond to the definition of
the refugee. In any case, not the Geneva Convention".
SHARIA LAW ALERT: Department Of Education Unconstitutionally
Indoctrinating Students
Anti-American rhetoric spreading across U.S. school system
Dear Mr Urjit Patel, Have You Ever Heard of Wasim Barelvi?
>> shares the problem with loan waivers .. of farmers AND points out the question that why is the same not being said of waivers for corporates.
... In response to the question, "What do you think are the
implications of the farm loan waiver schemes and is it a cause of
concern for the RBI?", Patel had this to say: "There are several
conceptual issues, if one were to put one's hat as an economist on. I
think it undermines an honest credit culture, it impacts credit
discipline, it blunts incentives for future borrowers to repay, in
other words, waivers engender moral hazard. It also entails at the end
of the day transfer from tax payers to borrowers. If on account of
this, overall Government borrowing goes up, yields on Government bonds
also are impacted. Thereafter it can also lead to the crowding out of
private borrowers as higher government borrowing can lead to an
increase in cost of borrowing for others. I think we need to create a
consensus such that loan waiver promises are eschewed, otherwise
sub-sovereign fiscal challenges in this context could eventually
affect the national balance sheet."
... The economist Alan Blinder in his book After the Music Stopped
writes that the "central idea behind moral hazard is that people who
are well insured against some risk are less likely to take pains (and
incur costs) to avoid it."
... When a government borrows more, it leaves a lesser amount of money
for others to borrow. This can push up interest rates
... Nevertheless, the question is where has all this forthrightness
been when it comes to the issue of corporate defaults and loan
write-offs? As is well known, corporates have defaulted on several
lakhs of crore of bank loans over the years. These defaulters have
been treated with kid gloves. Over the years, a huge amount of
corporate loans have been written off.
... "Garib lehron par pehren bithaye jaate hain
samundaron ki talashi koi nahi leta".
Why Suddenly There is No Cash in ATMs
History Shows How Patriotic the RSS Really Is
RIP Turkey, 1921 – 2017
Recep Tayyip Erdogan didn't just win his constitutional referendum —
he permanently closed a chapter of his country's modern history.
But What About the Rs 2,000 Note?
How 3 Interlocking Pedagogies Can Change the World

... it is advisable to keep rotating the kind of millets we are
eating. We should also remember that we should not mix millets and
should only eat one grain in a meal as each grain has its own
requirement as the medium for digestion and mixing them can create
imbalances in body.
... Nearly 40 percent of the food produced in India is wasted every
year.. Millets do not get destroyed easily, and some of the millets
are good for consumption even after 10-12 years of growing, thus
providing food security, and playing an important role in keeping a
check on food wastage.
... Millet is fibrous in content, has magnesium, Niacin (Vitamin B3),
is gluten-free and has a high protein content.
... from an individual's point of view, it is important to know what
one's body is comfortable with and no drastic change should be made.
>> what might be the background behind these cautionary lines in an article that's otherwise promoting millets? The author seems to be very conscious about warning people against jumping into millets right away.
MIT Expert Claims Latest Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria was Staged
Theodore Postol of MIT says there is no concrete evidence linking
Assad to the attack.
Facebook Shuts Down Pro-Le Pen Posts as French Election Nears
Just as Mussolini made the trains run on time in Italy, FB is making
the news run on time
Flashback: Wikileaks' Assange Says Google Directly Allied with Clinton Campaign
Wikileaks' founder warns of growing alliance between D.C. and tech giant
Google Contractors Ordered to Assign 'Low' Ratings to Infowars Articles
Tech giant hellbent on demoting Infowars search results
GREENFIELD: Free Speech Dies In Berkeley
Mainstream media oversees death of free speech at its 'birthplace'
Google Takes Out Major Contract to De-List InfoWars from Its Search Index
InfoWars articles must be rated "Low to Medium."
In an Ocean of Corporate Defaulters, Vijay Mallya is a Small Fish
Trend: Americans Trolling Anti-Trump Media on Camera
Red-pilled populace is savaging media liars this week
France Hit With Terror Attack Days Before Presidential Election
One cop dead, one attacker still on the run
ISIS Claims Responsibility For Paris Attack
Gunmen had extremist ties, say police
... Osri, who was known to police as an extremist, had also just
arrived from Belgium before the attack.
A Party That Didn't Sweep the Streets for 10 Years Has Swept the MCD
Polls Again. Here's Why
by YY.
Makes sense, but I'd like to see more details later.
Arnab's 'The Newshour' lands Times Now in soup in UK
United Kingdom broadcast regulator Ofcom has studied several episodes
of Times Now's nightly show 'The Newshour' from last summer, which was
broadcast during the rising tensions between India and Pakistan over

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