Thursday, November 1, 2018

The lessons I wish the Left takes from their Brazil defeat

The lessons I wish the Left takes from their Brazil defeat

Stop encouraging violence.
Stop calling for assassinations.
Stop treating censorship as the best way to solve all your problems, and stop silently supporting it.
Stop thinking all those smooth-talking billionaires and war-mongering TV news channels are suddenly on your side. They're not.
Stop positioning anything and everything that disagrees with you as the end of the world.
Stop labelling people as misogynist / xenophobe / homophobe / racist / etc as the escape route from having to prove your case.
Stop treating criticism of any ideology as racism
Stop blindly believing allegations when they suit your goals.
Stop dividing the population into oppressor and victim classes, and stop seeing the world that way.
Stop hating white people so much. Oh, and straight men, too.
Stop judging people by the color of their skin rather than the content of their character.
Stop worshipping noble-intentioned mass murderers. Their noble intentions didn't matter, their mass murdering did.
Stop blaming capitalism even for the messes your comrades created. Like the mass murdering, the elimination of freedoms, the crashing of economies through anally retentive top-down control.
Stop ignoring soaring crime and corruption.
Stop putting aside the law when the perpetrator belongs to your designated victim class.
Stop practising the soft bigotry of lowered expectations of decency and values and ethics from your designated victim class.
Stop pretending something is being done "by the people" when it's really just a bunch of cronies behind closed doors doing it.
Stop saying that everything is relative.
Stop saying that the messenger matters more than the message itself.
Stop pushing the lethally naive worldview that everything is only and only systemic/nurture and individual choices, values, responsibilities, nature don't matter.
Stop punishing the children for the sins of the parents and of people they have nothing to do with.

It's all been backfiring on you spectacularly.

With Regards,
A highly amused spectator

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