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Truth About Cancer series update : charity and awards event

The Truth About Cancer Documentary Series that I've shared about earlier and recommend for anyone interested in nutrition / healthy living, has seen tremendous popularity and success. Despite releasing the whole series free online for a limited period (and I'm one of many who simply downloaded and saved it from the free screening), several folks went ahead and bought the DVDs. And from those sales they were able to do this:

Like they did last year, they are sharing the wealth generated with groups who are doing pioneering research and who don't get funding from the mainstream (because they're actually finding real solutions and denting the cancer industry).

infowars needs to get over their hatred for Islam

While Infowars have been getting a lot of things right in recent years,
their recent anti-Islam articles have been going overboard, and missing the more important points.

There is no need to prove that Islam is bad to stop the refugee crisis. Simply exposing the fact that ISIS is not a muslim but a CIA front and is being funded and supported by Turkey and others... is more than enough. The fallacity of funding violent extremists to collapse a regime that's supposed to be oppressive, and in the process destroying the country's basic infrasructure, letting loose uncontrolled bloodshed and chasing out the very people you were pretending to be fighting for.. that needs to be exposed.

The Russian approach seems much wiser : To separate out ISIS from Islam, to correctly point out that they're using Islam as a cover for other ulterior motives.

Message to very proud organic/natural farmers

By keeping on insisting that that you're the first one to really find THE solution and that the others have gotten it wrong,

You're simply contributing to the prospect that you might also be the last.

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Interesting Links for November 2015

Yes yes I know I'm always publishing this about a week after the month gets over.. sorry again.
How Russia Just Won and Took Over The Middle East
ISIS Burning
Russia is putting on a display of fire power in Syria that is shocking the world and embarrassing the Obama administration. Darrin McBreen talks about how this latest showdown between super powers could escalate into a global conflict.
You Can Grow New Brain Cells. Here's How | Sandrine Thuret | TED Talks
On problems of social media
How companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft etc use legal loopholes to pay extremely low taxes
The Real Truth Behind Russian Flight KGL9268 Crash In Egypt  by WeAreChange
There's A New Edward Snowden Whistleblower!!!
Obama murders people every Tuesday
A greener way out of farm crisis
>>showcasing success stories of Punjab farmers who switched to bio-fertilizers
US Intelligence Officer: "Every Single Terrorist Attack In US Was A False Flag Attack"
Our democracy no longer represents the people. Here's how we fix it | Larry Lessig | TEDxMidAtlantic
>> great structural analysis on how a small minority decides the candidates for election.. and how it's been the same in US as China is doing for Hong Kong
What Nobody Told You About Happiness. | Saisha Srivastava | TEDxJaiHindCollege
shares stories from teaching dance to blind and visually challenged students, and the startling secret she learnt about happiness along the way.
[gist from an email] ..orissa and andhra are now the hot spot of CKD ( Chronic Kidney Disease ) in India.
CKD has no treatment. and patient will die in 1-3 years.
In Sri-lanka , a big study was conducted for CKD and it pointed towards Glycopyrolate use as fertilizer.
this CKD is more common in males than female and in Age group 30-50 , which again point out to some activities which are not done by elderly and  females.
sending a link of this article.
"A shift in diet is one of those revolutionary steps that we can take that will have immediate impact on the planet and its ecosystems. Driving less is great and important, but we won't see an impact to climate change for one hundred years even if everybody stopped using fossil fuels. Whereas if everybody stopped supporting animal agriculture, we would see immediate impacts, and within ten to fifteen years, the planet would start to regulate itself again with everything: water use, deforestation, soil, forest erosion, ocean dead zones. All of these things could stop immediately if we all chose to stop supporting this industry. Virtually no other lifestyle change has that sort of impact."
Story of Kalyan Akkipeddi
With these principles, Kalyan returned back to Teklodu village in Anantpur District in 2010 to start a demonstrative community. After a financial survey of the village, he picked the family with the lowest income of Rs. 6500/- per annum and started working with them. After a year of toil , transforming their uncultivated land, growing food and fodder, buying cows and selling milk, he brought the family to earning Rs. 14000/- per month. "But it was not just about money, it was to bring abundance for them", proudly proclaims Kalyan. The family also generated electricity through a wind turbine and created an eco-friendly shelter for themselves, This was the first prototype abundant family.
Empire Files
Series by Abby Martin (who previously did the path-breaking Breaking The Set news show on RT) on the American Empire
IS taps into a mass culture of violence
..."At the beginning, I thought they were fighting for Allah, but later I discovered they are far from the principles of Islam," Hamza told The Independent. He said IS fighters were more preoccupied with raping, executions and killing "indiscriminately".
Projection of Narendra Modi holding a sword in one hand and a shield with the Oum symbol with a swastika superimposed appeared on the Houses of Parliament next to the iconic Big Ben
Delhi Transport Minister Gopal Rai today (Nov 9 2015) inaugurated a new DTC bus service which will span a distance of 92 km from Anand Vihar ISBT to Uttar Nagar in New Delhi.
Bihar Election Results 2015
A first : An official apology from a mainstream news organization for having completely mistaken its prediction for Bihar's polls
...It was a startling prediction, given that the conventional wisdom for electronic voting is that it takes a couple of hours for reliable trends to emerge. At around the same time, in a reversal of roles, Arnab Goswami at Times Now was counselling caution. But all the anchors continued to predict significant leads for the BJP, except one: Bhupendra Chaubey at CNN-IBN.
...The prize for Most Irresistible Comeuppance belonged to Shekhar Gupta, once editor of the Indian Express. Gupta's commentary is a blend of insider knowingness and vatic generalization. On Sunday morning, he surpassed himself. When the NDA had won the election (that is, before 10 am), Gupta in his usual forensic way, cut to the heart of the matter. Nitish Kumar had been humiliated (on the strength of the leads in the first half hour) on account of his arrogance in his second term. He had humiliated Jitan Ram Manjhi and alienated the mahadalit vote. He had his head turned by provincial success and began to dream of Delhi. He began to pander to Delhi's drawing-rooms and lost touch with the Nitish Kumar of old, the grassroots political worker. Dreaming all-India dreams, he lost Bihar. This was a fine, fluent explanation; the trouble was, Nitish won.
... Roy, Sopariwala and Gupta, arguably the most experienced team of election pundits on television, couldn't tell the difference between pundits not taking themselves too seriously and pundits not taking responsibility for bad data and facile, frictionless explanations.
...Karl Popper, who was sceptical of history's claim to the cachet of being 'scientific', argued that historians were no more than historicists, people who legitimized what happened by making it seem inevitable.
... On the India Today channel, Rahul Kanwal had the same moment in two different movies. Early in the morning he appeared, exhilarated, in the middle of a mob of BJP celebrants; a little later in the day he reappeared, exhilarated, in the middle of a mob of Mahagathbandhan enthusiasts.
... The 'caste' arithmetic of the JD(U) and the RJD and the pluralism of the Grand Alliance's politics, sternly described as pandering by 'mainstream' liberals, stopped the most starkly majoritarian political campaign in living memory in its tracks. If this doesn't count as a net gain for the prospect of a liberal, pluralist politics in this country, it's hard to know what does.,3332
Cowards and fools : Look who we let lead us to war
- by Gerald Celente
...America put a dunce in the White House who launched a War on Terror that has killed millions and destroyed entire nations, then replaced him with a fraud who has bombed seven countries in six years and just launched Crusades 2000: The War against the "Islamic State."
... How many more wars does Washington have to start and how much more money will they let Wall Street steal before Americans have the courage to call a spade a spade and look down upon those who rule them?
.... But, despite the steady stream of claims made by the US, NATO, the Kiev government and western media for several months that Russia had sent troops, tanks, weapons, arms, missiles and bombs to Ukraine separatists and leveled entire towns, in this "selfie" age of smart phones, satellite images and mass surveillance, there has been a dearth of incriminating photos and hard evidence to support those accusations.
Babus to pay damages from salary
Government officials convicted of wrongdoing can be made to pay compensation from their own salaries, a Delhi court has ruled.
 "It is time that public servants be held personally responsible for their mala fide acts in the discharge of their functions. Public servants have to be made liable for damages for malicious, deliberate or injurious wrong-doing...," additional district judge Kamini Lau said.
Million Mask March
A BBC News article explaining it
What We Saw At The Anonymous Million Mask March In D.C
by WeAreChange
A video inviting people to join the global Million Mask March
Delhi : Solar policy may soon get nod
The virtual net metering clause is likely to enable every Delhiite with a shared rooftop to produce solar energy.
It has been cleared by environment department and is currently with the power department
...The policy shall mandate deployment of solar plants on all government-owned rooftops in the next five years. It would also require the discoms to meet at least 75 per cent of their solar renewable purchase obligation (RPO) within Delhi.
Revenue, Profits Double After CEO Took 90% Pay Cut To Set $70K Minimum Wage
9th Grader Develops $12 Machine That Produces Renewable Energy From Ocean Currents
Hannah Herbst designed an ocean probe capable of powering desalination pumps in third-world countries.
...The recently-designed energy probe is made of recycled materials and costs just $12. It consists of a 3D-printed propeller, connected by a pulley inside a plastic PVC pipe to a hydroelectric generator, which converts the mechanical movement of ocean currents to usable electricity.
..Hannah also plans to keep working with her 3M mentor to improve her ocean energy device, and eventually deploy it in developing countries. When it is ready to share, she plans on making her finalized design open-source so that it is available to underdeveloped communities for free.
U.S. Congresswoman: CIA Must Stop Illegal, Counterproductive War to Overthrow Assad
>> wow she's speaking truth to power, for an elected head, this is huge!
And this is an Indian-origin Hindu American woman, the first Hindu American Member of Congress
And she's also a US Army veteran
Rep Tulsi Gabbard on Troops in Syria: US should not help ISIS/Al-Qaeda overthrow Syrian government
Digital Advertising Alliance Consumer Choice Page
Using the tools on this page, you can opt out from the collection of Web viewing data for interest-based advertising and other applicable uses, by some or all of the participating companies.
>> just select-all and press Submit for each tab/category
China Introduces Internet Drivers License
>> video exposes how the same things are already happening in the West too. China doing it invites harsh criticism whereas same things happening in West are heralded
Biopiracy : big agrotech companies like Syngenta, Monsanto are patenting non-GMO naturally bred strains of food, and patent offices ARE LETTING THEM.
Israeli Warplanes Bomb Syria and Threaten War With Russia
Israel has decided wednesday morning to bomb pro Syrian Government forces in the region that Russia is protecting.
Israel is bombing Syrian govt troops, facilities and pro-govt fighters, while they were fighting ISIS, literally helping ISIS and has been nicknamed as ISIS's air force.
The Shameless Response of "New Atheism" To The Chapel Hill Murders
...On February 10, 2015 three Muslim students, Deah Shaddy Barakat, Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha, and Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha  were brutally executed in their home by their obsessively anti-theist neighbour Craig Hicks. Hicks unleashed his hatred first on the defenseless Deah, who had opened the door to him, shooting him multiple times in the head.  He then tracked down the terrified Abu-Saleh sisters. He cornered them in their kitchen. He executed them both one-by-one in cold-blood before making his exit.
...This should have been a watershed moment for new atheists everywhere. One of their own had taken it upon themself to kill their visibly religious neighbours in cold-blood.  Hicks had immersed himself in his anti-theist world of hate rhetoric which demonized Islam and dehumanized Muslims by association.
Great resource base of videos related to nutrition, explaining the details behind controversial facts like why milk, eggs, meat aren't good for regular consumption
Musician performs John Lennon's 'Imagine' outside Bataclan concert hall
Delhi's New 6-Lane Flyover Is 100 Crores Below Budget
>> Isn't it obvious? The extra 100 crore was the sum total of bribes, kickbacks, commissions through inflated budgets. With AAP at the helm, the corruption budget had to hastily cut off and hence the savings.
Nice message given at the end for working together.
#OpParis: Anonymous takes down 5,500 ISIS Twitter accounts
... It comes after the collective declared a "total war" on the militant group following the Paris attacks.
..."They picked a fight with Anonymous when they attacked Paris, and now they should expect us," he said, adding that the collective "will not sit by and watch these terror attacks unfold around the world."
...The group vowed to use their skills to "unite humanity," and warned terrorists to "expect massive cyber-attacks."
..."Anonymous from all over the world will hunt you down," the spokesman in the video said. "You should know that we will find you and we will not let you go."
Ravish Kumar : Lavish election campaigns of the BJP failed to strike a chord with the village populace?
Breaking it down to the devil in the details: the structural reasons of why BJP failed to attract voters.
Something important revealed here... an allegation that PMO has signed agreements of Rs.40,000 crore with MNCs for beef export
1mn Syrians return home since launch of Russian anti-ISIS ops - Syria UN ambassador
No terrorist group can survive unless some govt finances it - terror economy expertNo terrorist group can survive unless some govt finances it - terror economy expert
​World govts secretly trade with Islamic State - terror financing expert

(different experts interviewed in the two articles)
Second article also talks extensively about usage of social media and points out the question of why western governments have failed to go after ISIS propagandists when it's so easy. The interviewee keeps ascribing it all to naivete and non-tech-savvyness, but I think it's deliberate, as with the financing.
Blaming Islam for terrorism stems from Western Muslim phobia - Oscar-winning Iranian director (Majid Majidi)
...Your latest film project, "Prophet Mohammed" is the biggest and the most ambitious project in Iran's cinematic history. Why did you decide to take on a subject this important?
...I have been trying to do my very best to spread the proper understanding of Islam. It is most unfortunate that the true spirit of Islam has been distorted, to a great extent because of politics.
...This is the reason why I wanted to make this film for the entire world rather than only for the Muslim world. I wanted to share and spread the right understanding of this religion, the right understanding of Islam through this film. Of course it is impossible to reveal the greatness of this religion in its entirety in just one film. But I did it to the very best of my ability.
What You Need To Know About The Paris Terrorist Attack - by WeAreChange
>> big exposes surrounding the horrible Paris attacks, showing a large conspiracy around it. Including how Twitter uses its resources to ban people who joke about feminists, but has done nothing against ISIS; and how Facebook blocked Anonymous from publishing identities of ISIS propagandists just before the Paris attacks.
Member of Kiev's top brass 'defects' to anti-govt forces, predicts more like him
A man claiming to be a Ukrainian major general and former assistant to the country's defense minister has announced he is now working with the forces of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic.
... He also claims a lot of people in the Ukrainian military want to switch to the self-proclaimed republics' side, including officers. According to Kolomiyets, hundreds have already abandoned Kiev.
"Look at who is actually fighting. Only the volunteers from nationalist squads," the defector said at the news conference.
There is growing dissatisfaction with the commanders, Kolomiyets said. "Soon, there is going to be unrest within the military. They do not understand the orders they are given, to kill civilians. We are going to see that by autumn, everything will change."
He added that morale is very low in the Ukrainian army: "All the officers, the generals that understand the criminal nature of the authorities' actions, do not want to fight."
Blitzkrieg turned mayhem: Hacktivists claim they reveal Ukrainian troops' annihilation
Ukraine's subversive hacker group CyberBerkut has published documents allegedly exposing dreadful situation with the Kiev's troops attacking rebel forces in the East: war crimes, tremendous loss of lives and wholesale desertion of entrapped troops.
... The price of the warfare resumed by President Petro Poroshhenko in the east is terrifying. The hacked documents claim at least 1,100 servicemen of the Ukrainian army have lost their lives over the period of the last two weeks. Many dozens Ukrainian soldiers gave up to rebel forces. Ukrainian army has lost over 100 tanks and the armored vehicles.
U.S. wants to revive terror scare in order to keep up the terror war industry - FBI whistleblower
Paris Attacks Truth: ISIS is a False Flag -- by corbett report
American Journalist was Murdered By Western Ally For Exposing ISIS Ties
In this video Luke Rudkowski brings up a very important underreported story of an American Journalist that was murdered for exposing the Turkish government assisting ISIS. This story is a year old and we are making sure no one forgets the name Serena Shim. Obviously this story hits home since Serna was Luke Rudkowski's age and reported on the same topic of western state's supporting ISIS.
Coal Atlas : Human rights: Pushed down and driven out
>> exposes systematic deprivations happening that cannot be tackled with binary mentality of simply compensation
Coal Atlas: Greenhouse gases: Spoiling the climate
Last line breached? Deadly gene resisting all forms of antibiotics found in China
>> Western mechanistic medicine's paradigm of killing bacteria as a solution to all problems just suffered a fatal blow
Oliver Stone tears apart Obama's Empire
Oliver Stone : Obama a wolf in sheep's clothing
U.S. Cameraman has Proof 9/11 was a Lie
An American FEMA cameraman who says September 11 was a lie is facing extradition from Argentina to the United States on alleged murder charges. Kurt Sonnenfeld, a man who was provided provisory refugee status seven years ago, is now wanted by the US government on murder charges. He is the only cameraman that filmed crucial images of Ground Zero in New York after the Twin Towers collapsed.
..Sonnenfeld, who lives in Buenos Aires with his Argentine family, says the footage proves that 9/11 was a lie. He still has the 22-hour footage that US authorities want.
.."I have promised to give my footage to the big investigators that are credible and widely known - investigators who will be able to detect anomalies that I or other people without scientific education might miss. With that in mind, I hope that there are many things they can discover that disprove the current official story of what happened," Sonnenfeld told a Press TV correspondent.
Kurt Sonnenfeld: an inconvenient 9/11 witness - by Gaia Edwards
...Immediately after the attacks on the World Trade Center, the entire area in lower Manhattan was sealed off to the public and to the news media. All cameras were prohibited inside the secured perimeter and any "unauthorized" cameras were immediately confiscated. I was given total and absolute access, however, and was instructed to document for the investigation and to provide some "sanitized" pool video to virtually every news network in the world. But I never handed my tapes over to the authorities.
...Since then, over the course of the past seven years, I have been falsely accused, imprisoned twice in two different countries, tortured, put in solitary confinement, followed across two continents and slandered relentlessly in a campaign to dehumanize me so that no one will protest and to discredit me so that when I talk, no one will listen. Four years ago, the US embassy sent a note to Argentine officials to confiscate all of my possessions and documents and to remit them to the United States. To this day, my wife, my twin daughters and I live in a closed world surrounded by threat and harassment.
... I wrote this book to save my family.
Another article with more details on Kurt Sonnenfeld's ordeal and the evidence from his footage that contradicts with the official 9/11 story:
..After September 11, it was discovered that concealed within Building Seven was the largest clandestine domestic station of the Central Intelligence Agency outside of Washington DC, a base of operations from which to spy on diplomats of the United Nations and to conduct counterterrorism and counterintelligence missions.
...When the North Tower fell, the US Customs House (Building 6) was crushed and totally incinerated. ... But there were voids. And it was into one of those voids, recently uncovered, that I descended with a special Task Force to investigate. It was there we found the security antechamber to the vault, badly damaged. .... But the wall was cracked and partially crumbled, and the door was sprung partially open. So we checked inside with our flashlights. Except for several rows of empty shelves, there was nothing in the vault but dust and debris. It had been emptied. Why was it empty? And when could it have been emptied?
... the vault was large enough, 15 meters by 15 meters by my estimate, to necessitate at least a big truck to carry out its contents. And after the towers fell and destroyed most of the parking level, a mission to recover the contents of the vault would have been impossible. The vault had to have been emptied before the attack.
Full 10 hr footage of 9/11 ground zero immediately following the collapse taken by Kurt Sonnenfeld which he says proves 9/11 was an inside job. He was the govt's official videographer with full access while all others were barred. He was ordered to hand over the footage to the authorities, but decided not to and went on the run, escaped to Argentina where he now lives with a wife and two kids. US govt propped up a murder charge on him and has been trying to extradite him to US for it.!
George Bush Caught Still Lying About 9/11
Different segments of a NatGeo documentary show contradicting statements : he first implies he knew Al Qaeda did it in the morning itself, but then says that even till afternoon they hadn't got indications that Al Qaeda did it.
New picture releases are shedding light on September 11th, some say they prove that the assault on America proves a homegrown attack. The new photos are provided by US national institute of standards and technology. There are over 2,000 new photos that have been made public. (the video is an interview of an activist involved narrating the 9/11 truth theories.. doesn't really showcase the pictures)
A radio broadcaster in the US predicted the 9/11 attacks in June 2011, predicted that they would be perpetrated by the governing elites and Bin Laden would be the bogeyman. When 9/11 happened, he continued sharing more evidence of the government's role in it, till his final broadcast on Nov 5th 2001 when some cops went to arrest him, without having notified the local cops about it, and supposedly killed him.
This website has done a good job of archiving most important points.
Structure: Top menu splits the website into these  sections:
Background     Attack     Aftermath     Evidence     Misinformation     Analysis     Memorial
And in each section, on left pane is detailed point by point links each opening up to a concise wikipedia-like page with images, not very long.
So this really breaks everything down to the devils in the details. Great for slowly checking out and digesting each component in its , as well as for zooming in to the exact piece you're looking for.
>>Documents the sheer scale and effects of the giant dust cloud that the twin towers turned into on 9/11.
"9/11 pollution 'could cause more deaths than attack' "
...Up to 400,000 New Yorkers breathed in the most toxic polluting cloud ever recorded after the twin towers were brought down three years ago, but no proper effort has been made to find out how their health has been affected, according to an official report.
...The US government study provides the latest evidence of a systematic cover-up of the health toll from pollution after the 9/11 disaster, which doctors fear will cause more deaths than the attacks themselves.
...The Bush administration suppressed evidence of increasing danger and officially announced that the air around the felled buildings was "safe to breathe". Another report reveals that it has since failed at least a dozen times to correct its assurances, even when it became clear that people were becoming sick.
>> till date, around 1000 9/11 first responders have died resulting from illnesses resulting from inhaling that dust cloud.
Disinformation Targeting the Skeptics
Disinformation aimed at skeptics of the official story is more subtle than the simple promotion of that story to the masses. It may consist of ideas with no basis in evidence packaged as shocking new findings that supposedly prove the involvement of insiders. Its effect is to discredit the larger body of 9/11 research through guilt by association with its sensational and unscientific approach.
"So Falling Buildings Vaporize People? "
Differences between the features of Osama bin Laden and the confessor
... In fairness the producers of the confession video are due some credit for doing a good job with the beard and turban.
On WTC 6 : This building also housed offices of critical govt agencies like Customs and Secret Service. After the twin towers collapse. it was left standing but with a giant hole in its middle with all floors in that hole destroyed. Eyewitnesses reported seeing multiple bomb flashes go off one by one in the lobby ceiling like timed explosives.
A number of experts and prominent figures who provided apparently candid opinions on the events of 9/11/01 later changed their public pronouncements to be consistent with the official story.
>> They provided sound, logical explanations when proposing the demolition/bombs theories; did not provide a proper counter-explanation when retracting their initial statements.
Mystery virus stalks city in new outbreak
Dr Rajesh Gadia, director of the dengue unit at King Edward Memorial (KEM) Hospital, said, "These cases are mostly from populated pockets like the Peths. Patients complain of severe body ache, joint pain and high fever. These are basic symptoms of chikungunya, but blood samples tested for that and dengue surprisingly test negative. We have concluded that it is a virus of unknown origin, which is a scare. We need PMC to intervene and help us identify it."
95% of beef traders are Hindus, says former chief justice of Delhi high court
....As soon as he said this, in the context of the latest beef controversy at the three-day International conference on radical Islam held at a college, many of the teachers and participants stormed out of the venue.
>>the article reports that as soon as he said this, large numbers of people attending began to leave. Now I don't understand why that would happen! Unless they were there for just bitching about Islam and this revelation spoiled the party... I wonder if anyone present at the conf might have made any mention of exactly who all are funding and arming radical Islam in Syria and Iraq...
'You're a virus, we're the cure': Anonymous takes down 20,000 ISIS Twitter accounts
Why Is China Building These Gigantic Structures In the Middle of the Desert ?
12,000-year-old unexplained structure
Amazing find (History Chanel docum.) in what is now Turkey, 12,000 year-old circular city. Twice as old as any city in Mesopotamia. The Germans are excavating it.
Giza Pyramid: Evidence Of Ancient Machining (part 2)
>>On site at the egyptian pyramids, showing features that indicate more the work of precision technology than handiwork. The drill holes are esp bewildering, and the precise fitting together of the giant stone blocks without needing any mortar has of course been a question from before.
Lost Ancient High Technology Of Egypt Before The Pharaohs Part 1
More people should use this zero sewage discharge toilet
The three-decade old 'Gramkranti Eco-Bio Toilet' doesn't pollute or need a septic tank or a sewage network. In fact, its output is a nutrient-rich liquid that can be used as a pesticide!
US, Canada, Ukraine reject UN resolution condemning glorification of Nazism
>> why? Simple. Because Ukraine's non-democratically-elected govt's own ranks are filled with right wing nationalists.
Russia & Iran to open joint bank
He said he had the impression that all the Muslims who joined ISIS used to be completely unimportant in their countries, were not accepted there and were considered second-class citizens.
... "They played all those video games where killers are the stars. And they believe they are going to be stars now."
... Also, those who believed they were going to fight American and British troops have realized that in reality they are killing innocent Muslims.
... The journalist believes the Islamists are killing hostages such as innocent American journalists to sow fear and to provoke Washington to send ground troops to the Syrian battlefield - because they want to fight against the Americans.
... "They told me,'Even if we don't conquer these weapons, we can buy them, because everything has a price. Most of our ammunition we get from the Free Syrian Army.'"
This is the ammunition that Americans supplied to the FSA
...To create real problems for ISIS, the West should do several things: stop the delivery of weapons, ammunition and money from the Gulf monarchies and close the Turkish border used to transit new fighters to ISIS, Todenhofer said, recalling how easy it was to cross the Syrian-Turkish border.

>> ISIS's ranks are filled with morons.. had these youths actually bothered browsing the dark web, they would have found out that it was the US govt that did 9/11 and the US govt was funding and arming ISIS to take out Assad. Irrespective of whether you're still believing the official 9/11 story or not, you have to concede that had there been even a suspicion that the US itself had caused all the terrorism, people wouldn't have joined ISIS. Instead, they relied on above-ground news and social media sources only. Lesson from this : it is the "legal" part of the internet which is filled with the lies planted by the governing elite which is more likely to brainwash your child than the "illegal" part of it.
State of emergency, blackout in Russia's Crimea after transmission towers in Ukraine blown up
>>Well, duh, you ceded from Ukraine, expect naughty revenge in every form possible, buddy! Crimea naturally can't afford to keep depending on Ukraine for their power supply.
>> good question : Is Kiev's "anti-terrorist operation" in eastern Ukraine generating results beyond the killing of civilians?
The Importance Of Athlete Activists - by a popular basketball player in the US
>>  I'm finding common currents in this with a seemingly opposite demographic : literary and arts luminaries in India who have started returning their awards recently in protest against the targeted harassment, threatening and killing of innocent civilians in the country on the basis of their opinion or religion or caste.
They being sort of equivalent to USA's athletes in the position they hold in the public eye, even here when these people are making political statements and standing up for the rights of others,
..."But when athletes wish to stand up for causes they personally believe in, they are often condemned. "
.."We were not Antichrists," Smith said. "We were just human beings who saw a need to bring attention to the inequality in our country."
... Despite the fact that I've been writing about politics longer than I played basketball, many of my critics begin their comments with, "Stick to basketball, Kareem." But aside from having played basketball a couple decades ago, I am also a father, a businessman, an education advocate, a journalist, a charity organizer, a huge sports fan and an American. By dismissing someone's opinions based on profession, such critics are also dismissing their own opinions as frivolous ("Stick to plumbing!" "Stick to tax dodging!" "Stick to proctology!").
I Couldn't Even Tell Them I Was 5 Months Pregnant Because Their Feet Were On My Mouth
"All the 4 men of my family were killed brutally. The women were stripped naked and raped by many men. They caught me too. My 3-year old daughter, Saleha, was in my arms. They snatched her and threw her into the air with all their might. My heart broke as her little head shattered on the rocks. Four men caught me by the arms and legs and many others entered me one by one. When satisfying their lust, they kicked me and beat my head with a rod. Assuming that I was dead they threw me into the bushes.
>> Remember that this was perpetrated just 5 months after 9/11, riding on the wave of hatred against Muslims created by that event. Who are the real targets of any terrorist attack? It's always the side that they claim to represent. If that is a well-established and predictable pattern, isn't it obvious that it will be gamed?
..."I have known the men who raped me for many years. We sold them milk. They were our customers. If they had any shame, they would not have done this to me. How can I forgive them?"
US lawmakers tell Obama to fight ISIS instead of Assad
US lawmakers are calling on Obama to focus on fighting Islamic State in Syria, rather than trying to oust the Assad regime. Patricia Degennaro, who lectures on international security at New York University, says the criticism of Obama's Syria policy should have come earlier.
>> One of the leaders of this is Tulsi Gabbard, first Hindu US lawmaker and  US army veteran. She's become a major voice of reason in this case, coming from a side where warmongers like John McCain were openly calling for supplying anti-aircraft missiles to militants when Russia started bombing ISIS.
John Oliver's Last Week Tonight.. trolling Britain's stubborn refusal to return the Kohinoor diamond to India
Most Ukrainians think country headed in wrong direction on 2nd anniversary of Maidan uprising
>> chronicling an uprising gone wrong
Global Gender Gap Index 2015
1 Iceland
6 Rwanda
18 United Kingdom
23 Burundi
28 United States
48 Kenya
57 Zimbabwe
59 Uganda
63 Ghana
64 Bangladesh
72 Senegal
84 Sri Lanka
92 Indonesia
98 Gambia
102 Swaziland
106 Guatemala
108 India
oh well, at least we're ahead of
144 Pakistan
(there's 145 countries in this list)
Dutch Nursing Home Offers Rent-free Housing to Students
This intergenerational living arrangement goes far beyond filling rooms and providing affordable housing. Students teach the their neighbors how to use computers for email, social media, and Skype. They also do art projects together, watch movies, and the young people keep the seniors connected to the outside world with updates about their lives.
Mali terror attack rooted in "export of democracy" to Africa - Russia's foreign ministry
Swachh Bharat Abhiyan: Survey reveals not even half the toilets built being used; government withheld findings
... While just 46% of 95 lakh toilets built in rural India are being used, the figure is barely 50% even in urban areas, as per the survey.
... In rural areas, surveyors found households using toilets for storing grains or as general storage space and still going to the fields early in the morning to relieve themselves.
Pune-Satara Highway Accident: Locals Form Rescue Team, Rush Victims to Hospital
>> Major proof-of-concept for voluntary local disaster-preparedness teams
...The victims of the accident also confirmed that the rescuers garnered resources on time and took the injured to the hospital immediately, where they could get medical care. The team, consisting of 150-200 youngsters from the district, has created a strong network among the residents to ensure that they get updates of every such incident. KRT manages to reach a disaster zone before local police or disaster officials to help accident victims.
... A team of around 200 youngsters from Khandala district, KRT was born out of the social activities of Ajit Yadav's own crane business alongside highways. Yadav created an official group of youngsters ranging from 18 to 30 years and residing in the district. Launched in January this year, KRT has assisted local authorities in a total of 55-60 accidents till date. The group also has its own ambulance and a network of vendors, hoteliers and shop owners to get updates about such accidents.
Pollution levels down in Dwarka
>> On 22-Nov Car-free day
"This public awareness campaign must spur car-restraint measures to control pollution during winter...," said Anumita Roy Chowdhury, CSE executive director.
14 militants from ISIS-linked gang killed in anti-terror op in Russia's North Caucasus
Poet Jayanta Mahapatra Returns Padma Shri As Protest Against Moral Asymmetry In India
..."It is a personal decision. I have written a letter to the President and expressed my desire to return the Padma Shri which I got in 2009. I am returning the award against the growing moral asymmetry in the country," he had earlier said to ANI.
... In the letter written to Pranab Mukherjee announcing his decision, he stated, "Mine is a small, insignificant step. But it is my personal way of showing protest to the growing asymmetry that is evident in the country. I express my desire to return the award...My act should not be considered as any kind of dishonor to the country,"
... He further said, "I have nothing to do with those who returned Sahitya Akademi awards. I did not even speak to them. It's a small voice from an 88-year-old man and may not solve the problem."
 ... Mahapatra, one of the most prominent contemporary poets of India, is known for his distinct poetic style. Regarded as one of the founders of Indian English poetry, he has written as many as 27 books, including seven in Odia.
Regulators hiding trials data on GM mustard
THE VITAMIN B12 ISSUE - essay by by Dr Gina Shaw, D.Sc, M.A., Dip NH, AIYS (Dip. Irid.)
>> mythbusting about whether vegans need vit.B12 supplements or not.
..According to Dr. John Potter PhD, of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, Seattle, "Food's magic is based on thousands of complex interactions of dozens of different phytochemicals which are difficult to recreate in pills. While 190 solid studies prove that fruit and vegetables benefit, supplements have only a smattering of evidence"
>> important!
Creating a healthy living soil to feed millions with safe food  (comprehensive article about Amrit Mitti)
Economic factors, not beef ban, influence cow population
An analysis of NSSO data shows cow numbers have declined in several states that banned cow slaughter and were ruled by the BJP in most part of the last decade. On the other hand, the cow population has flourished in several states that allowed slaughter.

SHIT! Govt of Turkey, already caught multiple times arming and supplying ISIS, has just shot down a Russian military jet!

A NATO member has directly opened fire on Russia's aircraft while they were bombing ISIS over Syria. The cold war has just gone hot. How would NATO have reacted if Russia had shot down one of their jets while it was in an anti-terror campaign?
...The responses to the shoot-down are also interesting. From what I heard of Obama's press conference, Obama's definition of "moderate Syrian rebels" includes all the extremist jihadish groups, such as al Nursa and ISIL, that are the focus of the Russian attacks. Only Assad is an extremist. Obama, following the neocon line, says that Assad has too much blood on his hands to be allowed to remain president of Syria.
... Obama is not specific about the "blood on Assad's hands," but we can be. The blood is the blood of ISIL forces fighting the Syrian army. Obama doesn't refer to the blood on ISIL's hands, but even the presstitutes have told us the horror stories associated with the blood on ISIL's hands, with whom Obama has allied us.
... And what about the blood on Obama's hands? Here we are talking about a very large quantity of blood: the blood of entire countries—Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, and the blood that Obama's puppet government in Kiev has spilled of the ethnic Russian inhabitants of Ukraine, not to forget the Palestinian blood spilled by Israel using US supplied weapons.
... If the blood on Assad's hands disqualifies Assad from office, the much greater quantity on Obama's hands disqualifies Obama. And Cameron. And Hollande. And Merkel. And Netanyahu.
... Throughout the entire Washington orchestrated conflicts in the Middle East, Africa, and Ukraine, the Russian government has spoken reasonably and responded in a diplomatic manner to the many provocations.
... In its campaign against ISIL in Syria, the Russian government relied on the agreement made with NATO countries to avoid engaging in the air. Now Turkey has violated this agreement.
... To the extent that the shoot-down of the Russian military aircraft has a silver lining, the incident has likely saved the Russian government from a coalition in which Russia would have lost control of its war against ISIL and would have had to accept the defeat of Assad's removal.
Vladimir Putin terms Turkey's downing of Russian plane a 'stab in the back'
President Vladimir Putin called Turkey's downing of a Russian fighter jet "a stab in the back" carried out by the accomplices of terrorists, saying the incident would have serious consequences for Moscow's relations with Ankara.
...the first time in half a century that a NATO member has downed a Russian plane
BJP MLA OP Sharma made sexist remarks on a female MLA in Delhi's Vidhan Sabha (hindi article)
309 acid attack cases in '14, 300% rise in 3 yrs
Data compiled at MHA meeting with representatives of Centre, states, UTs in accordance with SC order.
Use Free Learning Resources on "The Misguided War on Terrorism" from Parliament Keynote Dr. Robert Pape
>> (with video) "This work is spreading the word about how to actually fight terrorism. For too long, we have relied on the false impression that we are in a war against Islam. Instead data from thousands of attacks around the world shows that foreign occupation, not religion, is the key driver for suicide terrorism"
Who's in Control? Obama or the generals? - Finian Cunningham
>> an analysis of current events that, upon deeper thinking, yield clues to the dominant power of the US's military industrial complex or deep state.
... The disturbing conclusion is that the American president and his State Department are simply not in control.
... Washington often proclaims that it is "protecting the world". The truth is that the world needs protecting from the US whose foreign policies are increasingly reckless and beyond any democratic control.
Busting myth of GM crops' invincibility
...The GEAC endorsed cultivation of Bt Cotton varieties without carrying out adequate field tests for resurgence of secondary pests and diseases. Farmers are now paying the price for the incompetence (or worse) of this apex regulatory body. A dispute over royalty payment between Monsanto and local firms licensed to produce and market its seeds reveals that the corporation has earned over Rs5,000 crore in trait fee collected from farmers. Even the seed companies want this moderated. If secondary bugs can wipe out a harvest, such profits are unwarranted.
Six reasons why the media should stop publishing opinion and exit polls
The media should have more faith in their reporters than in unscientific surveys.
... the Indian media's credibility sinks further with every news cycle. By taking opinion and exit polls seriously, news channels are trading credibility for TRPs. They need to collectively decide that they don't need these surveys to gauge public mood in elections. They need to put more faith in their reporters' abilities to do so.
... 4) They possibly hurt democracy: Yadav writes, "They may not acknowledge it, but politicians and journalists have all learnt to adjust their 'gut sense' in tune with the findings of the polls." This is true, but if even politicians and journalists are affected by surveys, what of the common voter? The common voter is also affected by surveys, particularly floating voters who go with the hawa and decide their vote just before the polling. In other words, these faulty surveys are affecting voter behaviour.
... Truth is, they never get the seat forecast right. Praveen Chakravarthy, writing in The Hindu, analysed 82 election surveys across 13 Lok Sabha and state elections since 1996. Applying the +/- 5 per cent rule, he found that not a single survey came that close. None. 
... When the election commission asked political parties if they were in favour of banning opinion polls before elections, all but one agreed. The only party that supports them is the Bharatiya Janata Party.
>> guess why?
...Opinion and exit polls should not be banned. They have the right to do their unscientific surveys. It is the media that needs to ask itself: is there more to be gained or lost by sponsoring and publishing them?
No man left behind: Dramatic details emerge of downed Su-24 pilot rescue
>> real life events that ran very similar to story of Black Hawk Dawn movie. Except that the good guys were the Russians.
>> useful technical maps, shapefiles etc for solar irradiance etc.. useful if designing solar installations
Li-fi 100 times faster than wi-fi
>>Apart from the generic information, BBC News has just admitted to some human health impact concerns from wireless internet networks:
"places where wi-fi is not safe, such as hospitals"   
>>They should have referenced this.
Oil and gas companies 'risk losing $2tn'
By underestimating both legislation to cut the use of dirty fuels and the development of clean energy, these firms are investing in assets that may prove worthless, says Carbon Tracker.
Out of the Void
A Film by Angela Summereder
...Can energy be generated from empty space, from nothing—OUT OF THE VOID?
...In an industrial wasteland in Germany, a solitary experimental physicist continues to pursue the idea of free energy, while in India the former head of a nuclear power plant is already working on an innovative generator which is intended to utilise free energy.
The film reveals connections, breaks and continuities in the study of the phenomenon of free energy, and as a documentary-cum-feature film raises the question: What is reality? What is fiction?
India unveils global solar alliance of 120 countries at Paris climate summit
Narendra Modi announces a new alliance of nations and industry on large-scale expansion of solar energy use in the tropics and beyond
... The Indian initiative, called the International Agency for Solar Technologies and Applications (Iasta), aims to spread cheap solar technology across the globe with pooled policy knowledge.

..."These layers are not a uniform thickness, but are instead engineered to create a new material. Its internal structure is tuned to radiate infrared rays at a frequency that lets them pass into space without warming the air near the building."
... More importantly, it directs heat-causing infrared rays to bounce right back into the coldness of space so the air around the mirror doesn't heat up -- meaning the film won't contribute to global warming.
... What it will do, however, is help keep buildings cooler using what the researchers term photonic radiative cooling. It can prevent 97 percent of the sun's rays from hitting a building, and it can cool the air around by 9 degrees Fahrenheit, all without needing any energy source of its own.
Main inventor, Aaswath Raman's site :

Just came across this featured in Earthrise:
Centre for Alternative Technology, UK : training the future green workforce
Videos: - Earthrise episode on this (Ashden Award winner, 2011)
standout features: all-out hands-on learning, on-campus organic farm, buildings designed sustainably.
To find out: if their graduate program is also priced sustainably :P

Whoa, they have a splendid history, so similar to Swaraj.. including the pedagogy of failure approach!

Potential for Bhoomi College, Swaraj University etc to network with them.
It's possible to get other colleagues to upload files into your google drive folder. Without needing logins.
Got it from here: >> other interesting similar services there too.
For photos specifically:
This page seems to have better ones listed: & : both give you a special email address that you can ask your colleagues to send all the pics to.
Beautiful diagrams and listings of the world's tallest buildings. You can watch, not download. Can use fine filters etc.
RTI being co-created for getting digital copies of map shapefiles held by govt depts.
>> could do this for getting Pune's development plan shapefiles?

Finding your career niche

Just thinking this aloud..

"You can only become a sought-after expert in something that nobody else knows to do but need done..

..if you had earlier picked an area of work that was necessary but nobody else wanted to do.

So stop following the crowd, do not go after what everyone wants to do but isn't really needed.

Get out there, find out whats needed and what you can do about it, and with that find your niche in the ecosystem."

-- just another smartass

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Silent Spring ignored : How CO2 has done to the environmental movement what GDP has done to the economy

Quoting from :

During the committee, a senator said of Silent Spring: "Every once in a while in the history of mankind, a book has appeared which has substantially altered the course of history."

... the game-changing Silent Spring. The book alerted the world to the harmful impact of chemical pesticides and caused a storm of controversy. Although gaining a legion of fans, the book also saw a large pushback from the pesticide manufacturers who claimed the book was nonsense. The controversy caused then-president JFK to set up a committee to investigate pesticides with the findings eventually agreeing with Carson's claims. During the committee, a senator said of Silent Spring: "Every once in a while in the history of mankind, a book has appeared which has substantially altered the course of history." In 2012, the book was added to the list of American National Historic Chemical Landmarks, recognising landmark achievements in the history of chemistry.
The following quote is taken from Silent Spring, which was written over 50 years ago and is quite depressing that it still applies today:
"We stand now where two roads diverge. But unlike the roads in Robert Frost's familiar poem, they are not equally fair. The road we have long been traveling is deceptively easy, a smooth superhighway on which we progress with great speed, but at its end lies disaster. The other fork of the road — the one less traveled by — offers our last, our only chance to reach a destination that assures the preservation of the earth."

Referring again to the climate change debate and my assertion that "CO2 has done to the environmental movement what GDP has done to the economy" :
This is one of the ways that show how that has happened. 1962 was when Silent Spring came out and proved that using harmful and addictive chemicals in agri was a bad idea.

The so-called "Green Revolution" in India happened just then and after that. It's 2015 and we're still not anywhere close to reigning in the pesticides and chemical fertilizers disasters. Had so much resources not been lavished on them, the frankenstein monsters of Monsanto, Syngenta, DuPont et al wouldn't even be existing right now.. they wouldn't have the surplus funds to buy out key people in governments, rig the laws in their favour, and spend on the massive R&D it takes to churn out one GMO variety out of millions of trials that at least pretends to be food.

"Every once in a while in the history of mankind, a book has appeared which has substantially altered the course of history."

At the upcoming UN Summit that's supposed to be about saving the world, exactly how many countries' delegates are going to talk about THIS? How many global-level meetings have there even been that talked about the perils chemical-intensive agriculture?

And this too despite the fact that chemical-intensive agriculture is by itself a net emitter of CO2 whereas ecologically sustainable agriculture is a massive net absorber of CO2 and one of our best bets at actually reversing atmospheric CO2 levels without getting into the more harmful technocrat-drool geo-engineering tactics that Naomi Klein has so clearly exposed in her book This Changes Everything. But it's a more indirect process compared to fossil fuel burning, so it looks to me like the world's major orgs working for environment.. are so narrow-minded on CO2 that they don't really give a shit about what has been learnt from the book and the activist that literally started the global environmental movement. They seem to be in agreement and all in side conversations, but I don't see the requisite proactivity.

53 years on, Silent Spring has been PREVENTED from changing the course of history. Companies like Monsanto have hijacked it, directly benefitting from the diversion of public, civil society, academic and media attention from what Rachel Carson and others had brought to light. They've been given a free pass because they don't directly figure in the CO2 conversations. No country's government is being pressured to set ambitious agri-chemicals reduction targets or healthy soil targets. There is no major demand being made to switch to renewable food sources by 2030. It seems one's phone being recharged properly is more important than one's body getting recharged properly.

I don't really need to look elsewhere to see a worse consequence of being singularly, narrowly focused on just one abstract, not-immediately-tangible thing in a field that's supposed to be, well, broader. Keep CO2 as one of the talking points.. fine. But please stop making it the only thing to focus on.

What to do with climate change skeptics: When you come across people skeptical about global warming etc (they do have a reason to be.. we it's not only warming.. it's climate extremes and climate disruptions happening), leave CO2 aside for a while. Fish out Silent Spring and the topics of harmful chemicals in agriculture and the solutions to it like Permaculture, Zero Budget Natural Farming, etc.. find a common ground and build consensus on THAT. That's what we mean by "bringing multiple talking points to the table". Climate change negotiators need to grow up into Environment negotiators, and learn how to actually negotiate :P. Don't get so anal about CO2. Some of the most prominent climate change skeptics in the world, having a following of millions of people, are completely on the same page with environmentalists when it comes to pesticides and GMOs.. and even more knowledgeable about it all than most academics and NGO people. See, it's arising from the same core value system of non-invasion of personhood.

Heck, the whole skeptic movement exists because some smartass environmentalists developed a Malthusian superiority complex and started advocating invasive top-down measures on ordinary people as the way to curb CO2 emissions like mass power-consumption surveillance, extra taxes, punishments, sterilizations rather than just going after the handful of major emitters : fossil fuel industry, factory farming industry and aviation industry. And guess who supports, lobbies for such strategies. Evidently they chose the weaker kid to pick on. The skeptics clearly saw though the hypocrisy of the cap-and-trade mechanisms, which our more desperate-for-something friends let loose. Climate change folks seriously need to introspect and weed such invasive and anti-democratic people out of their ranks. At least publicly distance yourself from such things.

Use the vantage point of mutually shared care for what's in the food you feed to your children, agree to disagree on other points but make them your allies in this at least. Trust in the inter-connectedness of subjects.. they'll come around on the other subject if they get to work co-operatively with you in this one. If you say we're all in the same boat, then I would sincerely like to see you behave that way. And for God's sake please drop the superiority complex.

Oh, and if you're personally convinced about excess CO2 emissions being a problem but think GMOs and their essential companion herbicides etc are good for humanity and the planet, if you honestly want poison and drug manufacturers to control what everybody eats, if you really believe that royalty fees on something as fundamental and abundantly multiplying as seeds are a legitimate practice, then my dear friend, you need to do some homework and respect grassroots peoples movements a little more than industry-funded academia.

PS: There's a reason why I picked the zen pencils comic page as a reference at top. See it and rebuild your sense of wonder, people.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

How To : Querying and rendering data from OSM

Cross-posting an email on datameet network:

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Found that not many are aware of how simple it is to query raw data from OpenStreetMap. Wrote this small post on making a simple map of the Delhi Metro network showing lines under construction.

Even if you have never written any code, you can try it out to make something interesting. Happy to help anyone with Overpass Turbo.

Friday, November 27, 2015

'Sociocracy - design for collaborative governance' from 24th to 28th January 2016 at Swaraj University


Swaraj University and the Swapathgami Network


invite you to a 5 day residential workshop on


'Sociocracy – design for collaborative governance'


Dates: 24 to 28 January, 2016


Venue: Swaraj University, Udaipur



What does this gathering offer?


Around the world, people in communities, organizations, corporations, and political parties are looking for:


         A spirit of co-creation, co-responsibility and collective ownership of the decision-making

         Efficient and meaningful ways to make collaborative decisions.

         Communication and integration between different parts of your organization.

         Full transparency with safety and trust between team members.


Sociocracy is a design system that makes these goals achievable. Its dynamic governance principles involve everyone in the organization's decision-making processes; their voices matter equally. It is inspired by the Quakers, Cybernetics and nature's way of operating.


It was developed in The Netherlands, first at an alternate school where the children's learning space was governed in the spirit of partnership, and later at an electrical engineering company set up as an intentional management science laboratory. Since then, for-profit corporations, NGOs, schools, religious groups, communities, and networks in Europe, North and South America, and a few places in Oceania, Africa and Asia, including India, are using it successfully.



About the Facilitators


John Buck


A certified Sociocratic Organizational Consultant, John heads The Sociocracy Group operations in the United States. His career includes an extensive for-profit management experience. As a consultant he has led dozens of Sociocracy implementation projects for a variety of organizations, resulting in greater effectiveness and increased employee engagement. He believes that basic values such as equality, liberty, and transparency can make our work places dramatically more sustainable, elegant, and profitable.


He excels in customizing sociocratic principles to each organization's particular concerns, work schedules, and professional focus. John has translated numerous documents from the original Dutch and is co-author (with Sharon Villines) of We the People: Consenting to a Deeper Democracy. He has also been instrumental in bringing Socioracy to the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) and had collaborated with Marshall Rosenberg and various NVC trainers to successfully implement it in their organization. To know more about John and Sociocracy, visit



Prem Pavitra


With a B.A in Anthropology from the University of British Columbia, Canada, Pavitra lives in Findhorn, a sustainable community in Scotland. She began practicing 5 Rhythms Dance and later moved into conscious embodiment through Open Floor Movement over these last four years. Pavitra follows a unique path bridging knowledge in inner and outer sustainability, anthropology, and mind-body-emotion awareness. She is working towards certification in Sociocracy, and aspires to do the same for Open Floor when the moment is ripe.



Here's what people who have learnt and practiced Sociocracy, have to share about their experience.


"Sociocracy supports transparency and clarity in roles and responsibilities. It offers efficient and speedy ways of taking decisions with full consent of the team, which nurtures the spirit of co-creation", says Shammi Nanda who works on Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and Sustainable Living.


"We wanted to bring in a more inclusive and collaborative work culture in Green Souls. Sociocracy is helping us bring in equivalence, transparency and effectiveness in our work together", remarks Sabita Rajendran, coordinator at Green Souls, Mumbai.


"Sociocracy is unique in the way it uses intelligent processes to bring people together with an eye for effectiveness and equality like no other model that I have ever seen so far in this world", adds Ashok Subramanian, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) trainer, Shinota Consulting, Bangalore.


"I've been using Sociocratic consent decision making process in group meetings. I found it to be an effective way to get all voices heard and I appreciate the idea of embracing objections from any member as a gift, bringing wisdom to the group", observes Mona Patrao, an organic farmer sharing NVC & sustainable living.




Like many spaces across India and around the world, Swaraj University and the Swapathgami Network are experimenting and working with rethinking our lifestyles and our relationship with ourselves, our work, our resources and our communities. We are questioning, challenging and experimenting with our set notions of money.

So we welcome you to join our experiment and explore your relationship with money.

By participating in such workshops you are in a non-monetary way, supporting and encouraging such learning spaces to stay alive. You are, in a beautiful way, taking forward the larger movement of reclaiming our learning. However, it is important that we all contribute to take care of the needs of the facilitators and meet the actual expenses of hosting such a workshop.

The financial contribution for this workshop is on a sliding scale from 5,500 to 12,500 or more. Please choose your preferred contribution in the registration form.


Your contribution will support to pay for the food and stay expenses of the workshop at Swaraj University. It will also help us to fund those who cannot pay the minimum amount.


We would like to accommodate everyone who is interested in this field of work and we understand that some of us might find it challenging to contribute the minimum amount. If so, please feel free to speak or write to us so that we can look for ways through which we can support each other.


If you think this workshop is for you then please go ahead and register by clicking this link.

For further queries and in case you are unable to register through this link, please write to us at[at] You can also call us on 08764279302.

Looking forward to your presence,

Swaraj University and the Swapathgami Network

Swaraj University workshop team

Gift Economy

Would you like to show your appreciation for this work through a small contribution?

(PS: there's no ads or revenue sources of any kind on this blog)

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