Saturday, March 18, 2017

on what to do about North Korea's dictatorship

Historically it has been seen that with more and more sanctions
imposed on a country, the dictator's rule only gets stronger and more
unshakeable. On the other hand, lifting sanctions and removing the
threat of the outside enemy and continuously inviting for dialogue,
ends up making the soldiers question why all the strictness, the news
that the world isn't your enemy anymore passes down the ranks and
through the population, and gradually the nation breaks free from the
dictator's death-grip. What to do about North Korea? Well, threatening
them with annihilation since 50 years has caused THIS. Do you want to
continue the same shit or use your brains now?

Monday, March 13, 2017

Changing your website's domain name - a Walkthrough

Hi friends,

Yesterday I did a successful domain name migration for a client from a test domain to a .org final domain. (host remained the same so we did not move the site - only changed the domain / URL / address)
I've done a few earlier but there's usually some mess happening but this time after quite some corrections I managed to get some steps in order. So sharing what worked on my end.

Time warning : This procedure is one with some nervousness because there is a throw-and-catch situation : Imagine a very delicate piece of crockery has been tossed at you like a ball, coming at your hands but your eyes are closed and you don't know if it'll be caught properly or not. So it's good to plan things out and have patience. Also, in this the site's new address went "down" while the old test URL also didn't work for about 1 to 2 hours in my experience, so it is advisable to do it at a time when you're not expecting anyone to visit, like early morning or so.

Disclaimer : This is just my experience and things can go differently on your end. Apologies in advance if something goes wrong, but I probably won't be able to help you fix things.

My use case scenario : Domain (.org) is hosted on bigrock. Website is hosted on godaddy (single site, 30GB plan) and has been developed in wordpress while having a temp (free) domain name assigned to it. So the domain name was to be removed and the proper one was to be put.

Terminology : I will henceforth refer to "bigrock", "godaddy", "wordpress" to indicate the admins of the bigrock domain name management, godaddy web hosting cpanel and wordpress dashboard respectively.

1. Prep: open in different tabs and get logged in to ALL the places: wordpress, godaddy, bigrock, Also, note down and keep the customer care numbers of godaddy and bigrock on the side. (keep the customer id etc handy in a notepad window). In wordpress, backup everything.

2. Find Nameservers : Go to godaddy cpanel, and find "DNS management". In the new tab, choose your present site, click the settings wheel, and go through to seeing the DNS records. Now a large list of things should load, and probably in page 2 or the end you will see two nameservers listed, like "" . Copy these to the notepad window (and save!). More details here:

2.1. Warning: We had got some nameservers mentioned in the initial hosting registration email, but they turned out to have been changed without any intimation from godaddy. The email said ns57/58 but in cpanel I found ns35/36. This caused unnecessary delay as for some time the new domain was pointing to the wrong nameservers. So always go into the cpanel and find the current suff and don't rely on the email if it is more than some months old.

3. Change Nameservers: Go to bigrock, open up your account domains listing and click on your domain to open its managent. Open "Name servers". Backspace out the existing ones and put in the new. Don't worry if there were 4 and you have only 2 now.. it's ok to leave the 3rd and 4th field blank. Save changes / Apply.

4. If you had earlier set this domain to redirect to somewhere else, then go to URL forwarding section (in bottom in bigrock), open it up and backspace/delete the URL completely and save changes.

4.1. Later on, in case the domain change didn't work yet, this URL forwarding could be a culprit... it might still be forwarding to an empty URL. For this in bigrock I had no other choice but to call up customer support and ask them to make sure there is no URL forwarding happening. Better to just do it from beginning, and inform them that you're making the domain point somewhere, please alert if doing anything wrong, what are the proper steps etc so all is clear from their side.

5. Ignore alerts : In the bigrock domain dashboard you will now see warnings / alerts about nameserver not being set properly. Check it out but don't change anything.. what they usually mean is that the nameservers aren't their's. That's ok; proceed.

5.1. Edit: Actually it's a good idea to take a break of an hour or more now, so that the DNS change propagates properly while your test site is still active. Didn't think of this earlier.

6. Go to GoDaddy cpanel. Find and open up the Change Main Domain name or similar sounding section. This is for changing the whole website's domain. Now.. keep this tab open but wait! don't make any changes yet.

7. Wordpress plugin : In wordpress, go to Plugins > Add new and install and activate this : "Search & Replace" See this page to verify you have the right one::
Why this: Most online guides recommend Velvet Blues plugin, but in my experience I found that while it changes most URLs, it didn't change the image URLs of all the images, backgrounds etc on my site. I was using a pagebuilder so maybe there was some conflict there. But this plugin did the job properly. Additionally, this plugin is an open-source one (hosted on github) and gives more features free that are otherwise paid, especially the Dry Run and letting me see exactly what changes are being made.
Just install this plugin for now.. don't do anything with it yet.

8. Worpress URL update: Go to wordpress, Settings > General. Change both the URLs there to the new domain. ex: it was , I changed it to . And now we are beginning with the throw-and-catch. Go finish off your chores/toilet etc, drink some water and come back and have complete attention here.

8.1. Save Changes to save the change of wordpress URL. (press the Blue button!) The next screen should show error and in the URL bar or loading message you will see that it is trying to access the site using the new domain name. The crockery has been launched in the air. Don't panic. Proceed with next steps.

9. Go back to GoDaddy tab for domain change. Change it to your new domain. Keep out the www. etc.. just put in the name and extension like or the like. Save changes. It probably gives you some IP address and tells you to change the A record / IP addr of the new domain to this. Ignore it.. it's a flaw. When we do nameservers change, we do not need to do any of this stuff.

10. Go to and login (or to the admin of whatever old domain you had developed the site in) Go to the management of the domain that we were using, and disable it by resetting or wiping out the nameserver, A record / IP address or whatever setting was there. If you were developing using a temp addr provided by GoDaddy (unlikely.. bigrock gives but godaddy doesn't) then don't bother doing anything.

10.1. It's important to disable the temp domain. When I didn't, my domain was still pointing to my web sever's ip address, and visiting it surprisingly led one to a godaddy under-construction page and there was a link there that led straight to my godaddy cpanel! Serious security risk! :O

11. Recap : So we set bigrock to make your new domain point to your website's server. Then we changed the URL in our wordpress so it starts using the new path. Then we made the godaddy web hosting to change its name. Now it should "catch" the internet traffic that bigrock "throws" at it whenever anyone visits your site name.

12. It's now a waiting and praying game for the domain change to take effect, or to "propagate". Open a new tab and go to your site (new name). It probably gives an error. I found that some internet connections change their DNS and point to the new site more quickly than others.

12.1 There's a cool tool to keep track of this without wasting your time.. Go to this site : "Follow that Page" : . Sign up to make an account, and add your new site name. Set the frequency to highest possible. Now that site will do the job of tracking changes for you and email you as soon as something happens. If the site name is still giving error 2 hours or more later, please call up customer care on the domain side (what to say I already wrote earlier).

13. I'm assuming that the "catch" has happened now : the website has been updated to the new domain name. Yay! Pat yourselves on the back! Now, few more steps left. You'll notice even though the site loads, images / backgrounds are gone and maybe some things look funny.

14. Login to your wordpress dashboard on the new path ( like or .

15. Go to Settings > Permalinks. Set to whatever setting you want and save changes. This forces the system to set most of the internal links, menu links etc in order.

16. Go to Tools > Search & Replace. Take and save a backup of the database as advised, then go to the second tab. Search for : old site name. Replace with : new name. Keep them without http:// or other extra chars like /. (like : and ).. just keep the main stuff so you get a clean sweep. Select all tables by clicking the checkbox. Keep the Dry Run option checked. Click the Blue Button (do it!)

17. Give it time. It will come back to this page again, but on top there will be an alert message like "500 changes" or so. Click to see details. Skim through the large table that opens up, and if you need to then press Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C to copy this. How to paste : Open notepad or a simple text editor and paste. Then remove the extra lines at top and bottom, and copy this and paste into an excel and save it for your reference. You'll have all your changes in a neat table. Close the details page.

18. Repeat the find+replace, only this time check OFF the Dry Run option and click the "Save changes to database" option below it that is now enabled. Press the Blue Button again.. do it! Wait some time, and again you'll see the results.

19. Now go to your site and check it out. To ensure things, clear out your browser cache (Ctrl+Shift+Del, check off other things and keep only Cache chosen and set the time to all time). Refresh the page fully by Ctrl+F5. Or open an incognito window or another browser and visit your website from there. Now the images should display properly and the website should be fully functional (Yay! Whew! Drink water!).

20. In case something went wrong, call up any customer care that you haven't called already. If everything is ruined then apologies, but read disclaimer on top.

21. Oh ya, clean up. Log out of all the domain, cpanel etc dashboards properly, save your passwords etc securely and don't leave anything open for your cat to come and accidentally delete everything. And you might want to go back to Follow that Page and delete the site check. (just remembered!) (don't worry, pressing Delete button on followthatpage site cannot and will not delete your site. It only disables the site-checking service)

Happy Migrating!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Water powered vehicle by a grassroots inventor in India

Have you seen anything about this? Apparently the story broke last year. I saw the linked video on the OMG yeh mera India show yesterday. Wonder what's been happening since? I hope he's safe??

Raees, a mechanic in MP

25 lit water
mixed with
4 kg calcium carbide powder
creates acetylene gas
a modified maruti car engine runs on this gas

gives 60km mileage

... All the companies that are interested in Raees's water car project will have to meet his one condition - any plant to make new cars will be established only in his hometown in Madhya Pradesh.

What is happening in Sweden?

Hi friends,
February 2017 was a pretty active month for me off-the-laptop.. while
I did watch and read a lot of current affairs news and a LOT has
happened, I wasn't able to properly collect links and put out an
Interesting Links for Feb article. So instead I'm going to combing Feb
and March and hope to blog a combined Interesting Links post for the
two months together at end of this month.

Meanwhile, I wanted to put out this smaller collection before..
there's much to write about it but not now, just check out these
links. It's very moving and tragic, and looking at the dates on the
articles I'm simply amazed at how something so serious, with so much
crime happening towards women and children, was SO censored that most
of the people around me have no clue this kind of stuff even happened
over the past two years. It's surreal : if you took femnists in India
and feminists in the west I think we might find that they're standing
on completely opposite sides on this. And most of the women speaking
up here are consistently expressing how the worst suppression they've
gotten is from their own feminists.

I actually went through several titles to this blog post but just
can't think of anything that will properly summarize the content of
this post without making it prone to labeling as racism / xenophoia.
Hence the more vague title.. apologies. Anyways here are the links..
I've put excerpts but I implore you, especially if you're feeling like
dismissing this, please SEE AND READ IT ALL IN FULL first.
sweden: verge of collapse... (leaving out the rest of the title to
avoid triggering some people)
Sweden Close to Collapse
... In the last two weeks, more than 1,000 "unaccompanied refugee
children" have arrived from Germany via ferry; more than half of them
have now vanished and are listed as missing.
... Swedes who only follow the mainstream media get the impression
that all the migrants arriving are war refugees from Syria, but the
number of Syrians is actually less than half of the total: 2,864
people last week claimed to be from Syria. 1,861 claimed to be from
Iraq, and 1,820 from Afghanistan. Clearly, many people from countries
that are not at war are taking their chances and applying for asylum
in Sweden; but this is something about which the mainstream media does
not see fit to inform its followers.
Sweden: Summer Inferno of Sexual Assaults (aug 2016)
... Apparently, Swedish girls and women should learn to live with
being groped and raped -- or leave the public space altogether. The
latter seems quite in line with what Islamic sharia law prescribes.
>> one of the comments:
One thing that we will remember this era for, with utter shame, is the
total abandonment of women by the various 'Women's Groups'. They have
sacrificed any shred of credibility they once had on the altar of
left-wing political correctness.
Sweden: Sexual Assaults at Swimming Pools (March 2016)
... However, when we spoke to other staff members off the record, they
told us they had been given strict instructions not to report certain
things, and above all, never to mention the ethnicity or religion of
those who cause problems at the pool.
... It seems unlikely that Swedish politicians will start deporting
sex offenders. The politicians seem convinced that some education on
"equality" will change the ways of men, who, since childhood, have
been taught that it is the responsibility of women not to arouse them
-- and therefore the woman's fault if the man feels like raping her.
... Another public pool employee told Gatestone that the refugee boys
frighten away ordinary patrons and that more and more Swedes are now
avoiding public pools altogether. "Even Swedes who have bought
expensive season tickets stay away now, because they think the mood is
unsettling. Considering that they young asylum seekers get their
entrance fee paid by the municipalities, one could rightfully say that
tax money is being used to drive away those who would pay."
Sweden: Increasing Violence by Asylum Seekers against Swedes (June 2016)
... The daily Svenska Dagbladet reported that 30,000 people whose
asylum application had been rejected and were scheduled for
deportation, had gone missing. The police say they lack the resources
to track down these illegals.
... Three Somali men in their 20s, who took turns raping a 14-year-old
girl, received very lenient sentences -- and all three avoided
... "If you disagree with the establishment, you are immediately
called a racist or fascist, which we definitely are not. At times I
felt that this was what it must have been like to live in the old
Soviet Union." — Karla, on why her family had left Sweden for
... June 9: For years, the Swedish media has maintained that all who
claim to be unaccompanied refugee children are indeed children -- no
matter how wrinkled and grizzled they are. The notion that many of
them lie about their age, in order to get fast-tracked to asylum, has
been dismissed as a racist myth. However, an investigative report by
the public-service Sveriges Radio, showed that many are in fact
adults, resulting in grown men being put in the same facilities as
teenagers and children.
... Irene Sandqvist, Unit Manager at the Social Services Department in
Helsingborg, told the reporter that, in her estimation, at least 25%
of the "refugee children" are adults
... June 14: More and more Swedish police officers are leaving the
police force. A feeling of physical insecurity, low wages and
discontent with National Police Commissioner Dan Eliasson are some of
the explanations given.
... June 14: An exceptionally lenient verdict against a rapist from
Yemen caused emotions to run high in Mariestad. Maher Al Qalisi
attacked a 13-year-old girl, knocked her off a bicycle, knifed her in
the face and raped her in a park -- yet, he only got 18-months'
probation and will not be deported. Al Qalisi claims he is 17 years
old, even though his Yemenite passport says he is 20. If he had been
tried as an adult, he would certainly have gotten a more severe

>> a common pattern emerging here: The Swedish govt seems to have made a policy decision to accept the stated ages of assylum seekers at face value (not even that) without any cross-checking whatsoever. So you could be 30 years old and if you simply state that you're under-aged, you can literally get away with something as heinous as rape. And then there is the issue of grown men being allowed to share accommodation with vulnerable refugee children. So many of these situations could be easily avoided through a more objective way of determining and deciding the person's age or at least whether the person is a child or an adult. There's so many ways to accurately tell using teeth inspection or other things.
Islamists Infiltrate the Swedish Government (April 2016)
... April 1: An Afghan man claiming to be a child was placed in an
institution for youths, where he raped a 15-year-old girl. The man
came to Sweden at the end of last year, and applied for asylum on
December 14. The next day, he was arrested for raping a girl at the
home for youths with psychiatric problems, where he had been placed.
The girl had several times reported that the man (who later turned out
to be at least 19 years old) was uncomfortably intimate towards her.
Even so, they were left alone one night in front of the television.
When the staff came back, they saw the Afghan raping the crying girl.
... April 4: Polygamy is against the Swedish constitution's demands
for equality and totally foreign to the Swedish legal system. Still,
Swedish authorities have approved hundreds of polygamous marriages,
law professor Göran Lind revealed. Men bringing several wives to
Sweden have had their marriages approved.
... April 5: A Somali known as "Muhamed" was sentenced to community
service for 180 hours, after brutally raping a 12-year-old girl.
"Black dick is expensive," he commented during the rape. Now the girl
is being stalked, threatened and physically abused by Muhamed's
friends and family. The local daily Sundsvalls Tidning interviewed the
girl, who told the paper about how she ran into the perpetrator's
family at a bus stop, and was beaten by one of his brothers
Sweden roundup: Another weekend of gang-rapes and sexual violence,
police forensics so understaffed suspects walk free
March 2017
Sweden: Rape Capital of the West (Feb 2015)

Update: articles from recent times:
Sweden: Migrants Slice Woman’s Throat Open, Murder Husband, Then Laugh About It
Police chief asks for reinforcements after five murders in recent days
... The victims were parents to young children and had been targeted because they were eyewitnesses to another crime and were about to testify, according to reports.
... Last month, top cop Peter Springare blew the whistle on the epidemic of crimes being committed by Muslim migrants, prompting a national conversation in a country where any criticism of mass immigration is treated by many as a racist thought crime.
“Swedish Spring”: Citizens Demand National Conversation on Migrant Crimes After Top Cop Goes Public
130,000 sign up for Facebook support page in less than a week
... Springare warned about how, “Our pensioners are on their knees, schools are in chaos, health care is an inferno, police have been completely destroyed,” as a result of soaring migrant crimes.
... Springare revealed that the crimes he is processing, which include rape, assault, violence against police, drug trafficking and murder, were almost exclusively committed by someone named “Mohammed” or a variation of that name. The suspects were also invariably from Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan, Somalia, or Syria.
... Springare acknowledged that his post was “not politically correct” but that he “doesn’t give a shit”. After the post received media attention, Springare was hit with an internal investigation on the grounds of “racial agitation”.
... His supporters are calling on political leaders to address an issue that has been considered taboo for years, despite constant riots, torching of cars, violent attacks and sexual assaults being carried out by Muslim migrants in cities throughout Sweden on a routine basis.
... Film makers who attempt to document the problems caused by Sweden’s Islamic no-go ghettos are routinely attacked. Ami Horowitz was viciously assaulted by a gang of Muslim men in Stockholm recently, at one point fearing for his life.
... The situation is so dire that even some Somali immigrants are considering returning home, saying that areas of some Swedish cities are more dangerous than their notorious homeland.
... Springare’s warning was backed up by Gothenburg police officer Tomas Åsenlöv, who revealed that cops were being told to implement Code 291 rules to hide “all information about the immigration-related crime.”
Second Swedish Police Officer Blows the Whistle on Migrant Crime Cover-Up
"The public has to be told all the facts now"
... “The Swedish public has to be told all the facts now,” writes Åsenlöv, adding that Code 291 is used to hide “all information about the immigration-related crime,” including a ban on publicly releasing photos of migrant suspects.
... Back in December, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) urged the country’s municipalities to prepare for war.
... Meanwhile, Peter Springare has been deluged with bouquets of flowers from the public, leading higher ups at his police station to ban members of the press from taking photos under the dubious justification that the flowers represent a potential security threat.

original faceookpost by peter springare:

Thought: Is it just me, or is anybody else also finding parallels between what's happening in Sweden and the Angry Birds movie?

17 March'17 :
The shocking truth about Sweden (the white rose mirror)

 27 March'17:
Story of a Somalian woman who migrated to Sweden as a teen and had to live under a radical version of Islam that was much more repressive than what she had grown up seeing in her home country (which is 98% muslim), and who has been attacked for her wanting to break free from it.

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