Sunday, March 29, 2009

Poem about thin people

Friends, Healthy Dames, Lend me your fat,
For I am too thin and that's a fact!

My body disposes of every nutrition thrown at it
I've been called Skeletor and sometimes I really look like it

All those great-looking body-hugging tees, they melt my heart
Though if I put one on, I certainly won't look the part!

I can't feel my hands and feet in winters cold
While upon me many times my shirt will fold

When I stuff in more food to balance my BMI,
The signs aren't good, like floating interest on an EMI

My system suddenly reacts, disposes of the excess mass.
In forms of solids, liquids and, well, even Gas!

While most humans can stay afloat in water high enough to gulp air,
My Low-Vol, HD physique makes me sink like a wreck in the seas of despair.

My bones are always knocking about in the auto, bus or on the bike,
And don't make me go horseback or I shall jab the creature like a spike!

And coming back to clothes, O, you don't know the agony..
With all the cool clothes on, I'd look just like an exhibit of anatomy..
Not a jeans will fit well, either too baggy or not going under the knee.
Even a shirt with the right length of sleeves has a torso wide enough for two of me

What to do, 't was God's wish for me to be alag from the rest,
While the rest pray to shed it, I pray for just a little more, then I'd look my best!

We're all screwed one way or the other, do you get the gist
Heck, at least you don't have to see a child's fingers encircle your wrist!

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