Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Harry Potter - The Musical!

All Harry Potter fans out there, there's a new play just uploaded on Youtube

MUCH better than the movies, rib-ticklingly awesome...

Harry Potter - The Musical !!
These people had starred in the movies, then they wouldn't have been so oppressive! Amazing humour, and all the harry potter quips rolled into one! This was a one-show play done free of cost, that will never be done again... fortunately it was taped and now it's rocking the internet!
Note: listen with headphones on or with really loud speakers.

It's right now the 2nd-most subscribed youtube channel this week... Let's make it number 1! Subscribe and start watching right away!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

HOW TO use Google Maps on your cell without internet connection

Google Maps is a terrific application. It gets even more awesome when you have it on your cellphone.
However, there's a catch... internet connection is a must. And, since it's all images, Google Maps is a pretty high volume app, continuously downloading some 100 kbs of data for everytime we move on the map! They do have a cache size but it's pathetically small, and invariably we need to dload when we move the map from A to B.

I thought there's no other way, until I came across this free mobile app: Mobile GMaps.
It's made by somebody else, open source, free, and it has truly empowered me by freeing me from my oppressively priced mobile net connection, and giving me the entire detailed road map of NCR region right on my cell phone!!

Do YOU want this on yours?? Well, of course you do! Here's how:

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