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Interesting Links for July 2017

Interesting Links for July 2017
Was copying some new links into this note and just realized that dude, we're in August now and I haven't published the July'17 links yet! So here, and apologies for some of the last links being from 'the future' :P

There's something new : I'm finally able to properly share the videos from independent media that I've been seeing! I made a script where I'm able to draw out a youtube link's title, publisher and date. You can use it to "make-human-friendly" your youtube links too :
7 Fellowship Programs In India That You Must Not Miss
>> logical question: how can any one person possibly 'not miss' all of them? Whoever takes one will have to miss 6 others! Headline is too expectational! lol!
What is Fake News?  - by PragerU
Millennials in the Workforce, A Generation of Weakness - Simon Sinek
Sweden's Fall: The Cost of Altruism
The Problem With Vegans
TAKING THE RED PILL? - lacigreen
Sweden's Fall: The Cost of Altruism -Roaming Millennial, 2017-03-13
The Problem With Vegans -Roaming Millennial, 2017-05-02
TAKING THE RED PILL? -lacigreen, 2017-05-11
Millennials in the Workforce, A Generation of Weakness - Simon Sinek -After Skool, 2017-01-05
EUROPEAN vs. AMERICAN girls -Barbara4u2c, 2016-03-05
Caught between extremes.  [Red Pill 2] -lacigreen, 2017-05-26
Virtue Of The West With Roaming Millennial -Brittany Pettibone, 2017-04-04
Foreign Aid Doesn't Work | Africa -Blonde in the Belly of the Beast, 2017-06-27
Modern Feminism Is Ruining Our Society  Proof -Feminism Sucks, 2016-10-24
Jordan Peterson: Why You Have To Fight Postmodernism -PhilosophyInsights, 2017-05-23
What happened when I took The Red Pill -•CRITICAL CONDITION•, 2017-05-18
President Trump Tweets CNN Takedown, Fake News Media Lose Their Mind
'Every router in America has been compromised' – McAfee on CIA exploits
Republican Data Firm Leaks Personal Info on 198 Million Voters
Big relief for Arundhati Roy as Supreme Court stays contempt proceedings against her
... for her article in a weekly questioning the incarceration of Delhi University professor G N Saibaba.
>> So freedom of speech is not allowed in India, especially if someone is using it to argue against somebody's imprisonment.
Supreme Court asks Election Commission to respond within two weeks on EVM tampering
Reduce your risk by refusing to link Aadhaar to any databases
By Dr. Anupam Saraph | Jul 2nd 2015
... While the mandating of Aadhaar in contempt of the Supreme Court ruling is destroying the little rule of law, and respect of law in the country. It is also a sign of maximum government, and bad governance.
... The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has admitted on RTI that using the Aadhaar as the sole for electronic KYC, to open bank accounts, has resulted in removal of restriction of Anti-money Laundering Rules, violation of the RBI's Master Circular on KYC, the recommendations of the Financial Action Task Force, and the Basel Standards of keeping customer data. They have been pressured to use Aadhaar to open such accounts through "government consultation" by the Department of Revenue and the UIDAI. This has already opened doors to finance terrorism, execute organized crime, park black money, siphon direct cash transfers of subsidy, and launder money. There are enough incidents in the country, including the arrests of terrorists with fake and multiple Aadhaar cards, that highlight the compromise of national security, money laundering and failure of distinguishing the real from fake through UID.
... Prime Minister Modi in his speech, at the launch of Digital India, rightly expressed grave concerns for cyber warfare at the click of a button. The Aadhaar has made that scenario real as every document linked to it or issued using Aadhaar will make it impossible to distinguish a genuine citizen from a fake one.
UP's brave police officer's reply to Yogi Adityanath after transfer
... Uttar Pradesh's brave lady police officer, Shreshtha Thakur, has taken to Facebook to respond to her sudden transfer by Yogi Adityanath government after she sent five BJP leaders to jail for intimidation.
... Her Facebook post said, "Wherever it goes, it spreads light. A flame doesn't have a house of its own. Got transfer to Bahraich, it's Nepal border, don't worry my friends I am happy ..I accept it as a reward for my good work. .u all are invited to bahraich

Ravish Kumar on GST:
Ravish Kumar Prime Time सरल भाषा में GST को समझें ,GST in Simple Language, Understand what is GST ? -Voice of Dissent, 2017-06-30
Ravish Kumar, Prime Time प्रधानमंत्री की रैली में फिजूलखर्ची क्यों ? -Voice of Dissent, 2017-06-30
Ravish Kumar, GST से छोटे व्यापारियों और कारीगरों  पर पड़ेगा बुरा असर ? Strike by cloth traders. -Voice of Dissent, 2017-06-28
Ravish Kumar Decodes GST -NDTV, 2017-06-30
TVF's Passion ka Bhoot
>> funny, awesome kick-in-the-ribs and reality-check for walkouts like myself ! :P
Customers Bleeding; RBI Offers Only Band-Aid
Confession of Pakistani woman cricketer is a slap to war-mongering Indian channels
... "Let me share a story with you all. In 2005 i saw the Indian team for the 1st time as the Asia cup was held in Pakistan. I was the ball picker during the tornament… I saw Jhulan Goswami. The fastest bowler of that time. I was so impressed that i chose cricket as a career. Specificly fast bowling. "Its a proud moment for me as after 12 years today in 2017 i am playing this ODI World Cup with one of my inspirations and getting more inspired."
NATO and Anti-NATO: Two Sides of the Same Coin? - corbettreport
>> well put thoughts. Cautioning about the tendency to support other bad guys just because they appear to be against US imperial engine.
The Great Replacement
Why People Aren't Getting Married Anymore - brittany pettibone
>> goes into details, and surprising take on "no-fault divorce"
Bad Loans to Industry Increase Dramatically for Public Sector Banks
... As on March 31, 2017, the gross non-performing advances ratio or the bad loans ratio for public sector banks for loans given to industry, stood at 22.3 per cent. This basically means that out of every Rs 100 loans given by public sector banks to the industry, Rs 22.3 has been defaulted on.
... How were things for public sector banks on this front, as on March 31, 2016? The gross non-performing advances ratio for loans given to industry was at around 15 per cent for public sector banks. It has increased dramatically since then by over 700 basis points.
MY LAST EVER VIDEO? - pauljosephwatson, march 2017
>> not his last video, but the point was about youtube stepping over the line and censoring even dissenting opinions by labeling them as extremist content, putting conservative opinions (like opposition to nuclear war with russia) in the same box as ISIS beheading videos. It's demonstrated in this video that youtube already has a restricted mode in place and that entire channels are emptied in this restricted mode, and a user has to sign in to their google account and prove that they are adults to access these videos. Whereas all mainstream news channels, having videos discussing the same issues (but the 'approved' opinions) have all their videos visible in restricted mode.
6 Reasons Left Wing Protests are a Joke - rebelmedia
The truth about feminism and Islam - rebelmedia
F**k Beyoncé -Paul Joseph Watson, 2016-07-11
Katy Perry is a Complete Idiot -Paul Joseph Watson, 2017-05-24
F**k George Clooney -Paul Joseph Watson, 2016-05-13
F**k the Pope -Paul Joseph Watson, 2015-09-24
Taylor Swift Goes 'Full Retard' -Paul Joseph Watson, 2015-05-20

>> Takedowns of several celebrity and influential figures by paul joseph watson
the truth baout popular music - paul joseph watson
transgender gets death threats from leftist hate mob - paul joseph watson
What Do Muslims Really Believe? - infographics video by roaming millenial
"Refugee" vs. Swedish Female Cops
... There's a developing story coming out of Sweden where a male refugee attacks a group of police officers, four in total.
... Since the police officers are females with no guns, batons, pepper spray, or tasers, the refugee (who was saying, "Allahu akbar") was able to easily overpower the police officers.
... The people who were recording the video, likely also refugees, were laughing as a man beat up a woman.
... Not all refugees in the video were bad, though. In fact, a single refugee stepped up to help the police officer and did more to detain the refugee than the cops ever did.
Top Russian Writer Nikolai Starikov Explains Who Is Behind Europe's Refugee Crisis
>> this is from 2015 but that's good, it comes from a fresher, more earlier time in the crisis when all these attacks and rapes, crimes hadn't fully emerged yet. Back then people were predicting what all was to follow and they were wholly ignored.
Saudi-Kuwaiti singer 'insults' the Arab world with facts
>> let's not use the 'insult' word here, that's derogatory to this brave and frank young lady. She points out how Syrians and Iraqis are dying and their own fellow Arab nations have shut the doors on them. How the arabs have been fighting each other since 1400 years, whereas now blaming everything on America and Britain that have come only since 100 years.
>> another arabic interview; he talks about the importance of individuality and how that is missing in the arab world.
"Have no fear - Trump is lying us into war just like the presidents who came before him."
>> briliiant brief coverage of the main wars fought by the USA on the basis of lies.
Alex Jones Speaks Truth To Megyn Kelly -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-06-08
Member Of Hillary's Inner Circle Arrested, Charged WithTREASON as Noose Tightens -MLordandGod, 2017-06-01
Two big reasons my generation hates free speech -Rebel Media, 2017-03-03
George Soros' Plot to Destroy Romania -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-06-09
Before and After Sharia Law: A Cautionary Tale -Rebel Media, 2017-04-24
James Comey Testimony Proves CNN and New York Times Are Fake News -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-06-09
Trump Holds Joint Press Conference, Answers Comey Questions -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-06-09
Video: Comey Self Destructs In Front Of The World -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-06-08
Insane McCain Insists Russian Narrative Real At Comey Hearing -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-06-09
Top Ten Facts From Comey's Testimony -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-06-08
earthrise - Singapore: Asia's Greenest City - earthrise (feature) -Al Jazeera English, 2017-06-01
Turning CO2 into stone in Iceland - earthrise -Al Jazeera English, 2017-05-25
Italy's pollution-eating cement - earthrise -Al Jazeera English, 2017-05-25
earthrise - Surviving drought in South Africa - earthrise -Al Jazeera English, 2017-06-06
The Alt-Lite vs Free Speech -Lauren Southern, 2017-06-25
earthrise - Nepal's plant clinics - earthrise -Al Jazeera English, 2017-06-06
Kathy Griffin *&#@* Trump to Get Fame (Explicit Warning) -JoshTolley, 2017-05-30
Florida Lt. Gov: It is Time to Open Investigation into Comey, Lynch, and Clinton! -JoshTolley, 2017-06-13
Sargon of Akkad Response: Journalism vs Activism -Lauren Southern, 2017-06-27
Colombia's Lego Homes - earthrise (lead) -Al Jazeera English, 2017-06-01
Was Mike Rowe Wrong About Trade Jobs and College? -JoshTolley, 2017-06-19
Theresa May Keeps Control of Britain -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-06-09
WTF I'M GAY NOW?! (+Pics) -Lauren Southern, 2017-06-23
If Black People Hear This...The World Will Change Forever -JoshTolley, 2017-06-07
Josh Tolley Fighting Globalist Agenda 21...Like a Boss!! -JoshTolley, 2017-06-16
CNN's Proverbial Nail in the Coffin -PressResetEarth, 2017-06-28
NEW Gravitational Wave Discovery! -Veritasium, 2017-06-01
President Donald Trump's Travel Ban Reinstated | True News -Stefan Molyneux, 2017-06-26
Inside America's dead shopping malls | Dan Bell -TED, 2017-04-10
Thomas Sowell - 3 Questions for the Left -ZeroFox Given, 2017-04-21
"The Solution to White Supremacy is White Abortion" -PressResetEarth, 2017-06-27
Learning from dirty jobs | Mike Rowe -TED, 2009-03-05
earthrise - China's Transport Revolution - earthrise -Al Jazeera English, 2017-06-21
earthrise - NASA's Kepler space telescope finds 10 Earth-like planets -Al Jazeera English, 2017-06-20
Meet The Man Who Went To Prison To Expose US War Crimes -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-06-27
Faith Goldy: The Coming Millennial Civil War -Rebel Media, 2017-04-05
Liberals Begin to Turn on Each Other As Russia Lie Collapses -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-06-27
Why do the ENGINEERS Hate HUMANS? EXPLAINED -Viral Killer, 2017-06-17
Washington Post Defecates On Barack Obama -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-06-28
Where I've Been -PressResetEarth, 2017-06-24
Eric Trump Slams Leftists Calling For Father's Assassination -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-06-27
Why Do Liberals Despise the European Race? -VertigoPolitix, 2017-03-14
Austrian Joins ISIS, Becomes Postergirl, Gets Beaten to Death -PJ Media, 2015-12-02
Water Cup Brings People Together (वॉटर कप साठी लोक आले एकत्र) -Paani Foundation, 2017-05-31
Village Strives to Escape Drought's Grip (गावकऱ्यांच्या प्रयत्नातून दुष्काळाचे निवारण) -Paani Foundation, 2017-06-15
Strong Finland Woman Shows The World how to talk to Muslims and Migrants! -Rob Lee, 2016-12-29
Emergency: Globalists Plan New False Flag In Syria -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-06-27
Death On The High Seas: Destroyer Crash Proves Dangers Of Autonomous Vehicles -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-06-27
How Jail Inmates Volunteered for Water Cup 2017 (वॉटर कपसाठी कैद्यांनी केले श्रमदान) -Paani Foundation, 2017-06-15
John Oliver Wants YOU to Take in Syrian Refugees! | Debunking Last Week Tonight -Roaming Millennial, 2016-10-23
Body Positivity: Please Tell Me I'm Pretty! -Roaming Millennial, 2017-03-16
Muslims Taking Over a Poor Small Town in Tennessee!  Your Town Next! -Rob Lee, 2016-12-28
Finnish man tells Muslims what they are, Like a Boss! Now get the hell out! -Rob Lee, 2017-01-11
CNN's Trail Of Lies -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-06-28
"HANDS OFF MY CULTURE!" | The Myth of Cultural Appropriation -Roaming Millennial, 2016-08-19
"OBESITY IS BEAUTIFUL!!!" | Fat Pride and Fat Acceptance -Roaming Millennial, 2016-07-16
The Truth About Milo -Paul Joseph Watson, 2016-07-20
A message to the feminists who attacked Lauren Southern with urine -Rebel Media, 2016-03-10
A Sikhs Response to Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs in Rotherham - Sikh Awareness Society -SikhAwarenessSociety, 2016-02-28
What the Hell Happened to the Left? -Rebel Media, 2017-01-27
German MP Gives Startling Revelation -VertigoPolitix, 2017-01-18
Why Trump was right to reject the "Global Warming Scam" -Rebel Media, 2017-06-03
Why I'm Not A Feminist | Women Against Feminism -Roaming Millennial, 2016-12-13
Barbara Kay: No consequences for women who "stealth" men -Rebel Media, 2017-05-12
Milo Explains To Gavin McInnes Why He's Winning -MILO, 2015-11-24
Syrians return home as gov't retakes key cities -RT America, 2017-07-05
Did You Hear What Was Just Spotted in Antarctica? Get Ready! -JoshTolley, 2017-07-05
Why is VENEZUELA a CATASTROPHY? - VisualPolitik EN -VisualPolitik EN, 2017-01-26
CNN Goes COMPLETELY INSANE, Threatens to Dox Reddit User Over Meme -corbettreport, 2017-07-05
SHOCK UN WARNING: Only 3 YEARS Left to SAVE THE PLANET!!! -corbettreport, 2017-07-04
>> hilarious and well-pointed takedown of these repeating fearmongering articles that don't run on properly checked data
CNN Blackmail Scandal: What They Are Not Telling You -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-07-06
Alex Jones 4th Of July Message To The Living Dead -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-07-04
The Truth About Standing Rock -Rebel Media, 2017-02-28
Top 10 Things Wrong With Kids These Days -Rebel Media, 2016-05-06
Single moms: Stop talking about how brave & cool you are -Rebel Media, 2016-03-18
FULL Unedited Interview of Putin Smashing Megyn Kelly -Russia Insider, 2017-06-09
NARENDRA MODI makes VLADIMIR PUTIN laughs at US Journalist Kelly -WC Daily, 2017-06-05
Putin Says to Name Deep State Names and Their Crimes OR He Will -The Common Sense Show, 2017-07-06
German Goverment Swat Teaming Homes for Free Speech on Social Media- America Is Next -The Common Sense Show, 2017-07-03
Why Parents Should Homeschool Their Children -The Common Sense Show, 2017-07-01
Starving Venezuelan Girls Being Recruited for Horrific Deep State Activities Says St Dept Source -The Common Sense Show, 2017-07-02
Breaking-Hillary Is Being Sacrificed to Maintain the Secret -The Common Sense Show, 2017-07-04
The End Game for the Deep State-Hagmann and Hodges- The CSS- 7/2/17 (Hr 1) -The Common Sense Show, 2017-07-03
Two Massive Debt Bubbles Ready to Crash the Economy According to Junes Economic Report -The Common Sense Show, 2017-07-05
What Central Banks Have Done Is "Stunning, Unprecedented" -The Common Sense Show, 2017-04-30
The DNC Voter Fraud Witnesses Keep Disappearing -The Common Sense Show, 2017-07-05
Did You Feel The Shift With China, Russia & The US? - Episode 1324b -X22Report, 2017-07-05
The Fate Of The World Does Not Lie In The Hands Of The Elite - Episode 1322b -X22Report, 2017-07-03
The Most Accurate Economic Predictor Just Rolled Over,You Know What Happens Next - Episode 1324a -X22Report, 2017-07-05
It's All Falling Apart, The Entire Illusion Is Coming To An End - Episode 1321b -X22Report, 2017-07-02
Putin Warns The World, The Global Economy Is About To Change - Episode 1296a -X22Report, 2017-06-02
The World Is Being Distracted On Purpose, Here's Why - Episode 1318b -X22Report, 2017-06-29
Setup Initiated, The Central Banks Are Close To Pulling The Plug On The Economy - Episode 1312a -X22Report, 2017-06-21
Who Are the Real Fascists? -Rebel Media, 2017-02-10
Fmr. Congresswoman Cynthia Mckinney Exposes Pedo's Inside Trump Admin -WeAreChange, 2017-04-03
Red Pill Expo, conference in June 2017, USA
The conference was held on June 22-23. The free video replay will start soon.
Speakers lineup has the best truth-tellers around, people with a long track record and who have blown the lid off 9/11, cancer, GMOs, EU, Federal Reserve.. lot of awesome folks whom ironically the global elites, the banksters, the warmongers as well as the global left, liberal news agencies like Guardian and major academia and the main NGO sector will not want you to hear, which is why you SHOULD hear what these folks have to say.
Where Are All The Good Men And Women? -Brittany Pettibone, 2017-05-29
Honest Intellectual Arab Muslim (ArteTuga Mirror) -TheUria24, 2010-12-16
Migrant Sex Crimes Soar In Germany | Angela Merkel | European Union -The Iconoclast, 2017-06-28
Bayer Study Finds Bayer Pesticides Are Killing Bees - #NewWorldNextWeek -corbettreport, 2017-07-06
Paul Weston: Civil War in Europe: Which Side Are You on? -Liberty GB, 2017-06-20
Trump vs CNN: ULTIMATE MEME COMPILATION! -Paul Joseph Watson, 2017-07-06
Infowars Exclusive Video Presentation At The Red Pill Expo -Millennial Millie, 2017-06-27
Red Pill Expo In Bozeman, MT Teaser -Millennial Millie, 2017-06-27
G. Edward Griffin on The Red Pill Expo & The Launch Of The Red Pill University! -World Alternative Media, 2017-07-05
The Red Pill Expo – More Serious Than It Sounds! (G. Edward Griffin Explains) -World Alternative Media, 2017-05-02
Will The Left Disavow Violence Towards The Right? -Millennial Millie, 2017-06-20
George Clooney is a Complete Idiot -Paul Joseph Watson, 2017-07-07
Breaking: Trump Just Massively Outsmarted The Communist Chinese, Soros, And The NWO With Russia Deal -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-07-08
CHECK OUT Who's Funding the G20 RIOTERS
>> links to Soros again. The man loves making protests violent.
Breaking: US, Russia Reach Deal on Syria Cease-Fire – Huge Trump Victory
This is a major diplomatic win for Trump, and a reversal of Obama's warmongering
Pope Francis Decries 'Very Dangerous Alliance' Between U.S. and Russia
Pope says greatest concern was the 'danger for immigration'
>> suddenly the two main powers on earth have a very distorted view of the world! LOL!
Is Trump's investigation of vaccine-dangers dead?
Does Trump want yet another media war, this time over vaccines?
IRS shuts down mom and pop dressmaker, sells dresses within hours
>> case highlighting serious intrusive-big-state behaviour by US's IRS, destroying people's whole life's work in the name of collecting taxes but zero transparency about it and doing in a way that doesn't even bring the govt any benefit.
China tests self-sustaining space station in Beijing
...Sealed behind the steel doors of two bunkers in a Beijing suburb, university students are trying to find out how it feels to live in a space station on another planet, recycling everything from plant cuttings to urine. They are part of a project aimed at creating a self-sustaining ecosystem that provides everything humans need to survive.
I'm Sorry. -Lauren Southern, 2017-07-07
#DefendEurope Mission Begins! -Lauren Southern, 2017-07-10
>> highlights a serious neglect by pro-refugee-welcome groups : human smugglers are making a killing off their goodwill, rippling migrants off and literally putting the very people they want to help, in serious harm's way cramming them into boats and drowning them in the Mediterranean. While they'll decry this move, the people trying to stop the human smuggling are actually trying to prevent these unnecessary deaths and trying to bring some semblance of regulation, legality, monitoring back to the Mediterranean that the EU govts have deliberately switched off.
Moscow does not believe in tears: Syrian Refugees in Russia -RTVi in English, 2015-10-29
FULL Press Conference of Russian President Putin's Following G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany -Russia Insider, 2017-07-09
Putin: US Position on Syria Became More Pragmatic -Russia Insider, 2017-07-10
Milo Yiannopoulos "THERE ARE THREE GENDERS! MALE, FEMALE AND RETARDED" -Milo Yiannopoulos Extra, 2017-03-12
Another Government Scam  by Bill Bonner
>> highlights the invasive nature of government env or welfare related rules; and gives a perspective of the flip side of the usual "we should make so and so green measures compulsory" statements we keep hearing from the env/liberal/ngo side.
Post Demonetisation Real Estate Sales Have Collapsed, But Prices Haven't
>> highlights one good tax reform that is now dissuading rich people from buying (and blocking) second, third homes as merely a tax evasion method.
>> with that, it is shown that the demonetization's intention of reigning in real estate black money business hasn't really worked, as the liquidity crunch was just a temporary thing and the builders lobby has the staying power to ride out the low phase, not get desperate to reduce prices, and then get back to the usual game.
Why Indo-Pak peacemongers are true patriots
>> felt like sharing with the warmongers but heck, there's nothing here that would work on them.

A fb post:
Pakistan. You have always intrigued me.
Whenever I asked about you, I was distracted.
The times I spoke about you at family functions and with friends, I was ridiculed.
I could never understand what was so funny about being hateful towards you after an India Pakistan match.
We share so much history. At the end of the day, people on either side of the border sleep wishing for peace.
If you too have been bothered by these thoughts and felt helpless, here's your chance. Let's start conversations. Let's ask difficult questions of 'why?'
Register here to build bridges and enter another world, which is so near, yet made to feel so distant. :)

PS - Haa bhai, hu mai anti-national. Bas?
#voiceofram #voiceoframvolunteer #pakistan #peace

Related links:
"Never ever threaten us with rape again" say college girls, from across India, to political parties!
... "Everyone is aware of how ABVP people behave and the beating up of protestors was not surprising but what disturbed me and other girls in my college is that ABVP goons threatened female protestors with rape… that is absolutely wrong! That is unacceptable!"
Faith Goldy: Islamists Erase Christian History in Iraq -Rebel Media, 2017-07-12
Black, Millennial, Female and… Conservative -PragerU, 2017-07-13
Gavin McInnes: Why is the Left Promoting Pedophilia? -Paul Joseph Watson, 2016-05-20
Sex Content on YouTube... For Kids? -Rebel Media, 2017-06-26
Can We Finish the Mainstream Media? -Blonde in the Belly of the Beast, 2017-07-11
SWEDEN IS STILL TOTALLY NUTS -Paul Joseph Watson, 2017-07-12
Study Finds People Who Fall For Nonsense Inspirational Quotes Are Less Intelligent
"The unexplainable is in the midst of boundless chaos."
New Age bullshit generator

Muslims React to Gay Muslim Marriage -Paul Joseph Watson, 2017-07-13
The Consequences of "Trading Up" -Lauren Southern, 2017-07-13
Europe in the Year 2030 -VertigoPolitix, 2017-03-06
Italian Catholics and Muslims; It's reached the Boiling Point! -Rob Lee, 2017-01-18
Plunging Enrollment at Mizzou | New York Times -Blonde in the Belly of the Beast, 2017-07-16
Trudeau to give Clinton Foundation $241M from taxpayers -Rebel Media, 2017-07-14
Creator of the Red Pill movie
The Red Pill (2017) - Movie Trailer -Cassie Jaye, 2017-01-20
Cassie Jaye's Presentation at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) - May 2017 -Cassie Jaye, 2017-05-15
John Gormley interviews Cassie Jaye about The Red Pill (AUDIO ONLY)  - 12.12.16 -Cassie Jaye, 2016-12-12
Mother/daughter team behind "The Red Pill" movie win the 'Women In Film' Award -Cassie Jaye, 2017-05-26
Faith Goldy: Is Soy Feminizing the West? -Rebel Media, 2017-06-15
Faith Goldy: Iraq's Christian Genocide -Rebel Media, 2017-07-17
The Streets of Paris -Lauren Southern, 2017-07-15
New Study: Chemotherapy Can Help Spread Cancer, Cause More Aggresive Tumors -corbettreport, 2017-07-11
Orwell's Nightmare: Temperature Adjustments and Climate Change -corbettreport, 2017-07-14
Italians Are In the Streets for the Same Reasons That Americans Will Soon Be -The Common Sense Show, 2017-07-17
America Has a New Threat From a Very Unexpected Source -CANADA! -The Common Sense Show, 2017-07-17
WOW Government Official Admits to FBI Coup Attempt on Trump -JoshTolley, 2017-07-12
Illegal Immigration Down 63% As Trump Border Wall Begins Construction -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-07-17
Best Of CNN Blackmail Memes - Episode 13 -Funny Rednecks, 2017-07-17
ANOTHER Clinton/Russia Investigator Found Dead (2017) "Suicide" -JoshTolley, 2017-07-14
Did You Hear What Was Just Spotted in Antarctica? Get Ready! -JoshTolley, 2017-07-05
College is NOT the Path to Success - Gary Vaynerchuk & Casey Neistat -After Skool, 2017-04-11
10 years of OpenStreetMap : multiple fade-ins of road networks over the years. This link is of Pune
[Techie Tuesdays] Meet Arun Ganesh, the 29-year-old map man of India
>> this guy is PlaneMad, the chief contributor of pune's roads etc on OSM!
Tourism Up Under Trump, Collapses in Europe Following Terror & Migrant Invasion
Euro holiday destinations shunned by travelers concerned about safety
Ebook on data visualization
My good friend and mentor Reena's poster on Adventures Beyond Barriers. She is part of a tandem cycling team that will cycle on Khardung La pass in Ladakh. She will share a tandem cycle with a blind cyclist.
Demonetisation: Digital transactions show a declining trend since March
The number of digital transactions has come down from 119.07 crore in March 2017 to 118.01 crore in April .
Maharashtra's open school to start from 2018
Maharashtra to start open schooling board from next academic year
>> little more detail on the how
Open school lectures to be broadcast on TV and radio
Pakistan court lifts ban on Indian TV shows, actors welcome the decision
Television actors such as Arjun Bijlani and Karan Patel are happy that their shows can now again reach their Pakistani fans without any problem. Shows like Naagin have been big hits in Pakistan.
Video: Why isn't media reporting AAP's good work
Harming the organic farming movement
The draft regulations will dissuade small farmers from practising organic farming
The Relationship Between Body pH and Disease (and other facts you're not supposed to know)
pH Food Chart
Oh PETA, you crazy f**ks
>> Exposing some hypocritical things PETA does
Rethinking busy life - by Manish Hatwalne
>> He advocates for companies to give jobs to people with families at lesser pay for lesser time etc. Which is great and I've actually heard multiple friends in Pune itself talking about this : that they requested a lot to their company to be allowed to work half time and they would gladly take lesser pay, but their companies wouldn't entertain the offer and these people, at very peak in their careers and doing very well at work, quit their jobs because of this.
Video: Ancient water system in Sri Lanka to help build climate resilience
... Sri Lanka, which lies just south of India, has about 80% of its area covered by a dry zone prone to water scarcity. This meant that people would only be able to work their land during the wet season. However, around 300 BC, King Pandukabhaya was the first of many ancient kings to start building a network of water tanks for rain harvesting - a network that still exists today. Canals connect the tanks to large reservoirs. This creates a cascading system that uses the natural topography of the land to collect every drop of rain and distribute it.
Four forestry initiatives Pakistan is taking to fight climate change
... The Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa government initiated a unique forestry programme called the Billion Trees Tsunami Afforestation Project to increase forest cover in the province. The project will reach its target of one billion trees in K-P by this year's end – earlier than the initial deadline of 2018. It has so far planted 750 million trees across the province and created job opportunities for 500,000 people. The initiative has also led to unprecedented natural regeneration in K-P's forests up to 2300 plants/ha.
... The project has been recognised as the fourth biggest initiative of afforestation/reforestation in the world and is the only provincial initiative to be recognised under the Bonn Challenge – a voluntary initiative to restore 150 million hectares of the world's deforested and degraded land by 2020 and 350 million hectares by 2030.

Some focus on history's largest genocide:
Scholars Continue to Reveal Mao's Monstrosities
Exiled Chinese historians emerge with evidence of cannibalism and up to 80 million deaths under the communist leader's regime.
Why did so many people commit suicide during the Cultural Revolution in China?
 Great Chinese Famine
China: the Cultural Revolution - a paper on a site called Mass Atrocity Endings : Documenting declines in civilian fatalities

... The Daily Caller has compiled a list of violent attacks on Trump supporters. Despite there clearly being a sustained violent hate crime wave targeting Trump supporters since well before the election, culminating in anti-Trump gunman James T. Hodgkinson attempting to massacre Republican lawmakers, the media has buried this narrative.
Early morning protest against building of new mosque
... The incident is similar to when Swedish activists visited a wealthy neighborhood of pro-multicuturalism leftists to broadcast the same call to prayer early in the morning.
Find out the truth about Charlie Gard
... Why is a hospital fighting so hard to block parents with a child dying from a rare condition from getting experimental medical treatment another hospital is offering for free?
Would it damage the reputation of the hospital "revered as one of the world's best children's hospitals" if another hospital succeeded where they failed?
Top globalist corporation looks to shut down Infowars
>> its been on the wall since a long time now: infowars etc need to have an alternative to youtube
Site believed to average between $600K and $800K in sales every day
Top globalists want to enslave humanity using suppressed technology
It wasn't just the Saudis...
Assange said they "buried the lede"
... Wikileaks' Julian Assange is continuing his attempt to "take down America any way he can" by accurately reporting the truth.
Officials stop Dem's censorship program
... Weintraub is one of two Democrats serving on the FEC's five-member board and, interestingly, she has taken at least 30 foreign trips funded by foreign governments and taxpayers while serving at the FEC.
... "It's pretty easy to see how this quickly becomes an inquisition into conservative media outlets," an elections laws expert said to the Washington Examiner. "Commissioner Weintraub appears to be laying the groundwork to subpoena people at Breitbart, Drudge, and Infowars – maybe even Matt Drudge and Alex Jones themselves."
"It's inevitable"
Up to 40% of asylum seekers in Switzerland 'disappear'– report
Swiss commune calls not to rent homes to refugees, fears financial disaster
... "The fact is that these mostly young men were recognized by Switzerland as refugees and will stay here in all likelihood the rest of their lives," Patrizia Bertschi, president of the Aargau Asylum Network Association, said.
>> OK so someone is admitting that majority of the refugees they've been getting are "mostly young men". Where are the women and children and aged?
>> learned about Protonmail here
... Founded in 2015, the American multinational conglomerate Alphabet Inc. was created as a parent company of Google and several former Google subsidiaries. Alphabet Inc. made a whopping $90.27 billion in 2016, and has over $160 billion in total assets. This multinational conglomerate owns 12 separate companies, each of which has an incredible stranglehold in their areas of expertise.
A United Nations document from 2000 exposes "The Great People Replacement" as their final solution.
We're struggling out here, pleads tearful man
The end of the petrodollar
... Russian exports increased 29.3 percent to $20.34 billion, while Chinese exports to Russia were up 22.2 percent to $19.44 billion.
>> Bloody hell, Russia is exporting more to China than China is exporting to Russia??
... In July, the Russian Direct Investment Fund and the China Development Bank (CDB) agreed to establish a Russian-Chinese investment fund worth 68 billion yuan ($10 billion). It was created to make settlements in ruble and yuan easier.
Both Moscow and Beijing have repeatedly talked about the importance of payments in local currencies for bilateral trade.
... The countries are also jointly building the Power of Siberia gas pipeline, and a liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility on the Yamal Peninsula in the Russian Arctic. Over the past year, Russia has overtaken Saudi Arabia as China's top oil supplier.
... China is building a new transport corridor to Europe as part of the Belt and Road Initiative (also known as the New Silk Road), which goes through Kazakhstan and Russia to Europe.China is building a new transport corridor to Europe as part of the Belt and Road Initiative (also known as the New Silk Road), which goes through Kazakhstan and Russia to Europe.
The mainstream media is silent about this death
... Eberwein was a former Haitian government official who was expected to expose the extent of Clinton Foundation corruption and malpractice next week. He has been found dead in Miami at the age of 50.
... the official cause of death is "gunshot to the head." Eberwein's death has been registered as "suicide" by the government. But not long before his death, he acknowledged that his life was in danger because he was outspoken on the criminal activities of the Clinton Foundation.
... Eberwein was a fierce critic of the Clinton Foundation's activities in the Caribbean island, where he served as director general of the government's economic development agency, Fonds d'assistance économique et social, for three years. "The Clinton Foundation, they are criminals, they are thieves, they are liars, they are a disgrace,"
... Eberwein was due to appear on Tuesday before the Haitian Senate Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission where he was widely expected to testify that the Clinton Foundation misappropriated Haiti earthquake donations from international donors.
... Eberwein was expected to testify against the Clinton Foundation in court and ends up committing suicide shortly before.  Where have we heard this before?  Untimely deaths seem to follow the Clinton's around, and this one especially is probably something – considering since the mainstream media is silent about this death.
Kremlin calls anonymous WH sources highway thieves
... The foreign minister said he hopes that the Trump administration has people with logic who understand that their predecessors in the Obama administration decided to seize the Russian property, as well as expel 35 Russian diplomats, in "a state of agony."
According to Lavrov, the Obama-led authorities did not know "how else they could ruin [Moscow's] relations with Washington in such a way that the Trump administration would fail to restore them."
>> Point. Obama did this in the twilight days of his presidency, obviously free of diplomatic repercussions
"I'm not for any taxpayer money going to an industry that makes $15 billion a year."
...Survivors urge Theresa May to release report detailing funding of Wahhabi terror
Survivors of the 9/11 attacks are urging May to release a suppressed report commissioned by former Prime Minister David Cameron detailing the funding of Wahhabi terror with a money trail that leads to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The 9/11 survivor's letter reads: "The UK now has the unique historic opportunity to stop this killing spree of Wahhabist-inspired terrorists by releasing the UK's Government report on terrorism financing in the UK which, according to media reports, places Saudi Arabia at its centre of culpability. The longer Saudi Arabia's complicity is hidden from sunlight, the longer terrorism will continue. We respectfully urge you to release the report now, finished or unfinished. We ask you to consider all the victims of state-sponsored, Saudi-financed terrorism, their families and the survivors in the UK and all over the world. Additionally, our democratic freedoms continue to be compromised. How can the UK public have confidence in their safety if nothing changes?"
Gates And Zuckerberg Push For Breakaway Technocratic Civilization -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-07-20
Trump-Russia Collusion Lie Created To Hide Crimes Of Hillary Clinton -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-07-12
Mark Dice Exposes Sun Valley Plan To End Internet Freedom -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-07-21
Mark Dice Talks About MTV/Hollywood's Pathetic Collapse -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-07-21
Google-Owned YouTube Launches Worst Censorship Yet -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-07-21
INVASION-21: UN Document Plans People Replacement War Against West -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-07-22
Climate Deal Was Nothing But Giant Screw Job For The American People -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-07-14
Stefan Molyneux: It's Now Or Never, Victory Or Death Against Globalism -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-07-21
Shocking Footage: Media Caught Covering Up Clinton's Ongoing Looting Of Haiti -The Alex Jones Channel, 2016-10-19
Trump Delivering The Hope Obama Promised -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-07-14
Cover Up: UK Denies 9/11 Survivors The Truth -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-07-22
17-year-old festival goer held down by three Afghan migrants
... The mayor of Schorndorf, Matthias Klopfer, had some usually strong words to say about the violence, given that German politicians typically preach "tolerance" in response to migrant rape.
... "It is crystal clear: We don't tolerate such excesses, we don't give room for lawlessness, and we have zero tolerance for violence, sexual assaults and attacks against the police," he said. But it remains to be seen what will happen to the migrants who were arrested.
... Typically, rapes by migrants are downplayed as "cultural misunderstandings" and thus the victims never receive justice, meaning that it's practically legal for Muslim migrants to rape Germans.
... "After importing real rape culture into their societies, the people of Germany are rarely successful at reporting cases against Muslim miscreants, and even more rarely at winning them," remarked Damian Black of Return of Kings. "Police would rather cover up these crimes, including rapes of their own women, than risk their careers and income, for fear of being branded an Islamophobe in a multicultural society."
Western Europe on path to legalize rape committed by migrants
... France, Sweden, Germany and other European nations are on a path to legalize rape committed by migrants because it's "their culture." As shocking as this might seem, a recent number of rapists who avoided severe punishment suggests there's a precedent already in place to decriminalize rapes by migrants because they don't "culturally understand" Western rape laws or even the word "no." In short, rapes by migrants are downplayed as "cultural misunderstandings" and thus the victims never receive justice, meaning that "de facto" rape legalization is, for the most part, already in place.
... according to the judge, what the victim "had experienced as rape," including having her head shoved between two bed posts after she said no, might be "culturally" considered "wild sex" in Turkey.
... "Nothing was hidden, nothing concealed; all evidence was confirmed and understood, only to be disregarded as an ethnic misunderstanding."
... a Muslim in Sweden avoided jail for anally raping a teenager because he "couldn't understand no," according to the Hovrätten (royal court) of Western Sweden.
... The court sided with the migrant even further by suggesting the girl's repeated "no" only pertained to forced anal sex, which the judges somehow did not consider rape.
... This is a real rape culture taking place in Europe, but don't expect American feminists to take much notice.
After a little over a year on the job, he decided to slit his female employer's throat
"The president, of course, is leading the charge for civil rights today..."
>> really goes against the narrative, doesn't it?
Women's March wished Shakur a happy birthday on Sunday, calling her a "revolutionary" and a "sign of resistance."
Thousands of leftists may have double-voted for socialist Corbyn
Probe is launched into 'students who voted TWICE for Jeremy Corbyn': Election watchdog investigates 1,000 complaints after surges in registrations in University towns
Electoral Commission investigating 'troubling' evidence of polling day illegality
Watchdog warned a change in the law might be needed to catch offenders
By having term-time and home addresses, students can register in two places
Tory MPs believe thousands may have taken advantage of this opportunity
After the election a number boasted on social media of multiple voting
>> boasted on social media : telltale signs of useful but fallible idiots
... The commission said that it had received more than 1,000 emails from the public as well as 38 complaints from MPs.
The watchdog said it lacked evidence of 'widespread abuse' but acknowledged that no checks were made to spot multiple voting.
>> didn't do any checks, and then saying there's no evidence. Did they try to find evidence first?
... Did it affect the outcome of the election? I think it might have done. There were lots of seats where 40 or 50 votes made all the difference.'
... The commission highlighted unusual surges in voter registration in a number of university towns and cities, including Canterbury where Labour won the seat for the first time.
DC police report exposes FBI cover-up in Seth Rich murder case
... has obtained a copy of the Washington Metropolitan D.C. Police Department report regarding the FBI vehicle burglarized on July 10, 2016, making it clear the incident was unrelated to the Seth Rich murder case, but also revealing that after WikiLeaks began publishing the DNC emails on July 22, the FBI changed the time of the vehicle break-in and weapons theft to a time before Seth Rich was killed on July 10, so as to link the two events and suggest his killers were the burglars who stole the FBI weapons from the car.
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Teacher calls her students racists for supporting Trump
... Infowars has documented many of these incidents, including –
A Dallas teacher squirting a water gun at an image of President Trump while yelling "Die!"
An Orange Coast College teacher calling Trump's victory an "act of terrorism"
A California teacher telling her class she lost a $100 bet because President Trump had not been shot on Inauguration Day
A St. Joseph's University professor telling his class 'people will die because of white Trump supporters'
A New Jersey teacher suspended after editing 'Trump' emblems off students' clothing in the yearbook
There are many indicators that Generation Z could be the most conservative generation since World War II, potentially acting as a powerful antidote to the more liberal Generation Y and Millennials – and leftist educators.
More concerned about mean tweets & criticism of Islam than actual shooting
... After a Somali police officer in Minneapolis shot dead 40-year-old Australian Justine Damond in what appears to be a senseless murder, the Washington Post's primary concern was to fret about "Islamophobia" and a "backlash" against the Somali community.
... Yoga teacher Damond was gunned down by Somali-American police officer Mohamed Noor after she called the police to report a crime on Saturday night near her upscale Minneapolis home.
... Damond, who was set to marry her American fiance Don Damond next month, was in her pajamas talking to Noor's colleague on the driver side of the police vehicle before Noor leaned over from the passenger side and shot Damond multiple times.
... Despite being under numerous different investigations, the Post pushes the narrative that Noor was a "role model" for multiculturalism and Muslim integration.
The tone of the piece is similar to those we see after every single terror attack in Europe, where worries about hurt feelings are placed above concerns about people literally being blown up by Islamic terrorists.
Hillary opposed US sanctions against rights abusers
... Fox News has been investigating the fact that Hillary Clinton's opposition to the Magnitsky bill, also opposed by lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, actually coincided with a $500,000 speech Hillary's husband gave in Moscow to Renaissance Capital, an investment bank with ties to the Kremlin.
... "With the help of the research team, we killed a Bloomberg story trying to link HRC's opposition to the Magnitsky bill a $500,000 speech that WJC gave in Moscow," Jesse Lehrich, on the Rapid Response Communications team for Hillary For America, boasted on May 21, 2015, according to the Wikileaks files.
...  Gov. Mike Huckabee : "Russians I met today say they never saw @realDonaldTrump here but want the 500k back that Bill Clinton got for speech."
... "At St Catherine Palace in St Petersburg Russia. To SJW, MSM, and snowflakes-avoid my tweets next 2 days from Russia-U will B triggered!"
"I couldn't ask any questions because I'm white."
... "Immediately when I got off the elevator I was told that I couldn't go into the room because I was white."
...During the interview, she recounted an experience she had while trying to attend a meeting that some students had with the school's president, George Bridges, on the 4th floor of the school's library.
...Eventually, she said, "I was told that I was allowed to go in, but I couldn't speak; I couldn't express my concerns; I couldn't ask any questions because I'm white. And I had to stand in the back."
... Upon entering the meeting room, Kyger said she was "disgusted" by the scene that greeted her, saying, "people were standing on chairs, yelling at George, screaming profanities at him," all while faculty members stood against a wall behind her "cheering on" the rambunctious students.
"I'm all for actual social justice. I just…I don't think what the people at Evergreen are asking for is social justice," Kyger told Boyce. "Focusing on the color of someone's skin or treating them differently based on their skin color, which is what they're asking for…That, to me, is racism."
Stunted By Social Justice: An Evergreen Student Speaks -Benjamin Boyce, 2017-07-16
Gavin Mcinnes Asks: Why Do Leftists Defend Sharia? -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-07-18
What A Joke! MSM Says Trump Having Public G20 Dinner And Talking To Putin Is Sinister -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-07-19
Mark Dice video labeled "misleading" and removed by Google-owned company
Mark Dice video labeled "misleading" and removed by Google-owned company
... Popular conservative YouTuber Mark Dice, who has well over a million subscribers, revealed today how his original video, entitled, "This is CNN," had been completely removed from YouTube, with the company claiming it contained "misleading" information.
.. "My video exposing CNN for being fake news was taken down by YouTube saying that I was fake news," said Dice, adding that YouTube didn't give him a community or copyright strike, they simply set the video to "private," making it invisible to the public.
... After Dice encouraged his fans to "tweet storm" YouTube's customer service, the video was restored.
... The justification that the video was removed because it was "misleading" is of course completely subjective and opens up a chilling new precedent of YouTube censoring videos for containing opinions that contradict leftist narratives.
... "After the 2016 election, the Establishment realized YouTube wasn't just for funny cat videos or even posting news clips, but that people were developing careers on the platform as independent news analysts and commentators which only serves to erode the viewership and credibility of mainstream media even more, so we're seen as a huge problem," he added.
... YouTube was also on the receiving end of a backlash earlier this year when it began mass demonitization of videos that were deemed to be non-advertiser friendly. The purge included a substantial amount of political commentary.
Obama-era program saw US weapons repeatedly reach jihadists
>> You want to help all those refugees? Then THIS is what was supposed to be done right from the beginning, smack in the middle of Obama's term
... Trump's decision was followed by the recent announcement of a cease-fire in southwest Syria with Russia. Trump also stated earlier this month the potential for a second cease-fire in the region. "We are working on the second cease-fire in a very rough part of Syria," Trump said. "If we get that and a few more, all of a sudden we are going to have no bullets being fired in Syria."
... In September 2015 a group of US-backed rebels known as Division 30 were found to have handed their weapons over to Syrian al-Qaeda affiliate Jahbat al-Nusra only one week after entering the country.
.. The Free Syrian Army, a group funded and armed by the Obama administration, admitted in 2014 to fighting alongside numerous terrorist organizations in Syria including the Islamic State.
... Agence France-Presse reported in 2014 that moderate rebel groups backed by the White House even went as far as to sign a non-aggression pact with the Islamic State in order to focus their efforts against the Assad government.
... In May of 2015 a declassified government document obtained by conservative watchdog Judicial Watch also revealed the Obama administration moved forward with support for Salafist groups despite predicting it would lead to the rise of an entity like the Islamic State.
... "Despite anticipating that Western, Gulf state and Turkish support for the 'Syrian opposition' — which included al-Qaeda in Iraq — could lead to the emergence of an 'Islamic State' in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the document provides no indication of any decision to reverse the policy of support to the Syrian rebels. On the contrary, the emergence of an al-Qaeda affiliated 'Salafist Principality' as a result is described as a strategic opportunity to isolate Assad."
Islamist Khan presiding over explosion in jihad-like attacks
... Acid attacks in the UK have become commonplace within a very short period of time, and it is now considered the acid attack capital of the world, according to Acid Survivors Trust International (ASTI) director, Jaf Shah.
... Paul Joseph Watston explained on yesterday's broadcast of the Alex Jones radio show that the "clear majority of these attacks are taking place in Newham and Tower Hamlets, two boroughs of London that – surprise, surprise – are Muslim ghettos."
... Last week, a teenager on a moped carried out five acid attacks in under 90 minutes before being apprehended by police. Some of his victims were left with "life-changing" injuries, and one man is likely to lose sight in one of his eyes.
...On July 4, a heavily pregnant woman had acid thrown across her stomach and her partner's face after an argument with a group of Somali men.
... Katie Hopkins has been outspoken in the wake Islamic terrorism in the UK and London under Khan's watch, making her a target for his Metropolitan Police, who opened an investigation into her social media commentary after she was reported to the agency by a 'thought crime' snitch.
... It's mindblowing that London police will spend manpower censoring free speech on Twitter while children are being targeted in terrorist attacks, but this isn't accidental."
... "You committed £1.7 million over 2 years to police my twitter feed, son. "
Acid Attacks Plague London, What's Really Happening -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-07-18
Sadiq Khan Retaliates Against Trump After He Called Him Weak For Not Calling Out Terrorism -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-06-06
North Korea also boosted exports by 4.6 percent, the most since 2013
Listen to a firsthand account of what it's like to visit a Christian refugee camp in Iraq
... Ezra Levant, founder of Rebel Media, joins Alex Jones to discuss how the mainstream media over-hypes the humanitarian crisis of Muslims in the Middle East but covers-up the extermination of Christians.
Eyewitness To Mass Extermination Of Christians In The Middle East Tells All -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-07-21
Trump Effect manifesting raw opposition to the establishment
Migrant crisis pushing EU to brink of civil war
... Austria is prepared to militarily secure its southern border if Italy follows through on a 'nuclear option' to grant 200,000 temporary visas to migrants currently being held in the Mediterranean nation, enabling them to legally move deeper into the besieged continent.
... "If Italy does pursue this course of action, support for the Schengen scheme, which allows all EU citizens to travel freely across the Continent, may be in jeopardy."
... a recent meeting between six central European nations seeking to form a new anti-migrant defense coalition, as Infowars reported last month.
"Defense ministers and officials from Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, and Croatia met in Prague to discuss the details of the Central European Defence Cooperation (CEDC) that will act as 'the framework of civil-military cooperation' between the nations who seek to handle the on-going crisis in a markedly different manner than Brussels and other EU member states, such as Germany, Sweden and Italy."
The UN International Organization for Migration has announced that over 100,000 migrants have entered Europe in the first six months of 2017 via the Mediterranean, with nearly 85% arriving in Italy from Libya alone.
Additionally, the UN refugee agency recently released a report stating that at least seven out of 10 illegal immigrants from Africa are not refugees at all, but instead are economic migrants.
Recent polling by Pew Research reveals that an overwhelming majority of Europeans want their own governments determining immigration policies – not Brussels.
Watch it right now
Eyewitness To Mass Extermination Of Christians In The Middle East Tells All -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-07-21
"Community guidelines" steadily suppressing free speech
Globalist Old Guard Are All Dead Or Dying, A Harbinger Of World Government's Collapse -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-07-20

India EVMs:
'Malfunctioning' EVM gave votes to BJP confirms Maharashtra Collector in RTI reply
Voted for Coconut, But Lotus Lit Up: RTI Reply Reveals EVM Snag in Maharashtra
In the recently concluded elections to Buldhana Zila Parishad, it was reported that at Sultanpur polling station, LED lamp of lotus symbol would flash whenever anybody voted for the coconut symbol.
Women burn burqas and men shave beards to celebrate liberation from Isis in Syria
Pakistani narcotic smuggler held in TN had travelled across India with two fake Aadhaar cards
>> "Oh well, he could have done the same with other id cards too"
>> "Precisely. So where is the advantage of Aadhar? Why all the kharcha and the compulsion on everybody? Has it proven its value as a trustworthy way of authentication if a Pakistani smuggler could get across most of the country using two fake aadhar cards? Can ANYTHING achieve that idealistic expectation of ours, the perfect authentication system for which all sacrifices are deemed too small? Isn't it better to rely on the vigilance of fellow Indians?
Americans have been 'brainwashed' to believe Russia has taken over their country – Max Blumenthal
Americans have been 'brainwashed' to believe Russia has taken over their country – Max Blumenthal
The anomalous rise of Mr Kejriwal
recent newsletter from AAP. Lot of the good stuff in here you'll never see on the mainstream media, they censor it! And then after that censorship people complain that AAP is only in news for wrong reasons.
... This is nothing short of an education revolution and the results show it. Last week, we celebrated the performance of Delhi's government schools which achieved a pass percentage of 88.3% in CBSE Class 12 results – a clear 6% higher than all CBSE schools nationally and substantially higher than Delhi's private schools. For two years now, government schools have performed better than private schools in Delhi. Last week, we also celebrated the achievement of 372 students from Delhi's government schools who cleared IIT-JEE examinations this year – a 700% rise over last year.
Aadhaar rebels find ways to avoid PAN linkage
3. GANS the fourth state of matter : Why Mineral Supplements May NOT WORK!
>> from the Keshe group. A different take on why we need plant based food. I liked this note, gave something to think about:
... To date there has been no such thing as a medical science.  There has only been a collection of superficial observations with no consistent foundation.
>> From Sachin Desai, Syamantak
On MSOS, and the opposition to it from...
... This decision of MSOS is opposed by the State Union of School Principals. The concern which principals has express in a press conference is about the impact MSOS will have on their jobs. Their worry is that the system will make teachers redundant and lead to loss of thousands of jobs. They further stated that If the students gets option to enroll in an open school then they will spend entire day at coaching center leaving colleges without admissions and ultimately forcing their closure.
Compulsory and forced acquisition starts in Raigad Dist of Maharashtra for Delhi Mumbai Ind corridor, notices have been issued. So far GOM was claiming that there won't be forced acquisition, lands would be taken with consent. However the consent letters compel farmers to give in writing that they know they are not entitled to get any jobs, or additional compensation. This is sheer cheating. LARR is not being applied. we are challenging it in high court. And planning to start indefinite fast on first of August in Mangaon, Dist Raigad. Comrades we appeal to you to come there or take action in solidarity.
Is Aadhaar Project Part Of FBI's Secret Biometric ID Program To Be Transferred To US DoD?
>> about CIA-linked companies given contracts for collecting biometric info and how they'll probably copy it to their masters, and in the US a huge secret biometric db program by FBI has been exposed recently
The Rs 1.4 Trillion Plan To Destroy India's Agriculture
>> about importing wheat, no more import duty, etc
... The change in policies has caused a huge spike in India's agro food import bill. The spending on the import of cereals, which include wheat, maize and non-basmati rice, increased from Rs 134 crore in 2014-15 to Rs 9,009 crore in 2016-17 – a rise of 6,623%. India also imported Rs 5,897 crore worth of fruit and vegetables in 2016-17 while the figure in 2014-15 was Rs 5,414 crore. On one hand, the government is spending on imports while on the other hand, it has put restrictions on exports. In 2014-15, India's agrarian exports were to the tune of Rs 1.31 lakh crore but fell to Rs 1.08 lakh crore in 2015-16.
Prominent health experts urge PM not to allow release of GM Mustard
How a feminist petition to stop a film became a massive own goal
>> About Red Pill
Can Enemies Become Allies? A conversation between MRA James Huff and Profeminist Julian Real Part 1: Getting to know you... and trust you
The Real Reason for ITC's Stock Price Crash
>> had gone up beyond normality with expectation of GST being lax on cigarettes
BREAKING! Google Admits Plan to Censor Patriot & Conservative Views on Youtube
Tech giant joins with far left groups to control speech online
YouTube to Censor "Controversial" Videos
Is this the end for free speech on YouTube?
Spies Who Transferred Nukes To North Korea Discovered
Jones reports from missile base tasked with protecting US mainland
Did An EPA Official Collude With Monsanto By Tilting Research?
Monsanto may have used third parties to pay off EPA official
Report: DOJ Civil Rights Division Will Target Discrimination Against Whites
Of course, this is causing the left to lose their minds
... The Trump administration is preparing to redirect resources of the Justice Department's civil rights division toward investigating and suing universities over affirmative action admissions policies deemed to discriminate against white applicants,according to a document obtained by The New York Times.
'Youngsters' Brutally Beat Dallas Man After Request to Stop Smoking Weed On Train
... He had asked them to stop smoking marijuana on the Dallas Area Rapid Transit train.
>> note to all marijuana defenders : you're not supposed to smoke ANYTHING on a public transport vehicle, period.
... The group included young men and women who punched him and threw him against the train's doors before arriving at the station. Some of them pushed off the handle poles to kick Jones from the air. One of the young women then hit Jones in the head with a skateboard as he lay reeling on the ground.
>> very nonviolent, eh? It's addictive, folks, Addiction leads to immature emotional reaction when confronted. And that leads to violent behavior by the addicted person. Simple. They keep saying marijuana doesn't kill or harm anyone.. well this ought to be counted as a statistic in the converse.
AUDIO: Seymour Hersh Claims Seth Rich Was DNC Email Leaker
Pulitzer prize winning journalist breaks new details on DNC staffer's death
North Korea: Second ICBM test proves US in strike range
Kim Jong-un says missile has ability to hit entire US mainland after second ICBM flight test reaches maximum height.
Video: Chinese Security Firm Remotely Hacks Tesla's Brakes
"We actively encourage research of this kind so that we can prevent potential issues from occurring," Tesla says
>> Ok ppl, here's a simple rule : don't keep life-or-death related stuff dependent on programming.
Alex Jones Laughs As Jon Oliver Boosts Infowars Store Sales
More liberals seeking the truth are coming to Infowars every day
.. After airing his hit piece on Alex Jones and Infowars on Sunday, Jon Oliver may very well be surprised to find out that his primetime HBO show has helped boost sales for
>> I can imagine how this might have gone down..
Facebook AI Incident Feels Like 'The Terminator' Expert Says
Facebook researchers recently pulled the plug on two artificial intelligence robots
... "This is an incredibly important milestone, but anyone who thinks this is not dangerous has got their head in the sand," robotics professor Kevin Warwick told the Sun.
Just Over 1% of Migrants Arriving in Italy Are "Syrian Refugees"
Vast majority of "refugees" are actually economic migrants from countries not at war
... Despite many of the migrants passing through Libya and the country being a war torn mess since the overthrow of Gaddafi, just 0.36% of "refugees" are Libyan.
... Over 20% of the asylum claims are from Nigerians. Bangladeshis also accounted for over 9% of asylum claims, while Pakistanis accounted for 7.5% and migrants from the Gambia accounting for 7.9% of asylum requests. None of these countries are at war.
... Out of the entire 248,290 asylum claims received by EU countries so far this year, just 14% were from Syrians. This includes individuals who have fake identity papers and merely claiming to be Syrian to receive better treatment.
... "To put that into context, the combined total of asylum seekers fleeing war in Syria and Libya is less than the combined total of those coming from Nigeria, Pakistan and, wait for it, Guinea," reports Westmonster.
... The fact that the huge majority of migrants are not refugees but are abusing the generosity of western nations in a bid to reach the welfare havens of northern Europe is patently clear, yet the mainstream media has steadfastly refused to acknowledge it.
,,, According to the Institute for the Analysis of Multiethnicity (Ismu), 85% of asylum requests in Italy are from men, with only 4% from minors.
... The UNHCR's own data shows that, "Nigerians make up nearly a fifth of the arrivals in Italy, followed by the nationals of Eritrea at 13 per cent and then Sudan, Gambia, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Somalia, Mali, Senegal and Bangladesh," again emphasizing how the "refugees" are not even from Libya, they're arriving from countries that are not at war.
... In the video below, we reveal how left-wing NGOs are communicating with criminal people smugglers to provide a virtual taxi service for migrants who are being picked up just off the coast of Libya and ferried to Italy.
Spanish Border Enclaves Under Siege as Hordes of African Migrants Storm Barriers
Migrants hope to secure asylum by invading Spanish territory
Pentagon Should Declassify Report On 'Child Sex Abuse' by Afghan Forces – Gov Watchdog
Confirmation of reports could precipitate military withdrawal from Afghanistan
... "Under the Leahy Laws, DoD and State are prohibited from providing assistance to any unit of the security forces of a foreign country if the Secretaries of State or Defense have credible information that the unit has committed a gross violation of human rights," the watchdog said
.... ccording to SIGAR, Afghan officials remain complicit, "especially in the sexual exploitation and recruitment of children by Afghan security forces."
... The situation often "resulted in the government's arrest and prosecution of trafficking victims as criminals," it added.
... Back in 2015, reports emerged that US troops stationed in Afghanistan had discovered local commanders were sexually abusing boys, and even though the soldiers had often heard the boys screaming, senior officers had told them to ignore it.
>> yes, it had to come about..
'Racist' Deplorable Endorses Trump's Wall -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-08-01
Homeschoolers @ Unschool - Let the Co-ops begin! -UnSchool Preschool, 2017-07-31
Pushpa Bhargava, Scientist And Activist, Dies At 89
... Veteran molecular biologist and a vehement critic of genetically modified crops, Pushpa Mittra Bhargava, died at his home in Hyderabad on Tuesday. He was 89.
... A strident critic of multinational seed companies, Bhargava was opposed to the introduction of genetically modified crops — from cotton to brinjal and, most recently, transgenic mustard — in India. His argument was that these crops posed health hazards and required decades more of tests before possible clearance.
... He had led what came to be called the Award Wapsi programme in 2015 when scientists and litterateurs returned their awards against what they called rising tide of intolerance in the country.
... He however, didn't confine himself only to matters of science. In 2015, Bhargava was among the scientists who returned his Padma Bhushan — in solidarity with writers and artistes — protesting the "climate of religious conservatism" and underlined by incidents such as the murder of scholar, M.M. Kalburgi, and the lynching of Mohammed Akhlaq in Dadri in Uttar Pradesh . "The Dadri incident in which Mohamed Akhlaq was lynched in a pre-planned manner (probably by fringe elements that are related to BJP) showed the control that BJP wants to have on what we may eat and what we may not, just as it wants to control what we may wear or whom we may love or what we may read," the scientists had said.
... "It is a great loss for the country. He brought modern cell and molecular biology to India. Prior to the CCMB there was no lab for research on cell, DNA and molecular biology. Public understanding of science, interaction with government and policy makers was his forte. He was a great talent scout,"
... The Minister also hit out at Indian businesses for functioning under the belief that banks don't have to be repaid, revealing that one firm had even claimed in court that the right to not repay banks is part of the Right to Equality.

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