Thursday, August 15, 2019

Civlisedness check from Chris Cuomo's "Fredo" freakout

What everyone on the Conservative side is re-asserting : Don't bother people when they're out in public with their families - that's not a nice thing. What everyone on the Liberals/Democrats side has been asserting since that Maxine Waters speech : Get in people's faces, confront them when they're out in public with their families; don't allow them to be in peace. 

Since then there have been several incidents of enraged libs attacking and chasing away public figures from public places, restaurants etc. 

But how do the Conservatives respond? They explicitly instruct their side to NOT harass public figures from the other side of the divide in public - because that's not nice. 

That tells me everything I want to know about these two battling sides.
'The Five' reacts to CNN anchor Chris Cuomo's viral dispute -Fox News, 2019-08-13

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