Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Cutlure wars : what the two sides are saying

One side says:

I am speaking out at considerable risk to my reputation, career and possibly my freedom, because i am concerned about so and so thing happening, because it violates so and so principles that I hold dear, without which life would not be worth living. I uphold the other side's right to believe and speak what they believe in, but their so and so actions or support for them are running afoul of so and so basic principles, and are violating these and these rights of mine and other people that I care for, which is not fair.

The other side says:

I hate that other side. There is no way we can negotiate or compromise. They are evil. I don't want to "live and let live" - I want to exterminate their existence. I forbid you or anybody from listening from them - forget about obeying; if you even so much as hear their speech, you yourself might become evil like some contagion. I am not interested in any dialogue or any debate, and I will go out of my way to prevent anybody from listening to what the other side has to say, because I've already decided that they're evil, only I know what is right, and there is nothing that can possibly change my mind.

Which of these sides seems less dangerous to you?

Why are you being ordered to bow down to the one that sounds more dangerous?

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