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Interesting links for September 2015

This article was very helpful as a reminder and context-setter of what exactly we're dealing with right now.
This took some time for me to sink in too, but ya it's happening
Werleman demonstrates how, instead of championing empirical evidence and reason, today's New Atheists promote white supremacy, anti-Muslim bigotry, secular fundamentalism, and thus have become the unwitting pawns of the military-industrial-complex, the homeland-security-industrial complex, Zionism, and U.S. imperialism.
The New Atheist Threat is a timely reminder that fundamentalism and violent extremism is not the sole domain of religion.
Orginally this can be used quite well by civilians to escape from burdensome mobile bills and improve connectivity in disconnected areas. Particularly as inside the country, the state is siding more and more with exploitative MNCs, patriotic grassroots resistance to the imperialist takeover of the country can make great use of grid-independent technologies. The perspective of it being a threat to national security is yet another example of over-reliance on high-tech and then being trumped by it when high tech inevitably progresses from centralized to decentralized. Indian Army is better off relying on real people to halt infiltration, and for effectively tapping that India needs to build up the trust of the Kashmiri people by actually taking measures that bring about peaceful resolution, rather than using technology to suppress them and curtail their freedoms.
Anyways, traced the tech used to this:
.. and for civilian purposes, it seems like simple 2-way radio communication would still be better. There's a good conv going on in the comments about it being technically feasible for phones to directly communicate.. looking forward to seeing apps or android hacks for enabling this sometime!
Cochin, Kerala gets world's first solar-powered airport
120,000 saigas, or one-third of the species, has mysteriously died -- literally dropped dead -- in Khazakhstan over a two week time period, in May 2015.
Listing of victories of readers in getting giant food companies in US to remove harmful chemicals ingredients from their products
Holistic cancer treatment pioneer Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez dies suddenly; patients mourn the loss of a compassionate, innovative doctor who helped thousands heal from cancer
Insights into systemic flaws in clinical trial methods that bias them against alternatives
"This particular model of medicine -- and it is just that, a model -- lauds synthetic and high-tech creations as it relegates diet, food and nutrition to a very minor rule in any consideration of human health and disease," says Dr. Gonzalez. "This cosmology dominates academic medical thinking, and certainly dominates all teaching in medical schools."
String of mysterious deaths of alternative healers in USA this year.
Some common threads tying them together: it was revealed that many of them had been involved in investigating the use of the GcMAF molecule in treating autism, cancer, and other diseases.
Grow box.. involving some open source 3d printed parts to grow food at v.low maintenance and water usage
PhD student forced to remove all WikiLeaks references from her dissertation
Big questions coming to mind about the extremisation of the issue. What has happened has even led to some suicides.

People are going out of whack over this. Suicides! There'll be revenge murders happening too soon. This needs to be seen as systemic issue where cheaters are victims, and not individual cheating crimes.

I want to appeal to all the people who have been "outed" and who are finding out about their spouse being listed here. Please just pause for some time.

Please check out
the importance of going slow and steady :)
New series by Abby Martin!
September 21-28, 2015, online webinars
Started by a Dr.Nikhil in Pune.
The idea is updating you with the wisdom of Ayurveda time & again so you can take charge of your own health and move ahead towards health independence. This wisdom will help you to apply Ayurveda in day to day life. This learning will continue forever.
Sending communications over light
These guys are working on replacing wiFi with light based transmission of internet communication.

One basic application that I think could really do wonders : SMS torch. Key in a message, and it gets transmitted through an LED torchlight. A receiver on the other end interprets and displays the message.
This could be like morse code taken to the next level.
Imagine the potential if this could be adapted to work over long distances!

Reporting from Yemen, @ionacraig finds ongoing Saudi-coalition airstrikes reflect indiscriminate bombing of civilians
Moldova Protests Stretch Into Eighth Day, Bring 20,000 To Streets Over Massive Bank Fraud
...rally for an investigation into a fraud scheme that wiped $1.5 billion from three national banks. Protesters say the scandal, which amounted to around one-eighth of the country's gross domestic product, has damaged living standards.
World's first off-grid Ecocapsule home to hit the market this year, shipping in 2016
 We need regenerative farming, not geoengineering
Charles Eisenstein
The quick fix mindset behind geoengineering must be transformed to one that seeks a humble partnership with nature if we are to address climate change
Amazing documentary
Shows how it's possible to move beyond the caste, gender divides yet still be true to nature and down to earth.
Monsanto's Sealed Documents Reveal the Truth behind Roundup's Toxicological Dangers
StoneHenge related.. quote: could mean that everything researchers think they know about Stonehenge may need to be "rewritten,"...
Huge discrepancies in election expenditures by MPs, PM Modi's affidavit contradicted by BJP
large slabs of Ice under mars' surface
Under each convention (Geneva Convention Act, Criminal Justice Act and International Criminal Court Act) is an Article (50, 51, 130 & 147 respectively) which sets out the "grave breaches" - acts including:
wilful killing, torture or inhuman treatment, including biological experiments, wilfully causing great suffering or serious injury to body or health, unlawful deportation or transfer or unlawful confinement of a protected person, compelling a protected person to serve in the forces of a hostile Power, or wilfully depriving a protected person of the rights of fair and regular trial prescribed in the present Convention, taking of hostages, and extensive destruction and appropriation of property.
.. Interestingly almost all of the 'grave breaches' stated above have been carried out by Israel either before, during or after the 2014 Gaza offensive
>> article's ending has a handy list of references to war crimes committed by Israel's leaders.
about Jeremy Corbyn, new Labour leader
"I thought at my first PMQs, I would do it in a slightly different way... So I sent out an email to thousands of people and asked them what questions they would like to put to the prime minister and I received 40,000 replies."

"the reason Jeremy was ahead in the polls was because he was the only one of the four who gave a straight answer to a straight question."

The people who nominated him were called 'morons'.  The ex-Middle East Peace Envoy Tony Blair said that anyone who wanted Corbyn for leader needed a heart transplant.
They'd obviously missed the fact that his peace making efforts had gained him an International Peace Award from the Ghandi Foundation - something Blair hasn't achieved.
All this nastiness, the name-calling, the denigration, the fear and doom mongering, is precisely the kind of behaviour that occurred in the run-up to the Independence Referendum.  I was disgusted then.  I am now.  It shows all too clearly that mainstream politics, backed by mainstream media, has run out of vision and honesty.
But at last the conversation that we so need south of the border is taking off, as people finally discover that the 'centre ground' they have been voting for is actually rather more to the right than they had realised, and that the 'loony left' is not as loony as they had been told.
This is a difficult concept for politicians, particularly those running against Corbyn for the Labour leadership, but he and his ever-increasing supporters are now standing in the centre. Both he and they really are not the 'hard' left.  Policies and aims that want a fair and just society, that see people, jobs, wages, housing, education without debt for the young and care for the old and vulnerable as far more important than profits for big business are actually very soft and humanitarian in their intent.  Very threatening to the rich one percent of course, but I for one care as little for that as they apparently care for us.
What it really means to have a relative die from a bombing. "This is the first time in my life I've had to bury one human being twice."
wake-up call : truths about gender violence bringing out the realisation that war is the most dishonorable, despicable thing there can be... it is as far removed from real manliness as you can imagine.
Great ideas here for citywide initiatives. Green roofs also featured.
The SDGs claim they can eradicate poverty in all its forms by 2030. But they rely primarily on global economic growth to achieve this tremendous task. If such growth resembles that seen in recent decades, it will take 100 years for poverty to disappear, not the 15 years the SDGs promise. And even if this were possible in a shorter timescale, we would need to increase the size of the global economy by a factor of 12, which, in addition to making our planet uninhabitable, will obliterate any gains against poverty.
Rather than paper over such obvious madness with false hopes, we must address two critical issues head on: income inequality and endless material growth.
Brother, Can You Spare a Paradigm?
a "banned" TEDx event bringing together speakers revealing challenges to the orthodox materialistic paradigm

Some links that document how change was brought to the Netherlands and why myths and perceptions are important (the website is a fantastic resource): (before and after conditions in cities after shifts in policy) (myths and excuses about cycling) (can children and old people cycle?) (child safety)

And finally something funny:
Bernie Sanders just made good on an early campaign promise and introduced a bill in the Senate to outlaw what he called the "morally repugnant" practice of incarcerating Americans in private prisons and called for the reduction in the nation's prison population.
Alright friends, here is my eBook - Holding The Line. Thanks @parulbajaj for the cover page! Download it for free!
Guess where #farmersuicides are NOT happening? Where #sustainable agriculture is happening!
Chris Hedges calls for 'acts of sublime madness' against corporate power
The latest book by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges is Wages of Rebellion: The Moral Imperative of Revolt. In it, Hedges calls for nothing less than an uprising against what he calls corporate oligarchy.
Follow this twitter feed! For the best news regarding agriculture, farmers issues
Meet The Tree Man Who Single-Handedly Planted 27,000 Trees To Save A Desert Patch In Rajasthan
>> and how about a twist to popularize indigenous tree species:
Meet Neem, Rohida, Kankeri, Khejri, Fig, Bougainvillea and Babool : the trees that DEFEATED THE DESERT #planttrees
Sales from organic U.S. farms reached $5.5 billion last year, a 72 percent increase from 2008, the U.S. Agriculture Department said in a report on Thursday that highlighted the consumer trend toward such products.
When film stars come to the rescue of farmers
>> begs the question : where are the political mai-baaps of Maharashtra?
Brazil's top court bans corporate political financing
Gurgaon stars car-free Tuesdays
After a surprise visit by Delhi deputy CM , Deputy Director of Education suspended
The minister said that the "government will not tolerate any officials who put the future of our children at stake".
Farmer takes experts to task, at a workshop on 'Agriculture in Telangana - problems and prospects', questioning the wisdom of agricultural scientists and consultants in understanding the issues plaguing the sector.

The price of empire: US soldiers told to "look the other way" as Afghan soldiers raped children
A rant on Richard Dawkin's recent comments on the schoolboy-clock-arrest issue where he defended the authorities.
Why AAP Ran Full-Page Ads When Accused of a Scam
U.S. Soldiers Told to Ignore Sexual Abuse of Boys by Afghan Allies
 "But we were putting people into power who would do things that were worse than the Taliban did - that was something village elders voiced to me."
Volkswagen's stunning admission that it sold diesel-powered cars that intentionally faked emissions testing results has left many of their owners - who thought they were buying fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles - angry and feeling betrayed.
Sanatan Sanstha has been threatening me - Nikhil Wagle,3565
For months, global forecaster Gerald Celente has promised anyone willing to listen that his Occupy Peace rally would be the start of something big and unprecedented.
On Sunday, he made good on that promise.
In their quest to prove themselves right, they lose sight of the ambiguities and paradoxes of life. In their desire to be safe and sure, they turn away from anything interesting and new.

They are creatures of comfort and routine, not explorers. They cannot think outside the box. They will, in fact, deny that there is or ever could be anything outside the box - and they'll heap scorn on anyone who suggests otherwise. They'll call names, cry fraud, and holler that civilization is in danger and the barbarians are at the gates. They'll do anything, really - except examine their own assumptions with a remotely critical eye.
announcements here about upcoming campaigns; plan set in motion to have a Delhi-wide car-free day on 2016's 22 September (world car free day)`

13 yr old girl from Odisha shares alternate, low cost and eco-friendly method to purify #water using corn cobs^tfw

Another method, coming from a different track,
.. unfortunately the article gives no details of actual cost or any link to the creators of the innovation. Terrible journalism.

It would be great to test the corn-cob method and this one that uses silver nanoparticles embedded in paper, together (low tech and high tech) as well as comparatively, to find out best strengths of both.
"unless the United States finds a way to wage peace, the country will continue on its path toward a war that could culminate in nuclear Armageddon."
"If we don't fight for peace, we're gonna die in war"
The Australian government is set to pass a law that would withhold child care and other benefits from parents who opt out of vaccinating their children.

One South Wales woman is rebelling against the proposed law by opening a childcare center that will welcome unvaccinated youngsters with open arms. Juanita "Wanda" Halden calls the government's actions "human rights violations." [3]

Question: If vaccines protect children from disease, what difference does it make if they are exposed to children who aren't vaccinated?

Furthermore, a U.S. citizen, by law, cannot sue a pharmaceutical company for damages resulting from vaccines. Congress gave them total legal immunity in 1986, and that law was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2011.

There is a special "vaccine court" called the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program that is funded through a tax on vaccines. If you are injured or killed by a vaccine, you must hire an attorney and fight tax-funded government attorneys to seek damages, since you can't sue Big Pharma directly.

More than 117 cases have been settled by pharmaceutical companies in just the last six months, yet mainstream media reports none of these cases, no injuries, and no possible dangers associated with vaccines.
Merck Accused of Lying about Vaccine Effectiveness
"... Stephen Krahling and Joan Wlochowski were Merck virologists who claim in their unsealed complaint that they "witnessed firsthand the improper testing and data falsification in which Merck engaged to artificially inflate the vaccine's efficacy findings."
Study: Goats Fed GM Soy Have Altered DNA, Milk, and Offspring

Geneticist David Suzuki recently said that human beings are part of a "massive genetic experiment,"  and he is right to be concerned. Suzuki points out:

    "One small mutation in a human being can determine so much, the point is when you move a gene, one gene, one tiny gene out of an organism into a different one you completely change its context. There is no way to predict how it's going to behave and what the outcome will be. We think that we design these life forms, but it's like taking the Toronto orchestra prepared to play a Beethoven symphony and then you take some random drummers from "here" and flip them in with the Toronto symphony and you say play music. What comes out is going to be something very very different. Publicists say that there is good intention behind GMOs, but the fact of the matter is it's driven by money."
Without Sugar, Cancer Cannot Thrive
The most powerful essential strategy I know of to treat cancer is to starve the cells by depriving them of their food source, which, in large part, is typically sugar. Unlike all the other cells in your body, which can burn carbs or fat for fuel, cancer cells have lost that metabolic flexibility and can only thrive if there enough sugar present.  Dr. Otto Warburg was actually given a Nobel Prize over 75 years ago for figuring this out but virtually no oncologist actually uses this information.
A rogue group in Iraq's 2nd-largest city is assassinating ISIS members
Web design is now completely boring
>> I SO relate with this!
Meat Eaters Could Be Driving Environmental Disaster, Says Study

PB article in Indian Express on 26 Sep'15, online version:

PMC finance related:
No pesticides spray; using benevolent insects to control pests. This is how 18 villages escaped #whitefly attack.
Crowdfunding gets anti-status-quo media a presence in satellite television
Russia and the United States have reached a "tacit agreement" on ending Syria's bloody crisis, a senior adviser to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has said.
Delhi government draws up detailed plan to curb graft
Prime Minister's Office Should Stop Interfering in Delhi: Arvind Kejriwal
Delhi govt mandates use of construction, demolition waste in projects
Giving free water lifeline has led to 35% REDUCTION in water consumption in Delhi
Kejriwal govt's remarkable turnaround in Delhi power scenario is a lesson for other states
CM Kejriwal meets President, apprises him of govt's plan to revamp city schools
n the meeting, Kejriwal and Sisodia told the President that the government is set to bridge the gaping teacher-student ratio in government schools, with over 20,000 new teachers being recruited. They also said 45 new schools and 12,000 new classrooms in existing schools have been sanctioned.
Lt Governor Najeeb Jung good man with bad political bosses: Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal
The pope, by contrast, has struck at the systemic nature of the issue. "It cannot be emphasised enough how everything is connected," he says. "To seek only a technical remedy to each environmental problem which comes up is to separate what is in reality interconnected and to mask the true and deepest problems of the global system."
Pakistan ordered to enforce climate law by Lahore court : Farmer's legal challenge makes history as judge tells government to get its act together on tackling global warming
Satirical piece by P.Sainath
quote: ...Citing a three-decades-old law, the central government demanded the town fly the flag of Spain. Fornas responded by affixing a tiny Spanish flag, no bigger than the palm of a hand, to the facade of the town hall. "The law didn't specify what size the flag needed to be,"...
In th US: an affordable alternative to health insurance.
Liberty Direct is a new comprehensive, low-cost, member-based, ACA-compliant, cost-sharing medical program with direct primary care practices
What if everything the SDGs are premised on is just wrong? - article by the people who made the eye-opening global wealth inequality video. Really makes you question: Who's developing whom?
growth isn't an option any more - we've already grown too much.
instead of pushing poorer countries to "catch up" with rich ones, we should be thinking of ways to get rich countries to "catch down" to more appropriate levels of development. We should look at societies where people live long and happy lives at relatively low levels of income and consumption .. as exemplars of efficient living.
Cuba has a comparable life expectancy to the US and one of the highest literacy rates in the world with GDP per capita of only $6,000 and consumption of only 1.9 hectares - right at the threshold of ecological sustainability. Similar claims can be made of Peru, Ecuador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Tunisia.
Costa Rica manages to sustain one of the highest happiness indicators and life expectancies in the world with a per capita income one-fourth that of the US.
In light of this, perhaps we should regard such countries not as underdeveloped, but rather as appropriately developed.
Perhaps we might take a cue from Latin Americans, who are organising alternative visions around the indigenous concept of buen vivir, or good living.
Robert and Edward Skidelsky take us down this road in his book How Much is Enough? where they lay out the possibility of interventions such as banning advertising, a shorter working week and a basic income, all of which would improve our lives while reducing consumption.
This is not about giving anything up. And it's certainly not about living a life of voluntary misery or imposing harsh limits on human potential. On the contrary, it's about reaching a higher level of understanding and consciousness about what we're doing here and why.
What this means, if the UK Met Office is right, is that we probably have five years (likely less) before we witness a supercharged surge of rapid global warming that could last a decade
The Itch List is a community - for any one who actually wants to DO the things they dream about
a world leading biomaterials company creating and scaling environmentally-friendly products that are cost and performance competitive with conventional materials.
Comedian Abijit Ganguly Explains The Struggle Of Every Young Man Buying Condoms In India

On extraterrestials, UFOs, alien civilizations visiting earth:
6 Humans With Real "Superpowers" That Science Can't Explain
Scientific studies that show that Human Consciousness and Our Material World Are Intertwined
"Make India' is to invest in Health, Education, Water, Safety, Justice and infrastructure. People are our best asset. Invest in them and world will follow us." - Arvind Kejriwal
artcle on state of waste in Varanasi, which is the PM's constituency
Fake your location on phone
Laura Flanders Interviews Josh Lerner on Participatory Budgeting and Connie Razza on the Democratization of Government Spending and the Finance System
Even more promising, while prices are declining in these industries, the number of people employed has skyrocketed. The Solar Foundation reports that jobs in the solar industry grew by 86 percent in the past five years. As of 2013, according to industry estimates, there were 143,000 solar jobs and more than 50,000 in wind in the United States.

For wind and solar, falling prices means more jobs. Lawrence likens it to what economists call a virtuous circle: "A recurring cycle of events, the result of each one being to increase the beneficial effect of the next."
62 reactors under construction—five fewer than a year ago—of which at least three- quarters delayed. In 10 of the 14 building countries all projects are delayed, often by years. Five units have been listed as "under construction" for over 30 years.
AREVA, technically bankrupt, downgraded to "junk" by Standard & Poor's, sees its share value plunge to a new historic low on 9 July 2015—a value loss of 90 percent since 2007
What went right? Why Shell lost its bet in the Arctic

The site: looks pretty good!
Oil Change International : Exposing the true costs of fossil fuels
As Maharashtra farmers face a life-threatening agrarian crisis, we dug out the names of the VIPs whose sugar mills did not pay the farmers their dues, running in crores, for more than six months. The loss accrued to the mills due to falling sugar prices has been effectively passed on to the farmers by the politicians who came to power on the promise of farmer's welfare.
Sanghi dressed in abaya caught throwing beef outside temple, attempting to start communal violence
Saudi Arabia bombs wedding party in #Yemen, killing at least 131 ppl in one of its most horrific atrocities to date
The Indian-origin scientist who took a test drive, exposed VW
Subsequent investigations found that the cars have a defeat device -- a program in the engine control unit computer that recognizes that the vehicle is being emissions tested.

The device could detect if the engines were working and the steering wheel was not moving -- that happens only during lab tests. It would then turn on the catalytic scrubber up to full power, that would minimise the emissions, allowing the car to pass the tests.

What unfolded was one of the biggest frauds in the history of automobiles.
The point here isn't that science or technology is bad, nor even that genetically altered crops are ipso facto bad. The point all along has been that the claims of adequate scientific  intergenerational testing have been false, or dubious.

it seems that one can protest GMOs, and effectively ban them, in almost every country on earth, except the USA and its English-speaking allies.
>> interesting!
Russian president Vladimir Putin's speech at 70th session of the UN General Assembly, September 28, 2015
This part towards the end really got me to sit up and take notice:
"What we need is an essentially different approach, one that would involve introducing new, groundbreaking, nature-like technologies that would not damage the environment, but rather work in harmony with it, enabling us to restore the balance between the biosphere and technology upset by human activities."
Video (english dubbed):

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