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Interesting Links for October 2015

Interesting Links for October 2015

Hi Friends, a LOT has happened in this month! Great links to share this time.
Major financial events that have happened around Aug, Sep 2015
Article hinting at possible links between mysterious unnatural deaths
of many top microbiologists etc
Nagalese, GcMAF, Cancer, vaccines, assassinations of doctors who were
linking these and were curing cancer patients and autism patients
Motive to murder medical researchers and suppress a promising cancer
treatment breakthrough

For the record: GcMAF (Globulin component Macrophage Activating Factor)
Doctors against vaccines - These physicians actually did the research
Alexei Pushkov, the head of the Russian parliament's international
affairs committee, took to Twitter on Friday and said the United
States is not bombing ISIS.
>>Revealing that throughout all its bombing campaigns, the US's main target has been civilian infrastructure
"The air raids are intended to destroy the economic infrastructure of
Iraq and Syria."
Extreme bias at Wikipedia on homeopathic medicine
Some detailed reporting on studies that have proved homeopathy's
efficacy, and on critiques of studies that have ridiculed it. In the
latter's case, the ridiculing studies are quoted without any
references to their critiques, thus making it look like they're legit.

>> I can testify to having a pack of wolves pounce on me on Twitter when I dared to correct one person in the Dawkins/pro-GMO/etc brigade who joked about homeopathy.

Skeptics also ignore the largest and most comprehensive review of
research ever conducted... one that was funded by the government of
This more comprehensive Swiss government-funded report found a
particularly strong body of evidence to support the homeopathic
treatment of upper respiratory tract infections and respiratory
allergies. The report cited 29 studies in "Upper Respiratory Tract
Infections/Allergic Reactions," with 24 studies having a positive
result in favor of homeopathy. Six out of seven controlled studies
that compared homeopathic treatment with conventional medical
treatment showed homeopathy to be more effective than conventional
medical interventions. When the researchers evaluated only the
randomized placebo-controlled trials, 12 out of 16 studies showed a
positive result in favor of homeopathy.

Looking up Amit Vaidya's Healing Vaidya NGO, led me to these links:

And he has written a book:
Holy Cancer : How a Cow Saved My Life
How To Detoxify and Heal From Vaccinations - For Adults and Children
A conference taking things forward from the Citizens Hearing on UFO
Disclosure. Many talks on antigravity and such technologies, ETs,
secret space program, etc
The Unanswered Questions Behind 9/11 Answered
Huge money laundering investigation destroyed in the attacks
And pointing to a linkage to cover up of actions done for
precipitating Soviet Union's collapse
Shocking quotes on population control, particularly, coercive actions
on all women. Shows to what extent unhinged experts can go to, when
they're not keeping basic values in mind.
Profile of a person worth checking out! On natural healing, and
frequencies, and whistle-blowing on big pharma and vaccines.

And 528Hz seems to have some siginificance.. another term being used:
Solfeggio frequency physics
Interesting sections in this site.
A series of sounds played to oil polluted water from the Gulf of
Mexico has "miraculously" cleared test samples of the deadly
petrochemicals, says a well known Canadian researcher.
The couple started their research requesting samples of polluted Gulf
water be sent to Hutchison's lab in Vancouver. There, Hutchison and
Lazaryan experimented using ancient Solfeggio sounds and Gregorian
chant frequences that have been traditionally used for healing. The
frequencies were applied to several polluted water samples using audio
and radio waves, with wonderful results.

528 also relates to the colour of chlorophyll, grass.
"Herein explained is the Divinely-directed spirit of LOVE (528Hz)--the
free flowing frequency of musical energy that manifests prosperity in
all ways" ..
"Indeed, there is a real Da Vinci code-a secret sacred set of numbers
and symbols fundamental to all languages that activates healing,
inspires creative genius, and engages prophetic vision."
World Organization of Natural Medicine
Mission: To promote traditional medicine healthcare and self-care to
underserved people and to promote humanitarian values through
education. : Integrative and Natural Medicine
Conference, October 24-25, 2015, Toronto Canada
"Hillary Clinton, in particular, is a pathological liar who, if
elected, would run the White House like a mafia don." >> have to agree
with that one!
Hilarious! And screws the overpopulation / migrant / refugee debate
too : What if a major influx of more fertile middle-easterners is
exactly what ageing Europe needs?
Coup: As Russia Pounds Militant Targets, Iran Readies Ground
Invasions While Saudis Panic
..Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew warned Thursday that the United
States would exhaust its ability to borrow on Nov. 5 if lawmakers
refuse to increase the amount of money the government can legally
>>This crazy practice continues : absolutely no mention of paying back anything! And look at the hypocrisy : What if Greece kept legislating their way out of default by increasing the amount of money they could legally borrow, and what if all its lenders had to obey that legislation? All the western media keeps yelling about how Greeks should pay back their debts, whereas the USA itself is never paying back anything
Andasol : Euope's largest solar power plant, in Spain, covering 1.5, capacity 150MW. Using curved mirrors, rotating with sun, to
heat a fixed pipe carrying oil at their focal point. The oil also
stores heat in a molten salt tank which then generates power after
dark, so this plant is producing power after sunset too.

Delhi government to relaunch PoochO app, to cover 90,000 autos
Russian President Vladimir Putin answering questions regarding ISIS
from a US journalist at the Valdai International Discussion Club in
late 2014.
Rajasthan's Revolution: In 30 panchayats,more girls born than boys
over last year.
How this was achieved: The Centre for Advocacy and Research (CFAR), an
advocacy, worked with the government on a three-year project to shore
up the capabilities of 180 gram panchayats, or village councils,
spread across six districts of Rajasthan-Jaipur, Jalore, Dausa, Pali,
Sikar and Jodhpur- to ensure better health, education and rights of
girls and women.
The Peace Maker : Ravish Kumar's calm presence, hard-hitting stories,
changes grammar of Hindi news TV
"He brings in that authentic note which is missing on TV," ... "Depth
of thought, a focus on social mobility and a lack of any predetermined
political agenda" ... "He is as much at home discussing politics as
he is culture, looks politicians in the eye and questions them in a
matter-of-act way with just that glimmer of scepticism in his own
Not only has he taken Hindi TV beyond the mind-numbing "speed news"
syndr­ome, he is also celebrated for his use and reinvention of the
language, not literary as much as natural, spontaneous.
Don't know about the rest of the article, but the starting paragraph
put some very relevant things into words:
"the fundamental disjunction between the scientific-technical and the
economic on the one side, and the ethical/moral and the social/public
good on the other. The latter are sacrificial lambs at the altar of a
neo-liberal, market-led model of development that can be essentially
termed as technicism. In this conception, development is merely
reduced to economic growth and progress in science and technology
rather than a broader understanding of human or planetary well-being.
Of course, science itself is not pursued for its revolutionary
implications, while technology is merely a panacea for practical
needs. Both are seen in a vacuum, quarantined from social contexts."
Journalist Shot Dead in UP, Third Incident in Four Months
In June, journalist Jagendra Singh was allegedly set on fire during a
police raid at his house in Shahjahanpur. His family alleged that the
police officials set him on fire. Singh, who was in his 50s, succumbed
to injuries on June 8.
Protect Victims: #EndRevengePorn Now
Real life story of a victim of revenge porn, who is now standing up
for herself and others, for the having the act of posting revenge porn
defined as sexual assault. There are currently no federal laws in the
United States that criminalize "revenge porn," meaning sexually
explicit photos or videos posted online without consent.
"How is it possible that this practice is legal? How can there be no
consequences for the perpetrators who commit such horrific acts? How
would you feel if this happened to you, or your sister, or your best
Please see the comments section : It is full of similar stories shared
by more vicitms.
Good statistical coverage and details about cancer. But the last part
of this article packs another surprise, and I can understand why the
author/editor had to include the disclaimer at the end: The 2-time
cancer survivor being featured here, got cured the second time around

So, armed with palliative-care advice, Vaidya returned to India,
ostensibly to say farewell to his family, only to end up at a
"cow-therapy" centre in Gujarat. He was prescribed panchgavya
treatment-a mix of desi ghee, yoghurt, milk, urine and gobar (cow
dung), along with gobar baths, ayurvedic herbs and an organic,
vegetarian diet. Vaidya blended in meditation, yoga and elements of
Six weeks on, feeling better, he decided to continue the therapy,
living a back-to-basics life in a tiny hamlet in Karnataka for 18
months. Today, he revels in what he calls a "disciplined" life: up at
4:30 am, a satvik diet (rooted in ancient Indian dietary practices),
meditation, yoga and running.

Looking up this,
Given only 6 months to live by his doctors in the US, this is the
incredible true story of Amit Vaidya who took his stage IV metastatic
gastric cancer death sentence into his own hands. Rather than wait for
the end, he embarks on a journey to improve the quality of life for
his remaining days. In reality, his travels lead to a 'back to basics'
living in rural India getting as close to the land, its soil, its
roots, and its precious animals as possible. There, he unearths his
cure. It only took leaving everything that was familiar to him to save
his life. This is a story about taking each day as gift to live,
survive and thrive. Now having gone into full remission, he recounts
his amazing journey in this one-of-a-kind autobiography.
TED's advisory to TEDx organizers shows how much anti-debate they are
getting on GMOs, vaccines and nutrition. They've basically written a
fatwa against anyone who is not approved by the mainstream.
>> this article neatly lists everything that is wrong with TED's fatwa.

"And what I've discovered from observing and writing about science for
over a decade is that modern-day scientists suffer from a dangerous
epidemic of arrogance that's actually standing in the way of real
scientific advancement."
>> encore

Beyond TED - a new forum for leading thinkers
Despite its intellectual failings, we must thank TED for exposing
itself as a backwards, intellectually-dead circle jerk of
corporate-backed poison pushers who offer nothing but suffering and
destruction to humanity. Because that creates an opportunity for the
rest of us to get together and create our own public forum of truly
progressive, groundbreaking ideas that can move humanity forward.

What I'm envisioning is a "New Science" forum where we invite Dr.
Bruce Lipton, Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, Graham Hancock, Dr. Andrew
Wakefield and all the other brilliant people who are no longer welcome
at TED conference because their ideas are simply too revolutionary to
be stomached by the old school apologists for corporate-backed

>> YESS!!! Let's make this happen! Can take the TEDx model of independently organized events, under a New Science or similar banner
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Migrants and Refugees
They're refugees, not migrants!
Brilliant piece by John Oliver
The unmaking of India: Why writer Nayantara Sahgal is returning her
Sahitya Akademi Award
Her action is a mark of respect to Indians who have been murdered
defending the right to dissent, the literateur said.
Chris Hedges Destroys "New Atheist" Religious Fundamentalism
excerpt from the Empire Files series by Abby Martin
American Academy of Pediatrics Cuts Ties with Monsanto
LPG subsidy transfer: Centre's savings not more than Rs 143 cr, while
it claims Rs 12,700 cr
Saurabh Kumar, deputy material manager at Kharagpur railway division,
had little idea that his temperament of not succumbing to corrupt
practices rampant in his department, would cost him his life. His
decomposed body was found on the bed of his official railway quarter
(MQ3, unit-5 Old settlement, under Kharagpur Police Station) on
September 22 this year.

No FIR was registered by local police till October 2, until the
engineers' fraternity, students and alumni of BIT Sindri, from where
Saurabh completed production engineering in 2008, started mounting
pressure on the administration.

Allegedly ignoring clearly visible injury marks on the face and head
of the deceased, local police had registered a complaint of unnatural
death due to 'snake bite'.
A PIL filed in the Madras high court on behalf a trafficked and
sexually abused minor girl has made an explosive claim that several
senior police officers, including IPS officers, have been abusing her
and now are blocking proper probe into the matter.
"Police officials operated like criminals and indulged in human
trafficking," it said, adding that the girl was forced to live an
"agonizingly pathetic life filled with rape, gangrape, drugs, liquor,
addiction, sexual harassment and exploitation."
"Their obsession is understandable - with no participation in India's
freedom struggle, they are seeking legitimacy from the past. In the
process, they are concocting history."
Hindus who hear a cow has been slaughtered can ask the police to
investigate a possible violation of cow slaughter laws. But if instead
they organize lynch mobs, they are murderous thugs, and should be
treated as such. If Modi refuses to condemn such incidents, he will,
rightly, be seen as blessing them.
In ancient times, neither untouchables nor tribals were regarded as
Hindus. Early 19th century censuses did not count dalits and tribals
as Hindus. But modern Hinduism claims as its own these two groups whom
it cruelly reviled and oppressed through the ages. I am all for the
change. But that change must allow for the fact that Dalits and
tribals have always eaten beef.
Liberal Hindus, arise: Reclaim your faith from extremists
The strength of this civilization has always been that God resides in
the home and not in an established organised church. Mahmud may have
sacked Somnath but no conqueror could destroy Hinduism precisely
because of its un-organised diffused strength. Hinduism was and is,
the soft lamp that glowed in individual homes and hearts, not the
large flashing beacon that drew the faithful into uniformity and
collectivism. Hinduism was never unified around a single god; instead
a myriad gods and cults flourished, each evolving and adopting
strategies and philosophies that competed for intellectual and
philosophical space.
Hinduism has never had a church, never had an organised clergy, never
had armies that fought in its name, and it is precisely these
characteristics that have given it its immense power and ability to
>> Thanks for sharing this, Sagarika. Reclaiming our religion from materialist abusers is far better than rejecting religion entirely and becoming yet another kind of materialist abuser.
The Supreme Court is Also Guilty of Diluting the Right to Information
- by Sailesh Gandhi
Illustrating how A flawed Girish Deshpande judgment is being used to
deny information
The Modi government's soil-testing scheme doesn't address the causes
of agrarian distress
In February this year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched an
ambitious Rs568 crore Soil Health Card (SHC) scheme
"Most of the scientists I spoke with described the exercise as
scientifically "useless" for farmers. It may help governments in
political mapping but won't serve any real purpose for farmers"
Matt Drudge: Copyright Laws Could Outlaw Linking to Websites
China's Nightmarish Citizen Scores Are a Warning For Americans .. and everyone!
In addition to measuring your ability to pay, as in the United States,
the scores serve as a measure of political compliance. Among the
things that will hurt a citizen's score are posting political opinions
without prior permission, or posting information that the regime does
not like
It will hurt your score not only if you do these things, but if any of
your friends do them.
Anybody can check anyone else's score online. Among other things, this
lets people find out which of their friends may be hurting their
so much subtler and more effective to pressure people, to turn the
exercise of power from a hammer, striking the body politic from
without, into a drug, which permeates social life from within and
shapes it in the desired directions.
"We look up to Bernie Sanders on a lot of issues, but we don't want
the same thing to happen where we believed that Barack Obama would
meaningfully change foreign policy and nothing of that sort ended up
After Dadri Lynching, Read Farhan Akhtar's Powerful Letter To The
Govt. And People Of India
I protested against their choice of words in headline, here:
(first sent email the the editor's email addr)
Russians tend to take things to the extreme, and this farm-to-table
grocery store is no exception. Dirt is left on the produce. (Why?
"Because it comes from Earth," the clerk said.) The farmers names are
printed on the labels. Each farmer has an online dossier. And if you
want to eat any of it, step next door to their restaurant where meals
are cooked with ingredients straight from the farm.
Thanks to a Western food ban in Russia, onions like Natalya are a lot
more common around Moscow. LavkaLavka has gone from a niche business,
catering mostly to foodies, hipsters, and expats, to a bellwether for
how the country is adapting to counter-sanctions.
More skeletons tumbling out of Monsanto's closet, further revelations
of univ. prof. Kevin Folta's links with Monsanto, including an
explicit message from him to disguise the donation to escape conflict
of interest
General Assembly chief arrested over $1.3mn bribery scheme
Cheap automation raises risk of 'premature deindustrialisation'
>> it's not risk, it's opportunity. The author presents a fair investigation of the drop in employment with rise in automation, but doesn't go some steps further to question the need for more of the same kind of employment as we see today if needs are well provided for. Ie, not aware of abundance paradigm that is coming.
"Neutrinos have mass!"
Kajita described his work as demonstrating a new kind of physics
beyond the Standard Model of fundamental particles, which requires for
neutrinos to be massless. Kajita helped prove in 1998 that neutrinos
locked inside the Super-Kamiokande detector in Japan experienced a
metamorphosis in the atmosphere.
McDonald's contribution included a 2001 discovery that neutrinos from
the sun also changed their identities. The Canadian scientists
completed his work at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory, SNOLAB.
>> the "villain" of the movie 2012 was the neutrino.
terrorists leave Syria following Russian airstrikes - military source
"Russian airstrikes have led to strong statements from terrorist
groups and their backers. At the same time terrorist groups said
nothing when the US-led coalition launched its operation," - Syrian
information minister Omran al-Zoubi
Russia launched its military operation against IS and other terrorist
groups at the request of the Syrian government on September 30. It has
been carrying out airstrikes in close cooperation with the Syrian army
to ensure the attacks are maximally effective.
Russia's targeted airstrikes have caused "panic" among the militants,
Konashenkov said, also stressing that the attacks are not conducted in
residential areas or places containing landmarks.
>> Makes you wonder what the f**k was USA doing all this time with unlimited control of the air and unlimited firepower to have easily taken all these guys out long back.
But perhaps the most intriguing piece of its work, plans for which are
still only on the drawing board, is the creation of a secular
monastery, "an updated version of an old idea" common in western and
eastern cultures. Berggruen says up to 50 thinkers could live for
weeks, months or even years at a stretch in what will be "a physical
place, but also a mental place, where we give the body and the soul
some freedom to explore and invent and communicate".
He goes on: "Today there are lots of ideas generated everywhere and
published everywhere. Short-term conversations, they are many.
Ideological conversations, they are many. But is there a longer term,
thoughtful review of these ideas? If you step back a little bit from
the daily pressure of winning arguments that is the place where we can
maybe be helpful."
The video there has a great narrative by Matt Drudge. "I don't need to
be liked". Talked about the need for being able to publish without
having to worry about outcomes, "likes", hits etc.
Topless FEMEN activists disrupt Muslim conference in France
"We shouldn't delegate the decision to kill to a machine full stop,"
he said. "Having met with the UN, the Red Cross, roboticists and many
groups across civil society, we have a general agreement that these
weapons could not comply with the laws of war.
Central banks around the world are selling U.S. government bonds at
the fastest pace on record, the most dramatic shift in the $12.8
trillion Treasury market since the financial crisis.
Abandoned: Inside Fukushima's nuclear disaster exclusion zone, in pictures
Bernie Sanders is wrong - Hugo Chávez was no dictator.
Solar leasing: we pay only for the energy; they take care of all
capital, installations, maintenance costs. We just provide our
rooftop. Workin for commercial, industrial sector for now. Still, a
big step forward in India.
platform that encourages bank workers to whistleblow on unfair
practices and corruption in the sector. #WBWS
Pune leads Maharashtra in refusing students RTE quota admissions
16 schools are still holding out against admissions, education
department has initiated process for de-recognition and action for
contempt of court.
After Shiv Sena got it canceled in Mumbai, Pakistani folk singer
Ghulam Ali got invited to Delhi by Arvind Kejriwal, has accepted the
MRI Shows Cancer Cells Thrive On Processed Sugar
Want to double world food production? Return the land to small farmers!
If the yields achieved by Kenya's small farmers were matched by the
country's large-scale operations, the country's agricultural output
would double. In Central America, the region's food production would
triple. If Russia's big farms were as productive as its small ones,
output would increase by a factor of six.
Who started the Georgia-Russia 5-day war in 2008? What was the media
reporting and what really happened?
An Open Letter from T.M. Krishna to Narendra Modi
Russia stops transit of NATO military cargo to Afghanistan
Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev has revoked a decree that allowed delivery
of NATO military equipment to Afghanistan through Russian territory.
India company looking for exotic free energy technology to manufacture
The company has several buildings, thousands of employees, and a few
hundred engineers, with one building just for Research and
Development. They also have good rapport with the Prime Minister of
India. They have all the latest simulation software and hardware you
might need.
Manoj Bhargava; Founder and CEO 5 Hour Energy, who made billions in
the energy drink business, and is now devoting that money to making a
difference for good on the planet.

More links:
From 2013, Manoj Bhargava's keynote at a TiE conference, in which he
gives a glimpse of his guiding principles, and looking at this you
will be able to recognize what makes him so different from other
businessmen, and how that difference led to Billions in Change. Must
watch for all MBA students and graduates.
The Richest Indian In America Is Saving The World & Yet You Haven't Heard Of Him
He believes access to good healthcare, energy and clean water are key
to a better life, no matter how rich or poor you are.
Energy creator wants to power thousands of Indian homes with bikes
Great Invention Is the New Philanthropy

Direct link to the Billions in Change movie:

A brief bio from
Early in his life, Bhargava worked at a variety of jobs including
construction labourer, cleaning contractor, accounting clerk, taxi
driver, printing press operator and business manager. He started a
plastics raw material company in 1990, Prime PVC Inc., now called
Prime Conduit, which he grew to $20 million in sales and then sold to
a private equity firm. After that he started a consumer products
company, Living Essentials. In 2004, the company developed the product
"5-Hour Energy", which has become a well-known brand in the United

Bhargava attended high school at the Hill School in Pottstown, PA,
graduating in 1972 before attending Princeton University. He dropped
out after completing one year. After that he dedicated many years to a
spiritual education in India and the United States.
Monsanto cuts 12% of its workforce to save money amid profit drop
US workers sue Monsanto over 'cancer-causing' weed-killer
Cattle leukemia virus found in milk linked to breast cancer - study
>> take a good, clean look at exactly what US/Obama have been funding and promoting, and are deliberately not preventing from having an internet presence.
Drought-proofing - By Gail Omvedt
Ralegan Siddhi, then, is a model not simply for watershed development
but for drought-proofing through what the Chinese used to call
``walking on two legs'' - combining locally-oriented and traditionally
developed forms of watershed development with modern systems of
At the same time, these social movements have rejected one of the most
common dichotomies seen today - between ``big dam'' developmentalism
and anti-dam eco-romanticism.
Delhi Secretariat to Run on Renewable Energy Soon
"Delhi Government in association with Ministry of New & Renewable
Energy (MNRE), is setting up a 3 MW ground based Solar Power Plant at
the vacant land of Indraprastha Power Station.
Everybody loves el-Sisi: World leaders complicit as Egypt returns to
Great conversations!
As Heat Waves Take Over 1500 Lives, Odisha Has A Solution
Proactive measures by state and local administrations, and
time-shifting of regular work/school hours has drastically brought
down casualties in Odisha.

Awesome tools for privacy online!
Bleep : P2P chat messenger made by BitTorrent. You can run it on
computer or mobile and can use email id or phone number for verifying
account and making yourself find-able by friends, but you don't NEED
to. You can instead share QR code or a serial-code to get added by
friends using the app. And it has a self-destruct "whisper" mode, can
auto-delete chats in 30 secs from reading. This is valuable not just
at govt level but even at personal, private level.
Betternet : The Internet With Peace of Mind
Betternet Free VPN Secures your Connection, Protects your Privacy
against Hackers, Hides your IP address and Unblocks all websites
>> experience at personal end : doesn't work :(
Anyways, there's TOR.

Then, meeting file sharing needs:
Sync (also created by BitTorrent) is a big idea providing a very
simple solution: the ability to move large amounts of data directly
and efficiently between devices without the public cloud.


Three links on the development and practice of Restorative Circles.

Dominic Barter talks about his work with Restorative Circles in Brazil
and worldwide.:

Jeff Brown, (NVC trainer, Columbus, Ohio) discusses aspects of
restorative circle process:

NVC Trainer Duke Duchscherer speaks about the origin of Restorative
Circles and its unique way of conflict resolution:
Putin offers to TEAM UP with the West to DESTROY Islamic State - but
they fail to respond
"Once again women's fury and frustration at the prevalence of rape and
other violence, is being used by politicians to advance their own
>> good job of cutting across the divide
ISIS lost most of its ammunition & heavy vehicles in Russian
airstrikes - military

>> Getting increasingly obvious by the day that these guys were so out-in-the-open, so easily traceable and bombable, over all this time the US that had a free run of the whole region and drones going around, could have easily taken these guys out and prevented ISIS from becoming ISIS in the first place.. had they wanted to.
less than 10 percent of the global population was actually vaccinated
for the smallpox vaccine.
Leaked: 'New Snowden' releases Obama's drone program papers
Data is most often gathered "from phone and computer communications
intercepts," with cell phones and emails being "the primary tools used
by the military to find, fix, and finish its targets." According to
the whistleblower, such methods "require an enormous amount of faith
in the technology that you're using."
Additional documents on drone operations in Afghanistan show that the
US government has categorized unidentified people killed in drone
strikes as enemies, even if they were not the intended targets, thus
masking the true extent of civilian casualties.
The special operations community dehumanizes the people targeted for
drone strikes, making it easier to avoid asking moral questions, the
source says. "They have no rights. They have no dignity. They have no
humanity to themselves. They're just a 'selector' to an analyst."

>> USA's over-reliance on technology taken to most extreme, inhuman levels; there is blood of innocents on the hands of the nerds of my generation
The Intercept has obtained a cache of secret documents detailing the
inner workings of the U.S. military's assassination program in
Afghanistan, Yemen, and Somalia. The documents, provided by a
whistleblower, offer an unprecedented glimpse into Obama's drone wars.
Fox News' terrorism expert arrested for lying about non-existent CIA career
>>These ppl are practically addicted to lying.. doing it even where they don't need to
Demoralized ISIS militants deserting en masse amid Russian airstrikes
- Defense Ministry
He was personally supervising the creation of the so-called
coordination center in Baghdad, which Russia, Syria, Iraq and Iran
created to share intelligence on terrorist forces and coordinate their
war effort.
"We realized that doing what the US-led coalition does and only
bombing ISIL targets from the air would not allow defeating it. It
requires doing things on the ground. The only force [in Syria] that
can fight on the ground is the Syrian government army," he said. "We
also had to join the forces of the nations and forces fighting ISIL on
the ground to coordinate our effort."
He said the US was invited to take part in the center's work, but
ignored it, apparently because of hurt pride.

"They see it humiliating to admit that they can't reach the goal they
announced a year ago without Russia. They don't want anyone to say
they have any dealings with [Syrian President Bashar] Assad, whom they
have been demonizing for years. And they don't appear to have the
necessary intelligence on ISIL targets, as evidenced by the poor
results of their airstrikes," Kartapolov suggested.
'Just Say No' To, says Tim Berners-Lee, founder of World Wide Web
Light Patterns From Distant Star May Indicate Alien Construction
Putin Slams Obama on Syria: US Has 'Mush for Brains'
Russia "received no answer" when it asked its international partners
to provide information on terrorist targets in Syria, or to say at
least where its planes shouldn't bomb, Putin said.
What they found was that 99% of the time you could process random data
using Mann's techniques and it would generate a Hockey Stick shape.
This meant that Mann's claim that the Hockey Stick graph represented
an accurate reconstruction of the past climate was in tatters.
... McIntyre and McKitrick submitted a letter to Nature about the
serious flaws they had uncovered in the methodology used in the Hockey
Stick paper. After a long (8-month) reviewing process Nature notified
them that they would not publish it. They concluded it could not be
explained in the 500-word limit they were prepared to give McIntyre
and McKitrick, and one of the referees said he found the material was
quite technical and unlikely to be of interest to the general readers!
If your funding and weaponizing of a rebellion against an "oppressive"
regime causes THIS, then you have screwed up.
I had my bags packed and ready to go to deliver over 250,000 petition
signatures with several consumer advocacy groups to Subway
headquarters this week but all my plans came to an abrupt halt.
Subway just announced that they have committed to eliminating the use
of antibiotics in ALL of their meat in the U.S. – and they also
provided a timeline.

The Iraq war was pre-planned by Blair and Bush

The sensational leak shows that Blair had given an unqualified pledge
to sign up to the conflict a year before the invasion started.

It flies in the face of the Prime Minister's public claims at the time
that he was seeking a diplomatic solution to the crisis.

He told voters: 'We're not proposing military action' – in direct
contrast to what the secret email now reveals.
Colleen Higgins, from Hednesford, Staffordshire, was left with a
fractured skull, a broken cheek and bleeding from her ears after her
ex-boyfriend Daniel Moore, 36 (pictured together left), beat her up at
their home and left her unconscious. When she came round two days
after the attack, she was unable to move from the sofa where the
beating took place and had to take a selfie to see the extent of her
injuries (right). She suffered a traumatic brain injury and has been
left deaf in one ear following the attack, but now wants to speak out
to warn other women about domestic violence.
>> About a major change in condom design needed.
And, here's an interesting fact:
in spite of the availability of birth control and treatments for STIs,
America has the highest rates of unintended pregnancies and HIV
transmission in the developed world.
We're responsible for Holocaust, not Palestinian mufti - Germany on
Netanyahu remarks
Germany has addressed comments made by Benjamin Netanyahu, in which
the Israeli leader accused the World War II Palestinian grand mufti of
inspiring the Holocaust.
"Hitler didn't want to exterminate the Jews at the time, he wanted to
expel the Jews. And Haj Amin al-Husseini went to Hitler and said, 'If
you expel them, they'll all come here,'" Netanyahu said during a
speech to the Zionist Congress.
14 Patterns of Biophilic Design
Improving Health and Well-Being in the Built Environment
Iceland sentences 26 bankers to a combined 74 years in prison
Unlike the (US's) Department of Justice, Iceland is focusing on
prosecuting the CEOs rather than low-level traders.
Israeli Forces Kill Beloved Palestinian Doctor and Peace Activist
Do You Have One Why or Many Whys?
There can be several reasons for doing something, not just one
But you don't need fit yourself into a box for your life to have
meaning. And you don't need to be able to explain your life in terms
of one grand theme for it to have meaning. Your life just has meaning,
the US's ability to conduct mass surveillance around the entire globe
became possible because the whole world is controlled by several
companies with links to the US government. "That would be impossible
if the market structure were different," he concluded.
A 2,500-Year-Old City Was Just Unearthed Near Madurai & It's Spectacular
RSS election machine grinds to a virtual halt in Bihar amidst tension with BJP
...The situation is in marked contrast to the organisation's energetic
groundwork during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.
...It is hard to locate RSS cadres on the ground in Bihar in
constituencies being contested by the BJP. And the RSS is completely
inactive in seats being contested by the BJP's allies – the Lok
Janshakti Party, the Rashtriya Lok Samata Party and the Hindustani
Awam Morcha. This is a conscious decision on the part of the RSS.
It's a grand shift of winds in Bihar
After two phases of polling, the BJP is getting increasingly desperate
as there is a palpable shift towards the Grand Alliance
...The Dadri murder has also become a boon for the GA. The long lines
of voters in areas dominated by the weaker sections tell a story in
themselves. A Muslim youth who did not want to be named says, "I came
to my hometown of Sasaram from Dubai to vote for Lalu Prasad so that
the BJP can be defeated."
The consolidation of the Muslim vote was not anticipated in the
initial days of campaigning. A former minister who recently joined BJP
tells Tehelka that he now regrets the decision. "This party has no
concerns about development. The only agenda on its hidden manifesto is
to divide the society along communal lines and take electoral
advantage," he says.
The problem of abuse is the greatest challenge the web faces today.
Twitter could have been a town square. But now it's more like a
drunken, heaving mosh pit.
.. The social web became a nasty, brutish place.
Abuse is killing the social web, and hence it isn't peripheral to
internet business models — it's central. It has significant chilling
effects: given a tipping point, people will simply stop using a
network, and walk away…and that appears to be what's happening with
Twitter. Abuse is just as central to tech that connects people as
selling beef that isn't contaminated with salmonella is to an industry
that feeds people. For the simple fact is that no one wants to spend
their life being shouted at by people they'll never meet who are angry
not at them but at the world for things they barely even said to
people they barely even know.
... What really happens on Twitter these days? People have self-sorted
into cliques, little in-groups, tribes. The purpose of tribes is to
defend their beliefs, their ways, their customs, their culture — their
ways of seeing the world. The digital world is separated into "ists" —
it doesn't matter what, really, economists, mens-rightists, leftists,
rightists — and those "ists" place their "ism" before and above all,
because it is their organizing belief, the very faith that has brought
them together in the first place. Hence, to them, it's the totem to
which everyone, including you, must pay homage, and if you dare not to
bow down before it…or worse still to challenge it…well, then the
faithful will do what they must to defend their gods. They will
declare a crusade against you.
So, step one: you say something, usually idly, that some kind of
"ists" don't like, because it challenges their organizing beliefs.
Step two: they notice. Step three: it's on. Full on guerilla info-war.
Rage-mobbing, shaming, if you're a woman, probably violent threats and
more. But note. In all these endless squabbles, this perpetual
outrage, this non-stop-cabaret of electronic violence…we are not
fighting over anything that means anything much in the first place. Is
it any wonder, then, that people are checking out of this childish
>>> SHIT THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I EXPERIENCED ON TWITTER RECENTLY, as well as on Facebook much earlier, and it was a major reason for me to get off it last year! (many reasons, even positive ones, but ya this constant threat of abuse was a major one)
The engineers and MBAs and engineer-MBAs that are technoculture's
cardinals and archbishops won't like — or probably even consider — my
explanation. They will fight it tooth and nail, for the simple reason
that it challenges their fundamental beliefs about the world.
... You can create the most perfect code in technological existence —
but if all it's used for is to relentlessly demean, bully, assault,
torment, pick on, trample, bicker with, shout at people, well, it's a
pretty good sign that people aren't using it for much of value.
.... For the simple fact is that technologies which devalue us do not
create value for us. When the social interactions that it creates are
little violences, then we can say that quality has fallen below the
level that people will find much benefit in it. Such interactions
become toxic.

And this para is a clincher:
But the troubling fact is this.

We have created an abusive society. We have normalized, regularized,
and routinized abuse. We are abused at work, by the very rules, norms,
and expectations of our jobs, at which we are merely "human
resources", to be utilized, allocated, depleted. We are abused at
play, by industries that seek to prey on our innocence and literally
"target" our human weaknessses. And now we are abused at arm's length,
through the lightwaves, by people we will never meet, for things we
have barely even said. We live in a society where school shootings are
the rule, not the exception, where more people will have taken
antidepressants than not…and now one where nearly everyone will have
been abused on the web…for a random, off-hand, throwaway comment, an
idle thought, something trivial, unremarkable, meaningless.
It's a classic case of "my Moodbidri versus your Dadri" as it has been
of 1984 versus 2002 riots. Such comparisons reduce violence to a zero
sum game, human life becomes a statistic and religion an instrument in
the pursuit of hate politics.
... This isn't about Dadri versus Moodbidri. It's about creating a
society that is tolerant, plural, but most importantly, respects the
rule of law and treats all equally before it.
Lessons from Amaravati: How not to build a smart city
Activists charge flouting of environmental and land laws 'for real
estate projects promoted by the ruling political party' in building
the new capital of Andhra.
, compatible with windows software, but open-source!
'Hashtag generation' sidesteps party politics to awaken a giant
Hopefully, this generation — so hell-bent on transformation and
equality — will continue its fight beyond universities and into the
(article from South Africa)
Putin: No need to distinguish between 'moderate' & other terrorists
...A whole "snarl" of terrorist groups act in the region, who fight
also against each other for "sources of income" and not for ideology,
Putin said, adding that the weapons provided to "moderate" opposition
in the region had ended up in the hands of terrorists.
..."Russia could also declare the necessity to democratize the USA,
but that would, at a minimum, be impolite," Putin told the discussion
...these kinds of measures taken by Washington demonstrate that it
treats other countries "like vassals who are being punished, rather
than allies."
...Commenting on the situation in Ukraine, Putin said that Russia
accepts any choice made by the Ukrainian people – "who we really
consider as fraternal country, fraternal people," but cannot agree
with the way the power in the country was changed. Such methods "are
bad, no matter where in the world it happens," Putin added.
"How can we accept coups? You can expect that Iraq and Libya scenarios
are being organized for us here. After all, the US authorities weren't
shy about openly and publicly saying that they spent $5 billion on
supporting the [Ukrainian] opposition," the Russian president said.
sues Ukraine in European Court of Human Rights
Yanukovich was deposed and forced to leave Ukraine and flee to Russia
during a violent coup in February 2014 that instated the current
authorities in Kiev.
>> This tiny little detail is being censored by the US-biased media : The fact that what they're presently referring to as "Ukraine" or "Ukrainian Government" are a bunch of violent right-wing thugs who staged a violent coup and grabbed power, with ample funding from the USA, and since then, active military support. They are NOT the legitimate government of Ukraine. And they're warring with rebels and Russians over the Donestk region claiming it's their property (just because they grabbed the capital), whereas it's practically a case of the country's province deciding NOT to pledge allegiance to thugs who took over the centre. Crimea similarly simply opted to get out rather than bow down to a bunch of thugs,

What the western media refers to today as "Kiev", "Ukraine"
government, are dictators who illegally and violently grabbed power.
They do NOT represent the Urkainian people.

And how are the new dictators of Ukraine performing?
Political analyst Aleksandar Pavic told RT that there has been a
rapid decline in living standards and human rights since the Maidan
revolution in 2014, which resulted in the violent ouster of the former
government by Kiev's current authorities.
"After the Maidan 2014 nobody in Ukraine is enjoying a better life,
except people at the top of organizations and structures that caused
the Maidan revolution," Pavic said.
Since Maidan, Ukraine has established an almost "oligarchical regime,"
as the current government has excluded a "large fragment of the
population from having a say in political life," he said.
"If they look at their lives today and a year and a half ago I think
they cannot but notice the big decline of living standards and even
human rights."
AFP, a French media outlet, was responsible for publishing a piece
titled 13 Dead as Russia strike hits Syria field hospital: monitor.
The source in the story was identified as the UK-based Syrian
Observatory for Human Rights, which is run by one man – Rami
Abdulrahman. Just recently, Abdulrahman told RT that the last time he
had been in Syria was 15 years ago and that all the information for
his reports is taken from "some of the Observatory activists" who he
knows "through common friends."
...Experts have questioned the authenticity of the video posted by the
rebels, stating that it is physically impossible to film such a
powerful explosion from a few meters away and survive. "It didn't look
like an aerial bomb dropped from an airplane. It appeared to come from
an angle and the angle of the explosion appeared to be more like
artillery," a former policy analyst for the US Defense Department,
Michael Maloof, told RT.
Good detailed story creation / scriptwriting tips
Thousands Of Kuwaiti Sunnis, Shiites Come Together For Mass Funeral
After ISIS Mosque Attack
Stuck in the #beefpolitics debate? Oppose the bans, opposed the
murderous rampages in the name of the holy cow. But also take a look
at this.
Putin Vs. Obama: Shall We Compare The Two Leaders Or Will That Be Too
Embarrassing For America?
United behind a very strong leader with an 89.9 percent approval
rating, Russia is stunning the world with the efficiency with which it
is striking ISIS in Syria
...These are the people that we want to mess with?
...And at one time we had the high moral ground over the Soviet Union,
but today Russia is calling us the new "evil empire", and they have
some very valid points.
Another event like Truth About Cancer
Mysterious Death of Holistic Doctors Uncovered
Explosive: The real reason Holistic Doctors are being killed and vanishing!
the CDC revised its estimates of the flu vaccine's effectiveness
downward even further, from 23% to 18%.
Holistic Doctor to be murdered in 3 month period
His work shows that it's not saturated fat that causes heart disease,
rather trans fats are to blame.
...refined carbs, sugar, and processed foods are the real enemy—not
the saturated fats found in foods such as butter, lard, or eggs.
'They can't track us down' – hackers who cracked CIA Director
Brennan's email to RT
...A conversation then ensued and the hackers called Brennan's home.
The distressed director asked what they wanted. "We jokingly said 'two
trillion dollars.'" Then he said, "Really, how much do you want?"
"We then said, 'We just want Palestine to be free and for the US
government to stop funding Israel to kill innocent Palestinians.'"
Brennan hung up.
"The head of CIA shouldn't be using any personal emails to discuss
work," @IncurioSubter said about the questionable choice of AOL as an
email server for the highest intelligence official in the US.
Meet the 1 percenters finding solace in wealth redistribution
..Ebrahimi founded the Chorus Foundation using $25 million of his
personal money. Focused on funding projects to address climate change,
Chorus is dedicated to "working for a just transition to a
regenerative economy in the United States." And unlike other
foundations, Chorus has a built-in expiration date: intending to spend
out the entirety of its — and Ebrahimi's — reserves by 2024
.."I think the best work happens when people who are funding it get
the hell out of the way."
..For solutions, they turn to movements. As opposed to Carnegie, this
new breed of philanthropists reject their so-called "obligations" to
capitalism, and are eager to help build a fundamentally different
>> Vinoba Bhave resurging?
girl films father's sexual abuse with webcam
>> Despite the girl having come forward and tell about her father abusing her, they refused to take any action (not even sheltering her!) untill they had "hard evidence". She had to allow the monster to rape her AGAIN for the sake of video-recording it, and only with that submtted did the police take any action. WTF, France??
I'm sorry: Why I changed my mind on Edward Snowden
After 60 years in public life, my first reaction to Snowden leaks was
rage. I was wrong. So was most of the media - by Hodding Carter III
>> someone who was accusing Snowden has now switched sides and is supporting him
My atheism does not make me superior to believers. It's a leap of faith too
It's easy to view religion as the root of society's ills.

But atheism as a faith is quickly catching up in its embrace of
divisive and oppressive attitudes. We have websites dedicated to
insulting Islam and Christianity. We have famous atheist
thought-leaders spouting misogyny and calling for the profiling of
Muslims. As a black atheist, I encounter just as much racism amongst
other atheists as anywhere else. We have hundreds of thousands of
atheists blindly following atheist leaders like Richard Dawkins,
hurling insults and even threats at those who dare question them.

Look through new atheist websites and twitter feeds. You'll see the
same hatred and bigotry that theists have been spouting against other
theists for millennia. But when confronted about this bigotry, we say
"But I feel this way about all religion," as if that somehow makes it
better. But our belief that we are right while everyone else is wrong;
our belief that our atheism is more moral; our belief that others are
lost: none of it is original.

If we truly want to free ourselves from the racist, sexist, classist,
homophobic tendencies of society, we need to go beyond religion. Yes,
religion does need to be examined and debated regularly and fervently.
But we also need to examine our school systems, our medical systems,
our economic systems, our environmental policies.

Faith is not the enemy, and words in a book are not responsible for
the atrocities we commit as human beings. We need to constantly
examine and expose our nature as pack animals who are constantly
trying to define the other in order to feel safe through all of the
systems we build in society. Only then will we be as free from dogma
as we atheists claim to be.
The families in this town have welcomed the mentally ill into their
homes — for the last 700 years.
...While the host families do receive a stipend for their care (about
$730/month), they are not provided with any background information or
clinical diagnoses. This helps cut down on stigmas against people with
mental illnesses as being sick or scary or dangerous.
... an image caption in sarcasm: "I've got it! What if we treated
people with compassion and care and like actual people through the
course of their psychiatric care?" "I guess that could work.
Tony Blair sorry for Iraq war 'mistakes' and admits conflict played
role in rise of Isis
>> "Sorry"? He needs prison time, along with Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell, Condolezza..
There is no doubt about it: Tony Blair was on the warpath from early 2002
Colin Powell's memo confirms what is broadly known, but will add to
pressure on Chilcot inquiry to clear up controversy over PM in run-up
to invasion of Iraq
Syria's President Assad ready for early elections - Russian delegation
to Damascus
>> bringing it on!
>> waiiit a minute! Weren't we told that the complex organic compounds were not possible to make in lifeless planets? Where did that sugar come from? Chlorophyll makes sugar and alcohol. On earth they are derived from plants : it hasn't been possible yet on Earth to make them synthetically.
The article assumes the presence of sugar & alcohol on the comets as a
fact and then speculates about such things crashing into Earth
facilitating life. But how did the comets get them to begin with?
We're told that fusion creates the heavier elements inside stars and
supernovas spill the heavy elements around.. that we are all stardust.
But all that narrative doesn't get anywhere close to how a comet can
get organic molecules on itself.
A ceiling fan motor that has remarkably high efficiency
.. The 35th Hong Kong Electronics Fair (HKTDC), the world's largest
electronics exhibition, and the Hong Kong Eletronics Industry
Association (HKEIA) have awarded the Keppe Motor with two top awards
at their networking and awards dinner held this evening in Hong Kong
This Herb (Parsley) Kills 86% of the Lung Cancer Cells
Want to thwart govt spies? Use snail mail, Assange says
Rod of God secret space weapon analysis: Precision-guided munition
calculations show it's possible to strike almost any target on Earth
from orbit with 3-4 tons of TNT explosive equivalent
>> Speculation that this is what struck Tianjin in China.
Putin at Valdai Forum 2015 - World between War and Peace (FULL SPEECH)
>> 9 mins in, did he just confirm about the Rod of God weapon?
"We have already seen the appearance of the concept of the so-called
disarming first strike, including one with the use of high-precision
long-range non-nuclear weapons comparable in their effect to nuclear

(full transcript on )
We'd already found a huge pyramid-resembling mountain on Mars.. now on
Ceres too. Too much!
First They Jailed the Bankers, Now Every Icelander to Get Paid in Bank Sale
Iceland continues to do the opposite of what America does
...remains the only European nation to recover fully from the 2008
crisis. Iceland even managed to pay its outstanding debt to the IMF in
full — in advance of the due date.
Instance of atheists in education going overboard.. with 7th graders
Why kindness is the key to a new economy
The economy we live in today is a form of capitalist patriarchy –
which means that our economic system is based on domination.
An economy built on kindness would be radically different. It would be
a gift economy.
Great compilation on vaccines issue

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