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Commentary on going overboard with Big Sister protectionism: Laurier case
Lindsay Shepherd, Taylor Swift & The Failure to Disavow -Roaming
Millennial, 2017-12-07

I've been in the position described in the first video here, of
judging people because they weren't as against something as I was. In
hindsight, I realize I was being unjust. Feeling thankful for these
videos bringing this out and grateful for both these women's courage
in the face of very cleverly disguised self-righteous intolerance.

About the university authorities who are accurately likened to the
Gestapo by some commenters : We've seen throughout history, the worst
tyrant is the one who genuinely believes they're doing the right thing
and that they know better than the ones they're claiming to protect.
You can wax eloquent about your noble intentions but if you're only
using it to destroy freedoms then you're clearly using your intentions
to pave the road to hell.

I'm increasingly reminded of what John Taylor Gatto warned about the
modern education system in his books : Prolonged Childishness
extending into adulthood. That has manifested in the assumption that
grown adults can get brainwashed by being presented different views
and hence must be shielded from "dangerous" ideas by some Big Sister.
Enter censorship and totalitarianism hiding in the Trojan horses of
Social Justice and Political Correctness. I believe it's the people
who think this way (that it's easy to brainwash anyone) who have this
issue and they're just projecting their own weakness upon the entire
population to justify themselves.

More: This vid brings together the background of the case:
Jordan Peterson, Lindsay Shepherd and Wilfrid Laurier (Timeline of
Events) - The C-16 Archives -The Social Engineer, 2017-11-26
FULL RECORDING - Lindsay Shepherd Interogated by Wilfrid Laurier
University's Gender Police -Think Club, 2017-11-21
Lindsay Shepherd LIVE: Free Speech Battle with Laurier University -The Rubin Report, 2017-12-01

One pattern I see in all the events about offended people going
overboard : Perceived Symbolism, which is in the eyes of the
complainer and not the actual doer, to establish that the doer is
evil. So a person might be opening a door for someone as common
courtesy and be thinking nothing else of it, but another person
watching the scene might suddenly associate that with symbols of
patriarchy, get their head flooded with a universe-full of crimes and
oppression and then declare that the person opening that door is hence
guilty of all those crimes and is propagating them all through his
action. All while NOTHING was going on in his own head; the accuser is
the one who's gone out of control. And what happens when we bring up
this reality? The accuser will accuse the other person of being
insensitive by not magically thinking exactly along their lines.
You'll notice a ramped up usage of "you should have" type statements.

The phenomenon of perpetual victimhood, and being offended by anything
that moves because of letting it trigger random shit in your own head,
is a classical consequence of not taking (and not expecting others to
similarly take) responsibility over one's own feelings. The usage of
subjectively perceived symbolism as "evidence" leads to accusing
innocent people of crimes they have never committed. And all of this
is done by people who resolutely believe the entire time that they are
the ones being oppressed. The delusion of being oppressed is key here
: It legitimizes all oppressive behavior by the person carrying the
"oppressed" tag. Take a look at history and you'll notice that the
worst atrocities have been committed by people who were convinced by
their leaders that they're being oppressed, are under threat, and have
to act in defense.

Another case from Yale (you wouldn't believe they're getting this
emotional over Halloween costumes!) that really brought out the
problem of people being hijacked by their own victim status, and where
I saw a stellar example of conveying that you understand the other
person is in pain, but at the same time politely but strongly
refusing, in the face of immense pressure, to acknowledge their
judgement which is causing their pain:

Disclosure: I've been avoiding putting this out there but heck that's
only causing me to try sneaking it in elsewhere, so might as well
state it...
Edit: Whoa, that became an article on its own! Branched off here:
My take on the disruption at NVC Convention Pune Sep 2017
Edit: Ok off with the heavy shit, have a chuckle with these amazing responses to the perpetually offended:
Remy: Trigger (Thriller Parody) -ReasonTV, 2017-10-31
"Ain't No Rest for the Triggered" - Social Justice: The Musical -Chris Ray Gun, 2016-05-11

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