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Interesting Links for November 2017

Interesting Links for November 2017
Top 10 Reasons the Universe is Electric #4: Light Bulbs in Space | Space News -ThunderboltsProject, 2017-10-29
"No pedo bashing"
"He did nothing"
... An Islamic terrorist pledging allegiance to ISIS killed eight people and injured at least eleven others yesterday, mowing them down in a pick-up truck on a bike track alongside West Street in Lower Manhattan.
MILO's Speech at CSUF - Halloqueen Night -MILO, 2017-11-01
>>Some comments on the page:
... "I was there and it took a small army of deputies, literally, some on horseback, M4 assault rifles, barricades and a temporary wall (definitely not Trumps; it was ugly!) that made the theatre look like a fucking prison, three different check points, two with wands, a police helicopter hovering, all this to hear a gay Brit talk about the importance of freedom in America. One could write a tome on the varying degrees of irony exhibited that night, the vigil of All Saints day."
... "Thank you Milo! Your video rejuvenated my spirit this morning. After my daughter was made to take her costume off at public school yesterday. Because, it may have the possibility to offend. Yes, the possibility! Border Patrol costumes are horribly offensive! But, this conservative family will continue to speak out against political correctness! And...Thank you for being such a loud, awesomely well dressed, trailblazer!"
... "I love people like Milo, Ben or Gavin. Because with the news constantly saying how white men are evil and that America is the biggest shit hole on the planet. It starts to get to you. I honestly watch these three people because help elevate my mood when i get people yelling at me to check my privilege and other shit. Thank you Milo and thank you Daddy Trump."
... "Thank you Milo I know you're real because you alienate EVERYONE."
>> and for those who think this side is just full of xenophobes, here's a realization:
... "his speeches are getting better and better, i just finished dangerous.....I think hes getting better source material everyday.....also Milo is the immigrant we WANT!"
... "His Scotland bit was frighting but true. A popular Youtuber who was a guest on Sargon of Akkad had been jailed for an "offensive tweet" then released. The stupid thing about it is that ANYTHING can be offensive if you look hard enough.
Post up a delicious looking steak...offend a vegan/vegetarian.
Post up an argument on your view in the Pro-life debate...offend someone who disagrees.
They might as well just ban twitter or the internet in Scotland."
... "Liberals are the biggest threat to liberty and democracy."
... "I got kicked off of Twitter for 12 hours after I called Hollywood "whores willing to do whoever or whatever for fame""
... ""I have a dream that your children will live in a nation where white males are blamed for everything, and the content of your character will be excused by the non-whiteness of your skin." - The Left"
Milo Yiannopoulos DESTROYS A TRIGGERED Australian Feminist -KGP TV, 2017-11-01
URGENT!! A Message to Antifa: You are Walking Into a TRAP Nov 4 -inTruthbyGrace, 2017-10-28
The Truth About Angry Birds: The Movie -Stefan Molyneux, 2016-05-28
>> It wasn't a Hollywood production! That explains a lot!
The Ugly Truth About No Go Zones | Raheem Kassam and Stefan Molyneux -Stefan Molyneux, 2017-11-02
>> Great constructive discussion on what to do with what we've got now in Europe, how the migrants can be prevented from radicalization
Raheem Kassam Schools White Guilt Leftard On Migrant Rapes -Patriotic Populist, 2016-01-19
The Collapse of Venezuela: Aftermath -Stefan Molyneux, 2017-10-22
Why Women Support Socialism -Stefan Molyneux, 2016-05-26
>> In addition to the title (very long laid out analysis), there's also first hand testimonies of a person whose family got the short stick of socialization not once but multiple times.
One Year After India Killed Off Cash, Here's What Other Countries Should Learn from It - Bhaskar Chakravorti
>> tracing the "experts" who might have been involved in this fiasco, a mention made of Arthakranti's Anil Bokil, and their presentation linked:
>> In all fairness, they were for removing higher denominations completely, and never for the 2000rs note which you can say was the exact opposite of everything they stood for. And they had several more really good recommendations that went got completely dropped. But I must note at least some of their supporters didn't do much protesting, rather were more glowing in being part of this movement and some have been vociferously defending it all.
... Before launching a policy action with such far-reaching consequences, there should have been a clear process for receiving professional expertise, data, and analyses and a mechanism for debate and discussion of the assumptions and the impact. It is important to have a record of such a process, even if it has to be conducted in secret. Governments need to be able to demonstrate that they have done their homework regardless of the ultimate outcomes of the action. Any democratically elected government owes this to its citizens — and to its country's future.
... Third, in a recent analysis of income tax probes, the cash component of undeclared wealth in India was estimated to be only about 6%. In other words, the policy instrument was aimed at the wrong target: most undisclosed wealth is held in noncash assets.
>> Imagine a scene: you are pointing a loaded gun to kill a mosquito hovering in front of you while your family members are standing in the background. Your intentions are good, but what you're doing is absolutely not good. We need to separate intentions from actions.
In the Fight Against Poverty, Work Is Our Most Powerful Weapon
... My conclusion after all this time isn't so novel. But it bears repeating because we've lost our way: Work is the most powerful weapon we have to fight poverty and all its downstream effects, from child malnutrition to maternal mortality, both domestically and abroad. We need to modernize workforce training, incentivize companies to hire low-income people, and encourage consumers to support those organizations that #GiveWork, not aid.
... But I believe we now need something broader and simpler to mobilize companies and consumers to think differently about aid: a model called "impact sourcing," which pushes for workforces (whether directly employed or employed through suppliers) to be economically diverse enough to include some of the world's most disadvantaged people. This shift could, by our estimation, lift millions out of poverty in a single year.
... Nine years ago, I launched a social enterprise designed to facilitate this change. Samasource, named after the Sanskrit word Sama, for equal, became profitable last year and is now the largest data services company in East Africa, employing over 1,200 people from low-income backgrounds to complete simple tasks online for big companies. We hire people from below the local poverty line, provide training and other benefits, and directly pay them living wages. To date, we've helped roughly 36,000 people — 9,000 workers and their families
>> so this author has walked the talk.
... Through certain programs in urban Kenya, we've been able to boost participant incomes by 42% over five months and by 184% over four years. It's hard to make direct comparisons, but analysis of programs that instead offered unconditional cash transfers to poor people (another favored poverty reduction tactic), in rural Kenya and Uganda, yielded respective increases of 33% over five months and 41% over four years.\
... Yogurt company Chobani offers another example of impact sourcing. Founder Hamdi Ulukaya, a Turkish immigrant, has been vocal about his commitment to employing refugees in his upstate New York manufacturing plant and his second, the world's largest, in Idaho. "I can tell from my experience," he has explained, "the minute a refugee has a job, that's the minute they stop being a refugee."
... Giving work is not the answer to every problem, of course. There are many cases when giving work isn't feasible: in a violent conflict zone, for example, or in the aftermath of a natural disaster. In these cases, the best approach may be cash transfers or other forms of aid used as a temporary stopgap, the way foreign aid was originally intended in Europe after the second World War.
>> the "temporary" and "stopgap" words are crucial. Aid was never supposed to be the permanent sort of think it's being made to be now.
... But imagine what the world's — and this country's — lowest-income communities might look like if we took deliberate action to #GiveWork instead of handouts, to employ people and pay living wages so that they can finally escape the cycle of poverty.
The use of National Security Act to keep the Bhim Army's Chandrashekhar in prison is draconian
Preventive detention has no place in a democracy. In Uttar Pradesh, it is being used in a blatantly partisan manner to target the BJP's Dalit opponents.
... Preventive detention is rarely found in any modern democracy across the world today. Yet a number of Indian laws have it, the most prominent of which is the NSA, a Union law passed in 1980 by the Indira Gandhi government. Under the NSA, the government can detain a citizen for as long as it wants. Moreover, the detention is out of reach of the judiciary. Only an advisory board, set up by the government itself, can review the detention. In addition, the accused is not even allowed to hire a lawyer to defend himself. The board can, if it so wants, function in secret, refusing to publish any justification for its orders.
... In its structure, the NSA is rather similar to the British Raj's Rowlatt Act which also denied those detained access to courts or lawyers, leading to them being described as "no vakil, no appeal, no daleel"
... Unfortunately, the draconian practice of preventive detention did not go away with the transfer of power to Indian hands. Within three years of independence, the Jawaharlal Nehru government passed the Preventive Detention Act. Later, the Maintenance of Internal Security Act – used extensively during the Emergency – would also allow for preventive detention to then by replaced by the NSA. There are also a variety of state laws such as the Goonda Acts which allow for preventive detention.
... The imprisonment of citizens even before they have broken the law is bizarre and contravenes logic and natural justice. Unsurprisingly, it is often misused against the weak and by governments to serve narrow partisan goals rather than in the service of law and order.
>> And hey if it IS so useful, why wasn't the NSA or similar used by Haryana to prevent the riots following Ram Rahim's sentencing that led to many deaths in Panchkula? For a whole day prior to the rioting the TV news channelrs were camped out there predicting it.. the verdict was pretty certain.. you can't really say you were absolutely clueless about the whole thing.
Criminalization Of Cash: Driving Toward Cashless Society
>> In light of recent Indian govt announcements of war on cash, let's take things into context here. It's not a brainchild of the present governing party; it's an edict given from global elites to nations to implement.
'Critical concerns on Aadhaar': Six former civil servants write to Prime Minister Narendra Modi
'We are deeply concerned that the authorities seem insensitive to the legitimate concerns of large sections of the target universe, especially the poor.'
... There has never been anything like Aadhaar in India. It now affects everyone and every activity from birth to death. And yet this is not how Aadhaar was conceived. The objective of the UID was to eliminate multiple and fake identities to ensure better targeting of subsidies. How did this transformation take place?
>> Global context is important to get a grasp of things here. It is the global think tanks led by the military-industrial complex, the CIA, the Rockefellers etc that have been pushing the UID in various countries, and Aadhar has morphed into the exact thing they have been pushing. We're literally obeying their script word for word. India has become the CIA's guinea pig, and the change in ruling powers have not dented their plans at all. Nationalism IS important, and it's equally important to distinguish real patriots from others.

... Accorded the highest priority by successive governments at the two ends of the political spectrum
>> seemingly two ends but both of which take black money funding from the same funders.
... Meanwhile, media reports and field surveys have poured in from across the country regarding leakages, malpractices and fraud; biometric mismatch and the rejection of genuine cases; errors in the demographic data, disentitlement and exclusion. The UIDAI has registered criminal cases for preparing fake Aadhaar cards, for hacking databases and so on. Assertions made by high public authorities have been contested for not being backed by verifiable data.
... It is incredible that no one really knows how Aadhaar has been performing. This is because the UIDAI, which is the sole repository of all information on Aadhaar, has resolved not to disclose any data; it has even refused information under the RTI, on grounds of national security.
... The UIDAI now processes more than two crore Aadhaar authentications every day;
... About 40,000 cases have been registered for malpractices by the UIDAI. And yet no analysis of the experience has been made available to the public. This secrecy not only undermines the credibility of the UIDAI, but also raises questions about its intentions. Could it be that the data is so damaging as to vitiate the entire Aadhaar exercise? The UIDAI has chosen to keep its decision making opaque and its data beyond the pale of public scrutiny.
... 1. The biometric fiasco : The UIDAI's own proof of concept (POC) trials for fingerprint recognition showed an error of up to 15 percent with the best finger and 5 percent when two fingers were tried. There is little public awareness of these limitations. ... with a population of 80 crore under PDS, rejections can be as high as 12 crore, and will not be less than 4 crore; the technology ensures that this be so. Evidence from reports and surveys in Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh and Jharkhand support this assumption.
... in the case of pensions in Andhra Pradesh, the rate of fingerprint authentication failure after three attempts was as high as 17.4 percent. In Telangana, the failure rate under MGNREGA averaged 7.8 percent.
... The problem is further compounded in rural areas disadvantaged by the poor quality of basic facilities and services. Critical to the success of Aadhaar are uninterrupted power supply, Internet connectivity, efficient fingerprint recognition devices, secure and reliable encryption and transmission of data, and well-trained staff. If one or more of these requirements are not met, the rates of rejection increase sharply. Field experience across states corroborates this assertion.
... Further, a clear provision for alternative modes of establishing one's identity in the event of a failure of the Aadhaar identification ought to have been made. Instead, every case of mismatch is being celebrated as the elimination of a duplicate; and, in consequence, claims of huge savings are being made. In contrast, in Chhattisgarh, where this problem was duly acknowledged, the state government decided to accept alternative modes of identification.
... There are reports of large-scale inaccuracies, with instances of entire populations of villages recording the same date of birth, of errors in the names or addresses and so on. This has occasioned great hardship in authentication, but the authorities seem to be in denial.
... Aadhaar is now required by a new-born for her birth certificate, by a couple for registering its marriage, and by every soul before leaving for its heavenly abode.

... Consequently, we have several applications of Aadhaar which are an unnecessary impediment to accessing public goods and services. They only serve to cause gratuitous distress to common people. To illustrate,
... Midday meals for schoolchildren, when their identity is known to all and attendance is recorded for the day.
Treatment for TB patients under the national TB eradication programme, when their hospital record is available.
School admissions for children, when their admission papers and particulars of their parents, residence, etc. have already been submitted.
Lately, prospective organ donors, who had completed all the requisite formalities, have been denied this final generosity for want of Aadhaar!
Varanasi court to hear complaint against Kamal Haasan on Saturday
>> where does the person live? South India. Where is the court where the complaint was filed? Varanasi. Why not file it where he made it?
>> From which angle does the statement "right-wing groups can't deny existence of Hindu terrorism" become derogatory to Hinduism? The man is saying there are extremists pretending to be on our side that we should be watchful of, lest they take over like the Taliban did in Afghanistan and ISIS did in Syria/Iraq. Look at what has happened to those nations. He's not saying we are extremists. There is a difference between the two. Prove him wrong with facts and figures, and we'll all be happy for it. Punish him for saying it and you will have proven him right and we will all know that yes, there are terrorists in Hinduism, having just witnessed one. And don't think that South India's people won't see this as yet another instance of the unhinged North infringing upon the more civilized South.
If India's Ease Of Doing Business Ranking Has Improved, Delhi Government Deserves A Pat On The Back From Centre
A look at the ten criteria on which the ranking has been done reveals that without the state many of the yardsticks would not have been improved upon.
... Given that the World Bank report has pegged its assessment based on feedback from enterprises – both big and small – in Delhi and Mumbai alone, Sisodia's claim cannot be brushed aside
... Maira emphasizes that the "evaluation is not valid for the reality in the country which is why the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) is undertaking its own much wider evaluation across the country to find out what is the real work to be done rather than merely scoring higher on the World Bank's very limited test".
Will Antifa Use Kids As Human Shields? -War Room, 2017-11-04
>> This is serious.. there is a call for bringing kids to rallies where there's also reports of them bringing weapons.
UK To Jail Viewers Of "Far-Right Propaganda" | Amber Rudd | Terrorism -The Iconoclast, 2017-10-06
A Real Estate Story That Everybody Should Read - Vivek Kaul
IT'S OVER! Nigel Farage Just Uncovered Hillary's Darkest Secret & It's Worse Than Anyone Imagined -True American Heroes, 2017-11-03
>> Nigel Farage's replies to allegations against him
DNC RIGGED election for Hillary Clinton, Liz Wheeler REACTS -50 Stars, 2017-11-03
"Mueller is Colluding with Dems" Liz Wheeler REACTS to Paul Manafort's ARREST -TRUTHSERIES, 2017-10-31
"Tell me the Truth" Trey Gowdy gets Pissed, yells at Facebook official -TRUTHSERIES, 2017-11-01
Liberal calls Sheriff Clarke DUMB, See how he responds -50 Stars, 2017-08-31
>> HOLY SHIT the "hands up don't shoot" was FAKE NEWS! Mike Brown hadn't raised his hands, the police didn't shoot an unarmed black teenager who raised his hands!
The MILO Interview NPR Refuses To Broadcast -MILO, 2017-07-18
LIVE: Trump Behind Takedown Of Saudi Globalists -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-11-07
How The British Empire Abolished Slavery | Atlantic Slave Trade | European Slaves -The Iconoclast, 2017-07-28
Charlottesville Exploited By Media & Ideologues | Statue Removals | Jimmy Fallon's Crocodile Tears -The Iconoclast, 2017-08-16
"The Truth about Your Activism" | Candace Owens | TEDxMSJC -TEDx Talks, 2016-10-20
David Talbott: Exposing the Myths of "Settled Science" | NPA19 -ThunderboltsProject, 2013-08-10
Thunderbolts of the Gods | Official Movie -ThunderboltsProject, 2012-12-23
Santa Rosa Fires: Observations & Military Lockdown of Abnormal Fire Zones -inTruthbyGrace, 2017-10-19
Hurricane Ophelia is A LIE: A Phony Fake Weather Show -inTruthbyGrace, 2017-10-16
College Professor Censors Anti-Obama Comment on Free Speech Wall -TheFIREorg, 2012-10-01
White People Can't Dress Up As Any Other Culture?? Jessie vs Dumb Liberal Hippies At College Campus -MagiCal HD, 2017-10-29
My Liberal Family Hates Me -ashtonbirdie, 2017-10-09
Doxxed in San Francisco -ashtonbirdie, 2017-10-10
>> a testimonial from 3 friends at a liberal rally. They're calling everyone fascists, following and shoving people while accusing them of invading their space
>> This is the behaviour of people who go around carrying "No More Hate" signs.
>> and here's footage from the event:
Attacked at "Peaceful" Muslim Ban Protest -ashtonbirdie, 2017-10-11
Britain First carries out Christian Patrol in Islamist hotspot Bury Park, Luton -Britain First, 2016-01-23
>> Good way to bring out the true feelings
Live Q&A with Ashtonbirdie -ashtonbirdie, 2017-09-30
BLACK PEOPLE WAKE UP. Only a Fool Fights In a Burning House. -Diamond and Silk - The Viewers View, 2016-09-03
FULL SPEECH: Diamond & Silk bring the HOUSE DOWN for Donald Trump in Ft. Lauderdale - CHOO CHOO -ABC15 Arizona, 2016-08-10
Shapiro on Feminism: "What my dad taught me was to be a gentleman, and to treat women with respect." -The Ben Shapiro Show, 2017-10-19
I Took a Gender Studies Course So You Don't Have To -Ann Lieven, 2017-01-18
Things That Make You Say "Go Away, Feminism": Feminist Wonder Woman Responses -Ann Lieven, 2017-06-09
Former Pastor Of Church: What Caused The Attack In Sutherland Springs -Real News with David Knight, 2017-11-06
While Everyone Was Busy Being Distracted by Texas... -Truthstream Media, 2017-11-07
Texas Shooting: Insidious Wolves in Sheep Clothing -inTruthbyGrace, 2017-11-08
California Fires: Terracotta Roof Anomaly: Microwave Assisted Combustion Synthesis -inTruthbyGrace, 2017-11-04
>> a comment there:
From day one I found it strange that all these houses they showed in flames or before they burned a large % were newer stucco construction with terra cotta tile roof likely due to construction codes for the purpose of fire prevention in a semi -rural area.You would expect more damage with an older home of wood construction, so yes how exactly did so many of these more fire resistant stucco homes with terra cotta tile roofs burn to the ground?

>> there was a mention of a similar incident in Spain..
Drone Shows Destruction of Deadly Portugal Fire -Associated Press, 2017-06-18
Drone video showed Sunday's aftermath of Portugal's forest fire that killed at least 61 people, many of them trapped in their cars as they tried to flee. The country's prime minister called it "the biggest tragedy" for Portugal in decades. (June 18)
>> comments are disabled in the video. The video clearly shows all the trees lining either side of the highway are fine, but all the cars are melted. They melted while they were driving and people died inside. Now if a forest fire can melt cars as they're passing, how come there are so many videos on youtube of cars driving through such forest fires? And if the heat was truly very high then how come there isn't damage to trees on either side of the road? We can expect to see charred ash from leaves and stuff.
Wildfire 2017 California-Drone footage-KMart Burned -Trees Untouched!!!!Officials Asked about DEW -Serbian Conspiracy, 2017-10-15
>> With such a large area asphalted on all sides, there should have been NO way for a forest fire to reach that building at 0:48 . For Christ's sake we make FIRE LINES with precisely the same idea : keep a road-wide stretch barren, and that keeps incoming forest fires at bay. If that were not the case, there would be no fire lines in the world.
California Fire Walkthrough Multiple Anomalies -mental_boost, 2017-10-21
Exclusive Interview with Fire Captain on Origins of CA Fires, 2017-11-03
meme : the most selective forest fire in history
TRY NOT TO Think It's A CONSPIRACY...Watch Till The End! (2017) -THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE, 2017-10-15

>> Earlier in 2017, India's central govt makes it legal for corporates to donate them unlimited amounts of money anonymously. And a few months later they bail out all the bad loans of the corporates. Makes sense. Sign the petition to let people know they're not the only ones putting two and two together. #blackmoney #corruption

... A 'child refugee' who raped and drowned an EU official's daughter is actually a fully grown adult, dental checks have revealed.
... Hussein Khavari, who claimed to be a 17-year-old unaccompanied minor at the time of the crime, ambushed 19-year-old Maria Ladenburger, before raping her and then drowning her in a river in October 2016.
... Yesterday, anthropologist Ursula Wittwer-Backofen testified that with 99.7% probability that Khavari is aged between 22 and 29 years old, meaning he will face justice as an adult.
>> Do you have any idea how many other "rapefugees" have gotten away from prison for similar crimes? There's literally hundreds of criminals walking around in Europe right now, set free for being 17 years old after being caught for rape and other crimes. Once set free it's really not possible to track them.
... The head of the country's police union, Rainer Wendt, said: "We wouldn't have this victim, and so many others, if our country had been better prepared for the dangers that always go along with massive immigration."
... The co-chair of the anti-mass migration AfD said: "We are shocked by this crime and at the same time we see that our warnings about the uncontrolled arrival of hundreds of thousands of young men from Islamic-patriarchal cultures are written off as populist."
"There'll Be Hell To Pay If People Hear About Monckton's Paper!" -Real News with David Knight, 2017-11-07
..."History is filled with examples of a scientific consensus being shown to be wrong by one person"
>> a paper and all the underlying data is set to be released that claims there was a fundamental flaw in the mathematical models used to prove anthropogenic global warming.
Leaked Video of SJW LOSING IT Blows Up In Her Face -Philip DeFranco, 2016-08-30
>> How many times has this happened? The person is being rude and they accuse the other person of having been rude the entire time.
Why People Are FREAKING OUT About Men Being Banned From Sweden's New Music Festival... -Philip DeFranco, 2017-07-06
>> 5:06 : OMG ultimate SJW misunderstanding with the KKK thing!!
Ben Shapiro at UW-Madison: My Experience -Ann Lieven, 2016-11-17
>> A first-hand account by a girl of getting confronted and nearly punched by an enraged SJW disruptor at a talk who was screaming about safety while the security had to be there because he himself was being threatening.
Hypocrisy, Thy Name is Leftism -Ann Lieven, 2017-03-22
>> Contrasting the statements made by prominent letists before and after the US elections. Brilliantly compiled contrasting statements
The Women's March Doesn't Speak For Me -Roaming Millennial, 2017-01-25
>> A calling out of the hypocrisy of the organisers, calling their anti-trump march "Womens March" assuming that all women have to be anti-Trump
You're Lucky You Missed Out on that IPO...
... 79% of the capital raised in 2017 is through offer for sale. All of it will go to owners or other shareholders of the business, offloading their stake either fully or partially.
... This 79% is not getting invested in the business. It is headed straight into the pockets of the people who are dumping their own stake in the businesses, trying to get you to buy them.
>> sums up the issue of stock markets not reflecting business realities and not helping either.
What an American Hero Looks Like
>> The texas church massacre was stopped by : wait for it : a lifelong NRA member and former NRA instructor. The same NRA that gets credited by the MSM to be the cause for mass shootings even though none of its members have ever been involved in any.
... But when the gunman opened fire, it was Willeford who ran toward the danger. According to Willeford, his daughter told him someone had opened fire at the church half a block away from his home. Willeford immediately ran to his safe and removed his rifle, precisely the type of firearm so many on the left want to legislate out of existence.
... Willeford ran outside with his gun and loaded the magazine. He didn't even bother to put on shoes. And when he saw the piece of human debris responsible for the massacre, he opened fire. "I know I hit him," said Willeford. "He got into his vehicle, and he fired another couple rounds through his window."
... The shooter sped away. Willeford hailed another vehicle, and he and the driver began chasing him. That's correct: Civilians chased a shooter through the streets and called 911 on the way.
... Rob Dew is on the ground in Sutherland, Texas reporting that the shooter Devin P. Kelley was an atheist who may have been an advocate for SJW causes.
>> It's long been predicted that the MSM and the liberal left are spreading hatred and promoting violence by continuously alleging that all Trump supporters are evil, all white people are evil etc etc.
Why I'm Not A Feminist | Women Against Feminism -Roaming Millennial, 2016-12-13
>> The difference between equality of opportunity vs equality of outcomes is explained well here. I hadn't understood it so well earlier.
>>Let's see how many people I manage to offend with this 2 liner:
"Feminists in the West, Middle Eastern countries need you! Go and empower your sisters there; stop pulling all their men away to where you are."
>> wow, major statistics vs assumptions exposed. The video also has some comic part by an afro guy that's more joking (offensively) and not significant. Pay attention to the other parts, selectivists!
FEMINIST & SJW OWNED COMPILATION 2017 #2 (Destroyed Edition) -50 Shades, 2017-02-13
>> oh mann this is good
>> I'm coming at this site after so long!
>> speculates that there are attempts to create bioweapons that would target russians
Saudi civil war set to spill over into U.S.
>> predicts there will be false flag attacks by Yemeni nationals in US
Tony Podesta Makes Deal After Arrest, John Podesta Grounded, Hillary Clinton Sealed Indictment -April LaJune, 2017-11-08
>> shit a Podesta got arrested??
PIZZAGATE GRAND FINALE: Podesta Meltdown -David Seaman, 2017-10-31
Arrest of Tony Podesta, John Podesta and Hillary Clinton -April LaJune, 2017-11-06
Julian Assange - What did you do with Madeline McCann, Podesta's??? -Julian Assange, 2017-11-08
Tony Podesta Makes Deal After Arrest, John Podesta Grounded, Hillary Clinton Sealed Indictment -April LaJune, 2017-11-08
BREAKING! TONY PODESTA SURRENDERS! -Gotcha News Network, 2017-10-31
31 Sealed Indictments Deep State, Take down of Clinton and Podesta -April LaJune, 2017-11-09
Podestas Under Arrest?! | PIZZAGATE -David Seaman, 2017-11-05
>> Hillary Clinton got 100 million dollars from Russian payers after she gave Russia a major stake in Uranium One. Was the whole Russia backed Trump story a case of projection of one side's guilt onto their opponents?
Trump Orders Federal Prison to Prepare for 23 High Profile Politicians | Anonymous EXPOSED -Anonymous EXPOSED, 2017-10-10
Vegas Police Insider Posts On 4Chan, Reveals Stephen Paddock's Motive -Studio News, 2017-10-08
You Won't Believe WHO Was JUST Found On Antifa's LEAKED Tax Return—BOMBSHELL! -Lisa Haven, 2017-10-05
>> Antifa's funders revealed. Soros included
Inside story of Saudi night of long knives - Pepe Escobar on detained royals -RT, 2017-11-08
Ducks Lining Up: Saudi, Israeli, US Moves On Iran, Lebanon -RonPaulLibertyReport, 2017-11-07
Israel sides with Saudi Arabia against Iran, Hezbollah -RT America, 2017-11-08
Ben Shapiro - The Mysterious Happenings In Saudi Arabia -Conservative Network, 2017-11-06
"He Did WHAT??" Tucker is SHOCKED by NEW Harvey Weinstein Details -The Liberty Hound, 2017-11-08
>> One of Hillary Clinton's biggest fundraisers now outed as a rapist and serial harasser of multiple women. Thing what were those women going through when he shared the stage with Hillary while she waxed eloquent about womens rights.
"I LOVE When Hollywood LECTURES Us!" Gutfeld DESTROYS Virtue-Signaling Hollywood Hypocrites -The Liberty Hound, 2017-11-06
>> showing how Hollywood hypocritically lectured everyone else about
... "I'm never going to take moral advice from Hollywood"
>> Hillary you liar you knew it all along.
"I HATE Every One of Them!" Undercover FBI Agent REVEALS All to Tucker in Bombshell Interview -The Liberty Hound, 2017-10-28
The PAX AMERICANA, PetroDollar and Coming CRISIS in the GULF -Black Pigeon Speaks, 2017-11-08
Ben Shapiro - The Left Have Officially Lost Their Minds -Intense 5, 2017-11-09
What Happens When Google Disagrees With You? -PragerU, 2017-11-09
The "Shrieking Girl": Yale student expresses her need to be "safe" from Halloween costumes -Badger Pundit, 2015-11-08
>>more vids from the incident:
Yale University - New Videos of Halloween Email Protest -TheAsianRepublican, 2016-09-17
Yale University - Full Version - New Videos of The Halloween Email Protest -TheAsianRepublican, 2016-09-21
Adam Carolla On Entitled Youth And Yale Halloween Controversy -Carolla Video, 2017-04-07
The Simpsons - SJWs at Yale -HolycrapLOL, 2017-04-04
>> OMG the Simpsons did an episode on that! LOL!
Sam Harris on College Campus Craziness with Nicholas Christakis -Cogent Canine, 2017-10-11
>> my comments here:

>> 15:35 : Did that girl ever try to know who the prof was? Has she ever engaged in a spirited conversation with him? How can she possibly expect only him to put all his work aside to exclusively know her without doing anything in return?
>> Why are all these students even bringing up the whole "you don't even remember my name hence you're evil" thing if they were there to discuss about HALLOWEEN costumes?
>> Nicholas, you are amazing. Please continue with your work and know that those students WILL NEVER represent all of us. They are overly entitled nothings who will achieve nothing in life if they continue this way. And, I am a brown-skinned Indian from India and I will be extremely happy to see people from all races wearing any Indian attire on Halloween and any other day. We feel FLATTERED and LOVED when you do that, never insulted. Please come to India and teach here, we will worship you. To hell with those bloody snowflakes.
>> 17:46 : to the student : Your friend is standing there in front of everyone being a drama queen and you're pretending to care for her while giving her justification for her bad behaviour..
>> Hats off to Nicholas for standing up for his wife! Ladies, this is the kind of man you want to have in your life when the entitled snowflakes turn on you.
>> Employers, pleas don't hire from Yale. You don't want such entitled serial misunderstanders screwing your work life.
>> That idiot in the cap who just invaded the prof's space and got just inches from his face : Did he ever wonder that there might be a reason why no one else is doing that? Has he ever wondered how unsafe and threatened he made the prof feel when he did that?
>> According to the shrieking girl, Yale College is not about creating an intellectual space. It's about creating a home : because these students haven't experienced a safe home and so are expecting to have now, in college, what they feel they never had in their childhood. That's my inference. I could be wrong, but I'm making a guess here. The millennial snowflakes are products of broken families and estranged relationships.
Why ReasonTV Is VERY Unreasonable -Lauren Southern, 2017-09-02
>> 2:35 : Wow ALL of the countries shown in that viz are having DESTABILIZING WARS? Gosh, the Indians and the Pakistanis are going to be really offended by this, ReasonTV.
"DON'T CALL Breastfeeding Natural??" Tucker Tries To Reason With Crazy Feminist -The Liberty Hound, 2017-04-29
>> That time when you're trying to talk biology / science and the opposite person insists on using the exact same words to denote emotion...
"WHATEVER!" Tucker and Atheist Brawl Over Park Bench -The Liberty Hound, 2017-05-06
>> This brings out the intolerant and predatory tendencies in the atheism camp.
>> Where's the survey of the citizens in the town who live or visit that area asking THEM what THEY felt?
New documents claim to prove Mugabe ordered Gukurahundi killings
Recently released historical papers implicate Zimbabwean president in orchestrating the 1980s killings for political gain.
Who's More Tolerant Atheist Or Religious People? Tucker Carlson -IamMarcus, 2017-07-15
Tucker Outs AuthorItarian Atheist Asshole That Shut Down A Bible Study For Kids -The AntiCoIntelPro Show, 2017-05-26
>> You don't forfeit your rights just because you work for the government" . And this guy's reply? "Yes you do.".
>> And I totally noticed how the interviewed guy took advantage of his time on screen to start dissing the bible when the conversation was never about what's in it.
EPIC! Must Watch Tucker Take On A Psychotic Psychologist That Wants To Ban Speech -The AntiCoIntelPro Show, 2017-08-01
>> A comment there:
People like this woman is why we have to have safe spaces and coloring books for college kids.
>> "it wasn't about banning speech, it was about banning PEOPLE who will give the speech" . So let's allow only selected people to speak and let's suppress everyone we disagree it. And that's not censorship. That's her argument. On one hand she's saying she's not supporting censorship. And on the other she says we shouldn't let certain people (and she mentioned Milo) speak anywhere. And why the whole thing? Because she's concerned about mental health. Oh, if the truth distresses you, let's ban the truth! And this person's advocacy was published by NYT.
>> She keeps saying she's not pro-censorship, and then she says she wants to ban certain people from being able to speak anywhere. That's like a dictator saying "I don't condone extrajudicial execution of everybody, but I will execute just a few that I don't like."
MUST WATCH... Laura Ingraham Eviscerate The Enemy Of Humanity -The AntiCoIntelPro Show, 2017-07-08
>> Top priority : to please Allah
>> Number one priority : to not assimilate into Western culture.
>> Hmm, perhaps Linda Sarsour and her followers would be better off moving back to their native countries or to any Islamic country that'll let them in? That's always an option, right??
>> aptly pointed out by the TV show host : we don't have any other immigrant group declaring that they do not want to assimilate into the society that have migrated to.
Clipped Wings - In gaol in Zimbabwe
>> Wow the bureaucracy and the ugliness of police states laid bare

One article spanning some pages:

>> related BBC post:
Dam plot in Mozambique denied
Dinesh D'Souza goes UNCHAINED at Trinity University -Dinesh D'Souza, 2017-03-14
... In another #onlyatYAF lecture, Dinesh D'Souza blasts the left for their fascist roots and anti-minority bigotry, two things they have become adept at throwing at the right. In fact, the history of the Democratic Party is a history of corruption, bigotry, and totalitarianism. Dinesh D'Souza is UNCHAINED at Trinity University.
Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party (Dinesh D'Souza Interview) -The Rubin Report, 2016-07-26
What People Think about Hillary's America -Millennial Millie, 2016-08-07
How to Escape the Democrat Plantation (an easy guide). -Red Pill Black, 2017-08-22
Tucker Takes On Old Thug That Threatens Because He Is Too Stupid To Debate -The AntiCoIntelPro Show, 2017-05-16
>> 6:15 Asked about what he'd do if people showed up outside his house, "I'd ignore them, because in the end they're going to lose, it's not an effective tactic" >> What? He PROVED Tucker's point! The whole video he's defending his tactic, and when the same tactic was posed to him he said it'll lose. Then why the hell is HE doing it, if not for intimidation??
Must Watch Tucker Leave BLM Activist Speechless When Asked About Hillary Mentor/KKK Leader -The AntiCoIntelPro Show, 2017-08-16
>> wow Tucker really owned this one. He got a BLM activist to actually go against the very stand her group has taken.
"DEMOCRATS Enslaved Black People, Remember?" Watters Owns Everybody on Statue Debate -The Liberty Hound, 2017-08-21
>> This is the most intelligent conversation I've seen regarding the statue controversy that went on to cause that death in Charlottesville. If people had listened to this rather than CNN and the leftist media's victimization drivel maybe that death could have been avoided.
'Bizarre star that refuses to die discovered'
... "This supernova breaks everything we thought we knew about how they work. It is the biggest puzzle I have encountered in almost a decade of studying stellar explosions," said Iair Arcavi, a NASA Einstein postdoctoral fellow at LCO.
Another "Impossible" Exoplanet | Space News -ThunderboltsProject, 2017-11-10
Dark Matter Falsified -- Again? | Space News -ThunderboltsProject, 2017-01-21
Must Watch Tucker Eviscerate Clinton Apologist Richard Goodstein Whom Then Threatens Fox News -The AntiCoIntelPro Show, 2017-10-11
>> Asked the right question at 6:30 : Do you sincerely believe that in the 25 years she's known Harvey Weinstein, Hillary Clinton never heard one rumor about his treatment of women?
The Truth About Depression -Paul Joseph Watson, 2017-01-04
What They're Not Telling You About Depression -Paul Joseph Watson, 2017-09-12
Don't You Dare, Andhra Officer Shouted On Camera. Then, Tragedy; 21 Dead
21 people died and nearly as many are reported injured after a boat, overloaded with tourists, capsized in the Krishna River, about 15 miles from the city of Vijaywada in Andhra Pradesh on Sunday.
... The official warns that the boat did not have clearance to operate. Agitated, he pleads and warns that passengers must not be allowed on the boat and that other boats were available to ferry them. Who shot the video of Malleswara Rao is not clear but it proves that at least one government official tried to protect the safety of passengers. Why his instructions were overruled is not clear.
Petition: Chief Justice of India : Stop Mandatory Aadhaar for services
>> This has the devil-in-the-details of how the inference that Supreme Court has ratified making aadhar mandatory for IT and mobile came about. It's a misinterpretation. There's no such court order.
>>Wow its informative to know there never was a Supreme Court order making Aadhar mandatory and the whole thing is one big lie.
Debunking Textbooks: Ancient Human Civilization was FAR Older and Advanced Than We Were Taught
(46 vids playlist)
Our Changing Climate and the Variable Sun | Space News -ThunderboltsProject, 2014-02-01
EPIC FAIL! Trump Protestors Can't Talk, Only Want To Pick Fights! -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-08-29
Final Nail In The Coffin: SNL Turns Against The Clinton Crime Machine -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-11-13
All Facebook Users Must Know THIS Secret -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-11-13
"All White People Leave Campus OR ELSE!!" Tucker Covers INSANE Evergreen State College Story -The Liberty Hound, 2017-05-27
WEARING A TRUMP HAT IN HOLLYWOOD (Attacked On Camera) -Blaire White, 2017-11-12
Donna Brazile DNC Corruption Bombshells Shake Politics! | True News -Stefan Molyneux, 2017-11-05
Comedy in the Age of Political Correctness (Owen Benjamin Interview) -The Rubin Report, 2017-11-03
.. "Word are what stops us from killing each other".
>> so guess what the extreme censorship regime is bringing about.
.. "words being equated with violence .. could end our civilization"
... "defending my liberal principles is now a conservative position"
While Everyone Was Busy Being Distracted by Texas... -Truthstream Media, 2017-11-07
Crazy SJW Wants to Use Violence to Silence People -Dr Shaym, 2017-03-23
Dna results in, this is of alien origin !! -merlinab88, 2013-04-09
Free Energy Magnet Motor fan used as Free Energy Generator "Free Energy" light bulb! -Wasaby Sajado, 2014-01-02
Response to The Berkeley Patriot and Milo -ashtonbirdie, 2017-09-23
Virtual Tour: Brien Foerster at Inti-Punku "Sun Gate" -Megalithic Marvels, 2017-10-11
Of Falling Real Estate Prices, Dr Arvind Panagariya and the Art of Continuing to Suck Up
>> busting the 25% real estate prices drop myth
Anatomy of a Purge: MBS's Actions, Saudi Arabia's Crisis and the Coming Collapse
Understanding the man and the reasons behind the Saudi purge.
... It is possible that Muhammad bin Salman is both: someone who aims to become Saudi Arabia's dictator in order to carry out the reforms which he believes Saudi Arabia needs to survive, and which he presumably also believes cannot be carried out in any other way.
... discussed the fundamental differences between Saudi Arabia and Iran and how these two Muslim countries are profoundly different from each other, with Iran offering a vision of an Islamic society which is modern and democratic in a way that Saudi Arabia can never be.
... as things have turned out, the fall in the oil price has hurt Saudi Arabia far more than it hurt Russia. Whilst the huge and diversified Russian economy has rapidly and effortlessly adjusted to the fall in the oil price, it is the Saudis – far more dependent on oil prices than the Russians – who are struggling.
... It is standard practice for Russian diplomacy in such situations to seek to balance arms sales to one country with arms sales to its rivals. In that way the Russians – for whom maintaining stability is always a priority – ensure that a balance of power is maintained, whilst avoiding excessive commitments to one side or another in a regional quarrel which might close off routes for cooperation in future.
CryptoRouble: Russia Announces First State-Backed Cryptocurrency
Russia has decided to embrace technology and make it work both for the government, businesses and consumers.
10 ways Iran is more democratic and modern than Saudi Arabia
Swedish Islamophobia Expert Who Joined ISIS Now Calling For Attacks In Sweden - June 2017
... A former expert on multiculturalism and Islamophobia, Skråmo appeared in an ISIS recruitment propaganda video in early 2015.
>> yikes thats poetic.
... "There may be criticism, but [I think] that you should get the same help as others who seek help from us. We cannot say that because you made a wrong choice, you have no right to come back and live in our society," said Municipal coordinator against extremism Anna Sjöstrand.
>> You do realise that "made a wrong choice" includes beheading and otherwise killing innocent people, and probably also raping sex slaves, right? Oh, just because their victims weren't Swedish makes it all ok and forgettable? Did you also re-integrate other war criminals back into society?
Exclusive — Judge Roy Moore Announces Plans to Sue Washington Post: 'We Expect the People of Alabama to See Through This Charade'
>> point made : After so many years of much investigation into his life and nothing of that sort ever coming up, now with just a month to go before polls there are accusations of sexual misconduct 40 years ago.
U.S. Air Force General: China Building a 'Navy in Space'
Bureaucrat Ashok Khemka Transferred For The 51st Time – For Simply Being Honest
... Khemka, who is now posted as Principal Secretary, Haryana Sports and Youth Affairs Department and will serve under Haryana Sports Minister Anil Vij, has been transferred in less than three months after he was appointed as Principal Secretary of Haryana Social Justice and Empowerment Department, said a report in The Indian Express.
This State-Owned Company Is Quietly Laying The Groundwork For India's EV Revolution
... Armed with a massive $454 million funding from the Global Environment Facility (GEF), India's Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) is quietly firming up plans for key investments in cutting edge technologies related to electric vehicles (EV), fast charging and battery storage technologies.
... In a significant article in The Citizen, Dr A.Gopalakrishnan, the former Chairman of the India's Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, writes: An overall evaluation of the status of the Indian civilian nuclear power sector, and the government's uncertain future plans, do cause a great deal of concern for the welfare of the country and the safety of our people. Therefore, it is best to freeze all plans for the further expansion of this sector until Parliament and the public are provided full details of the government's intentions and rationale and a national consensus is reached.
Danfoss, partners to set up district cooling pilot project in India
>> A non-encroaching way to mitigate AC usage in cities? An alternative to ACs?
... Thane, Bhopal, Coimbatore, Bhubaneswar, Pune and Rajkot has been shortlisted and a pilot project would be set up in one of the cities that would be finalised after a few days.
... The model primarily involves setting up a chilling facility that would be located centrally. Chilled water from the facility would run into consumers' premises where it would be used to generate cold air similar to an air conditioner. This would do away with the requirement of putting up costly equipment that cools water in air conditioning units and save costs.
>> Also if the power consumption is centrally located one can run it on biogas, solar etc and completely knock CO2 emissions issues out of indoor air conditioning.
>> I also foresee street kids busting chilled water pipes to have a summer time shower :)
EESL receives $434 mn from global, multilateral agencies
... State-run Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL), which is implementing India's e-vehicles and LED bulbs programme, has received $434 million in funding from global and multilateral agencies for its initiatives.
>> One doubt : with massive external funding to centralized bureaucracies, where's the guarantee that this money won't be pilfered away? Will those EVs purchased be good? If you purchase thousands of vehicles at a time and the one paying the money isn't the one driving it and giving feedback; if the seller doesn't have to resolve early adopters' feedback in order to sell more products (ie, if the sales are not organically growing but one-time-bulk), then will there be any real incentive for them to improve their designs? Will the money inject life into EV sector as promised, or will some private players just sell dud models and make off with the dough without reinvesting it into further R&D to make the EVs better? What if three to five years down the line we're left with 1000s of EVs that are off the roads as we can't afford the battery replacements? What if that experience sets back the EV transformation? Is this yet another case of exploiting a green cause to look good while lining one's pockets? Where exactly is this huge funding coming from? What are the strings attached?
Tax dispute stalls solar panel cargoes, delaying projects
... Several solar projects in India are facing delays and inflated costs as customs officials have blocked more than 900 containers of panel shipments for more than a month by demanding higher import duties.
... Officials clearing import shipments at the Port of Chennai in South India are classifying solar panels as motors, which attract 7.5 percent import duty as opposed to zero on solar modules, said Sunil Jain, chief executive officer of Hero Future Energies Ltd., a company backed by Int ..
... "We had imported 40 megawatts of modules earlier in the year from the same port without any hassles and now, suddenly, we can't get more panels from there," Azure Power Chairman Inderpreet Wadhwa said.
... "These additional costs are not anticipated when we bid for projects," Jain said.
Solar companies protest Tamil Nadu's move to not pay for excess power
>> a thought : it might be better to directly sell solar power to local consumers than to sell to grid if this continues. Power discoms face the issue of going bankrupt (oops, sorry, I meant taxpayer-bailout) as anyways they make and supply conventional power mostly at loss; on top of that if they have to pay independent solar plants too they'll lose it.
Dr. Andrew Wakefield: "Children Who Are Unvaccinated Are Extremely Healthy"
... Dr. Andrew Wakefield discusses the health outcomes of vaccinated children vs unvaccinated children based on a peer reviewed study of homeschooled children, parent observations, his clinical observations and the CDC's data that was deliberately hidden from the public. His conclusion is that unvaccinated children are far healthier than vaccinated children, unvaccinated children do not pose a threat to society, unvaccinated children recover quickly from illness, while vaccinated children are not only more unhealthy than vaccine free children, but also suffer at a much higher percentage rate from autism, neurological disorders and other ongoing chronic health problems. If the CDC were to ever conduct a long range wide scale health outcome study of vaccinated vs unvaccinated children, the entire vaccine industry would come to a crashing halt.
>> article has full transcript.
TISS woman denied job in Delhi orphanage. Reason: She is a Muslim with hijab
>> My comment:
Upon actually reading the article and the actual emails, I find the headline carries a deliberately misleading message. The man accused has actually hired another Muslim woman. The reason for rejecting this applicant was her insistence on wearing hijab, not because she is Muslim. It's an atheist orphanage's CHOICE and POLICY not to have their employees displaying any religious symbols be it Hindu, Christian or Muslim. This is NOT a case of Islamophobia, sorry. Requesting Indian Express to not give play to a tactic whose real intent is to tarnish an orphanage's reputation. And, the upset applicant's comparison between once-a-year cultural festivals like Diwali / Christmas / Eid and an daily religious ritual that has an explicit message of "purity" and "chastity" of women attached to it which is repeated by mainstream Islamic scholars, which conveys the message that women not covering themselves are impure, is also not valid. It WOULD disrupt the orphanage's policy. Dear #TISS students, not everything is about #Islamophobia, sorry.
>> Also, the article quotes phrases from the man to sensationalize things when he has explicitly stated that he is not so good at communicating in English and requested not to mind his words. When you imagine a normal person writing these statements, I simply do NOT get the image of muslim-hating zealot that the article's author is trying to put into my head. But I do notice that attempt.
>> Where does this leave me? If I take a stand against the article, isn't there a risk people will start seeing me also as a hindu extremist? And what if this has already happened with other people?
After Universal Basic Income, The Flood
What if we implement UBI and it makes everything worse?
>> Wow, seeing how much in favor I've been of Universal Basic Income in the past, this one comes as a rethink, a reconsideration.
... The Nassim Taleb view of things is that to be sustainable and stable, the world needs to be decentralized and Antifragile. In other words: Instead of 1 government, better to have 100 functional governments with small, local democratic governance. Large systems have difficulty adapting quickly, or at all, and miss the nuance of local conditions. Large systems failing could fail millions or billions of people. Large systems may make evolution, tinkering, idea sharing, and other positive forces difficult or impossible.

>> and then a counter-article equally meriting consideration:
Free Money: The Surprising Effects of a Basic Income Supplied by Government
>> misleading title : The basic income is supplied not by government but by profits from a casino.
>> so that leads to the question : you can't have many casinos all funding a UBI for everyone.
Turks follow Erdogan's call to get rid of dollars & buy gold
... "Bar and coin purchases, a measure of investment demand, were 47 metric tons so far in 2017, compared with 14.8 tons in the same period a year ago," ZeroHedge quotes the report as saying.
... The Turkish central bank has bought almost 30.4 tons of gold this year. The surge in buying is reportedly triggered by state measures aimed at diversifying international reserves..
... A year ago, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called on the Turkish public to keep savings in gold and avoid the US dollar, urging the central bank to back that policy.
How Africa Can Use Its Traditional Knowledge
... One example Ezeanya-Esiobu cites is Niger's Tassa technique, an indigenous irrigation practice that she shows to be far more effective in the region than western irrigation methods. Tassa is a traditional soil and water conservation practice stemming from the Sahel region of Africa. Farmers hand-dig small pits uniformly across a field to collect rainwater and place manure at the bottom of each pit to increase soil fertility. Seeds are then planted along the ridges of each pit. When rain falls, the pits fill up with water and provide a nutrient-rich source of water to support growing plants. This simple and inexpensive traditional technique has resulted in major increases in crop yield and helped farmers build resilience against drought, Ezeanya-Esiobu explains.
... "Africa's advancement rests simply in the acknowledgment, validation and mainstreaming of Africa's own traditional, authentic, original, indigenous knowledge in education, in research, in policymaking and across sectors."
Austria Says "NO MORE!" To Islamisation -Oppressed White Guy, 2017-10-30
>> What I appreciate about this video : it celebrates the good things about Europe that they want to preserve. It's not about hating Muslims, it's about loving their own culture
Anti-Islam Demonstration In Germany -Brittany Pettibone, 2017-10-31
>> Antifa attacked their building with rocks. Yes, stone-throwing by the noble tolerant saints, I know! They painted some of those rocks with their logo and auctioned them at an event, raised 800 euros to repair the damages done. Brilliant stuff.
The Fall Of Hollywood With Blonde In The Belly Of The Beast -Brittany Pettibone, 2017-11-13
MSM Agrees With Infowars: Bill Clinton Is A Rapist
Establishment throwing the Clintons overboard to preserve their reputation
What Is Happening In Saudi Arabia? - Marwa Osman on The Corbett Report -Corbett Report Extras, 2017-11-09
Killer Robots Coming To A City Near You
Autonomous robots will be released in the near future

>> Youtube says this video is AGE RESTRICTED. There is NOTHING adult or even slightly unsuitable for below-18s in this video. Why has Youtube age-restricted this video? On whose call? People not signed in to google or people below 18 yrs of age shouldn't watch a simple replay of footage of TV news anchors caught smiling before putting a serious face on?
Difficult Conversations (With Muslim Neighbours) | The Iconoclast | Final Day For Print -The Iconoclast, 2017-11-19
..."If you're a Muslim, then hearing someone insulting the Prophet is the same as hearing someone insulting your Mother."
>> Great! We don't tolerate you murdering people with AK47s or blowing them up with bombs because you think they insulted your mother, and so the same apply to its simile case as well.
Pizzagate NEW Analysis: Beyond Sick -David Seaman, 2017-11-08
Why Islamic Countries Have Failed To Develop -Michael Black, 2017-03-11
Dear Hillary -ashtonbirdie, 2017-11-09
"Sweden Is OUT Of CONTROL" - Tucker Carlson REACTS To Situation In Sweden -The Right Perspective, 2017-11-10
8 NEW Drone Inventions That Will Blow Your Mind -Freeze Lists, 2017-10-18
NSA Connects Elite Pedophiles, FBI, MSM and 300 Indictments -April LaJune, 2017-11-12
Allah's Child Brides. -The Glazov Gang, 2017-10-23
>> testimony from an Iranian child bride refugee
The Solution to Stop Islam. -The Glazov Gang, 2017-10-25
>> similar talk.. Her father (both her parents were devout religious teachers) quoted the Koran when she questioned why he sold her as a child bride for 50 US Dollars and a stash of opium.
Vladimir Putin Versus The U.S. Mainstream Media With Inessa S -Brittany Pettibone, 2017-06-27
Boriska indigo boy from Mars rus-eng/ web auditing веб одитинг.avi -Maxim Lebedev, 2011-12-28
DID NASA Forget To Edit This Out On Mars? 7/13/17 -secureteam10, 2017-07-13
>> It's either been removed or wasn't there. It's easy to remove it.. it's just a layer of higher res photos on top of lower res photos.,137.4047232,24622m/data=!3m1!1e3 By the way, why are there redations here:,137.4479656,3079m/data=!3m1!1e3 and here :,137.5147419,6158m/data=!3m1!1e3
Russian Kid "From Mars" Stuns Scientists -secureteam10, 2017-11-08
ASTRONAUT BUSTED Trying To Hide UFOs Near ISS! 1/14/17 -secureteam10, 2017-01-14
YEAR OF STRANGE: 2016 & The Alien Coverup Reviewed -secureteam10, 2017-01-04
NASA Hides Giant UFO Next To Sun, Siberian Mystery Lights & More! 8/6/16 -secureteam10, 2016-08-06
>> Need to trace back this date/time and look at the archives. If there indeed is a square placed there, or the whole imagery from that time period is missing, then it IS a coverup.
>> Talks about International Space Station planning to shut down its live feed because of too many folks pointing out UFOs in the footage.
This Will REWRITE Human History 10/22/17 -secureteam10, 2017-10-22

9/11 murders:
Veteran airline pilot Philip Marshall and his entire family were murdered shortly after he published a book "the big bamboozle", a 9/11 conspiracy theory. In 2013. The murder was passed off, again, as a murder-suicide by the cops, with no proper explanation.
The Curious Case of Philip Marshall -PressTV Documentaries, 2014-04-22
>> 12:50 : The computer had been ripped out from the wall. ~SMOKING GUN~
>> the man and his two teenage kids were found shot dead, and their little dog was
found shot dead in the other room. If you're suicidal and want to kill yourself and your kids... why kill the dog? It makes much more sense if there was a murderer there who wanted to kill the dog so it wouldn't raise an alarm.
Updates on the Phil Marshall family murders - 11/29/16 -Dan Hennen, 2016-11-30
>> Mentions from 13:20 how a journalist who had been in correspondence with Marshall, found all his emails with him were wiped out from his email account shortly after the murder.
THE OH S&!T MOMENT -Stefan Molyneux, 2017-11-18
>> Raising the problems with Obamacare, the case of one person's insurance payments going from $900/month to $3000/month ! Because he was locked into the insurance plan with his employer, he had to quit his job to get out of it!
>> About Obamacare : Before it was brought out, the promises were that this would reduce people's insurance premiums, and that if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor; if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. And after it rolled out, there's complaints of series of compulsions with no option of opting out
>> He mentions that this universal health insurance got costly because it started covering fringe medical treatments that don't really apply to the entire population, like treatment for chronic or lifestyle diseases and fertility treatments, hence socializing/externalizing the costs of fringe minorities to the entire public.

>> Checking online if Obamacare truly was made mandatory, including mandatory PAYMENT..
>> Yes, it IS mandatory for everyone who earns a taxable income. And you have to pay. So something is compulsory and you have to pay for it. But that means that over time the premium could be raised, we could have to pay more and since it's compulsory, the natural feedback mechanism of customers leaving if something gets too expensive, is destroyed. Without that immediate feedback mechanism, the system gets leeway to raise costs as it pleases.
Democrats Turn Against The Clintons, Podesta Group Closes -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-11-11
CELENTE: Coming War In MidEast & Financial Crises -Real News with David Knight, 2017-11-09
Hillary & John's ORTHOPEDIC BOOTS: SEALED INDICTMENTS & 'Q' POSTS +++ -James Munder, 2017-11-14
CNN Host EATS HUMAN BRAIN! Life Threaten'd By Mystic CANNIBAL & POO Flung At Him -James Munder, 2017-03-09
Rescued Scientists Bring Back Warning From Antarctica -James Munder, 2017-04-25 SOCIALISTS DEVELOPED NET NEUTRALITY TO CENSOR INTERNET
The truth about net neutrality revealed: it's a trojan horse for govt control
>> yes, it is important to call out the hypocrites pushing for net neutrality and to prevent them from taking it along the censorship paths. But to say net neutrality in itself is bad would be going a little too overboard, Infowars. Just take a reckon : Google and Facebook are two of the biggest companies out there, and they're already censoring you. If Net Neutrality is done away with, they can PAY an internet service provider (and/or do something to threaten their revenues if they don't comply) to deliberately limit the connections to the infowars website or video channels. With net neutrality in place, an ISP cannot one day declare "we will block infowars from now on as it's our decision". Google, Facebook, Twitter are doing that on social media platforms because we don't have a robust SOCIAL MEDIA NEUTRALITY framework.
How To Redpill Your Entire Family At Thanksgiving Without Ruining The Holiday -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-11-21
Kim Dotcom makes police pay heavy price for 'military-style' dawn raid
... Dotcom said he agreed to settle for the sake of his children and because he felt the New Zealand government had recently changed for the better.
... The Special Tactics Group raided Dotcom's mansion in 2012, using what he described as "unreasonable" use of force in a "military-style raid." The anti-terrorism squad arrived by helicopter at dawn, in what Dotcom said was, "a Hollywood-style publicity stunt tailored to appease US authorities." More than 70 police were involved in the raid as they searched the mansion for Dotcom, breaking open the children's bedroom doors in the process. Dotcom's then-heavily pregnant former wife was made to stand in the cold in her nightclothes.
... Police reached settlements with the others involved at an earlier date, the NZ Herald reports. These settlements are believed to be in the six figures, while Dotcom's settlement is likely a greater amount.
... The internet entrepreneur said he respects the New Zealand police: "They work hard and have, with this one exception, treated me and my family with courtesy and respect."
... "We were shocked at the uncharacteristic handling of my arrest for a non-violent Internet copyright infringement charge brought by the United States, which is not even a crime in New Zealand."
>> Seems the Kiwis are realizing they have more to gain from not sucking up to Uncle Sam.
'By the people, for the people': Kim Dotcom to launch alternative internet
... Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom says he will help facilitate an unobstructed internet, free from prying eyes, through MegaNet, which will operate without IP addresses.
... "The current corporate internet will be replaced by a better Internet, running on the idle capacity of hundreds of millions of mobile devices," Dotcom said. "Run by the people for the people. Breaking net-neutrality will only accelerate the adoption of a new network."
Kim Dotcom wants to encrypt half of the internet to end government surveillance (FULL RT INTERVIEW)
.. from Dec 2013
... KD: Our case is going to be the one that will have much more attention down the road because it is a crucial case for Internet freedom. And I think more and more people realize that and the government is quite exposed here because they really went in with completely prosecutorial abuse and overreach and ignoring due process, ignoring our rights, spying on us, illegal search warrants, illegal restraining orders, illegal spying. The whole picture, when you look at it, shows that this was an urgent mission, done on a rush. "Take them down, I want them to go." And it was a political decision to do that. And the execution was extremely poor, and the case is extremely poor, because that is something they thought that they could worry about later. It was all about the takedown. "Let's send a strong message to Hollywood that we are on their side."
... I was a good corporate citizen. My company was abiding to the laws. If we get a search warrant or we get a request by the government to assist in an investigation, we will comply and we have always complied. And that is the right thing to do, because if someone uploads child pornography or someone uploads terrorist stuff or anything that is a serious crime, of course we are there to help. This is our obligation. And I am not for copyright infringement. People need to understand that. I'm against copyright infringement. But I'm also against copyright extremism. And I'm against a business model: the one from Hollywood that encourages piracy. Megaupload is not responsible for the piracy problem, you see? It's the Hollywood studios that release a movie in the US, and then six months later in other parts of the world.
... I had a sense of understanding for them because everyone had stored so much data on Megaupload, and then all of a sudden a site like that disappears and billions of files are taken offline, the majority of them perfectly legitimate. You need to understand one thing: 50 percent of all files that were ever uploaded to Megaupload have not even been downloaded once. That clearly shows the non-infringing use. People just wanted to store their stuff on our site. And of course they were outraged when that disappeared and the government said, 'We don't give a care and we don't give a damn about you people. We don't care that you have your personal documents there because we have our agenda and we are going to take over the Internet.'
.... and Aaron Swartz: he stopped SOPA. With his efforts, he stopped SOPA. And he became a target. A political target, okay? And that's why all these things happened to him. There is no reasonable cause behind going after a young genius like that in the fashion they did. It's political.
>> Keep in mind that it was the OBAMA administration that did all of this.
... There needs to be a movement that identifies these things and fights that. Not with shutting down websites but with real protests. Going out on the streets, writing to politicians and especially, most importantly, don't vote for the guys that are against Internet freedom.
>> Has something on the Seth Rich whistleblower murder case. And links to the unlawful military raid on Kim's home and USA's botched takedown attempts.
Russian MoD appoints 26yo spokeswoman – and she's already a social media sensation
'She annexes your heart': Reasons why Crimea prosecutor Poklonskaya not to be messed with
>> from 2014.
'Modern censorship: Google decides RT is propaganda, yet millions disagree'
... "I don't believe it is acceptable that a bunch of politically correct, Democratic-party supporting people sitting in Silicon Valley should decide what people should or should not hear"
... Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google's parent company, Alphabet, has vowed to de-rank RT and the news agency Sputnik to make it harder for the outlets to reach a wider audience.
... This is the same organization, Google, that quite happily sits on its hands because it is convenient with pedophile [Note: According to an investigative report in The Times of London, quoting experts, "Google has made millions of pounds in advertising revenue from videos that exploit young children and appeal to pedophiles.."] videos, with ISIS videos, you have all sorts of problems getting taken down because they see that this fits with the classic 'PC attitude', they think this is ok. I think it is very sinister indeed.
... This is suppression, this is censorship. I think that I am quite capable of watching RT, of reading Sputnik and deciding what I do and do not want to take from it, what I do or do not believe.
... He is deciding that RT is a propaganda machine. Well, there are millions of people who watch it who wouldn't agree with that. But nobody is asking him from that chosen audience, what are you doing about ISIS videos? What are you doing about Islamist extremism video? What are you doing about pedophile videos? What are you doing about all of that stuff that is on YouTube? And the answer is diddly-squat. Nothing. The Times of London ran a story this week pointing out that Google has made millions out of those sorts of sites. So, what is Eric Schmidt talking about? Talking about tackling that issue? No.
Homo sapiens not alone, may have evolved with 'stolen technology'
... Scientists previously believed Homo naledi to be 2.5 million years old but these more recent findings showed that naledi buried its dead, a behavior thought to be uniquely human.
... "We can no longer assume that we know which species made which tools, or even assume that it was modern humans that were the innovators of some of these critical technological and behavioral breakthroughs in the archaeological record of Africa," says Berger.
... Dating of both the soil around the fossils as well as several teeth shows that naledi roamed the African plains between 236,000 and 335,000 years ago, at the same time as our early ancestors.
How to Run a Car on Vegetable Oil -Josh Tickell, 2015-06-04
The Soil Story by Kiss The Ground -Kiss The Ground, 2015-08-31
Official Kiss the Ground Film Trailer -Josh Tickell, 2017-11-13
>> Movie on permaculture!
Discover How You Can Get Your Clothes Cleaned Without A Single Drop of Toxic Laundry Detergent…
Simply By Using This Patented Magnetic Technology
>> from their last FAQ :
... Because what detergent and soap does is it only changes the surface tension of the water and helps the water molecules become more effective and spaced out and slippery to pull the dirt and grime off dirty clothes. This is why soap and detergent has that "slippery/oily" feel. This process is called chemical saponification. The side-effects are, of course, all the toxic chemicals used in the process.
... What the Magnetic Laundry System does is the exact same thing, except by using magnetism. The water molecule is already a highly magnetic molecule with a positive and negative charge. When the water rotates with the specially designed magnets, the surface tension of the water tension changes, and the water starts cleaning more effectively, just like with detergent.
>> I think it's just magnets.
The Clintons' Reign Of Terror Is Over, Victims Of Sex Abuse/Pedophilia Now Going Public -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-11-25
BREAKING: Massive Nuclear Disaster In Russia Poisons Europe -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-11-22
>> ignore the first minute or two, but a good coverage of present and history of radiation leak issues from all nuclear countries. Radioactive clouds coming from Russia
Nuke fallout ALERT as Russian RADIOACTIVE LEAK sweeps across Europe -Qronos16, 2017-11-11
>> they're speculating the leak may have come from MEDICINE producing factories. These are CHEMOTHERAPY and similar treatments.
ALARMING! Feds Find Bizarre Results In Pacific Ocean—Where Have The Fish Gone?! -Lisa Haven, 2017-10-26
Sweden: Fire brigade now need SWAT team to enter migrant suburbs
>> local goons (migrants) attacking firemen trying to help their area in retaliation for police's crackdown on organized crime.
Greece: Two brothers save sister from brutal gang rape by twenty savage migrants
.. A 30-year-old woman was accosted by a large number of Pakistani and Afghan migrants while walking near her house in Argos, Greece.
>> The rapists were Pakistani and Afghan. Oh, and they savagely beat up the brothers for the intervention, note. They didn't just run away. Last I checked, Pakistan isn't being torn apart by war. #notrefugees
Greece: 2,847 airspace violations by the Turkish Air Force this year
>> remember that Turkey, a NATO member, has shot down Russian planes near its Syria border multiple times on accusations of just bare passovers where Turkey and Syria's borders intertwine.
Western Europeans flee from Islam and set up colonies in Hungary
... With a little bit of drama the question could be asked if these people are the first 'refugees' who have fled from Western Europe's failed multicultural project to a safe haven in Eastern Europe.
MILO's Speech at Restoration Weekend -MILO, 2017-11-20
Are there any poor people on Quora, as Internet access is very cheap nowadays?
>> Answer by a person hailing from a village. Mind-blown!
>> A comment there: You are honest and sincere with this answer. This is the mark of a gentleman. It's not about wealth or riches. It is about strength of character which shapes young men like you to become leaders. Your country needs such motivated, honest people who speak from the heart.
"This ends today, with this alliance"
>> just make them spend their money on other things yaar
UK health officials claim Russian bots are 'spreading false information' on flu shots
>> If they've resorted to blaming the Russians for this too, you know they're failing.
Train carrying 1,500 farmers from Kolhapur lands hundreds of kilometres away in Madhya Pradesh
... A special train, ferrying over 1,500 farmers from Delhi to Kolhapur in Maharashtra, was diverted to a different route in Madhya Pradesh, leaving the passengers stranded for nearly two hours at Banmore station 20 km from Gwalior.
Minor girl allegedly raped by jawan, police refuse to file FIR
... 15-year-old who alleges being raped by an Army personnel on pretext of marriage 4 months ago, said that police denied to take her complaint and asked for Rs 50,000 bribe.
Uber is trying to solve the biggest issue with taxi-apps by launching three new features in India
Massive Infrastructure Projects Are Failing at Unprecedented Rates
Big fossil-fuel, mining, hydroelectric, and other "mega projects" are struggling thanks to competition from newer, cleaner technologies and a firestorm of market and civil forces.
... In March 2011, an earthquake and tsunami destroyed the 41-year-old, 4,700-megawatt Fukishima Daiichi nuclear power stationin northern Japan, one of the 15 largest nuclear electrical generating plants in the world. Seven months later and 3,000 miles east, two more mega energy projects failed in India. Early in December a large group of farmers and activists, supported by a Himalayan state government's concern about fisheries and flooding, barricaded access roads and shut down construction of the $1.6 billion, 2,000-megawatt Lower Subansiri hydropower dam on the border between Arunachal Pradesh and Assam. On December 31, 2011, along the Bay of Bengal coast in Tamil Nadu, Cyclone Thane wrecked the $2 billion Nagarjuna oil refinery as it was nearing completion. Operations at the hydropower dam and the refinery never resumed.
... In the years since, a number of mines, mega power plants, and other huge industrial infrastructure projects have failed around the world. A series of ecological, social, market, and investment forces have aligned on six continents to foil industrial developers who want to tear at the Australian landscape for coal, drill through Arctic ice for oil, move villages out of Himalayan valleys for hydropower dams, scrape South American mountainsides for new mines, divert rivers in South Africa to cool power plants, clear forests to mine Alberta sands for oil, construct a new nuclear plant in South Carolina, and race across the countryside with new pipelines to transport liquid fuels.
... And the Earth itself often hasn't made big projects easy, with floods, droughts, storms, and earthquakes. A vicious Himalayan flood in Uttarakhand, India, in 2013 destroyed or severely damaged 10 big hydropower dams and killed between 6,000 and 30,000 people, according to government and science group estimates. The earthquake two years ago in Nepal severely damaged 14 hydropower dams.
... Nearly 40 percent of the electrical generating capacity in Tamil Nadu, India, is now produced from wind and solar power, according to the Central Electric Authority. One wind project alone, the 1.5-gigawatt Muppandal wind farm, is the largest in the world outside China. Not far away lies the Adani Group's 648-megawatt Kamuthi solar photovoltaic plant, the largest in India and one of the biggest in the world. It took 18 months and $670 million to plan, design, and build the plant—a quarter of the time it takes to develop and construct a similar-sized fossil-fuel power plant.
The Unexamined Brutality of the Male Libido (Response) -SomeBlackGuy, 2017-11-28
>> A response to the MSM trend of painting all men and all masculinity as evil based on actions of abusers like Weinstein. A piece by piece rebuttal to a particular NY Times article that accused that if we let boys be boys then they will murder their fathers and sleep with their mothers (again, Sigmund Freud, thanks a lot you mother-****er for declaring everyone else is just like you)
>> in the comments, a reference to the Berkeley and post-election rioting:
... My male libido has never rioted in the streets because it didn't get its way. Maybe if more cucks had a male libido they'd man up and not act like children.
Boys Will Murder Their Fathers And Sleep With Their Mothers - Rebutted! -Stefan Molyneux, 2017-11-27
What They Forgot to Tell You About Sensex at One Lakh
>> WTF I just found out that India's BSE Sensex (the one they keep pointing to when anyone talks about India's stock market) is ONLY 30 COMPANIES!
... Wikipedia: The S&P BSE SENSEX, also-called the BSE 30 or simply the SENSEX, is a free-float market-weighted stock market index of 30 well-established and financially sound companies listed on Bombay Stock Exchange. The 30 component companies which are some of the largest and most actively traded stocks, are representative of various industrial sectors of the Indian economy
>> Who invented this measure? someone who didn't know how to use a calculator?? Are we seriously measuring India's stock market sector, and linked to that the health of India's economy, based on just 30 companies? Who decided to make them the proxy for all of India?
>> Wouldn't a far more reliable indicator be simply and index of net profitabilities of ALL publicly traded companies? That's what I'd assumed the Sensex was, now I realize it was all sex and no senz. :P
The Kind of Stock to Avoid At All Costs
... Amazon is now one of the most richly valued stocks in the whole world... and Mr. Bezos, visionary extraordinaire, is the world's richest person. His personal wealth, based on Amazon's current share price, is more than $90 billion.
... Amazon is no tech start-up. As far as we know, it has no proprietary, cutting-edge technology. It simply cuts prices, gives free delivery and good customer service, crosses markets effectively... and loses money on every sale.
.. And since that business model requires super-low prices, there is no way for the company to fatten its margins. It can't make up on volume what it loses on each sale.
... But there is something about the Amazon phenomenon that is truly remarkable - like a plant that needs no light... or a mammal that needs no air.
... Just how the company has managed to pass off to its investors the lack of profits even after all these years is mind boggling. Hats off to Bezos for this, if for nothing else.
>> Remember that the same power-crazy guy has also bought and turned the Washington Post (WaPo) into his personal blog, esp during the last US elections when he really pushed a lot of #fakenews .
... Whether in the US or India, every now and then comes along a suave promoter who scores very high on selling a glitzy future but very low on profit-making capacity. They're high on toplines but very low on bottomlines.
... Such masterful storytellers have investors eating out of their hand. And they also squarely fall in my category of what I like to call 'stocks to avoid at all costs'. 'Show me the money' is always my best antidote.
>> Perhaps it's poetic that the biggest challenge to this avowed liberal is a simple conservative measure.
MILO Leaves Australian Muslim Activist In Sobbing Heap -MILO, 2017-11-29
Why The Adpocalypse is Worse Than Ever And The NYT Under Fire For "Normalizing Hate" -Philip DeFranco, 2017-11-27
>> my comment:
Youtube/Google/Alphabet needs to let go of a couple million in profits and HIRE PEOPLE as mods, not keep relying on AI for each and every little thing. The whole issue you've talked about, happening in a specific narrow segment of its videos, could have easily been averted had they common-sensically hired enough people to monitor the Kids section, esp seeing its sensitivity and need for moderation which is way beyond all their other genres. They could have also hired a large number at-home parents part-time who ARE major stakeholders and who would have much more efficiently helped them catch the bad apples. And methinks they might have even diverted precious human capital to battle the made-up enemies in the political news commentary genres rather than doing their job. Why'd they let disturbing content for kids pass off as kid-friendly? Because they were too occupied censoring pro-Trumpers, simple! Overzealous moderation in one segment has clearly led to irresponsibility in another.
What's happening is evidence that they are overwhelmed with the amount of stuff to check and do not have enough human capacity on board to handle it. Their avoidance of hiring people in step with their growth (which also screws the whole more-business-more-jobs promise) has led to a clear breakdown in the quality of Youtube as a service, and the only thing saving them is their brand value and monopoly position. This is a classical case of faulty management upon company growth, of imagining that the same structures that worked when they had a million videos will work when they have a billion videos or a trillion videos and that AI will help them scale up indefinitely.
We Need To Talk About The Disturbing Exploitation Of Kids On YouTube... -Philip DeFranco, 2017-11-23
How I found a mythical boiling river in the Amazon | Andrés Ruzo -TED, 2016-02-24
Amazon's brutal work culture will stay: bottom lines matter more than people - from 2015
>> what bottom line? Amazon doesn't earn any profits after all this trouble!
'Amageddon': How Amazon's culture is taking a toll on Seattle's future >> from 2014
>> I'm surprised this stuff wasn't brought up when Amazon-owned WaPo took it upon themselves to paint everyone who didn't support Hillary Clinton as racists and sexists. Or how was it accepted for Hillary Clinton to have Jeff Bezos as one of her prominent supporters after this kind of track record? It seems like his services though using WaPo as her propaganda ally have been rewarded. Weinstein was exposed as a sexual predator; Bezos could be called an employee predator. Is non-sexual abuse OK? And I'm trying to imagine how the entire liberal fraternity would have treated Bezos had he taken Trump's side in the US elections. He's pretty much everything they'd love to paint onto a Trump supporter.

>> Question emerging for people in tech sector : You are heavily dependent on Amazon, esp the AWS cloud system. How about disinvesting from slave-owners? And book readers who love and identify with the Kindle : How about directing some social justice expectations at the manufacturers of your beloved device?
When Tech giants say they'll censor hate speech and fake news, this is what they really mean. In India, google works for the guys who paid them massively for ads in their election campaign.
Deputy Pope Kidnapped And Trafficked Over 100 Boys To Blackmail The Vatican
MSM silent about massive corruption
Rafale deal | Summary - [Reader's Video] -Janta Ka Reporter, 2017-11-17
'Permaculture potential is huge in India'
Permaculturist Dwarakanath talks to Down To Earth about how this innovative design science can help India become food resilient in future
... Also, India is heavily dependent on external resources for sustainability. Our dal comes from other countries while we poison our lands with pesticides for growing sugarcane, cotton and tobacco and export these to other countries. Unless this situation is solved, India will increasingly be a problem than a solution. However, if we turn this around, we have the chance for bringing about a positive change within the least amount of time.
... In India, if we increase the productivity per acre by even 1 per cent, it makes a huge impact for providing resilience. Using permaculture design, we often find that we can increase productivity of a land, per unit area, by about 40 per cent on an average, and up to 35 times (3,500 per cent) in some cases (intensive zone 1 gardens).
... Currently, about 1.4 acres of land is required to sustain one person per year using current systems in India (Source: FAO). Using permaculture, this can be vastly reduced, and in many cases, an entire family of four can be sustained on just 1.5 acres (0.607 hectares).
... Consider a farm which grows only cotton. Any amount of unseasonal rains, or even a cloud cover in the case of a crop like mustard, can ruin the entire production. The monoculture landscape cannot handle variables in conditions, and quickly collapses into a problem rather than being a solution.
... With permaculture, we use earthworks to harvest rainwater, store it and soak it into the landscape. We also improve soils to improve soakage of rainwater, and thus, recharge local water bodies and aquifers. We create food forests, which not only reduce water usage, but also increase the overall rainfall potential. We consider the effects of sun and shade and windbreaks to reduce water usage.
Did Punjab introduce cancer vaccine based on faulty research by PGI Chandigarh?

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