Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Education as the Domestication of Inner Space - by Layla Abdel Rahim

Forwarding an article from one of my first mentors who led me to the unschooling world, Jinan:

have you come accross Layla Abdel Rahim?  Worth exploring her explorations.

Education as the Domestication of Inner Space

How Ivan the Fool Defeats Civilized Pedagogies

Wild Children – Domesticated Dreams: An Interview with Layla AbdelRahim

"Schools teach children the principles of death and of suffering. They
do not teach them the principles of life, which is diversity, which is
being out there in the world. They teach them within closed systems,
within closed buildings and walls, separated from the rest of the
world. They teach them that violence is legitimate when it is applied
from the top to the bottom and that it is illegitimate when it is
practised in resistance or defence of diversity and life.

Layla AbdelRahim is an interdisciplinary author who uses a variety of
research methods and disciplines to understand civilization,
wilderness, and our place in the world. Her recent book, Wild
Children–Domesticated Dreams: Civilization and the Birth of Education
(Fernwood, 2013), examines the connections between civilization,
domestication, and education relying on her journal entries as well as
on anthropological and ethological research.

For more on her critique of education, civilization, literature, and
culture visit her website: www.layla.miltsov.org

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