Thursday, March 17, 2016

Simple is more mature

We attended a wonderful session on Sacred Capital last week, led by
Siddharth Sthalekar.

He shared how as he got to know more and more about how the money
system really works, his advice (as a reputed financial advisor) got
simpler and simpler. He offered this simple talisman-type thing:
If he/she seems like a nice person,
you like what they're doing,
and the world needs more of them,
then invest in them.

I felt myself connecting with this. I couldn't help but feel that this
applies to even other realms.

Over the past few years, in multiple interest fields, I'm converging
on similar thoughts : that keeping things simple is actually a sign of
wisdom and maturity, whereas making things overly complicated implies
immaturity, and is another example of the tricks the mind plays to
maintain its hegemony. Could it be that going complex only serves to
deviate us from the simplicity of reality?

So that brings me to one focus topic...


He's a nice guy.

You like what he does.

And the world needs more people like him.

Please. Forget all the other complications.
Just say yes!
:D :P

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