Sunday, March 20, 2016

Web-mapping Pune's Development Plans for better citizen engagement

Open invitation for Pune citizens: All the latest development plan (DP) maps (as released by PMC website.. ) have been pinned on to web map. Please go to this page:
..and use the dropdown or previous/next buttons just above the map to cycle through the development plans. Note that when you zoom in, the DP map will take time to load (use slider on right side to fade in or out the overlaid DP map), but it will load properly in about 10 seconds.

Here's something you can do that might help in bringing more transparency to this matter. At any point on the map, if you click, you get the exact latitude-longitude of the point. You can select and copy that (press Ctrl+C).

So, the wrong places, misallocations, deletions etc that were mentioned recent petitions.. please identify them, copy their exact lat-long points, and then write it out in the comments section at the bottom of the page, with lat-long (this is key!), so that it's publicly available, and then other people seeing the page can go to that location and check it out and give futher inputs. Also it would be great to just zoom in to your own neighbourhood, check out the DP map for your area and explore the various allocations etc.

Happy mapping!

Tip: You can post comments anonymously also, by checking on the "I'd rather post as a guest" option when you are typing your comment.

Addendum : What if instead of treating the DP as a black box and approving / rejecting the whole thing, we as citizens went about this a little more smartly? What if we could pin-point precisely what is wrong/suspect while also appreciating the work done by the DP creation team and pointing out what are good examples of wise planning? And what if we took it to the next level : what if citizens can make constructive suggestions to not just reject but fix the planning process? I don't know where this might lead, but hey, it's worth a shot :)

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