Sunday, June 16, 2019

Drivers jobs getting automated away is technocratic Bullshit

The argument that truckers' jobs are going to be automated away: it's like saying that once autopilot feature is implemented in aeroplanes, airlines will no longer have to hire any pilots and all pilot jobs will be lost. Total BS. Never happened. 

We won't trust a program unless there's a human being there ready to override it. Look at what happened with the two consecutive Boeing 737 Max air crashes that killed hundreds of people : They happened precisely because they allowed the onboard computer to override the human pilots. The sensors got faulty, acted on false diagnosis that the aircraft was stalling. The black box recorders of both crashed planes show eerily similar graphs - the computer plunging the plane down and the pilots desperately wrestling with it to get the plane back up.

There's no way we're going to allow heavy trucks capable of killing hundreds of people (Remember Nice, France attack) to be driven without any human driver. Not in all these techies' lives combined. Trains run on fixed tracks. Trucks can go everywhere, and have a huge mass and momentum that can break through most safety barriers and crush anyone that gets in their way. On top of that, how about letting HACKERS commandeer automated trucks, eh? That attack in Nice? It would have been even worse if there was no human driver at the wheel and a remotely controlled or pre-set program was mowing down all those people. Where's the point in making your physical world so delicate and subject to destruction?? That's not progress, that's a return to anarchy. There is absolutely noting progressive or modern about increasing the sum total of risk in the world. 

At the most, what the automated-vehicles tech will achieve is the same that the autopilot tech has achieved in airplanes : Assisting the pilot, taking care of subroutines. It can help the drivers do their jobs much better, and we're already seeing it happen with the advent of route mapping, GPS directions, etc. The final decision maker - the master - will always have to be the human. Human error is still far less dangerous compared to computer errors and deliberate computer hacks.

Automation has proven itself to be limited and unreliable : it is far more useful for causing destruction (like drones bombing) than for creating or safeguarding. That's because, guess what Sherlock, it takes far less brainpower to be violent and destroy things than it takes to protect, safeguard things.

Reference: This video, the part around 6:20:
Andrew Yang and the "Freedom Dividend" (Universal Basic Income) -Don't Walk, Run! Productions, 2019-03-20

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