Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Smugglers caught loading 81 migrants onto a tiny boat off the coast of Italy + commentary on lawless European seas

A key indicator of groups going to extreme right or left : The propensity to cheat and exploit emotions through lies rather than through genuinely communicating real problems rises exponentially.

News article: Surveillance footage taken by Frontex shows criminal human traffickers unloading 81 migrants from a fishing vessel onto a smaller boat just off the coast of Italy. 

So, make it look like innocent refugees running for their life came perilously all the way across the huge sea in a tiny boat and thus they *need* to be taken in. 

Ask yourself why the most sophisticated navies in the world have deliberately withdrawn from any kind of presence in these seas, why they've given vicious human trafficking gangs that routinely kill and rape some of the people they're ferrying, a free lawless territory to do whatever they like. 

Why are Europe's coasts several times more unguarded than Mumbai's coast was in the 26/11 attacks?
If the concept of a boat of people from another country suddenly landing up on a beach in Mumbai without the Indian armed forces checking them or knowing about them is completely intolerable for you and leads to immediate calls for protecting our coastlines, 

Then why the bloody hell do you think it's perfectly normal for thousands of boats to just land up on a beach in Italy or Spain or Greece with people from other lands just running in?

How is it that your "refugees welcome" bleeding-heart liberal buddies have no concept of taking in refugees with proper reception and processing, vetting by the military at your land and coastal borders so that armed smugglers cannot terrorise them? Do your "noble" buddies WANT all those women to be raped? Do they WANT hysterical gangsters randomly killing one of the refugee group just to keep everyone else in line? Do they think it's a GOOD thing to have these heavily armed militia extort 1000 to 3000 Euros from each refugee, to control all the crossing areas with their guns and kill off anyone who dares to cross without paying them 

Who is it that pulled back all the troops that have been firmly in place since the end of WW2 and left vast stretches of well-inhabited lands and seas absolutely lawless? Do you think Angela Merkel, Macron, May and cronies merely made grandiose announcements of "all refugees are welcome" and did not give any secret instructions to their military? Are you THAT naive?

Are you seriously telling me that there was genuinely absolutely NO military patrol / presence in the entire Mediterranean Sea the entire time that Gaddafi was in power? Where's your extraordinary evidence? What's with all this pretending like we were all born yesterday?

Watch Lauren Southern's Borderless if you genuinely care about all those refugees and aren't in this just making yourself look good on social media.

The mass migration didn't "Happen" from genuine reasons. It has been engineered, with key natural obstacles being conveniently removed at every step of the way. The documentary even shows testimony of migrants who were solicited by salesmen to leave their homes and cross over. That's not exactly the "fleeing from certain death" scenario that had been advertised.

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